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Marketing and Marketing Strategy SLP Essay

… Individual client comprise of the household consumers who have their personal vehicles. The household demand is small compared to the demand from corporate clients. Corporate clients' demand is estimated to cumulate to 75% of the total market demand while household demand stands at 25%. The tire industry is estimated to have a demand of up to $5,000,000 million an amount that has been on the rise owing to the growth in the transport industry and settlements in the area. The area has received an increase in the number of companies locating there because of the regions productivity and the increase in the number of individuals moving to stay around.

Primary Competitors Analysis

The primary competitors in the region are tire manufacturing companies with outlets in…. [read more]

Marketing SLP Target Market Brand Case Study

… Strengths

Strong Brand


Heavily Capitalized

Customer Loyalty


Environmental Supply Chain Issues

Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

Internal Management Issues


Grow Market Share

Find New Product Niches

Continue to Diversify Current Product Mix


Competitive Industry Pressures

Negative Publicity


V. Competitor Analysis

Apple faces fierce competition in all of the various markets in which it operates. For example, in the PC market and accessories, many companies offer similar products. In this market Apple must compete with major market players such as IBM, Dell, HP and Toshiba. There is also a big opportunity in the online media market as a media provider, Apple's iTunes and iPod face pressure from Netflix and other streaming services that are now gaining in popularity. In…. [read more]

Marketing Mix Principles Essay

… 20. The communication strategy will be to provide the referral network with print material that covers the range of services offered and similar material will also be hosted online. The next stage will involve a personal consultation that will highlight which services might be most relevant to the individual and their circumstance. Furthermore, there will be follow up communication to gain feedback as well as attempt to improve the closing rate for new clients.

21. The primary media to be used in the advertising strategy will be printed brochures as well as online content. Since the target market represents a narrow niche, other forms of media that are intended to reach a mass market would be inefficient.

22. A public relations program will consist of…. [read more]

Marketing Research: Apples' Products and Brands Case Study

… The threat to restricting customer options is that it could jeopardize if this technique carries on too long. Therefore, Apple Company could possibly box itself into a corner if they modify strategy too late to match clients (Deidu, 2012).


Apple Company is a relative newbie in the electronic consumables industry. Nevertheless, via advancement and courageous experimentation, they have completely changed the field. They still appear to be somewhat established in their old strategy as a PC hardware and software producer and also appear to be somewhat hesitant to modify their business methods, this could be a prospective drawback. This technique has so far been effective in the last several years as their consumer electronics have grown, but as technology continues modifying, they could easily…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies Competing in Today Essay

… This occurs when consumers have unit demands and the producer knows each consumers reservation price and can prevent arbitrage between consumers. It then suffices for the producer to charge individualized prices, equal to the consumer's reservation price. Third degree discrimination should also be used, where the producer observes a signal related to the consumers preferences like, age, occupation and location.


a) Improvements of SLP through my own thinking

The SLP has improved through constant change of marketing strategies, which ensure that the business performs well in the market. This has been achieved by putting goals in place and working to achieve the goals. The SLP has also improved through understanding of the external environment surrounding the business; by understanding customer needs and changes…. [read more]

Apple Products Case Study

… One of the major challenges that the company is still faced with is justifying its higher price tag. The company charges over twice of what their competitors charge and they still manage not to price themselves out of the market. The company has a clear justification for doing so: their products are beautiful and their fanbase of consumers is absolutely devoted to them. The company is also able to justify their price with features and benefits of the product that can't be matched elsewhere. As one fan explains, "No software is more intuitive, no product more valuable than the Apple product. Any other smartphone looks like it was developed by rookies when compared to an iPhone 4. You simply cannot compare the two. Critics will…. [read more]

Corporation Will Use Essay

… This will help to increase favorability and the brand image of the firm. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

