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Market Segmentation Product Positioning Impact Essay

… For instance they found out those individuals who are busy and with wired lifestyles are time constrained and therefore tended to do more of online shopping. The attitude of the potential clients must therefore be gauged prior to the launching of the major expansion operation.


Self-concept refers to how an individual views themselves. Grubb and Grathwohl (1967) indicated that an individual's self-concept would be buoyed and sustained is the good or service that they had purchase is publicly recognized as well as classified in a way that supports as well as matches his or her self-concept. Self-concept has serious implications in marketing since it helps them to identify as well as segment the market in accordance to the differentiated self -- concept.

Lifestyle Assessment…. [read more]

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning: A Sporting Research Paper

… Market Segmentation and Product Positioning:

A sporting goods and apparel shop for equestrians

Pursuing sporting activities has become more expensive than ever before. The economy is contracting, yet the prices of coaches, gear, and the cost of living is going up. Many people find themselves forced to choose between the pursuits they love and paying for basic necessities. One of the most expensive sports is horseback riding. The proposed sporting goods store would offer a full-service riding and horse care store, with a special service of designing custom saddles and boots. However, it would also offer a consignment shop for horse show clothing, boots, and other tack, as a way of attracting budget shoppers. Also, some horse enthusiasts prefer second-hand boots and saddles as they…. [read more]

Segmentation Targeting Positioning Advertising Marketing PR Distribution Logistics Research Proposal

… Marketing

Market Segmentation

The market for any product can be defined as a group of people who has sufficient purchasing power, authority, and willingness to buy the product in question. The market segmentation stage will directly determine the following section of market targeting. Market segmentation refers to the specific characteristics of the market that is most likely to buy the product, which is in this case tickets for Dodgers games.

The market segmentation stage also considers the specific needs satisfied by the product or service. Attending a Dodgers game is an activity that provides pleasure and social stimulation. It is therefore a purely emotional need that is satisfied for the consumer. More specifically, the market for the product is therefore consumers who are specifically interested…. [read more]

Oakley Pro-Lenses Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Besides providing modern glasses, we will also create special glasses according to our clients' preferences, using customization at an affordable price.

What differentiates our product from others offered by our market is the innovative technology. Our interest is to surprise the customers with unique, smart glasses which will make not only look good but will also save time and avoid stress. These types of glasses are intended for people who want both themselves and their lifestyle to be unique and modern.


Even though for Oakley Prolenses we don't have direct competitors; our competition is an indirect one, being represented by the well-known brands of sunglasses such as a Ray-Ban, Prada, Polaroid etc.


Our objective is to promote a new type of sunglasses: smart,…. [read more]

Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning Term Paper

… Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning

Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is a computer retail stores dedicated to provide computer product and services to small businesses, and home offices across the United States. ATC is being established to provide quality computer hardware to businesses in the United States and outside the United States. More importantly, ATC focuses on network system and services to small businesses as well as providing both minicomputer server-based systems and PC-based LAN systems. The company services include design and installation of computer network system, training and support.

Recent changes that have affected the market of computer resellers across the United States have affected the market advantages of ATC. These include longer collection periods, margin squeeze and…. [read more]

Product: Nike (Chinese Kungfu Cloth Essay

… The shoes are lighter and safer, supporting as such the practice of Kung Fu (Graceffo, 2004).

4. Target marketing

4.1. Segmentation

An important step in the marketing strategy of Kung Fu Shoes China is represented by the identification of the customers to be addressed. In this effort, the segmentation theory is implemented.

"Market segmentation is therefore the process of identifying different groups of users within a market who could possibly be targeted with separate products or marketing programmes" (Croft, 1994).

