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Marketing Mix Analysis of the Relationship Research Paper

… Marketing Mix Analysis

Analysis of the Relationship Between the Marketing Mix and Brand Equity in the High Technology Industry

Brand equity is earned over years and for many companies, decades of consistent execution and the continual exceeding of customers' expectations. The paradox of brand equity is that it is elegantly simple theoretically on the one hand and extremely difficult to consistently maintain by managing the marketing mix on the other (Aremu, Bamiduro, 2012). This makes the measurement of brand equity Return on Investment (ROI) over time a challenge for organizations who don't view their marketing mix as connected to brand awareness and equity over the long-term (Joseph, 2009). Too often the marketing mix is considered separate and not directly linked or a catalyst of brand…. [read more]

Marketing Mix for Effective Essay

… The promotional message must be consistent with the overall marketing image, gain the attention of target audience, and draw response from customers whether its purchase of the product of formation of an opinion. The selection of an appropriate promotional channel may sometimes involve the use of several important marketing channels.

Since promotion deals with communication with customers, it will provide information that will in formulating customers' buying decisions. Promotional strategies sometime involve public relations, advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling. While public relations focus on developing a favorable corporate image, personal selling focuses on the role of a salesperson in an organization's communication plans.

In most cases, promotional or advertising costs usually account for a huge portion of the overall cost of manufacturing an item.…. [read more]

Marketing Research and Strategy the Relationship Term Paper

… Marketing Research and Strategy

The Relationship between Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy and Tactics according to Pravat Choudhury and Geng Cui's "Consumer Interests and the Ethical Implications of Marketing: A Contingency Framework" (2003)

In marketing market segmentation and the differentiation of the marketing mix have become so commonplace that they are practically synonymous with competitive strategies. The growing body of research on marketing strategy and tactics suggests that marketers and consumers frequently differ in their perceptions of marketing ethics. While the modern marketing concept concerns the satisfaction of consumer wants and needs, in many cases the outcome of such marketing efforts are not in the best interests of either the customers or society at large. In this essay, the authors suggest that a fundamental lack…. [read more]

Marketing Mix the Target Market/Product Essay

… For the non-lethal security device, I believe that penetration pricing would be the best strategy (NetMBA, 2010). In this case, there is a new product that consumers do not necessarily need. In order to convince consumers to make the purchase, the pricing must be aggressive. This implies penetration pricing, because that will help the product to gain initial market share. Remember that the promotion program calls for emphasis on word-of-mouth marketing. The more early adopters the product can have, the more effective a word-of-mouth or viral campaign will be.

For the vacations, there is no particular reason to have any special pricing. Vacations are a competitive business, so in all likelihood any vacation will need to have competitive pricing, but there is no need for…. [read more]

Marketing Plan CIC Marketing Plan

… The place is the location, which is central. Promotion is generally going to be through direct selling. The sales people need to build relationships with both payers and physicians, so this is largely relationship marketing. Some advertising might be possible to alert consumers to the clinic, but since most payers are not individual consumers -- the uninsured market is rapidly disappearing -- advertising does not look like the best business model going forward.

VII. . In the short-term the strategy will hopefully build the market share. This might be a slow process but over the long run it is believed that with sales reps forging good relationships the business will grow and CIC will become the market leader.

VIII. Conclusion.

CIC is in a challenging…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Company Description Royal Marketing Plan

… This strategy will ensure that the concept is kept fresh and not diluted from many variations ( Lavinsky, 2012).

The other strategy is distribution strategy whereby the company will have to come up with new ideas of distributing the products. Currently the products are marketed in shops which re scattered all over far they have not distributed the products through national sporting goods chains. The company will ensure that they expand on their online sales through offering customized product line through the internet only.

Royal line communicates to its retailers and consumers in various ways such as direct mailing, internet and in person. As the distribution expands the company will have to make adjustments in order to meet the increasing demand through various Promotional…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for Blueprint Cleanse

Marketing Plan

BluePrint is a juice company that has made a huge hit in sale of juices and nut bars. The company sells organic juice from different fruits and also offers juice mixes for their consumers. Apart from encouraging consumers to see through the juice detox program, the company is also determined to change how people see juices. This is achieved by encouraging consumers to meet the daily detox program requirements which increases sales for their juices. The company was started a few years ago while the founders felt that though there were many juice bars all over different towns in the country, they were insufficient for market needs. The founders felt that organic foods was catching up and to…. [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

… Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact the product. The factors in favour of marketing such a product on the Australian market reside in an aging population as proportion of total population, forcing the government to focus on nutrition as a means to slow down health care expenses (IGR, 2004); the local market being a stable and developed one; the country's technological development enabling advanced marketing and logistics techniques; and an increased…. [read more]

Marketing for Humanitarian Organizations Essay

… Tangible products have to have an independent physical existence and often have a life cycle that includes a growth phase where the product is developed, maturity phase where the sales of the item are at peak and a sales fall period when the sales decline. It is, therefore, important for marketers to understand each product's lifecycle. They should understand how long the product's life cycle lasts to focus their attention on building a new product in the growth phase once it is in the decline phase. Urbany and Montgomery (1998): 288 go on to state that the marketers must consider the product mix whereby they consider the position of the product, how they can exploit the brand, and how to consider product development strategies.