In the younger demographics, there will be a focus on using mobile applications and social networking to increase popularity. This is because more of this demographic is spending larger amounts of their time in these areas. When this happens, they will have a favorable image the organization and its products / services. This can help the firm to promote itself to this segment and reach out to even more potential customers. Once this takes place is when, they will be able to increase their market share. (Trout, 2006) (Silk, 2006)

To maintain the target market, another kind of approach must be used. In this case there will be…. [read more]

Ford Mustang Marketing Research SWOT

… As a result, there are few opportunities for the Mustang brand. Ford already utilizes brand extensions within the category, and there may be room for growth overseas. As a result of the limited growth opportunities for the brand, the Mustang is under threat from competition. The Hyundai Genesis is listed as a competitor on the Ford website for head-to-head Mustang comparisons (, 2012). Such competition is likely to gain market share at the expense of existing players on the market. Additionally, the Mustang occupies the middle position in the market, with the Challenger as the low cost model and the Camaro as the more expensive premium car in the space, creating a difficult competitive environment for the Mustang.

Marketing Environments

The current market is an…. [read more]

Marketing Audit Essay

… Marketing Audit

The following marketing audit will be conducted on Rimmel London, based in the UK. The company was established in 1834 by Eugene Rimmel, a French perfumer. The company produces and commercializes a wide range of cosmetics products that have been developed since the company was established, in order to anticipate the needs of consumers and to adapt to the changing preferences of buyers.


The company produces and commercializes make up products for eyes, nails, lips, face, and body. Each of these lines of products includes numerous items that are intended to address the preferences of users. For example, the eyes make up line consists of several types of mascara: waterproof, adjustable, regular, eye shadow: mousse, powder, metallic, regular, several color combinations, eye…. [read more]

Hog Harley Davidson Case Study

… For Harley, the risks of any celebrity endorsement outweigh the benefits. The brand's strong, stable personality transcends time and generations in a way that no celebrity can trump. Celebrities use hogs to enhance their image, not the other way around.


For this assignment, I asked ten people what sort of smartphone they last bought. The results are summarized in Table A below. The demographics of the survey were college students, ages ranging from 19 to 27. The respondents were 5 males and 5 females. I selected a mix that roughly approximated the demographics of the United States, including different ethnicities and one foreign student.

The respondents illustrate that there are two dominant players in the smartphone market -- Android and Apple. The Android…. [read more]

International Marketing Rimmel Is a London-Based Cosmetics Term Paper

… International Marketing

Rimmel is a London-based cosmetics manufacturer with a mass market strategy. The company markets primarily to younger women and has a large number of product lines. There are a large number of major competitors against whom Rimmel competes. The company's marketing strategy emphasizes the fashionability of its London origins and uses models from around the world to help promote the brand.

The prices are generally set in response to market conditions. For the most part, the buyers of Rimmel are price sensitive, although in the cosmetics industry the typical customer also expresses preferences for brands that she feels work well with her skin tone and her personal sense of style. It is only within that framework of brand preferences that a customer demonstrates…. [read more]

International Marketing Rimmel London Is a UK Term Paper

… International Marketing

Rimmel London is a UK-based make-up manufacturer targeting the mass market of females 20-35. The company faces intense competition in a variety of segments, and has average make-up quality. Their products include mascara, foundation, skin powders and other make-up products for the eyes, lips, nails, face and body. Each of these products is part of the complete make-up portfolio and most customers will utilize a wide range of make-up products daily. Eugene Rimmel invented mascara, and modern mascaras are typically manufactured from different waxes, solvents and pigments. Other make-up products are made with a variety of waxes, oils, aromas, pigments and solvents. Production is done around the world, at a variety of contractors who produce for Rimmel and its parent company Coty Inc.…. [read more]

Session Long Project Case Study

… economy class?