In the specific context of the Kung Fu Shoes, three specific segments are identified, as follows:

Amateur adults practicing Kung Fu for leisure, relaxation and other personal objectives

Professional adults practicing Kung Fu for professional purposes

Children practicing Kung Fu as part of educational programs.…. [read more]

Marketing Places and Spaces Essay

… Marketing Places and Spaces:

Market segmentation in the hospitality industry

Although not specifically marketing a product, the tourism and hospitality industry still engages in the same type of strategic marketing, positioning, and analysis as a more conventional product or service. A place such as a museum or even a general area of the country can be marketed just like a bottle of dish soap or personal training sessions (McCabe 2009). This phenomenon can be seen in the strategies deployed by the Napa Valley region in California and the Victoria & Albert Museum in the United Kingdom. Although quite distinct in their positioning, both embody the principle of market segmentation. Napa Valley targets a relatively narrow demographic of affluent adult travelers while the V&A targets a…. [read more]

Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice Term Paper

… Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice

Marketing Concept and Marketing Segmentation in Practice

Criteria for Evaluating Marketing Concept and Segmentation

In completing this analysis of Domino's Pizza Global Operations, a SWOT Analysis, assessment of the company's external and industry factors, Porter's Five Forces Model of Competition, and a thorough analysis of the existing and potential Domino's customers have all been used as the basis of completing this analysis and recommendations. The result is a series of marketing goals and objectives, marketing strategies, market mix recommendations by objective, and a series of evaluation control and contingency plans.

Situation Analysis

Today Domino's is the leader in the delivery segment of pizza sales in the U.S., second only to Pizza Hut in total pizza sales, as this…. [read more]

Snickers Market Segmentation Essay

… Thus, Snickers could offer itself as a low cost way to get a snack, it could offer itself as a meal replacement or energy bar, or some other attribute. In this case, Snickers should pursue the value proposition of being a tasty peanut-based bar. This is an impact, because the peanut character is the overwhelming attribute. The marketing will be different because it will emphasize the fact that Snickers is a peanut-based snack. The snack part is less important for this campaign than the peanut part.

As a result, the campaign itself could focus on peanut imagery, or other emphasis on the peanut characteristic, since that is what is being sold. . The pedigree of the peanuts that the company uses could be used as…. [read more]

Marketing Analysis Strategies and Techniques Essay

… The weaknesses of using this advanced level of methodology and technique for competitive positioning include cost, time and potentially the advice from market research experts skilled in creating perceptual maps, and the applicability of the results over a relatively time period for consumer and high tech products that have a relatively short lifecycle.

Customer Perceptions

This is one of the most debated aspects of how a company is doing within its marketing, sales and senior management teams. The reliance on anecdotal data for customer perceptions is the norm and often is incomplete in its coverage of all customer concerns, needs and preferences (Silverblatt, Korgaonkar, 1987). While customer perceptions of often captured in conversations with them, the most effective approach is to complete periodic Customer Perception…. [read more]

Rim Discuss This Product Essay

… The company now has cloud computing capabilities that allow for the seamless storage and transfer of information. Apple products are all compatible with one another which provide a comprehensive experience for the consumer. iTunes and Apple TV allow the consumer to customize their consumption behaviors and habits. The entire ecosystem provides the consumer with ability to conduct their activities as they see fit, while also providing a litany of services. These services often create a compelling value proposition as the consumer is willing to pay premium prices for access to the entire ecosystem.

Likewise, RIM, must also create a comprehensive suite of products and services to satisfy consumer needs. RIM, in particular has a competitive advantage with the business environment. Many business consumers prefer to…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior: Segmentation, Targeting Term Paper

… These optional upgrades are a major catalyst for targeted marketing, particularly through the airlines' own credit cards. Generally, though, some differences between the flight class segments are relatively stable. For instance, when an airline creates a customer persona for First Class travelers, one attribute is a lack of price sensitivity. First Class travelers value convenience, special treatment, exclusivity, and traveler status over price. Business Class travelers must often meet corporate requirements for flying and so are forced to be price sensitive; but Business Class travelers are also quite likely to hold annual passes for flight clubs, like Red Carpet rooms. Economy Class travelers do tend to be price sensitive, but they will upgrade to gain additional legroom and a roomier seat, and are often on…. [read more]

Segmentation Is the Behavioral Case Study

… ¶ … segmentation is the behavioral one, presented in the case study, that differentiates between therapeutic brushers (45%), cosmetic brushers (21%) and uninvolved oral health consumers (33%). This is the best market segmentation because it addresses three different groups of consumers clearly identifiable, which the companies can approach. As we have seen from the case study, Oral-B, for example, targeted the first category of consumers by promoting the "dentist's toothbrush" brand.

