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Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care

City Paws: The Daycare with a Heart

Profile of Other Doggie Daycare Facilities in Boston Area.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, its highly urbanized setting, Boston is home to the nation's first doggie daycare facility (Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit, discussed further below) and the market currently supports a number of other players as well. There are some common features that distinguish the top runners in the industry, such as specialized services and an emphasis on making the animals "feel at home." Some of the services reviewed, though, may be overdoing it to some extent as these services clearly impact their pricing levels, but given the target market, this may not be a major factor…. [read more]

Marketing Proposal Strategic Marketing Plan for Opening Term Paper

… Marketing Proposal

Strategic Marketing Plan for Opening a Canine Day Care Facility

Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend, and, after years of taking advantage of their canine companions, it appears that people are finally taking the steps to be their dogs' best friends. Recent years have seen a tremendous nationwide rise in upscale services for canines. While there are some businesses in Boston, Massachusetts that target this market, the demand for upscale pet services is greater than the supply. In addition, those most likely to allocate resources to upscale pet care are those who are also likely to spend a considerable amount of time at work earning those resources. Unfortunately, as a consequence, many of these people are unable to spend the type…. [read more]

Business Plan for a New or Fledgling Business Venture Business Plan

… ¶ … Business Organisation

Marketing Plan

Production Plan

Management & Labour Plan

Financial Plans

Projected Income Statement

Cash Flow Forecast

Projected Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity

Key Targets

Business Plan for Day Care Centre for Dogs

Purpose of the Plan

To provide a ten-year operating plan for a day care centre for dogs focusing on:

Teaching them etiquette skills, caring for them, and entertaining them whilst their owners are at work or otherwise occupied.

Teaching them special skills at their owner's volition

Diversifying into other domestic pet branches (such as cats and birds)

Providing a safe temporary haven for dogs during the day, and providing a long-term haven for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday or, for other reasons are unable to care…. [read more]

Pitching a Business Plan to Venture Capitalist Business Plan

… Pitching a Businessw plan to venture capitalist

Business Plan for the Happy Pup Daycare Center

The Happy Pup Daycare Center is born out of an observed necessity for dog caring services. The current project reveals several specifics of the new venture and seeks to gain the approval and funding from a venture capitalist. The focus falls of seven particular issues, each detailing other subtopics. The seven wider sections fall into the following categories: company description, industry analysis, market analysis, marketing plan, management team, product design and development plan, and last, financial plan.

Company Description

a) Introduction

Pet daycare becomes a more popular service as the owners are busier than ever. In such a context, The Happy Pup Daycare Center comes to serve the specific needs…. [read more]

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