First class targets passengers can afford to pay more money for greater amenities such as more comfortable seats (or seats that totally recline on long flights), food, and bonuses like specialty drinks. Comfort, luxury, and privacy are prioritized by first class travelers. Business class is often a second-tier class and its name implies it is populated by businesspeople traveling on the company dime. These travelers fly frequently and want additional amenities, particularly those that speed their travel time and waiting in line. "International airlines are locked in a technology-led competition to provide the best business class seats and win the largest share of big-spending corporate travelers" (Rothman & Jasper 2011). Economy class is the cheapest of all three, and is populated by travelers…. [read more]

Ford Mustang Financials Essay

… Distribution, as with other Ford products, goes through the company's dealer network. The price is now the lowest among comparable vehicles, in the most recent survey of prices on the Ford website. Thus, the Mustang is clearly being marketed as the vehicle with the strongest value proposition within the category. Branding is also a key component of the Mustang's marketing platform, since the car has such a strong, well-defined brand. This brand is supported by the eleven different Mustangs that Ford has on offer. The higher end models appeal to an older and wealthier segment of the market, but they also create aspiration in the core market, who ultimately is more likely to buy one of the bottom three models.

The target market for the…. [read more]

Ford Mustang the Strength SWOT

… Part of the problem is that Ford might still be considering bringing back the GT (Wert, 2011), which is a higher-end muscle car. The company has not carried this model is recent years, but appears to be reserving some positioning for the GT, and therefore is reluctant to move the Mustang into this position. The marketing of the Mustang, however, can be slightly different from the Mustang that most people actually buy.

Mass Marketing/Mass Customization

The Mustang will always be a mass-market product, in part because that is part of Ford's business model, and in part because the high brand recognition of the product ensures that there will be sufficient unit sales. However, the marketing should see a shift in focus away from the mass…. [read more]

Low Cost Differentiation Preemptive Strength SWOT

… Diversification for a differentiated provider is a challenge. The best strategy to address the need for diversification is to leverage one's strengths in other areas to enter new businesses. A good example is Apple entering smartphones, or any other brand extension that capitalizes on the differentiated name in one product area to diversify into other product spaces.

Diversification is not a part of the focus strategy, by definition, so lack of diversification is not a weakness for companies with a focus strategy. Indeed, diversification is a weakness because it distracts the company from the pursuit of singular excellence. For firms pursuing a preemptive strategy, diversification lies at the key of identifying new opportunities so the company must constantly address any lack of diversification within the…. [read more]

Coca Cola Before 1970 Research Paper

… Coca Cola

Before 1970, Coca Cola was the only major player in the carbonated beverage industry. There were other players, popular in some markets, but Coke dominated the global market. Then, in the 1980s an interesting marketing phenomenon began -- the so-called "Cola Wars." This was the term for the manner in which Coca Cola now had to go on the defensive and vie to remain a leader in the soft-drink market. The war is fought in the trenches of product endorsements, the world of advertising, motion pictures, modern social networks, and even events like the space shuttle launch. Although Coca Cola continues to rest on its laurels as the "real soft drink," Pepsi continues to challenge the organization as the drink "for a new…. [read more]

Operational Management SLP 3 (Wal-Mart) Essay

… (Sissell, 2009)

The questions focus on energy and climate; material efficiency; natural resources; and people and community. The survey includes information such as location of facilities, water use, and solid waste disposal, as well as whether suppliers have set targets for reducing waste and water use. It also asks suppliers if they have publicly available "sustainability purchasing guidelines" for direct suppliers that includes information about environmental compliance, employment practices, and product or ingredient safety.

How different Issues for Product Development are applied in the organization?

Wal-Mart continues to do research and collaborate with different organization and companies to insure that all aspects of product development are handled properly. Issues are forwarded to the appropriate department. A main issue that has been discussed in literature regarding…. [read more]

Kraft Foods' Competitive Strategy Case Study

… The company already has a high level of market knowledge, and continued improvement of existing products will help to support ongoing differentiation. Furthermore, markets are changing, and new products may offer a great advantage through first mover advantages, which may be combined as the blue ocean strategy, and place the company in a strong position for new developments. For all of these strategies the strength within marketing, and existing consumer knowledge of the craft, and subsidiary brands, but will be supported through ongoing integrated marketing communications to support the position and brand expectations (Kotler & Keller, 2011).

