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History of Espionage Class Reading Essay

… History Of Espionage Class Reading Study Guides

Jeffrey Burds, Chapter 19 of World of the Shadows: An International History of Espionage (The Golden Age of Soviet "Illegals")

This chapter opens with a quote from Stalin, who in 1937 questioned the prevailing belief that bourgeoisie states would refrain from sending "spies, wreckers, saboteurs and assassins" into socialist states.

Chapter 19 then moves to a discussion of the so-called "Cambridge Five," a group of five British nationals who spied for the Soviets during WWII.

Donald Maclean (1915-1983), Foreign Office secretary, Paris, Washington, Cairo, London.

Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess (1910-1963), BBC broadcaster, agent in MI6, secretary to Deputy Foreign Minister

Harold Adrian Russell ("Kim") Philby (1912-1988), journalist, agent in MI6, "The Third Man"

Anthony F. Blunt (1907-1983),…. [read more]

Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Dissertation

… ¶ … Multiculturalism in Europe With Special Reference to Germany

The issue of multiculturalism has been the focus to the political concerns of European nations since nineteen forty five. The problem of multiculturalism covers numerous issues, which predominates differ with different political situations. Multiculturalism mirrors concerns regarding immigration and the manner in which immigrants settled in Western Europe between 1950s and 1960s. Following the break-up of communism in nineteen eight nine, and the rebellion of ethnic nationalism in the Eastern Europe, the problem of multiculturalism centered around devolution of power from central national governments to regionally sub-national groups and the probabilities of power-sharing at the centre. Multiculturalism was also linked to the developing numbers of political refugees, and in the wake of terrorists attacks in…. [read more]

Lawyers and Ethics Article Review

… Lawyers and Ethics


Lawyers are bound by oath never to reveal information gathered in the entire duration of their representation of a client or a professional relationship with him. The rule of confidentiality has been preserved and cherished for ages. The purpose is to draw the trust of a client into telling all to his lawyer or attorney as the only way he can negotiate for the maximum benefit to the client. But discretionary disclosure exempts the lawyer from the confidentiality oath. This paper explores those exemptions and proposes a solution to the presented case.

The rule of confidentiality was first applied and stated in the case of Berd v Lovelace and has been strongly upheld for three centuries…. [read more]

Product: Nike (Chinese Kungfu Cloth Essay

… The shoes are lighter and safer, supporting as such the practice of Kung Fu (Graceffo, 2004).

4. Target marketing

4.1. Segmentation

An important step in the marketing strategy of Kung Fu Shoes China is represented by the identification of the customers to be addressed. In this effort, the segmentation theory is implemented.

"Market segmentation is therefore the process of identifying different groups of users within a market who could possibly be targeted with separate products or marketing programmes" (Croft, 1994).

In the specific context of the Kung Fu Shoes, three specific segments are identified, as follows:

Amateur adults practicing Kung Fu for leisure, relaxation and other personal objectives

Professional adults practicing Kung Fu for professional purposes

Children practicing Kung Fu as part of educational programs.…. [read more]

Ethics in Decision-Making Clegg Research Paper

… "In Derrida sees decision-making as irretrievably implicated with issues of personal responsibility and ethics" (Clegg, Kornberger, Rhodes 2007: 398).

For Derrida, rules are not useful and future-oriented utilitarian calculus is impossible. To simply follow the rules enters into the 'madness' of rationality, and echoes the protests of Nazi war criminals that they were just following orders and therefore their crimes were excused. A sense of personal responsibility and investment in every decision that has potential ethical consequences is required, and no human being, regardless of his or her level of the organizational hierarchy, can abdicate responsibility. Organizational acts that use authority, routine, and above all bureaucracy are usually the least ethical rather than the most (Clegg, Kornberger, Rhodes 2007: 403). This statement seems supported by…. [read more]

Bullying and Strategies for Prevention Nearly 30 Research Paper

… Bullying and Strategies for Prevention

Nearly 30% or approximately 5.7 million, of United States teenagers are estimated to have been involved in an incident of school related bullying either as the target, the bully or both. A recent national survey of students in grades 6 through ten reveal that nearly 13% of students reported bullying other children, 11% reported being victimized by bullies and an additional 6% indicated that they have been both the perpetrator and victim of bullying (Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, & Scheidt, 2001). Estimates indicate that once every seven seconds, a child is the victim of bullying in a United States school. 9% of all males and 7% of all females' ages 12-18, according to a study completed in 2001

reported…. [read more]

Undocumented Students Equity to In-State Research Paper

… Is it unjust to extradite an illegal alien who has been living a constructive life and contributing to benefit our society?

3. Because of the current economic hardship in the U.S., is it fair to allocate money for college to immigrants or only to American students?

These research questions seek to explore the undocumented students' difficulties as well as to capture the perspectives and actions of policy personnel within a particular policy context. The queries also capture professionals' methods and strategies for inciting institutional change on this issue. Overall, these questions will offer a grassroots-level picture of the current state of affairs for college educators on the topic of undocumented student access and success.


The researcher aims to use qualitative method to explore the…. [read more]

Sex Offender Programs the Treatment Term Paper

… (2005). Commentary: An ethical paradigm for sex offender treatment: A response to Levenson and D'Amora. Western Criminology Review. Retrieved January 31, 2010 from

Grossman, L. et al. (1999). Are sex offenders treatable? A research overview. Psychiatric Services. Retrieved January 31, 2010 from

Kafka, M. (2006). Pharmacological treatments for sexual offenders. IATSO International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders. Retrieved January 31, 2010 from

Kokish, R. (n.d.) Sex offender treatment. Does it work? Is it worth it? California Coalition on Sexual Offending. Retrieved January 31, 2010 from

Meisenkothen (1999). Chemical castration: breaking the cycle of paraphilic recidivism. Social Justice. Retrieved January 31, 2010 from;jsessionid=LlkKVy9TbLDTg0bMM414P1kPMQ6JglxwKhhB5PvyVy297gPMvw91!-1623544978!1317424680?docId=5001290301

Zgoba, K. et al. (2003). Evaluation of New Jersey's sex offender treatment program at the Adult…. [read more]

Use of Offshore Tax Havens by US Companies Thesis

… ¶ … offshore tax havens by U.S. companies

Tax Haven can be defined as a country/province/city where certain taxes are either not applied at all or applied with very little force or are levied at extremely low rates. Governments all over the world have been busy attracting global investors through these tax havens. Corporations, on the other hand, have been actively shifting their operations to such parts of the world where government regulations are minimal and can be overlooked easily. This in turn has pressurized the governments of the developed world to lower their tax rates, as well as, lower their standard protocols. In this paper we will review why U.S. companies are locating their activities or businesses in those tax haven countries? And what…. [read more]

International Conflict Resolution Term Paper

… International Conflict Resolution

For policymakers who wish to resolve conflicts - through political, economic, and military tools - there are several proven ways and means of arriving at closure. This paper will review some of those strategies and point to reasons why these approaches have become more difficult since the onset of the Cold War. John J. Hamre and Gordon R. Sullivan, writing in the Washington Quarterly (Hamre, et al. 2002) point out that Afghanistan is an example of a "failed state" that truly needs post-conflict reconstruction politically and socially, and not just militarily.

Once the U.S. attacked the Taliban and seeming drove Al Qaeda and the Taliban out of Afghanistan, it was then appropriate to establish "political, economic, social and security structures" within the…. [read more]

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