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Principles and Practices Marketing Plan

… Communication Management Plan

Life Alive

Life Alive was founded by Heidi Feinstein, a natural health consultant with the aim of promoting the importance of organic produce, eating fresh, and whole grains. The goal of the manager for the cafe is expansion to meet its mission of feeding vitality to the world by serving food prepared and grown locally, served and stored with zero waste to energy. This is to achieve energy efficiency in an ecological manner for the local community. Life Alive is a cafe founded on the value of providing delicious means, simple and nutritious meals to nurture the soul and body, for the family and community. The cafe target market is the individual and family including the vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, macrobiotic, raw, and…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies the Marketing Plan Delivers Marketing Plan

… Marketing Strategies

The marketing plan delivers the various strategies that All Technology Computer will use to enhance competitive market advantages. The paper discusses the company mission statement and the strategies that the company will use to align its mission statement with its strategic objective. The brand differentiation is an effective marketing tool to enhance marketing advantages and IMC has been identified as an effective marketing tool within the business environment. More importantly, the company will be operating in the U.S. economy and the company will take the advantages of the economic and technological superiority of the U.S. To deliver high quality product and services.

Company Background

ATC (All Technology Computer) is computer hardware and software provider operating in the United States and the company is…. [read more]

Marketing Mix for Effective Essay

… The promotional message must be consistent with the overall marketing image, gain the attention of target audience, and draw response from customers whether its purchase of the product of formation of an opinion. The selection of an appropriate promotional channel may sometimes involve the use of several important marketing channels.

Since promotion deals with communication with customers, it will provide information that will in formulating customers' buying decisions. Promotional strategies sometime involve public relations, advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling. While public relations focus on developing a favorable corporate image, personal selling focuses on the role of a salesperson in an organization's communication plans.

In most cases, promotional or advertising costs usually account for a huge portion of the overall cost of manufacturing an item.…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Carnival Cruise Lines Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Corporation (NYS: CCL), which is formally known as Carnival Cruise Line, operates the largest cruise line in the leisure cruise industry and the world. Carnival Cruise Line was founded in 1972 by a Jewish immigrant Ted Arison and today is today managed by his son, Mickey Arison. Carnival continues to be the most aggressive marketer and industry consolidator of the travel cruise industry with eleven brands supported through multiple acquisitions over the last twenty years. As of today, the company operates 97 cruise ships with passenger capacity of 180,746 distributed across its range of eleven brands that operate in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America. Carnival's cruise brands include the following; Carnival Cruise Lines,…. [read more]

Export Business Plan: Moldovan Cellular Business Plan

… As regards the cellular phone industry, conditions in Moldova seem to be promising: Because Moldova is a small country, telecommunications companies manage to achieve good coverage in both wired and wireless communications infrastructure. Landline is available in most settlements, but mobile phone usage is preferred and has grown exponentially particularly in recent years. Prices are high and technology is somewhat behind Western standards but this is where Moldovan Cellular Phones can find its niche.

A. Description of the firm and products to be exported.

Moldovan Cellular Phones is a company that has invested time and money into finding ways to give the system higher capacity therefore lower cost. Cellular phones today are one of the most popular indispensable consumer electronic devices with over 59 million…. [read more]

Marketing Plan the Potential Audiences Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

The potential audiences for the Firenze include all smartphone and tablet users in North America and Brazil, specifically those who need to have a tablet device capable of supporting content creation and consumption. Apple has found that the iPad is used over 60% of the time for content consumption, or reading, video viewing and photography (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). The Firenze is designed to appeal to this very large potential audience of customers through its build-to-order strategy (Franke, Schreier, 2010). Apple has not been able to attain this level of manufacturing agility even in their laptops and low-end systems (Garfinkel, 2009). Figure 1, Global Smartphone and Tablet PC Demographics shows the distribution of audience by demographic segment.

Figure 1: Global Smartphone and Tablet…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Plan Essay

… Even though the cost of producing a single unit is noted to be large, the concept of mass production is helping the company in the reduction of the overall cost. This would allow the company to sell its products a much lower price than its competitors while still remaining competitive. This strategy should be used by the company iy the penetration of the emerging economies.

6.1 Marketing Goals and Objectives

The fact that Toyota is a large company gives it a competitive advantage in teams of the ability to meet the industry growth. The number of people who need cars is also increasing steadily. The perceived relevance of owning a car as a result of increased needs of travelling in the largely corporate world is…. [read more]

Selling Australian Wine to Overseas Essay

… Because of this, it becomes difficult to project the financial gains of the company. This also reduces the capability of the company to work on appropriate measures to improve the condition.