Rotemberg…. [read more]

Successful Marketing Mix That Will Increase Results Term Paper

… ¶ … Successful Marketing Mix That Will Increase Results

The development of an effective marketing mix is critical for being able to stay competitive in the turbulent global markets that companies compete in daily. The critical need for keeping the four attributes of the marketing mix synchronized with one another in order to attain strategic objectives is illustrated through the many examples throughout this paper. Product strategies' contribution to a company's entire marketing mix, the role of promotional strategies to reinforce branding and messaging, and distribution channels' role in getting branding, messaging and products to market are analyzed in this paper in addition to the critical process of new product development and introduction (NPDI) that acts as a catalyst for the marketing mix to become…. [read more]

Marketing Plan and Price Strategy Marketing Plan

… Mass media technology can be used to incorporate consumer participation where information on different cultures, idolized sporting personality and activities are discussed. From the discussions, Royal clothing company will get to obtain more knowledge on the market and its needs. Further to these discussions, the company will gain knowledge on what type of products to produce and market. Since outdoor activities for part of leisure, Royal clothing company to come up with a program to encourage a larger number of persons engaging and embracing outdoor activities. The platform by social media can also be used to inform the various market segments of the products existence in their respective markets. Promotional gifts and contest regarding the new products can also use the social media platform. This…. [read more]

Dilmah Tea Stakeholder Analysis Customer Essay

… Bajaj (2010) notes that the premiums Dilmah earns for its tea are in part returned to the workers. Sri Lankan tea plantation workers earn more than their counterparts in India, for example. The company has labor agreements that have increased wages by 40%. The workers still have difficult jobs, but it seems as though the outcomes for Dilmah's workers have been generally positive. With respect to the planet, Dilmah has been somewhat neutral. The company still relies on export markets, but uses more traditional techniques such as picking by hand in order to maintain the highest-quality flavor for its teas (Bajaj, 2010).

b. Dilmah has created a premium position for itself in the international tea market. The company's product is purer than that of competing…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Description Marketing Plan

… Retail customers are going to come to us through our wholesale clients and through our website. Wholesale customers will come to us through our website and via our sales staff. The wholesale customers are probably going to be coffee shops with the same target market as our retail clients. Thus, we serve the same customer no matter which route to market we choose.

In terms of psychographics, the customer has a number of characteristics. The target customer prefers quality in their consumer products, and is of discerning taste. This is true of most consumer products, but especially of ones where the consumption of equality is a visible and public expression of one's discerning nature (clothing or entertainment, for example). Such consumers are almost always willing…. [read more]

Marketing and the Competitive Environment Essay

… If from the research the resulting product needs patenting then a company will be a monopoly and therefore there will be no competition on the product.

Critical path analysis objectives and provide examples

Critical path analysis objective is carrying out analysis on the appropriate resource use to be applied in a specific period of time. This is an appropriate technique that is used by many industries. Critical path analysis is an effective way of the encouragement of forward planning. This leads to control of costs as well as efficiency in operations. An example of critical path analysis involves carrying out a particular activity the precedence and time required to complete the activities.

Relevance of market conditions to competitive strategy development

There are various market conditions…. [read more]

Marketing Is About Service Essay

… g., a product, an appointment, and airline tickets) to another person (Victorino 2008). A service encounter is a period of time during which purchaser interact directly with a service.

The service sector has seen intense growth over the years, to the degree that its input to global GNP surpasses that of all other sectors collective. Within liberalized and competitive markets, variation strategies, including delivering quality services are a principal concern of services marketers (Jayawardhena et al. 2007). As service sector has greatly increased the global GNP, hence marketers are paying attention to service marketing greatly. The traditional marketing techniques are being considered outdated and service encounter is being focused. The reasons that have led to this change in the world of marketing are liberalization and…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for MNC Molex Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for MNC - Molex

Marketing Plan for MNC -- Molex

Strategic Situation Summary

In the context of a more and more dynamic industry and a more and more demanding consumer base, electronics manufacturers develop and employ various strategies that answer to the emergent challenges. One particular means of responding to the new requirements and consolidating a competitive position is that of presenting the customers with hi-tech products which increase the quality of life, but in the same time protect the environment and the user. These types of products can only be achieved with the incorporation of high quality components.

