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Criminal Justice/Security Management Research Article Essay

… Public interviewees consisted of representatives experienced in crime and terrorism, supply chain security and customs.

How were the variables operationalized?

The responses of both subjects in open-ended interviews were compared, common themes were identified, and then specific dilemmas related to the creation of a common EU forum to facilitate dialogue and information-sharing were catalogued.

Over the course of the research, different options were entertained about the creation of an EU forum devoted to talking about security issues. Suggestions included the creation of a virtual forum which was password-protected; an open forum with one physical meeting a year; a stable 'trusted' forum of public and private representatives that would have defined responsibilities; an executive forum of top-level industry and government leaders (not necessarily security personnel), and…. [read more]

Police Management: Throughout History Research Paper

… The challenge associated with the difficulty in investigating these crimes is that they can be perpetrated in a jurisdiction that is outside where the crime occurs. In addition to this, there are challenges associated with investigating these offenses since criminal organizations are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly knowledgeable in their use of new technologies.

Resources for Fighting Crime Effectively:

The other challenge for law enforcement managers because of globalization is that these managers are finding it difficult to provide police officers with the necessary resources for fighting crime effectively (Viau, n.d.). This is major challenges particularly with regards to the increase in organized crime that continues to threaten the democratic institutions in the country and the economy. The fight against organized crime is a huge…. [read more]

Ethics in Justice Administration Introductory Research Paper

… Not only do the officers have to accomplish their duties professionally, but the job requires each scenario handled ethically and morally. Although ethics and morals are two different subject matters, they have a correlation and supplement each other interchangeably. An individual's morals concentrate on the actual behavior while ethics is a study of those morals. Ethics refers to the system of moral values based on the principle of right and wrong. Police officers play an important role in the administration of justice; therefore, they should view themselves as retrospective and abide by the law.

The term ethics has many definitions, but a review reveals that most of the definitions apply the same concept. For instance, ethics are "principles of accepted rules of conduct for a…. [read more]

Prison Punishment Research Paper

… Another strategy has been to reduce the criminal sentences of minority drug offenders. Reducing jail times for marijuana sellers, for example, has allowed them to be segregated from the violent criminals who are less likely to be rehabilitated.

Those that argue against longer prison sentences, and instead want to focus on intensive therapy and reintegration programs, focus too much on the fate of the individual in question, and not enough on the aggrieved party. For instance, should a murderer be given a lenient jail sentence for good behavior, or should he serve out the full period of his sentencing in order to give the family of the murdered an appropriate term of committal to jail. There is no doubt that the family deserves their justice,…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Explain How Policy Term Paper

… Criminal Justice

Explain how policy is made and implemented in criminal justice.

An article in the journal Political Behavior explains how the development of public policy in the federal criminal justice system in fact is sometimes made in response to public opinion. Author Sean Nicholson-Crotty and colleagues assert that elected officials of course care a great deal about public opinion, and hence, those representatives respond to shifts in the attitudes of members of the public (Nicholon-Crotty, 2009, p. 629). When the mood in a particular politician's district is liberal, that politician is likely to vote for government programs that help people, or "entitlement" programs. However, if the politician believes that his constituency is leaning to the right, he or she will likely tend to vote…. [read more]

Sweden's Current Justice System Term Paper

… Sweden's Current Justice System

Overview of the Country: Sweden


Sweden is located in Northern Europe it borders the Baltic Sea the Gulfs of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak and lays between Finland and Norway in a strategic location along the Danish Straits linking the Baltic and north Seas. ("Sweden," 2008, NP)


The geographic composition of Sweden includes 3,218 km of coastline and land that is mostly flat or with gently rolling lowlands, and a small portion of mountains in the west. The climate is mostly temperate in the south with cold, cloudy winters and cool partly cloudy summers and is sub-arctic in the north. Sweden also has a very limited area of arable land, 5.93% with only 0.1% dedicated to permanent crops, 1,150 square…. [read more]

Court Management Policy Proposal Essay

… In addition, when the courts divert some of the juvenile offenders to VOM program, there is a reduction in the case backlogs, whereby successful mediation will reduce delays and the court's workload (Sheinin, 2010). This means that another goal associated with VOM policy is reduction of backlog cases or pending minor juvenile offenses.

The VOM program comes with significant benefits to society. The program reduces the adverse effects of incarceration, in cases where parents who are breadwinners may end up in jail. The experience of the program increases the appreciation of justice in society. Additionally, the program has the capacity to reduce the effects of criminal activities on the society by offering the offender and victim an opportunity to forgive each other. The program offers…. [read more]

Policing Services and Programs Essay

… The major challenge to these agencies is the controversial issue of public policy and concerns regarding justice in the wake of increase in crime rates. With the increase in crime rates, there are concerns on whether the existing public policy and justice procedures are effective in handling criminal offenses. Concerns have been raised on whether these criminal justice organizations have been able to tackle the prevalence of crime effectively and efficiently. The second major challenge for these agencies is the kind of punishment that various convicted criminals should be subjected to. Punishments have raised heated debates across various sectors of society with some recommending incapacitation and retribution of offenders while others have suggested the use of rehabilitation or treatment programs.

