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Legalization of Marijuana Essay

… By denying sick people the right to legally use beneficial medicine, more moral and ethical harm is being done. The legalization of marijuana will allow millions of individuals to live pain-free and stress-free lives.

Many other drugs on the market right now are plenty more harmful than marijuana. To begin with pot is considered a much safer drug than alcohol. There have been no documented deaths attributing cause solely to marijuana. About 37,000 people die annually as a direct result of alcohol poisoning -- not including those individuals that die because of driving drunk or as a result of another person driving drunk (YES on 64). There is no case of marijuana overdose ever recorded. Alcohol causes more damage to the body than marijuana ever…. [read more]

Marijuana Legalization Debate Term Paper

… Marijuana in the 21st Century

The purpose of this paper is to objectively define the various criterions that make up each side in the marijuana legalization debate and conclude which arguments hold the most veracity. To give the reader of this paper a concise view of individual criterions, both sides of the issue will each receive a paragraph's worth of attention, with the pro-legalization paragraph immediately preceding the anti-legalization paragraph. Let us begin by defining the term legalization as it pertains to marijuana use.

Legalization is defined as a policy abolishing criminal and civil penalties for the possession or sale of marijuana (Boyd 1). Instead these penalties will be replaced with regulation. Such regulation are inclusive of limitations on marijuana use that are consistent with…. [read more]

Marijuana Legalization John S.) Term Paper

… Marijuana Legalization

John S.)

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Cultural Argument in Favor of Legalization

Marijuana is becoming more accepted in Western society, and it should become fully accepted. That is, marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana offers many benefits that completely dwarf the dangers. Marijuana offers uses across a broad range of categories from industrial uses, to medical uses, and recreational uses. It appears, however, that marijuana is illegal because of the simple fact that "a majority of Americans find marijuana morally offensive" ( 2007). This is an unacceptable reason for the criminalization of such a valuable drug that is less dangerous than countless other drugs currently available to the public, including alcohol, poisons, and even over the counter painkillers.

The morality of marijuana must…. [read more]

People Who Use Medical Marijuana Favor Legalization Research Paper

… ¶ … legalization of marijuana for medicinal use is a controversial topic in American society. Several states have enacted laws allowing the sale and consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but so far, only one state is actually considering allowing recreational marijuana consumption as well. One of the reasons that the medicinal use of marijuana is controversial is that the processes and regulations for qualifying as a medical user are state-controlled and subject to widespread abuse, such as where physicians routinely dispense prescriptions without rigorous limitation by medical criteria. As a result, the legal medicinal use of marijuana is contributing to the reduction of social constraints to recreational use. In some states, recreational users can obtain a valid license designating them patients with medicinal marijuana…. [read more]

Marijuana Essay

… On top of that, marijuana also contains cancer containing components within it and also causes bronchitis and other lung issues even more quickly than normal tobacco cigarettes. Even for AIDS, although marijuana does effectively cause immunity to a certain extent, it still decreases the immune system's positive workings on other terms. Cannabis is not the only plant that has pain relieving elements. Moreover, legalizing marijuana for one use only makes way for further legalization in other aspects as well as over the counter techniques to access the drugs without medical backing. (Bock)

People in favor of legalizing marijuana have their own claims to make, however, it is better to keep marijuana illegal because of the long-term adverse effects it can have on the population. Intoxicants…. [read more]

Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized Research Paper

… 2).

The DEA document asserts that the DEA is "not alone" in viewing smoked marijuana as having "no documented medical value." The DEA quotes the American Medical Association which does not endorse medical marijuana programs or the legalization of marijuana albeit the AMA does urge continuing "clinical research" to see if marijuana could be medicinally potent. Other groups supporting more studies (but opposing legalization) include: the American Cancer Society; The American Glaucoma Society; and the American Academy of Pediatrics (DEA, p. 4).

Moreover, the DEA sites its own research -- including 111 researchers "registered with DEA to perform studies with marijuana, marijuana extracts," and other derivates that are found in the cannabis plant -- which indicates that "…smoked marijuana is harmful" (5).