The first category comprises consumers who look for "functionally effective products." This means that they are less interested in any of the additional design features that may be added, but are quite sensitive to the generic product and, most notably, to the augmented product, especially the technical characteristics that will make it perform better.…. [read more]

Market Segmentation and Target Marketing Essay

… ¶ … Market segmentation and target marketing are the foundational concepts upon which marketing strategic plans, strategies and tactics are based. Segmentation looks to classify customers into broader groups, while target marketing concentrates on defining specific audiences of consumers or prospects. Market segmentation is often based on demographics or interests, sometimes called the study of psychographics. Examples of market segmentation include Lexus advertising to high income families who can afford their cars, or McDonald's advertising to families with younger children. Target marketing examples include airlines that specifically target their frequent flyers with loyalty programs. While all air travelers are their segment, their specific audience of interest is those flyers who travel the majority of the time for business. Another example of target marketing is seen…. [read more]

Marketing Discuss Product Service Terms Essay

… Segmentation variables to be used for the market include age, income levels, gender, social class, education background, ethnic background and lifestyles Ferrell & Hartline, 2010.

The bottled water will be targeted at persons aged between 15 and 64 years of age who make up 65.2 per cent of the population Central Intelligence Agency, 2012()

with women being the major target gender. The product will be targeted at low to middle class persons who are the most unlikely to have access to clean supplies of water. The education background of the target market includes individuals who have reached the secondary level of education who will be able to appreciate the difference in quality and purity of bottled water over tap water. The product will be targeted…. [read more]

Marketing Identify the Basic Target Term Paper

… This generally means having specific advantages that can be communicated to consumers. This can include changes to a product, but can also refer to other factors such as improved services related to the product. For example, two organizations might sell the same product for the same price, which is often the case with retail stores. One organization can differentiate itself from the other by providing expert advice and excellent customer service. For the project manager, this strategy involves knowing what customers want and providing for their needs.

The final generic strategy is focus. This refers to a strong customer focus where a relationship is built with the consumer. This can be achieved by strong service when dealing with customers. It can also be achieved via…. [read more]

Taco Bell Targeting, Segmentation Research Proposal

… Taco Bell

Targeting, Segmentation and Positioning

Taco Bell targets the millennial demographic. The company has always targeted the 12-34 demographic with its cheap faux-Mexican fast food, and today this means the millennial generation. Teenagers and those in their twenties are the core demographic. The company specifically targets those with lower education and income levels, though it does want to reach all consumers if it can. However, its products appeal to those with budget constraints, the inability to cook for themselves, and no concern for their own physical well-being. Most of the company's sales are in the U.S., and mostly in suburban and urban areas.

Prior to 2012, the company had targeted this audience with what the company has now termed "crappy humor" that conveyed a…. [read more]

Repositioning of a Tangible Product Assessment

… ¶ … positioning of Tangible Product

Background / Current Situation

Product Analysis

Market Analysis / Competitor Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Political Environment

Economic Environment

Social and Cultural Environment

Technological Environment

Environmental Environment

Legal Environment

Marketing Objectives

Financial Objectives

Marketing Strategy

Target Market

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)