For these organizations to achieve…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Budgetary Cuts in Florida Article Review

… Criminal Justice Budgetary Cuts in Florida
The American economy has chugged into an official state of regression
which can
be seen with little possible doubt in the sharp decline of individual state
revenues. An
example of distressing clarity comes to us from an article produced in
April of 2008 in
which Lloyd Dunkelberger reported on the massive budget cuts which had been
written into Florida's budget for the upcoming year. Published in the
Gainesville Sun, the article's central purpose is to report that the
state's 2008-2009 budget, totaling at $66 billion, is a significant and
problematic reduction of the state's overall annual resource allotment and
that this will mean losses in important areas of public interest. Along
with education, environmental protection and other key public…. [read more]

Discrimination Against Minorities in the Judicial System Research Paper

… Discrimination against minorities is rampant in the United States civil and criminal justice system (Blumstein, 2009). The discrimination is observed to be along racial, ethnic or gender-based lines (Murphy,2009). To discriminate against anyone according to DOE (2008) means to exclude them from the enjoyment in full of their social, political, economic, civil and cultural rights as well as freedoms. The concept of discrimination in itself is a contradiction of the human basic rights that stipulates that all persons are equal in regard to dignity and are therefore entitled to similar fundamental rights.

Racial and Ethnic discrimination

The cases of racial and ethnic discrimination in the U.S. justice system has been noted to be as a result of racial disparity (The Sentencing Project,2008). Racial disparity in…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Issues ADA Essay

… Criminal Justice Issues

ADA and Criminal Justice Agencies - in the United States, the 1990 American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) was a huge step forward in Civil and Individual Rights that protects against discrimination and requires access to all public organizations. To broaden this, the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) includes a major list of life activities and enhances the requirements for accessibility. Political and social changes after the Americans With Disabilities and other political changes have allowed people with differences to be more apparent in society as well as taking a more interactive role in all phases of society. Individuals in wheelchairs or with prosthesis interact with sight or hearing impaired individuals, and integrate with people of all walks of life in public…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Cyber Crime Research Paper

… it Risk Management -- Cyber Crime

Over the last several years, the issue of cyber crime has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because it is seen as tool which can be used to conduct espionage, terrorism or criminal activities. The results are that the more rouge nation states and other organizations are taking an active part in these activities. According to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center, they received a total of 336,665 reports of cyber related activities occurring last year. This is accounting for $559.77 million in losses. (Liu, 2013)

What makes these figures so troubling; is they are from just one organization which is monitoring the scope of cyber related crimes. When this is applied around the world, these statistics…. [read more]

Sex Offenders Research Paper

… Residency laws have been reviewed by several state supreme courts, where they have been largely upheld. But the dissenting judge in an Illinois Supreme Court Case challenge noted the problems inherent in the "application of these residency restrictions, which fail to consider sex offenders' prior offenses or case histories…since this Act treats all offenders alike, without consideration of whether a particular offender is likely to reoffend, its retroactive residency restriction promotes and furthers retribution, a traditional aim of punishment" (Durling 2006). There is still ambiguity about the intention of the law, and deliberately 'shaming' individuals after serving their time, and subjecting them to community censure clearly does 'punish' the offender to some degree.

The uniform applicability of the laws to all sex offenders, regardless of…. [read more]

Restorative Justice Individual Case Study

… The volunteers who helped restore Mildred's home and bring her meals also were affected, as were the police. Neighbors were naturally more frightened and mistrustful of others, now that they believed that thieves were in their midst.

However, because of the restorative justice process, Mildred is able to see that although David may have done something bad, he is not a bad human being. This restored some of her shaken faith in humanity, and enabled her to move on with her life, freeing her children from some of the obligations they felt towards their elderly mother. David benefited because he was motivated to get a job and gained some additional needed support structures in his life. His parents also gained a better understanding of the…. [read more]

Police Organization Operations Research Paper

… There is need for constant improvement in the department.

One of the priorities is the implementation of the code of ethics and making it work efficiently as well as implement the community policing roles and requirements. It is with these two that the police force can have a very easy time in carrying out their work since they rely much on information to curb crime.

There is also the pursuit to fit all the patrol cars with the computerized system on board so that any police officer on patrol can refer to the criminal records on the spot without taking too much time to make calls to the various police stations.


