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Marketing Plan for a Company Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is for Starbucks, to guide the company to its revenue and growth objectives. The plan focuses on the cash cow market on the United States and the high growth market of China as twin means by which the company's overall strategic objectives will be achieved. These two work in concert because the cash generated in the United States is basically used to finance the rapid expansion of the company into the Chinese market. Starbucks is positioned as a premium coffee seller in all of its markets, with a very strong brand, and those are the fundamentals around which the marketing program must be developed.

The marketing strategy in the United States is incremental in nature, focusing on finding growth in…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for MNC Molex Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for MNC - Molex

Marketing Plan for MNC -- Molex

Strategic Situation Summary

In the context of a more and more dynamic industry and a more and more demanding consumer base, electronics manufacturers develop and employ various strategies that answer to the emergent challenges. One particular means of responding to the new requirements and consolidating a competitive position is that of presenting the customers with hi-tech products which increase the quality of life, but in the same time protect the environment and the user. These types of products can only be achieved with the incorporation of high quality components.

Molex is an internationally recognized provider of electronic interconnectors such as electrical connectors, optical fiber connectors, switchers or the Molex connector. Given the rapid…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for a Series of Survival Courses Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan for a Series of Survival Courses

There are no second chances in Mother Nature's survival course. -- Robin Lydenburg, 1999

Manmade and natural disasters can strike at any time, and the growing popularity of television shows such as "Survivorman" and "Doomsday Preppers" is evidence that many people are interested in knowing what to do when emergencies occur in order to improve their chances of survival. A growing body of research confirms that knowledge of, and training related to, disaster and terrorism survival skills and survival planning are important for private citizens as well as organizations, especially in the post-September 2001 work-life environment. Today, private citizens and organizational employee assistance programs are increasingly seeking out the survival course training that will be needed to…. [read more]

Marketing Response There Are Several Significant Advantages Term Paper

… Marketing


There are several significant advantages of using qualitative measurements in marketing research. The most significant is the ability to capture the voice of customers that may have evaded the more structured, numerically-based approaches that force respondents to provide a specific set of answers. Qualitative research can also lead to entirely new insights into a new market or service that has not been seen in the past, given the open-ended questions inherent in this approach to research. Qualitative research techniques also can be used to capture the shared knowledge of experts as well, as the Delphi Technique is so well-known and used for. Capturing the tacit expertise and knowledge of a specific group of thought leaders can also be accomplished using qualitative techniques as…. [read more]

Marketing Management Essay

… Marketing Management

The following are several links to the recent controversy over Chick-Fil -- a stance on same-sex marriage. Please read each article and summarize in 2 paragraphs if you feel Chick-Fil -- a stance hindered or helped sales?

The controversy of Chick-fil -- a CEO Dan Cathy stating he believes and supports the biblical definition of marriage and the immediate reactionary response from gay groups shows how just how divisive the issue of gay rights and marriage is in the United States. After reading Huffington Post and Washington Post, an interest paradox emerges. The stance of Dan Cathy against gay marriage and his support of organizations that promote the Christian definition of a family have become a lightening rod for gay rights activists. Reading…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Communication With Customers Facing Serious Assessment

… Integrated Marketing Communication

With customers facing serious information overload and with more and more choices being made available to them, it is only natural for companies to seek out a better and more comprehensive communication strategy to reach their target market. In order to reach the most number of people in a highly effective manner without placing serious financial burden on company's resources, many marketing experts now combine the power of more than one communication channel to effectively reach their audience and this is known as Integrated Marketing communications strategy.

History of IMC:

IMC as a major concept went through many stages of growth and as it gained greater acceptance, its definition also evolved from a rudimentary view to a more technically sound description. According…. [read more]

Marketing Plan First Term Paper

… Marketing Plan

First of all, it is appropriate to enumerate some of the behavioral variables that define market segmentation for the product we are launching. As the digital camera is addressing consumers aged between 24 and 50, we are, first of all, addressing the active and involved. The consumers we are targeting are persons who enjoy having souvenirs of places they have visited, people they have met, their friends, their family and any other elements in their lives. They are likely to be travelers and to enjoy a vacation at least once a year. They are also likely to have a group of friends and have a higher than average active social life.