Research and development may also be utilized in order to help support the cost advantage. Cost advantage may be gained through the way in which product is designed,…. [read more]

Advertising Cardinal Health Essay

… Personal selling must as well be incorporated in this kind of market since some of the products may require a professional to demonstrate how they are used particularly among a new client group. Some of the appliances will also require an experienced individual to demonstrate how they are used and not merely post them on the internet. This personal presence of an individual from the company will create a sense of personal touch and clearer understanding of the product hence creates potential market for the product.

There are several other modes of advertising that can be useful in the promotion of the products of Cardinal health. These involve the use of coupons as well as flyers to promote the products. These will give more space…. [read more]

Strategies for Kraft Foods SWOT

… 4.


Kraft Foods have a number of potential options which could be utilized to pursue the different types of strategies, building on strengths, helping to minimize weaknesses, taking advantage of opportunities, and reduce the potential impact of threats. The use of the research and development department to help develop new products, improve existing products, as well as investigate better ways of producing the existing goods may satisfy multiple goals. Blue ocean strategy may overcome issues such as higher levels of competition, but there is also risk and blue ocean strategy, as an underdeveloped market may be underdeveloped for a reason; for example there is insufficient demand for a desirable level of profit to be realized. The different elements are all interconnected, and this analysis…. [read more]

Loyalty Programs in CRM Term Paper

… Customer Loyalty Programs

Are customer LOYALTY PROGRAMS (including the use of credit as a type of customer loyalty program) at the company you are auditing used to meet the needs or requirements of its (served and/or prospective) target market(s)?

United Natural Foods uses a variety of loyalty programs including the option for retailers to create their own customized marketing program, extensive use of consumer circulars and the Healthy Clippings Coupon Book. Each of these loyalty programs is oriented towards a different market and customer need. For United Natural Foods, their greatest ongoing challenge is stabilizing their channel-based revenue stream over time. Keeping retailer and channel partners, or resellers, focused on their brand is crucial for them to gain greater sales through these partners. Scaling out…. [read more]

Low Cost Differentiation Preemptive Strengths SWOT

… Southwest uses the Internet a lot. Internet has improved providing better opportunity for marketing, ticketing, etc.

Step 4: a. The world is becoming more globally interconnected. (b) SWA can capitalize on that by using new internet tools (particularly social media) for its advantage.

Overall air travel is predicted to increase this decade. Southwest can prepare itself for this increase.

Step 4: (a) Global travel may increase (b) SWA should expand its room for cargo and freight.


Political (PEST):

Increase in oil price

Step 4: (a) negative political impact on oil price (b) SWA can minimize the effect of oil prices rises by hedging their oil purchases and operating the aircraft efficiently.

Competitors such as JetBlue and AirTran -- are copying its model

Step 4:…. [read more]

Intergrative Project Involving BUS499 Bsba Essay

… Strategic Management represents a collection of managerial actions and positions that shapes a company's performance in the long run. It entails internal as well as external environmental scanning, strategy development (long-term or strategic planning), strategy execution, evaluation, and control (Wheelan and Hunger, 2008). Gluck, Walleck, and Kaufman (1982) are of the view that organizational managers endeavor more towards effectively tackling the changing global scenario through four strategic management stages. The first stage entails primary financial planning. The second stage addresses forecast-based planning, and the third comprises of externally oriented strategic planning. Cattaraugus County's ReHabilitation Center (ReHab) started making the use of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in its process of organizational strategic planning (Martelloetal, 2011).

