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Managing Prison Gangs Term Paper

… ¶ … management of prison gangs. Prison gangs are problematic for prisons worldwide. The gang activity, rival fights and other things present unique management needs for prison guards and administrators. The author explores several published articles for information and solutions to the gang problem in prisons.

Gangs in prisons are a growing problem. Often times when one goes to prison they find if they do not associate themselves with a gang immediately they have problems from all sides. Current gang members who enter prisons are quick to locate their gang and affiliate themselves with it. Young people who enter prison for the first time learn quickly that the fastest way to get protection from the older, tougher inmates is to join a gang. These circumstances…. [read more]

Prison System. This Discussion Essay

… References

Agnew, R. & Cullen, F.T. (2003). Criminological Theory, Past to Present. Los Angeles, CA: Roxbury Publishing Company.

Aziz, D., Levine, A.J., Sieber, K., Schulte, P., & Steenland, K. (1997). Incidence of Tuberculosis infection among New York State prisons employees. American Journal of Public Health, 87, 2012-2014

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del Carmen, A. (2004). Corrections, 2e. Cincinnati:…. [read more]

Prisons Are Correctional Facilities Essay

… There are some ideas when implemented can help in curbing officer corruption. These ideas can be expressed in three areas; the first step is hiring officers that have good character no matter how difficult it seems. There should be strict screening methods used so as to reduce chances of hiring potentially corrupt officers. Secondly officers have to be well trained on matters pertaining corruptions and how they can deal with such situations when they present themselves. Finally incentive programs should be well though such that they adequately cater for needs of officers and hence prevent them from any temptation of taking part in corruption dealings (White, 1999).


It is therefore very important to ensure that these challenges in prisons are addressed so that the…. [read more]

Prison Gang Is a Select Essay

… This is why they fight with and manufacture improvised weapons. Gangs make prison corridors an extension of the streets where they battle over tuff and drug territory. Because of security lapses, these gangs make lethal improvised weapons behind the bars which are used to threaten and carry out violence. It is mind boggling how authorities would allow religious organizations whose activities influence manufacture of improvised weapons behind bars to continue operating within the prisons (Fleisher & Decker, 2001). Facilities exposed to the religious organizations like World Church of Creator (WCOTC) tend to have two-fold increase in weapons production. In fact, correctional facilities that have access to their literature have a weapon production problem of over 70% (Knox, 2005). It is worrying to know that with…. [read more]

Prisons the American Criminal Justice Essay

… Within the prison system, overcrowding is a particularly pressing issue as it is the root of many other problems in prisons, including gangs and substance abuse. Besides these problems, overcrowding often leads to prisoners being released early and further endangering society. But this problem is not insurmountable and there are solutions to the problem of prison overcrowding. First of all society must deal with the problem of substance abuse, the lower the number of substance abusers, the lower the number of crimes associated with substance abuse. Then society must deal more effectively with those who commit crimes due to substance abuse; using treatment, not prison, in sentences. This is an effective way of relieving the problem of prison overcrowding. American society must also comes to…. [read more]

Corcoran State Prison Essay

… They are given computer skills training, carpentry, masonry in a bid to enable them change their future and the future of their families. It also enables them to take control of their lives within the prison and not to engage in other diversionary crimes and misdemeanors within the prison walls that may see them end up in SHU or even getting fresh sentences that may prolong their prison sentences. These practical skills are also important in keeping the inmates serving long sentences busy and not give them room to fall into depression and predispose themselves to suicidal tendencies.

There is yet the other aspect observed within this prison during the event and that has to do with the frequent changes of the staff working within…. [read more]

Prison Rape Elimination Act Term Paper

… Provide appropriate orientation to anyone having contact with offenders;


Provide intensive training, resources and support for personnel assigned to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct;


Provide detainee/offender orientation and ongoing education on staff sexual misconduct that includes information on the zero-tolerance policy, how to report allegations, how to obtain medical and mental health services, how to seek relief against retaliation for reporting allegations, and possible disciplinary actions for making false allegations;


Establish partnerships with prosecutors, medical providers, mental health providers and others who can provide advice, support and direct services to detainees/offenders who are victims of staff sexual misconduct; and,


Establish a systematic process for the collection of data that document the number of sexual misconduct allegations, the nature of each allegation…. [read more]

Looking Into Gangs in the U S Prisons Research Paper

… Gangs in the U.S. Prisons

Who are they?

The definition of 'prison gangs' according to Lyman (1989) is a group that operates in prisons as a self-maintained criminal unit, comprising of a selected bunch of prisoners having a fixed, ordered command chain and regulated by a set standard of conduct. These gangs typically operate covertly. One of its objectives is performing gang activities through the control of their respective prison environments, via aggression and bullying directed at non-gang members (p. 48). They constitute a relentlessly disruptive force within correctional facilities. Their activities end up disrupting correctional programming, eroding institutional culture, and threatening staff as well as fellow inmates' safety (Fleisher & Decker, 2001).