The police department has undergone vast changes and it is essential to note…. [read more]

Parole Board Robert, the Chair Case Study

… ¶ … Parole Board

Robert, the chair of the parole board, is under pressure to relax the standards for parole because of the Governor's fears that if current overcrowding suits are successful, it will result in inmates being released under a federal process outside of the parole board's control. However, Robert is concerned that relaxing the current standards could result in the release of inmates more likely to re-offend than Robert feels is acceptable for a parole risk. The ethical dilemma appears to be whether Robert reduces the parole eligibility requirements, which would result in the release of more dangerous inmates than Robert feels is acceptable, or whether he does not reduce the parole eligibility requirements, which could result in the state losing control over…. [read more]

Gender Bias in the U.S Research Paper

… In certain situations women have been given leniency because of their physical femininity such as the case where a woman became impregnated by a 14-year-old and was granted probation because she needed to stay out of prison to take care of the newborn baby (Elias 2007). Because she was a woman she was granted probation when a man in her same position would have been given a much harsher sentence.

Researchers found that both male and female judges tend to award women with a great deal of leniency as opposed to male criminals, but each for different reasons entirely. Both psychology and sociology takes part in the sentencing stage of a trial. According to Goldman & Portney (1997):

While the lenience of male judges toward…. [read more]

management organization law enforcement Essay

… For instance, Langham (n.d.) notes that Millennials are 'team oriented, intelligent, cooperative, technology driven, and interdependent,' (p. 1). Neal (2014) likewise notes that Millennials are both 'confident' and 'independent.' All of these Millennial traits are ones that the effective law enforcement leader can leverage to promote the public safety goals of the organization. Rather than expect an entire generation of police officers to conform to outmoded structures and cultures, practical leaders respond to generational differences with planned, strategic organizational change. As McCafferty (2003) points out, 'Law enforcement agencies must become a learning organization in which individuals become active participants in expanding their knowledge in an atmosphere in which people discuss and explore concepts,' (p. 87). Learning organizations plan for more proactive policing methods, and boast…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior in a Criminal Justice or Security Agency Essay

… A security agency may have an organization structure that has numerous layers of management and sometimes can be very bureaucratic. An organization structure that is flat has few layers of management and is usually organic. The main advantage of lean organizations is that they increase efficiency and reduce waste in security agencies. However, security agencies that have many layers of management often fail adequately to address the issues that arise in the management (Scarborough & Somers, 2006).

The fourth element is methods of communication. Employees and leaders in the security agencies should have numerous ways of communicating with one another. Therefore, organization behavior involves studying the different communication options in the workplace. Non-verbal cues and body language are indispensable in deriving information from witnesses and…. [read more]

Homeland Security and Justice Administration Essay

… Homeland Security and Justice Administration

The National Response Framework is a system developed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration designed to prevent, respond to and aid in the recovery from disasters such as acts of terrorism, natural and man-made disasters. It is just one of the elements of the National Preparedness System but involves "a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action." ("FEMA") This system is considered a cycle because there is no end goal to attain other than the continual protection and responding to disasters. Because there is always new ways to improve, there is always a continual cycle of steps which aim to continually improve the ability to respond to disasters.

Chicago is a large urban area…. [read more]

Right Versus Right Decision-Making in Criminal Justice Administration Essay

… Ethical Decision Making in Law Enforcement Management

In general, ethical decision making in public policy and law enforcement involves right-versus-right decisions rather than right-versus-wrong decisions because all of the stakeholders involved represent valid and just objectives. In many respects, that makes public policy and law enforcement decisions more difficult than other types of decisions because ignoring a right is much more difficult than ignoring a right. Typically, these types of decisions must consider the interests and concerns of employees, citizens, and publicly elected officials.

Right-versus-Right Analyses

In principle, right-versus-right analyses incorporate four types of questions. First, the approach must consider the various identifiable consequences of every decision option, including the different types of consequences that affect different classes of individuals (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008). In…. [read more]

Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System Term Paper

… Private Security Functions as it Relates to the Various Components of the Criminal Justice System

The objective of this work is to analyze major components of the criminal justice system which includes private security functions with a focus upon improvement of the interaction between law enforcement, private security the courts and institutional and community corrections over the next 15 years. This is a 15-year plan that should take into consideration the aspects of budgets, revenue, expenditures, communication, technology and cultural aspects of the organization that can be improved.


"Working with Law Enforcement to Abate Cybercrime: Cyber Security Guidelines" states that increasing dependence of society upon technology "has brought about enhanced business functionality and productivity while…. [read more]

Salient Criminal Justice Factors Essay

… This sort of hierarchy is what leadership in criminal justice organizations is based upon in most circumstances.

These definitions could best be applied to improve my own criminal justice system in a variety of ways. As long as the aforementioned chain of command is in place, it is simply a matter of implementing leaders who have an understanding of the community and of the larger society of which it is a part. It is up to those leaders to produce the sort of leadership that is carried out at a granular level by subordinates that benefits the organization as a whole. Still, those boons must be applicable to the community and the surrounding society for them to become truly beneficial.