The DEA continues…. [read more]

Marijuana Should Be Legalized Term Paper

… The discussion that is focused on fear, emotion and what we cannot do needs to be replaced by a discussion based on facts, evidence and unlocking the power of what is possible. We can have a better policy, and that starts by making sure that more people are educated about the true nature of the issue, and why they should care. You do not have to be a smoker to care about personal freedom or about efficient use of tax dollars -- those are base issues all reasonable people can agree on. So when the topic comes up, you must take the only reasonable position and advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition.


Chaloupka, F. & Laixuthai, A. (1997). Do youths substitute alcohol and…. [read more]

Legalizing of Marijuana Essay

… Legalization of Marijuana:

One of the most controversial issues and topics that have occurred in the recent past is the debate over the possibility of legalization of Cannabis Sativa, which is also known as Marijuana. The debate regarding the legalization of marijuana has mainly been fueled by the emergence of many movements and groups in support of the move. The support for legalization of the drug has resulted in the adoption of such actions in several places like California where marijuana is already lawful for medical purposes. While some people in the American public are concerned with the adverse health effects and damages related to marijuana, others totally support the legalization of the drug.

Proponents of the legalization of marijuana use the advantages of such…. [read more]

Civil Society Through Legalize Marijuana Term Paper

… From 1972 -- 1974, Amorphia began to founder, reportedly due to "trying to develop the first hemp rolling papers for U.S. distribution, a proposition that eventually swallowed up all available funds and sent Amorphia's legalization activities into a tailspin" (Sinclair, 2010). As Amorphia was failing, NORML was gathering strength, and in 1973 California NORML successfully lobbied for passage of the Moscone Act, eventually passed in 1975, and "decriminalizing" marijuana possession by reducing the criminal offense of possessing marijuana from a felony to a misdemeanor and imposing a maximum fine of $100 for possession of up to 1 ounce (Sinclair, 2010). Meanwhile, Amorphia's fortunes continued to drop and the organization was defunct and/or swallowed up by NORML in 1974 (Sinclair, 2010). Nevertheless, encouraged by the Moscone…. [read more]

Marihuana Legalization Essay

… Marijuana

The recent election resulted in a change to the discussion about marijuana, when Washington and Colorado voted to legalize the plant (Smith, 2012). It is time to take this debate nationwide, and address the falsehoods that have led to the futile prohibition of marijuana and the horrible failure that is the war on drugs. I believe the marijuana should be legalized. There are several reasons that I believe this, and put together they form a very strong case. Legalization in this case refers to the legal possession and sale of marijuana, and importation as well, either by consumers is small amounts or by businesses in large amounts. My argument extends to all drugs, but I will focus only of marijuana for the present paper.…. [read more]

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the U Research Paper

… Religion

The legalization of marijuana: Is the hysteria about the drug all smoke and no fire?

The 18th Amendment, which prohibited the use of alcohol, is now regarded dismal failure. Its one 'success' in changing American civic life was the way it solidified the grip of organized crime upon the nation's urban landscape. However, prohibition of drugs, including marijuana, remains the law of the land in America today. America has always emphasized more punitive approaches to drug enforcement, even in comparison with its Western European counterparts, which have tended to stress treatment and management of addiction as a disease. Because marijuana use is particularly common, a disproportionate number of individuals convicted for drug possession are marijuana users. Ironically, marijuana is also considered to be the…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Research Paper

… Legalization of marijuana is one of the most controversial issues in American society. In 2009, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported 16.7 million Americans aged 12 years or older used marijuana within the one month period prior to the survey ("National Institute of Drug Abuse"). This statistic shows the high availability of marijuana, as millions of Americans use it despite its illegal status in most states. The marijuana legalization debate has ethical, legal, and medical views, which are expressed between the pro-legalization and the anti-legalization arguments. The pro-legalization arguments generally focuses on the medical benefits of marijuana, view the prohibition of marijuana as a loss of personal freedom, and view the use of marijuana as a personal choice and matter of free…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Term Paper

… While opponents of marijuana say that marijuana has harmful side effects, there has been no proof for these theories.