The behavioral elements presented previously can be combined with some of the…. [read more]

Marketing Coined by Marketing Guru Term Paper

… With this type of marketing, a Web site owner registers with an affiliate program and agrees to post another company's promotional links and banners. If a consumer clicks through these links and banners and completes a purchase, the web site owner received a commission for generating the sale, typically ten to fifteen percent of the sale. Affiliated marketing allows retailers to expand their online presence, grow their Web business, and capture the attention of specific target demographics.

Affiliate marketing offers an advantage over viral marketing because companies can track the number of sales to determine buying preferences and online behavior.

But, like viral marketing, affiliate marketing experiences a viral distribution effect. On average, users tell twelve other people about their online shopping experience, so the…. [read more]

Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Case Study

… Strengths

Strong Brand


Heavily Capitalized

Customer Loyalty


Environmental Supply Chain Issues

Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

Internal Management Issues


Grow Market Share

Find New Product Niches

Continue to Diversify Current Product Mix


Competitive Industry Pressures

Negative Publicity


V. Competitor Analysis

Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. In this market Apple must compete with major market players such as IBM, Dell, HP and Toshiba. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity. In…. [read more]

Marketing Information System Essay

… However, personal interviews cost more per interview than other research methods because of travel related costs (Jeff Anderson Consulting 2013).

Question4. Probability and non-probability samples

Information is gathered using a variety of methods in research. Choice of experimental subject is therefore imperative. The choice can be made using probability-based methods or non-probability methods. In probability-based sampling population of interest can be settled on using probabilistic algorithm. In non-probability sampling like the quota sampling samples are drawn in stages to produce samples that match the target population (Doherty, 1994).

Probability-based sampling if properly carried out guards against bias that can arise from subjective judgments in sample selection. However, non-probability sampling like the quota samples such biases can be witnessed especially if interviewers consciously choose non-threatening or…. [read more]

Marketing a Market Leader in Pharmaceuticals Thesis

… Marketing

A market leader in pharmaceuticals should emphasize in its marketing strategy its competitors primarily and the consumers secondarily. There are two main reasons for this. As an industry leader, the company should strive to portray itself as ahead of its competitors. Strategies recommended include using the advantage in economies of scale to undercut competitor's pricing and achieve greater distribution through the health care system. Brand extensions can help to defend market position against the threat of competition (no author, 2009). Pharmaceuticals also give direct benefits to consumers. Moreover, when consumers search for pharmaceuticals they often compare different brands against each other. Therefore, a brand can attain competitive advantage by communicating more effectively to the consumer about the benefits of its products.

A market follower…. [read more]

Marketing Questions 1. Describe the Marketing Strategy Term Paper

… Marketing Questions
1. Describe the marketing strategy currently used by this restaurant. Do
you that this approach is effective? What suggestions would you make to
improve the restaurant's marketing programme.

Van-Oriental Restaurant's marketing strategy concentrates on the expertise
of its executive chef, Mr. Joseph Ma, and his range of Chinese cooking
styles including Shanghai, Szechwan and Cantonese in addition to
underscoring his international experience. The intent of relying on Mr.
Ma's expertise is to attract discerning customers who can appreciate his
talents at preparing foods in styles appropriate to each area mentioned.
To broaden the potential customer base, the advertisement also mentions
they offer Western dishes prepared in Hong King Style, and also have become
known as a "famous BBQ Specialist" as well. The marketing…. [read more]

Marketing Market Summary SWOT

… They are expert at running fast food operations and will be tough competition. If we can succeed in the mall, however, that will prepare us to succeed against these companies anywhere.