The vast majority of the…. [read more]

Theories of Criminal Behavior That Have Exhibited Influence on Today's Correctional System Thesis


The objective of this work is to discuss theories of criminal behavior that have exhibited influence on today's correctional system and to support this opinion through providing examples of that influence.

Nonlinear Dynamics of Criminal Behavior Examined

The work of Thomas K. Arnold entitled: "The Nonlinear Dynamics of Criminal Behavior" states that one of the most enduring puzzles in criminology is the combination of both stability and change in criminal behavior over the life course." (2008) Arnold relates that many questions remain unanswered in criminology in regards to the "temporal stability of the criminal offender's risk of committing new crimes." (2008) it has been suggested by some including Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) that…. [read more]

New Viewpoints Essay

… The criminal justice organization is moreover dealing with the declining budget by coming up with reoffending policies. States are reinforcing their community corrections systems to bring down the recidivism proportions. High rates of failure among individuals on parole and probation are a noteworthy driver of prison populations and charges in most states (Appelbaum, 2011). As a final point, the criminal justice structure is dealing with the declining budget biggest by altering policies for instance sentencing. The major economical savings come from strategy changes that influence how numerous individuals come into the penitentiary and how long they remain (Appelbaum, 2011)

In conclusion, it is clear that previous and present trends stemming from reforms for instance reforms truth-in-sentencing and three-strike lawmaking has greatly affected corrections leading to…. [read more]

Examining How Methods of Utilizing Human Resources Impact Criminal Justice Organizations Term Paper

… HRM Criminal Justice

America's correctional institutions are clearly at the pinnacle of a transition, as criminal and prison populations grow and mandates frequently create systems where discretion for incarceration is removed from traditional roles the need for police officers, in and outside of leadership roles, as well as the whole of their support staff and corrections officers to fully organize utilizing the foundations of human resource management as a guide. (Gottfredson & McConville, 1987, p. 200) the utilization of a traditional private business standard, i.e. human resource management in what has traditionally been a hierarchical system, of public servants is a direct reflection of the privatization of many institutions, (Coyle, Campbell, & Neufeld, 2003, p. 9) and yet it could greatly improve communication, job design,…. [read more]

Organizations Have In-Depth Policy Essay

… Nonetheless, it is important to allow police to use discretion they need but at the same time staying within the restrictions of department procedure and the laws. This is primarily because of the likelihood that exercising discretion may contribute to corrupt, arbitrary or unethical behavior.

As a criminal justice manager, I would allow police officers to utilize the discretion they need but at the same time staying within the limits of department procedure and the laws through structuring its exercise based on administrative guidelines. This will help deal with the modern view that police can misuse their needed discretion resulting in unethical or corrupt behavior. The administrative guidelines would provide the yardstick for evaluating and testing decisions by police officers when exercising needed discretion. By…. [read more]

criminal justice leadership correctional Essay

… Strategic partnerships at the local level have the potential to become highly effective at improving quantitative outcomes such as reduced rates of recidivism, which is why local correctional leadership remains important.
State Level
The managerial styles that prove most effective at the state level may be slightly different than they are at the local level, given the potential for correctional leaders to have less control over budgetary and policy decisions. However, correctional leaders still have a great deal of influence over correctional officers and the ethical standards set in their institutions. The leadership styles most commonly used at the state level include situational leadership, path-goal leadership, and team leadership (Gonzalez, 2018). However, correctional leaders are increasingly being called upon to be more visionary in scope,…. [read more]

Managing Homeland Security Essay

… Criminal Justice - Homeland Security


Explain the four phases of emergency planning (i.e. mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery) in detail. Practically speaking, which phases do you think most emergency managers spend time thinking about? Which phases should they spend the most time thinking about? How, if at all, has 9-11 changed where the emphases should lie?

Mitigation is the process of devising appropriate strategies and procedures to reduce the foreseeable impact of emergency situations and to limit their consequences as much as possible. Preparedness relates to establishing the capabilities of emergency managers to respond as efficiently and effectively as possible to emergency situations.

Response refers to the operational implementation of the processes and strategies comprised by the mitigation and preparedness stages, and recovery…. [read more]

Managing Prison Gangs Term Paper

… ¶ … management of prison gangs. Prison gangs are problematic for prisons worldwide. The gang activity, rival fights and other things present unique management needs for prison guards and administrators. The author explores several published articles for information and solutions to the gang problem in prisons.

Gangs in prisons are a growing problem. Often times when one goes to prison they find if they do not associate themselves with a gang immediately they have problems from all sides. Current gang members who enter prisons are quick to locate their gang and affiliate themselves with it. Young people who enter prison for the first time learn quickly that the fastest way to get protection from the older, tougher inmates is to join a gang. These circumstances…. [read more]

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