Molex is an internationally recognized provider of electronic interconnectors such as electrical connectors, optical fiber connectors, switchers or the Molex connector. Given the rapid…. [read more]

Webvan Case Analysis Marketing Plan

… Home Grocery is more of a discount operation that markets themselves as a discount vendor in which customers can order straight from the distributer. Each competitor relies on large warehouses to distribute products but not nearly on the scale that Webvan intends to develop.

Operating Model Comparison

Strategic Group

Core Capabilities

Partner Network

Value Configuration

Value Proposition

Customer Relationship

Distribution Channel

Target Customer

Few Markets

Outsource Locally

Partner with Local Retailers

Use Third Party Logistics

Bulk Discounts, Coupons, Loyalty

High Customer Intimacy

Primarily Outsourced

Busy Professionals with Families

Many Localities

Internally Warehousing

Partner with National Wholesalers

Internal Distrabution

Value Added Services, Menus, Recipes, Information


Hub and Spoke

Suburban and Urban Families who Value Convenience

Nationwide Coverage

Marketing Limited Items that can be Easily Shiped…. [read more]

Perceptual Mapping Analysis Essay

… Results

The CruiseThorr is priced too high for the market, leading the company's senior management to reposition the price at between $13,000 to $15,000. Having spent $12,750,000 on the product launch it will take 850 RRoth units sold through distribution to just pay for the product introduction. This will be exceptionally challenging as many distributors have multiple motorcycle lines they carry, in addition to having strong bases of service and support revenue they rely on for monthly revenue streams. Additional iterations of the product strategy and resulting impacts o the perceptual mapping of the product line are needed to ensure more congruent, profitable mapping to the

1. What is the relationship between differentiation and positioning of products or services? Is the repositioning of the product…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Miller Inc. Marketing Management Term Paper


Marketing Management

Product or Service Idea: Bread

Is your product or service offered by:

__X__an existing company?

____a new company imagined for the assignment?


The company called Miller Inc. hopes to expand its operations to the southern part of the country. Previously, the operations of the company were limited to the northern part.

Who do you think is the target audience?

The target audience of this marketing plan is current and prospective investors for the company and the marketing department.

Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: (if your idea has no precedent in the marketplace, consider another idea).

There are other competitor products. Bread produced by the different…. [read more]

Marketing Plan About Tooth Paste Research Proposal

… Marketing Plan for Toothpaste

The essence of any effective marketing plan is to seek out opportunities for a unique, defensible, differentiated market position (Bronnenberg, 2008). Toothpaste that through its unique chemical properties can also alleviate snoring is highly differentiated beyond just the factor of taste (MarketWatch, 2008) or packaging (Hartman, 2009). The intent of this marketing plan is to ascertain the market potential for toothpaste alleviate snoring by firming up the soft palate and airway walls for up to eight hours through a harmless chemical reaction of applying water to the toothpaste. As snoring is often treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medications globally, an aspect of this marketing plan is the competitive dynamics pharmaceutical drugs that may be prescribed by a physician. In this regard the…. [read more]

Marketing Report for Ms. Janet Essay

… The biggest impact of this new fast food restaurant chain will be taken by the society members. In contrast to the traditional fast food restaurants that offer spicy and high calorie fast foods, Ms. Janet Bradley's fast food restaurant chain will offer low calorie food for the health conscious people. She will also have to run awareness and promotional campaigns to make the society members realize the importance of low-calorie food for a healthy life style. The society (especially the initial target locations) will find an exact alternative to the high-spiced fast food products that are considered to be one of the biggest reasons for heart diseases and obesity at all age groups (Philipson, Dai, & Helmchen 2004; World Heart Federation 2007).


The micro-environment…. [read more]

Marketing Management Customer Value Equation Essay

… The poor political international relations and terrorism in the South Asia has also come under evaluation as the leading aspect that affects the sales within the region. Additionally, the political flux and conflicts between U.S. with South Asian countries also hamper the sales of Apple iPhone in these regions. The economical depression has also created somewhat affect on the sales, but the technological and social influence (within the music industry and enhanced lifestyle) has been more powerful and persuading that has positively affected the sales of iPhone within South Asian regions. The technological advancements on the other hand also negatively affect the iPhone sales (Baum, Hackstein & Mehling, 2012).

Target Market Analysis

Apple iPhone has targeted a number of users over a wide range in…. [read more]

Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced Business Proposal

… Marketing Decisions and Strategies Embraced in Marketing

Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Product Strategy

Pricing strategy

Promotional Strategy

Market Targeting

Companies have to come up with marketing strategies consistent with an organization's strategy because absence of a marketing strategy undermines such companies' effort to attract customers. A company's marketing strategy must be one that ensures that the products and services the company deals in meet the expectations of the customers (Galavan, Murray & Markides, 2008). This can guarantee a long lasting and profitable relationship between the company and its customers.