Product Offering

The core product is the kabob, which is a grilled meat product. There are multiple varieties of grilled meat products, and we will introduce ones from different regions of the Arab World and Turkey in order to provide variety to our customers. Grill Kabob will offer chicken and beef, along with veggie kabobs and all of the meat will be halal. Other offerings will include salads, soft drinks, flatbread, as well as tea and Arab-style coffee.

Keys to Success/Critical Issues

The tight margins typical of the fast food industry demand two keys…. [read more]

Marketing Strategy the Assemblage Is a Restaurant Research Paper

… Marketing Strategy

The Assemblage is a restaurant in the casual dining segment. As with any restaurant, there is both a product and a service offering at the Assemblage. The product will consist of the menu. As a point of differentiation in the industry, the menu will be geared to foods that reflect the increasing diversity of tastes found in America. As the primary market for the Assemblage is going to be New York, the chefs will have considerable leeway in the creation of a menu. One element that will be a focus is on the types of foods that people love to eat -- luxury and comfort foods. Examples of comfort foods would be a macaroni and cheese made with asiago and gorgonzola. A luxury…. [read more]

Principles of Marketing Term Paper

… Marketing Video Games: Social, Psychological, Ethical, And Political Considerations

Marketing has changed dramatically during the course of the twentieth century, as mass media grew from an improbable pipe dream to a reality exceeding anyone's wildest imagination. With radio, television, and now the Internet all providing access to potentially millions of consumers in a single go, marketing has itself become a multi-billion-dollar a year industry and is one of the driving forces of the modern capitalist and consumer-driven global economic system. Developing ever more effective marketing techniques enables business to continue to grow and remain competitive, and is a key concern for organizations operating in almost any industry. This does not mean that anything goes when it comes to marketing: there are certain principles, both in…. [read more]

Marketing Retail Store Visit Term Paper

… Marketing Retail Store Visit


Evaluation Criteria

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and includes several different retail formats: discount stores, supercenters, neighbourhood markets or Sam's Club. The visit was made at one of the numerous discount stores, operating on an average surface of 100,000 square feet, in the city's outskirts. The location was picked so as to benefit from a wider parking area and to increase the number of potential customers for the store. The Internet was not necessarily a key factor in promotion and sales strategies, but the shop did benefit from the general Wal-Mart approach to e-shopping, including online shopping at the capacity to track one's orders online. One of the main characteristic of any Wal-Mart store is the…. [read more]

Marketing Management and Marketing Questions: The SWOT Essay

… Marketing

Management and Marketing Questions:

The SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly used outlook tools in business assessment. Created and used both internally by organizations seeking to better understanding their own positions in the market and externally by interested parties attempting to characterize a company's circumstances in a concise fashion, the SWOT lays out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats which contextualize an organization.

According to Pierce & Robinson (2009), the SWOT "is based on the assumption that an effective strategy derives from a sound 'fit' between a firm's internal resources (strengths and weaknesses) and its external situation (opportunities and threats). A good fit maximizes a firm's strengths and opportunities and minimizes its weaknesses and threats." (Pierce & Robinson, 159) The authors denote…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Aimed at Launching the Biometric Term Paper

… Marketing Plan Aimed at Launching the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock on the Australian Market

ADEL Group (Shenezen IDEAL Microelectronics Co. Ltd.) was founded in 1993 and defined the profile of its security intelligent products through the following quality principle: "Exquisite design, exquisite manufacture, satisfy needs, shoot for the best." Despite having Chinese origins, ADEL provides its merchandise on an international scale and cooperates with several American companies like: ATMEL, BEL, Dallas Semiconductor Corporation, Veridicom. The company operates in the business environment according to its slogan "Wisdom, Ideal, Perfection" and proves the accuracy of this guiding principle through the 70 state, 8 invention, and 2 international patents it boasts. In what future perspectives are concerned, ADEL's expectancies are very high as the corporation aims at becoming…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Glisten SWOT

… One of our biggest strength shall be a detailed record that G&S will keep about its customers and their purchase history; this will help us to serve them better and to understand their requirements better (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008).