The price for the wine is highly dependent on the area with the market. Therefore, some markets will tend to have a higher price attached to the wine than other markets because of the relative cost of export in the country. In addition, the government policies and rules governing the export of wines has a massive influence on the price of the commodity. The demand for the wine also has an influence on the price with areas that do not have a vast demand having a lower price to act as an incentive…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for MNC Molex Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for MNC - Molex

Marketing Plan for MNC -- Molex

Strategic Situation Summary

In the context of a more and more dynamic industry and a more and more demanding consumer base, electronics manufacturers develop and employ various strategies that answer to the emergent challenges. One particular means of responding to the new requirements and consolidating a competitive position is that of presenting the customers with hi-tech products which increase the quality of life, but in the same time protect the environment and the user. These types of products can only be achieved with the incorporation of high quality components.

Molex is an internationally recognized provider of electronic interconnectors such as electrical connectors, optical fiber connectors, switchers or the Molex connector. Given the rapid…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Determine and Discuss a Pricing Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

Determine and discuss a pricing strategy (Penetration or Skimming).

Penetration pricing is when a business is pricing new products or services lower than competitors. The idea is that by having the product sell at a lower price, you can be able to build brand recognition and establish a market for it. In general, this kind of strategy is used for products that have been introduced that are of good quality. Yet, they may have trouble standing out against competitors. Skimming is when you are introducing a new product or service at a higher price and then will lower the cost later on. In most cases, this kind of strategy is used when introducing products that are considered to be must have or in…. [read more]

Marketing Management Marketing Mix Product Marketing Plan

… The online or the soft versions will be sent to the specific organizers who respond to our mails and ask for further clarification. The hard copies will be passed on to the individual organizers who will be visited in the process of marketing the summer camp insurance policy.

The rationale for using this brochure method in creating interest is that the brochure will be more interactive and explain the breakdown of the details of the several covers that are available for summer camps, they give the reader a better understanding as opposed to the general advertisements that are carried on the website and on the social media pages.


The goal of creating desire is to get the potential clients to make that first step…. [read more]

Strategic Communication Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane A-Level Coursework

… Strategic Communication

Leading Through Strategic Communication: Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Guidance and Assistance for FHA Insured Recipients

In Class Goal Setting

The goal of the program is to ensure strategic communication to inform FHA insured recipients of assistance they are eligible for following Hurricane Sandy.

Audience Goal Behavior/Action

Emergency/Government Agencies Service Provision Strategic communication to public

FHA Homeowners and Renters Receipt of Service Receipt of viable information on receiving services and aid

These actions are feasible for each agency listed. The barriers to action for each agency are reaching the appropriate people with the appropriate communication and information.

Description of Audience

Government Agency

If this agency provides optimum communication rather than inferior communication then our agency will be able to effectively provide services to those impacted…. [read more]

Cross-Cultural Communication With Increased Competition Essay

… However, this alone cannot guarantee effective communication, but it will allow people to mindfully attempt to understand strangers and the way these strangers are interpreting their messages. In doing so, people can respond in a manner that results in effective communication. Therefore proper control of uncertainty and anxiety provides an avenue for effective communication, though effective communication depends on the conduct of a person in such situation (Gudykunst, 2005).

Self-concepts and AUM

Self-concept is used to refer to a personal views, they comprise of personal identity as well as social identity. Self-esteem of a person can either be positive or negative feeling a person has about himself/herself. According to Gudykunst, (2005) personal identities are the main generative ways for interpersonal behaviour; whereas social identities are…. [read more]

Communications Plan Developing and Managing Essay

… This offers additional value and elevates customer satisfaction.

These strategies create improved data intelligence and reporting, in both real-time and post transaction forums. Real-time analysis dashboards have increased in popularity over the past five years. They offer management an immediate, detailed view of key metrics. Similarly, in terms of analyzing post transaction detail, data warehousing provides the ideal methodology for enhanced forecasting. The benefits are far reaching and include the ability to identify areas for improvement in both business operations and supply chain environments. Most importantly, this allows marketing to make data-informed decisions when refining marketing strategies and communications as part of a continuous improvement program.

Marketing Communication Strategies

Domestic Marketing

Domestic marketing consists of four guiding principles. Knowledge-based promotion ensures that the product is…. [read more]

Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Case Study

… Strengths

Strong Brand


Heavily Capitalized

Customer Loyalty


Environmental Supply Chain Issues

Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

Internal Management Issues


Grow Market Share

Find New Product Niches

Continue to Diversify Current Product Mix


Competitive Industry Pressures

Negative Publicity


V. Competitor Analysis

Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. In this market Apple must compete with major market players such as IBM, Dell, HP and Toshiba. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity. In…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Essay

… For marketing relationships management, one of the main ways that Moorilla would use to build and maintain relationship with the retailers is ensuring communication and gathering information on time. Especially for online business, Moorilla would build up a comprehensive information system to collect datas such as sales and feedback from retailers. Thus Moorilla could arrange their activities. For customer relationship management, Moorilla would also have a specific system to collect and analysis data from customers. Moorilla would also conduct some activities to promote customer try the product and give feedback. On Morella's Website, the specific link for customers enquires would be built up for after service.