For example, some claim that marijuana leads to violence, crime, memory damage, and damage to the immune system, but they have no proof of these theories. The government should not rely on theories without a solid basis. Contrary to common opinion, there has not been a single reported death due to an overdose of marijuana. This shows that smoking weed cannot kill a person. Therefore, the same government that allows Americans to ease the stresses of modern life with Xanax, Tylenol PM, Lotto and alcohol immediately should put an end to the anti-marijuana project and legalize the drug.


Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). (March 30, 1998).…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana or Cannabis Term Paper

… People are not willing to investigate the real impact of using marijuana since there is a lot of conflicting literature available on the subject. A close study of literature reveals that despite claims of marijuana being a dangerous drug, there is no concrete evidence linking it to death, fatalities, insanity or criminal activity. If we can allow alcohol and caffeine, both of which had psychoactive effects, why can't marijuana be legalized which is certainly less dangerous and less addictive.

Prohibition of marijuana has actually given rise to some serious ethical questions. We know that every year tens of hundreds of arrests are made on account of illegal possession of marijuana. This results in overcrowding of our prisons where inmates are already suffering from lack of…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana: Benefits Essay

… Currently, the smuggling into America and foreign cultivation of the drug make it a highly profitable business opportunity that sends a substantially large amount of "dollars overseas in an underground economy while diverting funds from productive economic development" (High Times, 2014).

One thing is for sure; the proponents of marijuana illegalization, like any other rational American citizen, support the replacement of oil fuels with the more environmentally-friendly bio-fuels. What they intentionally fail to recognize is that hemp, a fundamental source of bio-fuel, stems from the cannabis plant, and that "the legalization of marijuana will greatly simplify the regulatory burden on prospective hemp cultivation in the United States" (High Times, 2014).

Research has proven that in comparison to marijuana, alcohol is much more harmful. Why then…. [read more]

Legalization of Medical Marijuana Term Paper

… Medical Marijuana

Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The legalization of medical marijuana has been an issue of passionate debate during recent years. Opponents fear that legalizing marijuana for medical purposes will open the door for legalization across the board, and cite that synthetic versions of the drug work as well or better. Proponents hail it as a wonder drug for a number of medical complaints, and claim that synthetic marijuana does not offer the same relief as the pure form. Based on available research, there appears no true logical reason for allowing medical marijuana to remain an illegal drug.

Archeologists in Taiwan uncovered clay pots from 8000 B.C. that were decorated with strands of hemp (Earleywine 4). Societies have been smoking, eating, making clothes, and trading…. [read more]

Legalization Debate Term Paper

… Legalization Debate on Marijuana

There is currently a great deal of debate concerning a relaxation of the laws surrounding drug use, and in particular the use of marijuana. Many individuals, some of them in positions of great power, have spoken out in favor of legalizing dangerous drugs such as marijuana. Examples of this push towards legalization include activist groups such as NORML and many prominent public figures such as President Readan's former Secretary of State, George Shultz, who is quotes as saying, "that 'Legalization would destroy dealer profits and remove their incentive to get young people addicted.' [or] former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders' [who made a] call for a study to legalize drugs." (Maginnis) Protagonists of legalization claim that legalization or the relaxation of laws…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Thesis

… Legalization of Marijuana

Illegal substances have been subjected to various debates from the public, as society has condemned their use and the fact that they are becoming more and more common among people of all ages. In the struggle to stop the widespread of drugs around the world, certain individuals fail from detecting the difference between substances which can be categorized as drugs and substances which cannot. Cannabis, for example, is frequently identified as being a dangerous substance, with people comparing it to high-risk drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

However, unlike high-risk drugs, Marijuana has a larger number of supporters, most probably because of the fact that its effects have come to be appreciated over the years.

Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger, himself, has claimed…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana: History and Opinion Essay

… Legalization of Marijuana: History And Opinion

Only recently has marijuana become illegal in the United States. In fact, in the 1600s, a law in Jamestown Colony, Virginia actually required farmers to grow the plant because it was so useful! It had been grown for centuries and used in a variety of methods -- from medicine to making rope. In 1937, marijuana was made illegal in the United States through the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act, a policy that was enacted largely because of racism and financial incentives, according to Guither (2009). Today, Marijuana is effectively illegal in every state, despite the fact that some states, like California, Colorado, and Alaska, have legalized it with provisions for medical or personal use. Because federal law makes…. [read more]

Marijuana Alcohol Prohibition, Enforced Through a Landmark Term Paper

… Marijuana

Alcohol prohibition, enforced through a landmark Constitutional Amendment ratified in 1919, lasted over a decade. Not enforced through Constitutional Amendment but by a series of legislation targeting a blanket group of narcotics, the prohibition of marijuana in the United States has lasted nearly a hundred years. Unfortunately, neither American lawmakers nor the voting public learned from the mistakes made with the passing of prohibition laws. Although alcohol consumption in America dropped significantly by 1921, within a few years after the 18th Amendment was passed, per-capita drinking levels rose and a thriving black market permitted the flow of libations around the nation (Thornton). Moreover, Prohibition did not end the moral degeneracy that temperance advocates had hoped for; rather, by pushing alcohol production, sales, and consumption…. [read more]

Legalization of Drugs Term Paper

… Legalization of Drugs

Ever since the 1960s when college students began to smoke marijuana, the issue of illegal drugs has been debated. Some people claim, for example, that marijuana -- which has no potential for addiction -- would never have been made illegal, if organized crime had not needed something illegal to "push" after prohibition was repealed. It would certainly seem that the controversy has gone on long enough and that most everything about it has already been said. If not legalized, illegal drugs should at least be de-criminalized.

In "Four Points about Drug Decriminalization," Douglas Husak points out that many people, while they are against drugs, do not want to see drug users punished or imprisoned. He is in favor of decriminalization, which he…. [read more]

Legalization of Drugs of Abuse: Pros and Cons Term Paper

… ¶ … Legalization of Drugs of Abuse

The topic of drug legalization is one of heatedly contested debate. Both sides of the debate have reasoning that has them firmly entrenched in their beliefs. This paper will review both the pros and cons of legalizing drugs of abuse.

Pros of Illicit Drug Legalization:

Proponents of drug legalization most often begin their debate with the statement that America's drug laws, as they currently stand, are ineffective. Programs such as "Just Say No" and "Zero Tolerance" have been unsuccessful (Linn, Yager & Leake). America, although fighting tenaciously, is losing the War on Drugs, and in fact, current drug policies have actually made the problem worse. A drug free America is simply unrealistic (Eldredge & McCollum). For this reason,…. [read more]

Should the US Government Legalize Marijuana? Research Proposal

… ¶ … U.S. government legalize marijuana?

The Legalization of Marijuana: Cost-Effective?

Marijuana use has been rampant in the United States for quite a while, and was just recently brought back into the spotlight with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps caught using it. Marijuana was banned in a peculiar way in 1937. Marijuana usage was illegal if you did not purchase a tax stamp, but you could not obtain a stamp unless you had already produced marijuana -- which you grew before purchasing a stamp -- making it illegal. Many critics argue that marijuana should be legalized because a great amount of revenue could be made from taxation of the plant. Others argue that marijuana should stay illegal because it is a gateway drug leading its users…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Thesis

… 5 billion every year (NEI,1998).