The name itself "Glisten & Shine" adds a feel of fashion that is being provided by us. This defines the attributes of our offerings and one can make several inferences after reading the name. We felt that this would fit in well with our target market's persona that when they are looking for something glitzy and glamorous, they know where exactly to come. Our employees will make sure that they get exactly what they need in order to make them look just that!

G&S's unique jewelry offers…. [read more]

Marketing Questions and Ebay Atmosphere Case Study

… This also helped to increase the attractiveness of eBay to more businesses, who also wanted a degree of certainty in the way they made sales. With consumers wanting eBay to offer a large array of goods with different sellers, this also helped to increase choice.

Just as consumer tastes and demands which changing, technology was also changing. The movement has been away from the desktop environment, and towards mobile computing, including tablets and smart phones. These change the way in which consumers interact with e-commerce websites, as well as impacting on their behavior. The movement towards the mobile computing devices has been a significant influencing force, driving the move towards apps to support sales (Chaffy, 2011). With the changing technology, consumer expectations have once again…. [read more]

Marketing Audit on a Local Navy Recruiting District Term Paper

… Marketing Audit on a Local Navy Recruiting District

Marketing Audit of a local Navy Recruiting District

NAME and ADDRESS of (the division of) the organization or company you have chosen to examine.

US Navy Recruiting District, Los Angeles

5051 Rodeo Road

The organization's MISSION

The mission of Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles is to recruit high quality men and women for enlisted and officer programs to meet the Navy's quantitative and program needs as specified by the Navy Personnel Command. Recruiting goals must be achieved with integrity. All personnel must be trained to accomplish these goals.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES or GOALS of the organization

Navy Recruiting District Los Angeles is tasked with recruiting between 2500 and 3000 men and women each year. Each must meet specific…. [read more]

Best Practices in Outsourcing Essay

… Another significant advantage is the time and focus that outsourcing advertising provides companies, freeing them up to focus on their core marketing messages, platforms and strategies (McGovern, Quelch, 2005). Taken together these factors represent the majority of motivations for companies choosing to outsource advertising. The three levels shown in the framework are also used for prioritizing and defining the relative level of risk vs. reward from outsourcing decisions.

Using the framework to evaluate the failures of companies who have outsourced advertising projects across the three levels of the framework, the following key insights emerge. The greatest disadvantage of outsourcing advertising continues to be the fact that many companies are too thinly-staffed to manage the outsourced projects to begin with (Frederick, Selinger, Szombathy, Minoff, 2006).

Lack…. [read more]

Internet Technology Marketing and Security Research Paper

… Social Media

In the contemporary era, social media is surely playing an extremely fundamental role in order to get a word out about any business, not considering its size or nature. Without a doubt, social media marketing is turning out to be an exceedingly popular tool among businesses of all sizes as it is helping to provide the exposure to the audience, no matter which part of the world the audience is in. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook fans are normally the people who are aware of the organization i.e. The potential customers and they are most likely the people who share the word with their social circle about the businesses' products or services. By using social engagement strategies, an organization is now easily enabled to…. [read more]

Mobile Marketing the Utility Data Analysis Chapter

… What separates hospitality marketing is that while most industries sell products to customers, hotels sell service, comfort and convenience (Singh, 2011).

Mobile Marketing

The mobile market has revolutionized the way we go about our daily business. From checking our email, doing our banking, getting involved in social media and even operating our automobiles, mobile devices are essentially becoming the world's remote control. But what about businesses, and their use of these mobile devices? Companies from all over the world are coming together to create mobile tools which increase business utility and increase overall business value (Gleanster, 2011). This report covers a few of those utilities and the businesses that have made excellent use of mobile devices to generate value. The hospitality industry is taking full…. [read more]