GANTT chart of Proposed Marketing Activities

Appendix II Proposed Budget

The product RSP-150 Solar Power Maintainer is an environmentally viable product with rescue features. The product provides essential support for the battery in terms of its features of utilizing solar energy to charge car and leisure battery. The product has not yet attained its potential for market share. The capabilities of product should be highlighted with increased advertising and a re-positioned product approach. The product re-positioning…. [read more]

Product and Target Market Description Promotion Strategy Book Report

… Product and Target Market Description

Promotion Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies

In this report, we present a detailed integrated marketing communication report for Volkswagen CC. It covers the IMC tools used in the marketing of the product, a description of the outcome of my investigation, as well as a marketing strategy, product segmentation. Also included are the product and target market description, product strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy, marketing mix adjustment strategies, conclusion and recommendation. The presentation also contains a reflection of what I learn about the report process and my ability to complete it.

In this report, we present a detailed integrated marketing communication report for Volkswagen CC. It covers the IMC tools used in the marketing of the product, a description…. [read more]

Managing Change in the Organization Term Paper

… In this case, it is being applied to a firm that is a weak competitor in a slow-growing market. The situation can be analyzed using a two-by-three matrix of strategic choices from which to select the grand strategy. The matrix for a company with a small share and no money holds that if the industry is growing, the company should increase its penetration, seek strategic partnerships, use backend strategies, sell the client base, and sell the product line. If the industry is showing negative growth, the company needs to assert cost reduction, sell the product line, or sell the company (Stratamax Grand Strategy Matrix, 2005).

8. Strategy formulation and strategy implementation are directly related, but there are differences between the two. The first difference is…. [read more]

Segmenting the Market Target Marketing Products and Prices Essay

… Segmenting the Market, Target Marketing, Products and Prices

The practice of marketing segmentation is extremely useful for all organizations as it helps them identify the target market, or the audience which is the most likely to purchase the sold items. The idea basically refers to a division of the entire audience into various groups which are united by common features. The groups are different one from another, but they have a uniform structure within. Take for instance the case of an automobile maker selling luxurious cars. They would segment the market according to the income realized by the potential customers and by the interest shown for luxurious cars.

Target marketing is somehow related to market segmentation in the meaning that market segmentation is the process…. [read more]

Marketing Apple Market Segments White Paper

… 4.


The positioning of Apple products, across all of the ranges, as a premium product is very clear. This is visible from the high-quality packaging, display units which are provided as well as the design of the products themselves. The position is also supported with the stylish, but simple, Apple stores which are a main retail outlet for Apple products. The positioning is also strongly indicated by the price, with a premium price, often the product is the most expensive in its category range on a retail shelf (Dormeh, 2013).

Overall, it maybe argued that the positioning reflects the target market, being positioned as an upper end product that is more than simply a technological problem product. The positioning is that of a lifestyle…. [read more]

Strategic Marketing Plan Angostura LTD SWOT

… Systems

Multiple and focused primarily on management and control, including risk management (Heineken 2011 Annual Report), but also on automation and innovation

5. Style

Has evolved from an old style, of vertical integration and top-down decision making into one of communications, integration and cooperation

6. Skills

Vast experience within the brewing industry; increased presence within the global market place and strong brand

7. Shared values

Three sets of values, as follows:

Commitment to high quality

Enjoyment in life and in operations

Respect for the individuals and the society (Website of Heineken International, 2012)

Chart 1: The organizational structure of Heineken

Source: Identity Hi, 2010

2.4. The 7 P's

1. Product

Over 170 types of beer products, out of which the most popular in the Heineken…. [read more]

Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Essay

… ¶ … Apple's Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs and Steve Worzniak are the founders of Apple Computer Inc. In 1976, apple started manufacturing personalized personal computers. This was after IBM changed personal computers into open systems; Windows Intel systems structure dominated personal computers back then. Apple, formally known as Apple computer Inc. is a multinational organization based in California. The company specializes in developing personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware. Apple rose in popularity, in the United States, in the year 2008 due to increase in sale margins of the firm. Majority of American consumers purchased iphones increasing revenue of the firm. From the year, 2008 to 2012, Apple sold most of its products in the international market thus making it a global leader…. [read more]