Commonly, prison gangs engage in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution,…. [read more]

Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gangs: Threat to National Security? Thesis

… ¶ … predominantly Latino Gangs, Mara Salvatrucha (aka MS-13), and the 18th Street Gang operating on the streets of communities across America. This study is significant because it will provide a snapshot in time concerning how these violent gangs operate in this country in ways that can inform and alert both civilian society and government agencies concerning optimal responses to the problem created by these gangs. Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of documentary evidence and governmental statistics about the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang, this study developed several conclusive findings on the negative effects of these groups in the United States. The Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street Gang are becoming transnational criminal organizations given the fact that they originated in Central America and…. [read more]

Corrections Issue of Gang Violence Term Paper

… According to report by the FBI, various gang groups are involving sophisticated structures and technological approaches, most of which have not been realized by the public. Nonetheless, education and knowledge creation to the public has paved the way for security and citizen collaboration in ending cases of gang violence in the country.

Recommendations, on how to mitigate the issue in the future

Gang violence is an incredulous happening that should be stopped in any society. The origin of gang violence should be investigated in order to have a comprehensive understanding that will stop any probable occurrence in the future. A clear understanding of the reason that perpetuates gang violence should be given much concern for future security and stability. The FBI should conduct innate research…. [read more]

Jails and Prisons Essay

… They also help the justice system by holding persons who are waiting for trial, sentencing, conviction or arraignment in court. He jails also help in holding those under probation as directed by the courts, parole individuals those who violate bonds as well as absconders. The jails can also hold convicted people if the prisons are full. They can also be used to hold the mentally ill people as they await transfer to the mental heath facilities (Net Industries, 2012).

The community-based correction is an alternative to the incarceration that is usually offered to nonviolent offenders and petty crime offenders. These community correction models usually come with tied conditions, sanctions, parole as well as probation provisions. This model can be applied even to already sentenced prisoners…. [read more]

Contraband in Jail Controlling Term Paper

… The prices rely upon what the market can afford to offer, and prisoners can always get whatever they desire as long as they have money to pay for it. The other factors that determine the prices of contraband in prisons is the place of manufacture. Whereas there is some contraband that prisoners can manufacture within the prison structures, there are others that they cannot manufacture, and they will have to smuggle them to the prison premises.

Contraband that they cannot manufacture within the prison premises will find its way into the correctional facility through a number of avenues. Illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana are usually in high demand among prisoners, presenting a profitable market for any person who could be able to…. [read more]

Prison Overcrowding and Its Effect Term Paper

… A psychologist notes, "As a group of prison researchers summarized in the 1980s, as the problem was just beginning to take shape, 'crowding in prisons is a major source of administrative problems and adversely affects inmate health, behavior, and morale'" (Haney, 2006, p. 2). While that may seem to be a trivial worry with all the other ills facing the criminal justice system regarding prison overcrowding, it can be an extremely dangerous situation for prison personnel. Haney continues, "Among other things, we know that prison overcrowding increases negative affect among prisoners, elevates their blood pressure, and leads to greater numbers of prisoner illness complaints" (Haney, 2006, p. 3). That leads to rising health care costs throughout the prison system, and California has experienced this phenomenon…. [read more]

Prison Architecture Criminal Justice Essay

… The effectiveness of the Auburn approach depended on a regime of brutal punishments for breaches of regulations, especially the rule of silence, and therefore required a large staff. Its communal labor programs permitted a broad range of potentially profitable industrial activities. The method and form of Pennsylvania-styled prisons led to smaller staffs but a very narrow range of labor programs (Johnson, 2011).

Since 1960 many prisons and jails have been replaced by new institutions. Electronic and building technologies such as video and audio surveillance, automated entry systems and tempered steel and other high-strength materials, provide the security once guaranteed by walls and high staffing ratios. Many institutions offer vocational, recreational, psychological and socialization programs. Modern-day prisons are increasingly run in a business like fashion and…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Management Reading Articles the Boys Essay

… CRIMINAL JUSTICE Management Reading articles

The Boys in Blue

After reading Erica Goode's article in the New York Times, "Police Chiefs Focus on Disparities in Gun Violence, With an Eye Towards Solutions," there appears to be a couple of different ways in which police management can successfully influence changes in gun laws that are necessary to reduce crime that is committed through the usage of fire arms. One of the most effective ways would be to exert as much pressure as possible on the politicians, and their supporting lobbyists, that are widely responsible for the passing of legislature that could assist to change current laws. Although police are municipal, state and federally funded, these fraternal organizations have lobbyists as well that could do a better…. [read more]

