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Marketing Plan for a Mass Customized Smartphone Essay

… Marketing Plan for a Mass Customized Smartphone

Smartphones have revolutionized how people and organizations communicate and collaborate globally, completely reordering the software, services and cloud computing platforms of entire industries. Despite the rapid growth of the iPhone and its competing Google Android, Microsoft Windows and various mobile operating system-based devices, the majority of the global market is underserved. The need for a build-to-order smartphone is apparent from the millions of requests Apple gets for customizing their iPhone for the specific needs of corporate clients (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Providing customers with the ability to self-design their own devices, from PCs to cars, have shown to continually improve gross's margins while significantly increasing the size of the total available market size globally (Franke, Schreier, 2010). When…. [read more]

Smart Phone Pricing and Distribution Essay

… All pricing tactics need to underscore the need for communicating value as a platform and pervasive communications device first, with the series of applications supported and available due to the decision on using the Android operating system being mentioned second.

Legal and Ethical Issues of Pricing Tactics

The unethical and illegal traps marketers at times fall into with regard to pricing decisions include pricing fixing, price discrimination, and predatory pricing. All of these practices are often the result of companies facing severe price competition and a lack of product differentiation to the feature level. Choosing a value-based pricing strategy can help to alleviate the circumstances that lead marketers to engage in price fixing with competitors or engaging in price discrimination. Predatory pricing often occurs in…. [read more]

Social Media Marketing in Serbian Tourism Industry Thesis

… To help the industry achieve this aim, strategic marketing plays a substantial role. While there are various components of this strategy, the one that stands out in the Digital Era is the use of social media. How do travelers to Serbia use social media to plan their trips? How do organizations in the tourism industry use social media to appeal to consumers? Understanding the way in which these two groups view the phenomenon of social media usage can help to enable a deeper understanding of how social media can be used as a component in Serbian tourism's market strategy as well as the marketing strategy of tourist and hospitality organizations around the world.

To date, some organizations within the tourism industry are…. [read more]

Best Buy CO. Inc Case Study

… This has increase the threat of legal complications in case the company fails to meet legal or social expectations. On the contrary, the task environment improvement has made it possible for the firm to use information technology to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals as well as better manage its internal resources.

IV- Internal Environment: Strengths and Weakness

A- Corporate Structure

The corporate structure of Best Buy is hierarchical as well as cross-functional. Having viewed the composition of executive management and board of directors, it becomes evident the company lacks talent that can anticipate the future trends in retail sector, specifically the impact of online retailing upon the traditional bricks and mortar retailing. Most of the members of board of directors have rich experience…. [read more]

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation Thesis

… Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation

Computer-mediated communication and decision-making applications for teams are extremely varied and ubiquitous, ranging from e-mail to shared bulletin boards for classrooms to remote conferencing. As the potential to put these applications onto the Web becomes better exploited, computer-mediated communication and coordination of teams of individuals will become even more widespread. Although the Web is normally thought of as an individual-to-mass form of communication, it actually has a great deal of potential to serve team collaboration. This is largely due to the cross-platform nature of Web design. It is also partly due to the fact that Web-based applets do not require the team members to have specialized software installed on their machines in advance (Proctor & Vu, 2005). Likewise,…. [read more]

Innovative Supply Chain Management Practices Essay

… Chenowith et al. (2012) conducted a literature review and interviewed representatives of commercial firms with successful Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programs and came to the conclusion that the best SRM practices include the following:

The total business management is done with each supplier by consolidating contracts and tying future businesses to performance.

Performance of the suppliers are measured and shaped by establishing a system to set targets, measure performance, rank suppliers and reward good performance.

Key suppliers are involved early in the design stage to take advantage of their design sensibilities and know-how about innovations and manufacturability of the product to reduce complexity.

Promote dialogue with suppliers by hosting high-level meetings that discuss mutual expectations and possible improvements. Additionally sharing of future plans and roadmaps…. [read more]

Operational Effectiveness Fully Essay

… However, Android had all of the resources of the software giant Google behind them and the same path to the market would not have been feasible with less endowed organizations.

Organizations that have reached a level of achieving economies of scale can also create a situation in which there is a significant barrier to entry to other hopeful firms who wish to enter the marketplace. For example, Wal-Mart Retailers have reached a significant level of quantities of scale that have allowed them to build massive infrastructure projects, mainly distribution centers, that simply could not be duplicated by new market entries. This allows Wal-Mart enormous efficiencies in terms of distribution costs per unit and thus can offer a lower price to the consumer or command a…. [read more]

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