Marketing Product Description There Are Two Ways Research Paper

… Marketing

Product Description

There are two ways to look at the product for Mochalicious. The first is the product, which is coffee-based beverages and snacks; the second is the service. Melbourne has a very strong coffee culture, so the coffee needs to be brewed to a very high standard in order to meet the needs of the local market. There are a number of different elements to quality coffee -- good beans, good machines and well-trained staff. The beans will come from a local roaster to ensure maximum freshness. The machines will not be the highest-end machines because we are emphasizing flavoured drinks, but we still need to be able to make a serviceable flat white. The staff will receive extensive training both in pulling…. [read more]

Marketing Apple iPod Term Paper

… ¶ … marketing overview of the Apple iPod, specifically focusing on the marketing environment, consumer behavior and market segmentation, product positioning and role in the marketing mix.

Marketing Environment

IPod music downloads signal an entirely new global business mode. The growth of Apple's iPod and iTunes products signal an entirely new approach to selling musical content online. The success of this model is defined by 1 billion songs sold, and 1 million videos sold in the first twenty days that content form was available for the Video iPod. The iTunes Music Store offers Windows and Mac users the industry's largest online music catalog of over 500,000 songs and a new standard in pricing for 99 cents per song.

The industry works to strategically source key…. [read more]

Data Mining? The Foundational Elements Research Paper

… Geographic segmentation is often defined by city, state or region of a country, and often is cross-referenced by income levels and other demographic data. It is common to find marketers segment their markets geographically when demand varies by location of the country. Sales of antifreeze during the winter months is an example of how geographic segmentation would be used for selling this product, with the primary focus being the colder climates in the Untied States and Europe. One of the most prevalently used segmentation criterion that consumer products companies rely on is demographic variables. These include age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality

(Craft, 2001). Given the increased availability of analytics for gaining insights into customers' preferences, psychographically-derived segmentation is increasingly…. [read more]

Investor Soft Before Starting Essay

… For InvestorSoft, the most viable avenue of such advertisements is the Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) newsletter. The newsletter appears seven times per year. InvestorSoft could then initially place a more expensive advertisement to increase its visibility, while maintaining such visibility by buying lower priced advertising space for the remainder of the year.

Conference exhibits are a third method of creating brand awareness for InvestorSoft. These are, however, significant in terms of set-up costs and human resource investments. As a strategy, this might be a better decision to make in the long-term. As the CIRI conference occurs annually, this could be a good way of promoting the brand in the future. In the short-term, however, it is estimated that print advertising is the best way…. [read more]

Marketing a Positioning Statement Business Plan

… Therefore, this will limit the target market, justifies the omission of the upper market as a potential target.

If the company wished to ensure that they can maximize their potential revenue, and they are providing a high level of differentiation, it is also likely that the firm will wish to gain a premium price compared to competing products which do not offer the same level of differentiation. Therefore, this would indicate that the Coz-E Travel Company may not be in the home and targeting the value or low-cost sector of the market, where there is only limited level of disposable income. Therefore, this will leave the middle to mid-upper market of drivers and other car travelers who are likely to be a viable market, with…. [read more]

Mark Ames, an Expatriate Living Term Paper

… Old Navy, on the other hand, is counter-cyclical in that it markets to the budget-conscious consumer and has the potential to thrive even in hard times.

Because retail space is one of the largest components of a company such as Old Navy's cost, market segmentation makes plain sense: Old Navy stores tend to be large and in strip malls whereas Gap stores predominate in malls. In this manner, Gap, Inc. is able to rent or purchase retail space more effectively as incomes are highly correlated with geographic factors and pedestrian traffic in places such as shopping malls. Demographic factors also play into the location of Gap Kids and Baby Gap outlets; these are more often than not found in malls where middle class families may…. [read more]

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