Ethical Dilemmas and Marketing Essay

… Other theorists agree that stakeholder theory embraces Rawls' (1971) second principle of justice despite efforts by Freeman (Phillips,. 2003) to argue otherwise. Rawls (1971) argued that inequalities that exist in society between those who have and those who have not are only acceptable when such a difference results in the overall good of society. Rawls continues to call for the redistribution of wealth. James Stieb (2008) contends that Freeman's (2003) stakeholder theory aligns with such redistribution efforts despite Freeman's own insistence that stakeholder theory is rooted in libertarian principles (2002). Stieb (2008) argues that Freeman presents stakeholder theory as primarily an attempt to "redistribute benefits to stakeholders and redistribute important decision-making power to stakeholders" (p. 405). However, Stieb's charge is unsubstantiated by an examination of…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Club of America Thesis

… Marketing Management of Boy's And Girl's Clubs

Marketing Management Analysis and of Boy's and Girls' Clubs

The Boys and Girls' Clubs of America is facing several significant challenges to its growth in the midst of challenging economic times. The first is the need to continually grow its base of donors. Through relationship marketing and due to the transparency and ethical guidelines the organization adheres to, donors find value in providing the Club with donations. They believe the results reported are representative of actual performance of the non-profit, which is a key strength to continual revenue growth (Bryce, 2007). Trust in the Boys and Girls' Clubs of America is directly tied to their ability to gain funds for expansion of after-school programs and continued investment in…. [read more]

Sports Marketing on November 24, 2009 Research Proposal

… Sports Marketing

On November 24, 2009, the Vancouver Whitecaps announced the hiring of Tottenham Hotspur executive Paul Barber to run their new franchise in Major League Soccer (MLS) (Walker, 2009). The move from the world's 11th most valuable football club to a club that is set to make a move to what is only the fifth-largest pro-sports league in America represents an interesting transition for Barber. England's major clubs, including the London-based Spurs, are marketed globally, while North America's clubs toil away in relative obscurity. Yet the potential in the North American market is huge, and the Pacific Northwest is one of soccer's epicenters on the continent. The challenging facing Barber is how to market the club not only in the local market, but beyond.…. [read more]

International Marketing Is Really No Different Form Term Paper

… International marketing is really no different form the study of domestic marketing. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I am in agreement with the statement that international marketing bears close resemblance with the study of domestic marketing. This is because International marketing is nothing but the marketing across geographical boundaries and it ascribes to the strategy, process, and implementation of activities relating to marketing on the global turf. International marketing can be defined as any marketing activity involving the sale of goods and services of a particular nation in another nation dependent on the regulatory guidelines framed by that nation. The 1990s ushered in the strategic concept of marketing which is regarded as the important evolution of traditional concept of marketing thought; that…. [read more]

Database Marketing, Sales Force Automation Term Paper

… In a recent survey, Best Practices noted that financial companies often use sales force automation to improve prospects. A financial services company may use sales force automation to successfully improve product lists, leading to sales. In this situation, the techniques have segmented customers, and revenue per salesperson may increase at a double-digit rate (Kaneshige).

There are numerous other examples of sales force automation in the real world. For example, sales force automation can be used by companies that employ telemarketers. Long-distance companies use sales force automation to keep track of current and potential customers.

Pharmaceutical companies often use sales force automation to optimize the efforts of pharmaceutical sales representatives. Finally, sales force automation is absolutely crucial in the operation of traditional delivery personnel. Further, sales…. [read more]

Green Marketing Research Proposal

… Green Marketing

As consumers become more aware of an ailing environment and the potential economic benefit that can be derived from 'going green', businesses are increasingly adopting 'Green Marketing' practices to meet the rising consumer expectations and increasing demand. In addition, today's increasingly competitive marketplace means that organizations are looking for ways to differentiate their product, beyond the traditional facets of price, quality, and service. Green marketing can help provide that competitive advantage. The question then becomes -- What is Green Marketing?

According to Ward, Green Marketing refers to the marketing of services and/or products based on their environmental benefits. The product or service itself does not necessarily have to be environmentally friendly. Instead, it can be manufactured with and/or packaged in an environmentally responsible…. [read more]

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