Generation of revenue to both the state and federal government

The producers and the consumers of marijuana can aid the state and federal government by the injection of revenue into the economy. The consumers of marijuana would inject a lot of cash flow into the state's economy. This is further reinforced by the fact that beer consumption and marijuana consumption are complementary to each other. This fact would drive up the sale of both and hence produce more revenue as a result of their reinforcing effect. More tax could be generated from its regulatory taxation. An increase in the level of taxation would provide the federal, state and local governments with extra revenue. As an example a tax of 10%…. [read more]

Legalizing Marijuana Will Boost the Economy Thesis

… Marijuana

The Practical and Economic Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

The United States is in a state of serious recession. States, municipalities and the nation as a whole are struggling with diminished revenue, loss of jobs and a decline in productivity. As the federal government resorts to expensive bailouts, our budgetary scenario remains frighteningly precarious. Simultaneously, the United States has dedicated billions of dollars, thousands of lives and countless yards of prison space to a war on marijuana that fails logic on a broad spectrum of points. As an invaluable cash crop with various positive health benefits, few proven drawbacks and the capacity to significantly reduce the crisis of American debt, marijuana should more rationally be embraced by the American government. The potential benefits to the…. [read more]

Criminalisation, Legalization and the Mixed Essay

… Symbolic politics as mentioned by Himmelstein, may help in dissecting society's perception of marijuana and perhaps offer a way to alter said perception. "As with the other two concepts, "symbolic politics" may prove useful in understanding drug ideology as well as drug controls" (Himmelstein, 1983, p. 18).

Furthermore, looking into politics and policy, one of the main reasons the United States had and continues to have such a difficult time with legalization of marijuana is because of the personal interests and agendas of politicians. Bulman-Pozen writes:

State officials often further their interests and effectively oppose federal policy when they participate in the same statutory scheme as federal actors instead of operating in a separate, autonomous sphere. At the same time, state officials frequently rely on…. [read more]

Legalizing Marijuana it Costs Essay

… 2 million ounces to 28.8 million ounces. The important thing here is that there is incredible vagueness in calculating the actual size of the market. That ambiguity can have significant implications concerning the anticipated income generated from a tax, independent of the actual amount of the tax.

There are three types of micro level effects of marijuana legalization: 1. Personal effects, 2. Secondhand effects (family, friends), 3. Third party effects. Micro level effects of marijuana utilization entails the harmful effects of marijuana. Its personal harmful effects includes are both physical and mental. Its physical dangers include possibility for lung damage, or potentially lung cancer. (Anderson, D, M., Hansen, B., and Rees, 2012) It may affect one's mental state too by developing lack of motivation in…. [read more]

Editorial on Legalization of Marijuana Article

… Legalizing Marijuana

In this era of spiraling medical costs, if there is a product that has never caused any deaths, has proven benefits, and is inexpensive, it should not only be legal, but should be aggressively pursued by governmental agencies to aid in the health care crisis. Would you be interested in a substance that could alleviate nausea and vomiting for most cancer and chemotherapy patients? How about a way to stimulate hunger so that AIDS and other immune-suppressed individuals can eat again? How about this same substance that could lower pressure on the eye and treat glaucoma? How about chronic migraines, back pain, or even nausea and vomiting cased with hepatitis? and, would you be excited if you knew that preliminary studies show that…. [read more]

Drug Legalization of Drugs Term Paper

… Drug Legalization

Legalization of drugs

Legalization of Drugs of Abuse

The legalization of drugs of abuse has been an ongoing controversy in the United States for quite some time following the development of a widespread belief in the failure of the current prohibition regulations. It is not one that has found any significant resolution with strong arguments being made on both sides. There have been arguments made for the medicinal use of some drugs such as marijuana in the treatment of persons with severe and life threatening illnesses. Yet this is only part of the debate. While some proponents of prohibition claim that there will be a significant increase in drug use as the result of legalization, there are many reasons to doubt that a…. [read more]

Marijuana Research Paper

… The fact cannot be isolated that the government and state has no authority to exercise their rights on the individuals but the authority of the state is to prevent the actions taken by individuals that can endanger others. Since the usage of marijuana is concerned the discretion to use it or not to use it is on the independent preference of that individual. The role and the responsibility of the state is also to ensure that the individuals are making decision and preferences that are not endangering them, this justifies the state's intervention to restrict and illegalize the usage of marijuana. But the stance further solidifies that the effects and health consequences of marijuana usage are lesser as compared to many legally consumed drugs in…. [read more]

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