Case Management Software Term Paper

… ¶ … Management Software

Computers and high-tech paraphernalia are areas where police officers are getting training. Being computer literate is very important for most people in today's society, and police officers are no exception to this rule. This is especially true now, as there are more computer crimes, and more individuals that are able to figure out ways to harm others using technology. Since the tragic events that occurred in this country on September 11, 2001, much has been done in the study and implementation of counter-terrorism tactics. Because of this, information technology has applied much of its abilities toward the idea of stopping terrorist activity and finding ways to catch terrorists before they have a chance to harm anyone. This has not always worked,…. [read more]

Arise Gang Prevention Program Thesis

… ¶ … Gang Prevention Program

"Gangs contain bright boys who do well, bright boys who do less well, and dull boys who pass, dull boys who fail, and illiterates"

(Garabedian & . Gibbons, 2005, p. 26).

In regard to gangs, one never knows what may happen. In the article, "Gang grief: violence wounds teens and communities," Melissa Klein (2009) reports that Chantelle S., a 15-year-old from New York City relates that at times, students become fearful of what may happen when fights break out between rival groups in her high school. These fight lead to lockdowns with increased security in the school. Chantelle said: "It's kind of scary because you never know what can happen" (Chantelle, as cited in Klein, ¶ 1). During this paper,…. [read more]

Prison Punishment Research Paper

… Another strategy has been to reduce the criminal sentences of minority drug offenders. Reducing jail times for marijuana sellers, for example, has allowed them to be segregated from the violent criminals who are less likely to be rehabilitated.

Those that argue against longer prison sentences, and instead want to focus on intensive therapy and reintegration programs, focus too much on the fate of the individual in question, and not enough on the aggrieved party. For instance, should a murderer be given a lenient jail sentence for good behavior, or should he serve out the full period of his sentencing in order to give the family of the murdered an appropriate term of committal to jail. There is no doubt that the family deserves their justice,…. [read more]

issues in corrections management and inmates Essay

… Gender and Transgender Issues
The differential needs of populations in prison require evidence-based practice models for improving correctional services. Research substantiates the need for gender-specific correctional programming and institutional practices (de Vogel & Nicholls, 2016). Rehabilitation programming needs to be responsive to the needs of women and transgender individuals, rather than assuming a one-size-fits-all approach. Transgender inmates in particular comprise a vulnerable population. Correctional managers need to create policies and programs that offer support for transgender inmates, and outright prevent the 'misgendering' of inmates: determining inmate gender based on their birth assignment rather than on the gender they currently identify with (MacPherson, 2017). Working with advocacy groups, correctional managers can come up with cogent and evident-based solutions to working with a gender diverse inmate population.…. [read more]

Correction Institutions Administration and Leadership Term Paper

… The rioters at the Southern Michigan prison were "…easily observed and so deterred from perpetrating violence" (Wortley, 199). Moreover, there should be a safe place for staff to "withdraw" at the first sign that control has been lost, Wortley explains.

Gang control in prisons

The American Correctional Association (ACA) states that gang members account for just 1.2% of all state and federal prison inmates. Some prisons have used a strategy that disperses gang members throughout the "entire system" and sends some gang members to other prisons outside their own state (to deter cohesiveness among members of the same gang). Other strategies include: "gang renunciation and debriefing programs"; rival gang "integration programs"; "informants"; "…in-prison prosecutions"; and "identification, tracking and information-sharing systems" (ACA).

Grievance procedures

The United…. [read more]

Criminal Gang Enhancements Term Paper

… Criminal Gang Enhancements in Sentencing



During the time period between the years of 1997 and 1998 legislation was focused on crime and most specifically juvenile crime. The work of Matthews and Ruzicka entitled: "Proposition 21: Juvenile Crime" (2000) published by the Capital Center for Government Law and Policy in a California Initiative Review relates that Proposition 21 had as its aim the amendment of both "the Penal Code and the Welfare and Institution Code" and this was specific to the "procedures used in the treatment of juveniles and adults who commit gang-related felonies." (Matthews & Ruzicka, 2000) According to Matthews and Ruzicka this law would bring about serious changes to the way. Proposition 21 would increase penalties related to street…. [read more]

U.S. With Prison Data Collection? Essay

… Because in this case the police department is not in a condition to ensure the job of that affected individual in the department, keeping in mind the deprivation of that individual. The state's policies are though generous in this case as well but the state does not promise to grant him his same job as he wanted (Kaufmann-Kohler, 2003).

Question 6

What are the major differences between correctional staff and community views on inmate amenities? In your opinion, how should the criminal justice system address this issue?


