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Marketing Plan for Carnival Cruise Lines Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Corporation (NYS: CCL), which is formally known as Carnival Cruise Line, operates the largest cruise line in the leisure cruise industry and the world. Carnival Cruise Line was founded in 1972 by a Jewish immigrant Ted Arison and today is today managed by his son, Mickey Arison. Carnival continues to be the most aggressive marketer and industry consolidator of the travel cruise industry with eleven brands supported through multiple acquisitions over the last twenty years. As of today, the company operates 97 cruise ships with passenger capacity of 180,746 distributed across its range of eleven brands that operate in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America. Carnival's cruise brands include the following; Carnival Cruise Lines,…. [read more]

Carnival Cruise Marketing Proposal Strategy Proposal

… Third, it needs to use social media to become more visible to the Millennials who are having young families now (Li, Robinson & Oriade, 2017).

Marketing Research

Conducting marketing research can help by investing in data-driven analysis; this can be conducted by obtaining data from current customers and using social media data analysis to better understand the segmentation of the target market, including behaviors and personality types.

Customer Decision-Making Profile

The target customer is of the Millennial generation, age 25-40. The customer uses social media to obtain information and share ideas. The customer has a small family and takes annual vacations to a destination, theme park or resort.

Positioning and Differentiation

Competitive Advantages

Cruise Line Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … cruise line companies. The writer explores their mission statements and discusses how close they come to meeting it with their products and services. In addition the writer explores the way politics, demographics and economics impact the different companies.

Many people believe that taking a cruise is the ultimate vacation. They do it on their honeymoon, or they wait for that special anniversary and they embark on a vacation set upon the water and advertised as the ultimate getaway on worldwide television channels. For those who have never taken a cruise the process appears to be simple. Call the travel agent, pack some clothes and board ship, however, for those who have been on cruises before, they are aware that there are many different…. [read more]

Service Operations Celebrity Cruises Inc Case Study

… The third approach should focus on alliances and partnerships. Alliances and partnerships allow the company to build its image and reputation. Image or reputation of the company is critical in relation to business transactions hence should be the priority of the company. Alliances and partnership would help promote the company to the consumers hence increasing their awareness on the services and products. The company has greater chances of enhancing its production and operation levels by effective and efficient application of the three recommendations (Montoya, 2010).


Competitive environment calls for differentiation within the market. Differentiation might occur at branding and marketing levels to allow the organization in context to compete effectively. Efficient adoption and implementation of operation strategies would determine the outcome within the industry.…. [read more]

Celebrity Cruises Inc. Cruise Industry Essay

… They must listen to customers when they express their wishes regarding what they would like to see on the ship and then find a way to introduce some new services that majority had voted for. This would help in attracting more customers and bringing in more repeat customers.

This would also help the firm establish a niche in the competitive cruise industry.


The problem for CC is grounded in the fact that it is losing its niche. Positioning is everything when it comes to selling. How will you sell you product or service is dependent on how you what the customers to view it? Premium category in itself is not bad but it's vague and needs to be more carefully and precisely defined in…. [read more]

Strategic Management in Any Competitive Industry Essay

… Strategic Management

In any competitive industry, companies are required to continually innovate their product and reposition themselves in order to remain competitive. This is perhaps particularly so in the cruise ship industry, where competition is increasing to provide customers with the most memorable, interesting experience possible. The cruise ship company Cayamo has done this successfully by providing a cruise that includes song writers and their music. By including a popular segment of entertainment on the cruise, the company has ensured customer loyalty, and its market position, for years to come. When competition from other, similar service providers is considered, it is clear that a significant market exists for the industry to provide targeted audiences with experiences that they would be interested in.

The Market for…. [read more]

Branding in Tourism the Travel Essay

… Of course, it is a large company with many boats plying the seas all over the world, but they have a distinct need to maintain their image in one of the most competitive markets in the travel and tourism industry. Royal Caribbean is a premier carrier, but they have several competitors (Norwegian and Carnival among others) who are always available to grab market share where Royal Caribbean loses it.

The company was started in 1968 by three Norwegian shipping companies (Royal Caribbean, 2011). The original stated desire of the company was the same then as it is now "to empower and enable our employees; to deliver the best vacation experience to our guests; thereby generating superior returns to our stakeholders; and, enhancing the well-being of…. [read more]

Maritime Laws: 3 Case Studies Professional Writing

… ¶ … cause rivers, harbors, and seaports to 'silt up'. These changes to rivers, harbors, and ports can have a deleterious impact upon water-going traffic, as they make the water-way shallower in certain areas, and impact the ability of the harbor and seaport to function and sustain import and export capabilities. These issues are significant for the locale, city, county, region, and potentially have both national and global impact. Economic value of a seaport/harbor must be weighed against issues of ecological impact when considering work such as dredging needed to maintain and preserve that port. Loss of a seaport or harbor could potentially have an adverse impact on domestic and global economies due to loss of trade; business prospects could be experienced all throughout the…. [read more]

International Association of Amusement Parks Term Paper

… The majority of workers are under the age of 35. The majority of the firms in the industry boost hiring in the summer months, and often opt to employ high school- and college-age employees. ("Amusement and Recreation Services," 2000)

It is estimated that about 56% of workers in the industry are employed in the service occupations. Amusement and recreation attendants are the main occupation in amusement and recreation services. These attendants perform a mixture of duties depending on where they work. They can perform such duties as handing out sports equipment, collecting money, providing caddy services and operating amusement park rides..("Amusement and Recreation Services," 2000) Recreation workers organize and endorse activities such as arts and crafts, music, sports, plays, games, social recreation, camping, and hobbies.…. [read more]

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