A company's marketing strategy should among other things take into consideration the resources available. The resources have to be optimally utilized. If a company's management contemplates venturing into a new market or coming up with…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Essay

… For marketing relationships management, one of the main ways that Moorilla would use to build and maintain relationship with the retailers is ensuring communication and gathering information on time. Especially for online business, Moorilla would build up a comprehensive information system to collect datas such as sales and feedback from retailers. Thus Moorilla could arrange their activities. For customer relationship management, Moorilla would also have a specific system to collect and analysis data from customers. Moorilla would also conduct some activities to promote customer try the product and give feedback. On Morella's Website, the specific link for customers enquires would be built up for after service.


Successful marketing efforts result in products that become part of everyday life (Pride et al., 2007).According to Ferrell…. [read more]

Marketing Channels and Methods Term Paper

… "What is the right strategy to follow in a highly competitive market in which demand is relatively flat?" stated one executive recently. "The answer for us is to identify what our niche is in the market. For us, it is producing ... hamburgers." Healthy hamburgers! (Collins, 2002) Stressing return traffic for those hamburgers is an acknowledgement that McDonald's "fries and soda are where the fat [profit] margins really lie," for fast food companies -- but that does not have to mean fat consumers! (Munarriz, 2003)

Core Strategy

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using a company's products and services (Konrath, 2005). McDonald's has always offered its customers financial value, in the form of cheap, tasty food.…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Benetton Is a Textile Research Proposal

… Marketing Plan

Benetton is a textile and apparel manufacturer established in Italy in 1965. In less than 50 years, the group evolved into a world known fashion designer, mostly famous for its unconventional and controversial advertising focused on raising awareness on social issues characterizing the modern society, such as: racism, homosexuality and anorexia.

Market size

The group manages more than 300 shops in 120 countries, employing almost 9,000 employees as of 2007-year end (Annual Report, 2008).

Benetton manages 4 important brands: United Colors of Benetton - for casual fashion; Sisley and Playlife - for glamour fashion; and Killer Loop streeware - for college style. The yearly production extends to 160 million garments distributed in its own shops and those of independents partners, that build a…. [read more]

Sustainable Marketing LED Bulb Marketing Plan

… The desired outcome includes three primary factors. The bulbs must provide a return on investment to the firms' investors, treat its employees with dignity, and provide a more sustainable alternative to competing product lines at a reasonable price.

A successful marketing campaign will significantly benefit the three groups typically included in the concept of the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profits. Each group can be thought of independently in regards to their gains offered from LED. Consumers can by achieve gains by not having to change light bulbs nearly as often, experience a better quality of light, as well as benefit financially from the reduction in power consumption of the life time of the product. The planet benefits from a direct reduction in anthropogenic…. [read more]

Marketing Challenge Case Study

… It may not be wise to invest significant resources in a new product when the industry is shrinking due to the recession. During that period, it can conserve its resources and promote existing products though drugstores. Drugstores are an emerging channel and more customers are expected to shop there. These channels can be used to sell successful products.


Increased sales of high turnover products through drugstore chains

Relationships with new channel partners

No need for aggressive promotion of new products


Weakening relationships with established retailers

Channel conflict

Loss of sales at mass outlets and department stores

Inexperienced sales force

Recommended Marketing Strategy

Flare Fragrances should launch Savvy under the Loveliest brand through mass outlets.

Marketing Mix

Product Development and Differentiation

The Savvy brand…. [read more]

Marketing Effectiveness Memo Research Paper

… By conveying this message and upgrading its product offering, McDonalds reflects the concerns of the masses, especially by being transparent on nutritional value of its food items.

Marketing Strategy and Brand Image:

One of the major factors that have contributed to McDonalds increased profitability and success over the years is its well-recognized global brand image. The firm has constantly leveraged on its renowned brand image and value propositions for its expansion into new and emerging markets and increased productivity. The well-recognized global brand image has been achieved through product and service offering and effective marketing strategies. McDonalds maintains its status as a recognized brand across the globe through localizing its menu to compete head-to-head with local rivals.

The company's marketing strategies across various target segments…. [read more]

PESTLE Analysis of Apple Inc Essay

… It can give a face-lift to notebook lines and desktop. The web technology is capable of being utilized in improving awareness of the product as well as sales. It has low debt which is more manoeuvrable. In 2006 it made a partnership with Intel Computers that made it more stable and it has Strong Research & Development, Department (Hill, T. & R. Westbrook, 1997).

Like any other company, Apple is also susceptible to faults and drawbacks. There had been reports that there could be a faulty screen in Apple iPod Nano. To this effect, there has been a comment by the company that the batch of its products contains screens that when under impact they break, and that faulty items were to be recalled and…. [read more]

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