As the issue at disposal is about the law enforcing agencies effective in the urban and rural areas so these individuals employed by the state may not be authorize to share the ground duties and the nature…. [read more]

Dealt Term Paper

… The form of suppression is the extensively used plan. It sprouted in the 1970s and 1980s and is still overruling nowadays. Under this aspect, gang members are apprehended, punished, and are in reception of long-term jail, and policy makers in the criminal justice assume the most active part. The "enhancement of organization" plan is also prevalently applied. (Spergel, p.186). This plan is comprehensive of structural moldings within current organizations to associate particularly with gangs and their actions. The enhancement can recur in either community outlays or criminal justice outlays, with most recurring inside criminal justice outlays. The legal replies to gangs have recurred in all varieties of law, comprehensive of criminal law, criminal procedure, civil rights, constitutional law, housing law and law of proof. Researchers…. [read more]

Cried, You Didn't Listen Reaction Paper

… There are many who like to believe that such atrocities cannot happen, or that the system has improved today. One of the reviews on the book is written by Danny Abbot, Dwight's brother. This is what he has to say:

I may be biased, as I am Dwight Abbott's (Sonny's) brother, Skippy. However, I can assure that what my brother tells you of his treatment, as a child in these "correctional" institutions is FACT!

I was raised with Sonny, as well being there many of the times he gained freedom (mostly through escape.) Man's inhumanity to man; in this case, children; exists and is hidden behind Lies, shame, guilt and embarrassment. (

How could the California Youth Authority improve its work with juveniles? One way…. [read more]

Juvenile Crime United States Essay

… Therefore, it was pointed by the researcher that even if the child sees violence in neighbourhood, it might affect his/her behaviour.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the agencies to provide their services for the better upbringing of the child. They need to provide support and prevention services to the youth in where they live. But in the large country like U.S., these agencies have higher number of responsibilities and so they are unable to manage activities in each area. (Mandel, 2008)


The children who watch violent movies and play fighting or violent video games for long hours from very early age are more likely to develop delinquent behaviour. Since, in most of Hollywood movies, cartoons and games promotes the elimination of enemies by…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution in a Prison Setting Term Paper

… Conflict Resolution

Corrections/Police - Criminal Justice

Conflict Resolution in a Prison Setting

As Warden, there are several key aspects to thoroughly consider in a situation, such as the division of staff and its inclusive influence with the division of the prison population. Foremost, the altercations of each identity as purported by each sect of separated staff members or groups, must allocate correctly toward the directive of the outset restrictions upon prisoner and corrections staff. There must be a very clear and definitive line drawn between the staff and the prison population. These restrictions must be outwardly and directly adhered to in order for any further substantiation of addressing the problems surrounding the staff subculture (Gould, 2005).

In taking an interactive approach to addressing this issue,…. [read more]

Sold to Law Enforcement Term Paper

… 3.

The current external economical environment is unstable, and the political environment toward law enforcement somewhat unfriendly. The unstable economy has lent itself to additional crime and problems in the community including an increased number of 'vagabonds' that may influence the ability of the community to thrive during tourist season. The case study emphasized that at this time the public did not have a positive perspective regarding law enforcement only because the need for law enforcement was increasing but at the time there was no tangible reduction in the crime reported within the community.

However, these threats can be overcome if community members realize they have a say in law enforcement activities, and are given the opportunity to influence community policing and ensure the safety…. [read more]

Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone Essay

… An individual's inability to graduate is caused by the lack of family assistance as needed. Family assistance helps extremely, but when families break, the children suffer most. When the kid is affected with the broken family, he/she will seek support from another source. The support that a kid discovers most of the time is not a good form of assistance. There are groups like big sisters and big brothers who can help a kid in a good way. Unfortunately, they may end up looking for support in gangs and may eventually be initiated into the system. Society is the prime influence on who becomes a criminal because it is not able to reach out to the youngsters that do not have family support (Decker, Alarid…. [read more]

Drugs in Federal Corrections Research Paper

… The continuous growth in the number of prisoners has not gone hand in hand with that of wardens (Exum, 2010). There is a shortage of wardens and training for the wardens has also been minimized. This results in poor staff morale, and demotivated wardens. They will not perform their responsibilities as expected since they are not appreciated. The increase and continuous closure of correctional facilities is straining the few correctional facilities that remain. The drug problem will not end if the ratios are not increased and staff provided with better working conditions and training.

Suggestions for improvement

Having a balanced and integrated approach to the problem would assist in eradicating or reducing the prevalence of drugs. Not all inmates are drug addicts, but only 70%.…. [read more]

Police and Stress in a Police Officer Thesis

… Police Stress

Preventing Police Officer Stress

The stresses that police officers face as a part of their daily job often make it difficult to maintain a normal life. Police officers are more likely to experience divorce or be the perpetrators of domestic violence than the public. In addition, they also have a significantly higher suicide rate than the public. Police officers experiencing incredible strain on the job are a serious problem for administrators and managers. Often, the stress that a police officer experiences are beyond anyone's control. They must cope with the situation that they are dealt. This research concludes that administrators and managers must play an active role in reducing stress of the officers under their charger. It explores positive steps that can be…. [read more]

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