Successful marketing efforts result in products that become part of everyday life (Pride et al., 2007).According to Ferrell…. [read more]

Marketing - Nike: Company Analysis Research Paper

… " Newsweek. (1998). ]

The power of Nike to not only achieve but maintain such a frontrunner status, twice, in the industry is as much due to its creative, useful and fantastic products as it is to its advertising a marketing innovations. For example, brand management is one of the company's many strengths.

It is widely known in the advertising industry that most customers pay more for brands that they see as superior in style, reliability and quality. A company, therefore, is able, through its efficient brand recognition program, to "expand market share, command higher prices and generate more revenue than its competitors."[footnoteRef:17] [17: "Nike's 'Just do it' Advertising Campaign." Centre for Applied Research., accessed July 2011. ]

With its "Just Do It" campaign,…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Marketing Plan

… The brochure is interactive and makes provision of video clips, 360-degree products views and useful information on key features that distinguish John Deere's leading lines of riding equipment.


John Deere Company's promotion mix is dependent upon mass selling of its products across various sectors and on a global basis. While the Deere company typically focuses on the agricultural market, it is also focusing on the average homeowner with its new mower line available in some retail stores including Home Depot and Lowes. There is a broad range of target audience for the John Deere company including agricultural, forestry, residential and even toys. The John Deere company positions its products through branding as well as expansion into the retail market most recently. There is a…. [read more]

Marketing Channels and Methods Term Paper

… "What is the right strategy to follow in a highly competitive market in which demand is relatively flat?" stated one executive recently. "The answer for us is to identify what our niche is in the market. For us, it is producing ... hamburgers." Healthy hamburgers! (Collins, 2002) Stressing return traffic for those hamburgers is an acknowledgement that McDonald's "fries and soda are where the fat [profit] margins really lie," for fast food companies -- but that does not have to mean fat consumers! (Munarriz, 2003)

Core Strategy

A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer gets from using a company's products and services (Konrath, 2005). McDonald's has always offered its customers financial value, in the form of cheap, tasty food.…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Relaunch Essay

… Marketing Plan Reluanch

Re-launch Plan for the RSP-150 Solar Power Maintainer

Re-launch Plan Goals and Milestones

Implicit in the re-launch of any existing product or service is the need to more closely define its unique value proposition (UVP), competitive and market position, and first re-assess and then strengthen its core messaging strategies. The essence of any successful product re-launch is galvanizing each of these attributes around a common strategic market plan that is centered on the customers' unmet needs, preferences and wants (Easingwood, Harrington, 2002). The orchestration of how these activities are completed defines the extent of differentiation relative to alternative solutions and competing brands (Woods, 1984). The RSP-150 Solar Power Maintainer has many innate differentiators that capitalize on the prevailing mind-set of consumers to…. [read more]

Marketing Models Review Research Paper

… Product decisions that touch on branding and packaging are very important from the promotional perspective because the name of a brand and how it is packaged communicates a product's attributes. A brand name that communicates a product's attributes and meaning should be chosen to create and maintain brand equity (Handlin, 2014). A product with brand equity is considered to be having an added value. It also enjoys goodwill of the customers. Despite the fact that the role packaging has changed due to the springing up of self-service stores, packaging can still create new opportunities existing products. The pricing decisions must take into consideration factors like costs, demand, competition, and perceived value. Other issues that have to be thoughtfully evaluated are distribution channel decisions and development…. [read more]

Marketing Response There Are Several Significant Advantages Term Paper

… Marketing


There are several significant advantages of using qualitative measurements in marketing research. The most significant is the ability to capture the voice of customers that may have evaded the more structured, numerically-based approaches that force respondents to provide a specific set of answers. Qualitative research can also lead to entirely new insights into a new market or service that has not been seen in the past, given the open-ended questions inherent in this approach to research. Qualitative research techniques also can be used to capture the shared knowledge of experts as well, as the Delphi Technique is so well-known and used for. Capturing the tacit expertise and knowledge of a specific group of thought leaders can also be accomplished using qualitative techniques as…. [read more]

Volkswagen Routan Minivan Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Marketing

Volkswagen Routan Minivan Marketing Plan

Description of Product

The Volkswagen Routan Minivan is a not-so-mini size van with dual-sliding doors, a minimum seven-passenger capacity, multiple interior configurations, and many available options. Optional features for the Routan include entertainment systems, multiple audio sources, phone connectivity, navigation systems and power doors and tailgate. The Routan is a joint venture with Chrysler. It is manufactured at a Chrysler facility in Windsor, Ontario in Canada. The platform contains a MacPherson strut-front and twist-beam rear suspension. Brakes are four-wheel antilock disc, with ESP-stability control (The 2009 Volkswagen Routan, 2008).