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model of Norton and Kaplan is a strategic…. [read more]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kraft Foods SWOT

… The indebtedness position of the company may also be seen as a potential weakness, especially given that interest rates are currently low, and could increase in the future. The debt to equity ratio is 1.57, and the leverage ratios 4.27 which is higher than the respective industry averages of 1.1 and 3.39 (MSN Money, 2014). In terms of liquidity, the company is slightly lower than the industry average, or the current ratio 1.07, against an industry average 1.11, and the quick ratio 0.53, against an industry average of 0.59 (MSN Money, 2014). However, it should also be noted that these liquidity ratios may indicate good capital management, rather than weaken liquidity.


Baertlein, L, (2014, Sept 30), Kraft challenged by "healthier" macaroni and cheese brands,…. [read more]

Strategic Management: Internal Analysis SWOT

… Creativity and innovation: McDonalds are innovators of their own caliber. The company values and treasures the human resource staff through vigorous training programs that has acted as an incubator for new ideas. This has allowed the company to develop new product lines in respect to changing tastes and preferences of their consumers thus staying ahead of competition.

Localization. McDonalds has developed a strategic approach of adaption in local markets. This has given the company an upper hand over its rivals since the company is in a position to deliver what the local community prefers. (McDonalds, 2012)

Internal Weaknesses

Quality Control Measures; In 1997, McDonalds was named as number one franchise. One of its strategic approaches to marketing itself has been through adaptation in various local…. [read more]

KO Advantages Coca-Cola Pursues Essay

… Coca-Cola's management may not agree with that assessment, since the company has been careful not to diversify out of non-alcoholic beverages, but this is a threat to the company that it has not addressed in a meaningful. Pepsi has diversified out of beverages, in contrast to Coca-Cola, and is now a larger company overall. In addition, Coca-Cola may not have adequately addressed the weather issue. We know that Coke's sales increase when the weather is good, but aside from a strong Christmas promotional strategy for its core brand, Coca-Cola does not do a great job pursuing cold weather beverages. If Coke had a better position for colder climates, it might find that its sales were less affected by the weather -- consumers would simply switch…. [read more]

Coca-Cola External Coca-Cola's Industry Conditions Essay

… e. not affecting the firm's competitors) or particularly onerous. The legal environment has at times proven challenging -- Coke faced an out-of-court settlement for $192 million a decade ago resulting from systemic discrimination on the part of the company. The major legal issues that Coca-Cola has faced in recent years all seem to have been preventable at the managerial level, rather than actual legal risks (Insurance Journal, 2000).

The economic environment is challenging at present. Because Coca-Cola's products are largely discretionary, demand is likely to decline during periods of economic distress. Indeed, Coke's revenues declined in FY 2009 and its profits declined in FY 2008 (MSN Moneycentral, 2012). The economic prognosis is moderate for the coming years in the United States, according to the Congressional…. [read more]

Amazon Facts Recap the Rivalry Essay

… The only advantage Amazon might have is the ability to distribute globally, something that might give a higher net sales figure than my existing deal if that deal is only domestic.

For a new author, Amazon might hold more promise. The company has the leading e-book platform and a tremendous amount of industry credibility. If it is easier to work with Amazon and get my foot in the door, I would definitely consider that an option. Amazon gives instant distribution around the world and is one of the most valuable channels in the business. In essence, the decision comes down to which option would give my work the most channels to market. If I am already published and selling through all channels, I would hesitate…. [read more] Strategy Case Study

… Amazon does neither of those as the plans are offered as the item is being put in the cart and the shipping, unless it's a "Prime" item, is often not free unless it happens to be third party vendor (which the other two giants do not do or allow for) and they happen to have free shipping.

To answer the questions in the assignment, Overstock is not doing anything majorly different than Amazon or Wayfair but the presentation is very upfront and honest comparatively speaking. The differentiation plan is greatly followed when they use these tactics as they are clearly in the same business as Amazon and Wayfair but they behave in a way that is clearly unique and, to many, superior in terms of…. [read more]

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