The Core product is not the touchable, physical product. One can't feel it. That's because the core product is the benefit of the product that gives it is value…. [read more]

Marketing Plan and Price Strategy Marketing Plan

… Mass media technology can be used to incorporate consumer participation where information on different cultures, idolized sporting personality and activities are discussed. From the discussions, Royal clothing company will get to obtain more knowledge on the market and its needs. Further to these discussions, the company will gain knowledge on what type of products to produce and market. Since outdoor activities for part of leisure, Royal clothing company to come up with a program to encourage a larger number of persons engaging and embracing outdoor activities. The platform by social media can also be used to inform the various market segments of the products existence in their respective markets. Promotional gifts and contest regarding the new products can also use the social media platform. This…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Project Research Paper

… Marketing Plan Project: Introduction of Pond's Face Moisturizer Cream from the United States' Market to Turkey

Pond's face moisturizer cream is one of the common and essential products' brands in relation to cold cream and beauty products. The brand focuses on the maximization of the strong brand image, recognition, and critical history. In the development of this market plan project, the focus is on the Pond's face moisturizer crime. The main objective of this project is to facilitate the transfer of the products from the United States' economy to the Turkish market through application of critical innovation strategies. The main components of the plan will include market trend/facts, analysis of competition, marketing strategies, objectives, budget proposal and evaluation, and aspects of reaching the target audiences…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Bonfire Transit Marketing Plan

… 3. Teach caretakers and gatekeepers
Caretakers for the significant target market, for instance, the lecturers and administration are a pivotal marketing channel for the college bus transit services. This is for the reason that staff persons within the entity are more often than not tasked with ascertaining the transportation options for their students and therefore can serve the purpose of being a sales team for the college bus services if they are properly educated about the services and the manner in which they will operate.
4. Build a healthy relationship with the customers
Client satisfaction, retention as well as increased recurrence of use will add to the general growth of the business. Prospects for building a healthier and stringer customer relationship comprise of customary consumer…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Name, Location Essay

… This is another type of demand, one that is more loyal and reliable once cultivated, one that relies on branding and product rather than walk-by traffic. The size of this market can be estimated in broader terms -- if we are serving the entire city, this market might be 1-2% of the population of the city, and worth two visits per month at an average ticket of $10 (the cost of two pieces of chicken and a waffle, with soda). If walk-ups are expected to be in 10- 30 customer per hour range depending on time and location, that information can be built into the demand projections as well.

Analysis of Primary Competitors

Since we sell food, we roughly compete against eating at home, fast…. [read more]

Marketing IMC for the HP Marketing Plan

… The lessons will allow for feedback, and new lessons or tutorials will be released every week. The empowerment will be supported though social networking media, including a highly interactive Facebook page where users can get advice and tips. The users will also receive an invitation to join the 'exclusive' Slater users group, which will be an online forum with a unique URL, where they will get advance notice of new apps that may be useful and new on their slate, as well as be able to give feedback on their experiences.

Slide 4

The initial print advertisement will support the idea of empowerment, with the tag line for whoever you are and whatever you want to do. The bottom of the advert will give details…. [read more]

Marketing Information System Essay

… However, personal interviews cost more per interview than other research methods because of travel related costs (Jeff Anderson Consulting 2013).

Question4. Probability and non-probability samples

Information is gathered using a variety of methods in research. Choice of experimental subject is therefore imperative. The choice can be made using probability-based methods or non-probability methods. In probability-based sampling population of interest can be settled on using probabilistic algorithm. In non-probability sampling like the quota sampling samples are drawn in stages to produce samples that match the target population (Doherty, 1994).

Probability-based sampling if properly carried out guards against bias that can arise from subjective judgments in sample selection. However, non-probability sampling like the quota samples such biases can be witnessed especially if interviewers consciously choose non-threatening or…. [read more]

Marketing Challenge Case Study

… It may not be wise to invest significant resources in a new product when the industry is shrinking due to the recession. During that period, it can conserve its resources and promote existing products though drugstores. Drugstores are an emerging channel and more customers are expected to shop there. These channels can be used to sell successful products.


Increased sales of high turnover products through drugstore chains

Relationships with new channel partners

No need for aggressive promotion of new products


Weakening relationships with established retailers

Channel conflict

Loss of sales at mass outlets and department stores

Inexperienced sales force

Recommended Marketing Strategy

Flare Fragrances should launch Savvy under the Loveliest brand through mass outlets.

Marketing Mix

Product Development and Differentiation

The Savvy brand…. [read more]

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