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Marketing Plan for a Company Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is for Starbucks, to guide the company to its revenue and growth objectives. The plan focuses on the cash cow market on the United States and the high growth market of China as twin means by which the company's overall strategic objectives will be achieved. These two work in concert because the cash generated in the United States is basically used to finance the rapid expansion of the company into the Chinese market. Starbucks is positioned as a premium coffee seller in all of its markets, with a very strong brand, and those are the fundamentals around which the marketing program must be developed.

The marketing strategy in the United States is incremental in nature, focusing on finding growth in…. [read more]

Marketing Starbucks Term Paper

… Marketing

Starbucks is well-known not only for its coffee, but also for the way in which the company and its employees connects with their customers and their respective communities. Indeed, the company has been used as an example of how to use market strategies not only to gain customer loyalty, but also to connect with the local community. Starbucks' unique set of marketing strategies has gained for the company not only great success in the coffee industry, but also a loyal basis of fans.

According to Hanft (2007), Starbucks' use of environment forms part of its marketing success. The product wrapping, furniture and fixtures, drink names and cup decorations all combine to form the company's unique image. This attention to small things is used to…. [read more]

Starbucks Downsizing USA Impacts Global Essay

… The governmental hurdles for instance have prevented the coffee company from opening stores in the Forbidden City (The Economist, 2007).

Upon entering China, Starbucks implemented the market expansion strategy, through which it sold its already existent products onto new markets. It conducted research and an important challenge was represented by the low levels of coffee consumption in China. Then, it entered the market through partnerships with local food and beverage companies (Yeh, 2006).

From a strategic standpoint, emphasis has been placed on issues such as:

The replacement of aggressive branding with the creation of a powerful store experience; the stores were as such placed in highly populated and visible areas (Wang, 2012)

The creation of a new product line, inspired by the local culture, from…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Description Marketing Plan

… Retail customers are going to come to us through our wholesale clients and through our website. Wholesale customers will come to us through our website and via our sales staff. The wholesale customers are probably going to be coffee shops with the same target market as our retail clients. Thus, we serve the same customer no matter which route to market we choose.

In terms of psychographics, the customer has a number of characteristics. The target customer prefers quality in their consumer products, and is of discerning taste. This is true of most consumer products, but especially of ones where the consumption of equality is a visible and public expression of one's discerning nature (clothing or entertainment, for example). Such consumers are almost always willing…. [read more]

Starbucks, a Market Analysis Term Paper

… In fact, Starbucks is the most successful of its niche market. Compared to other restaurants that specialize in coffee beverages, Starbucks stands alone as the most popular with the highest revenue. Even though their prices are among the highest for coffee beverages, customers continue to buy their products including in supermarkets and online. The successful marketing of Starbucks as a status item.

They also create high level of variety through consistent introduction of new flavors and products. Consumers prefer more variety and higher quality ingredients when they pay more for a product and with Starbucks offering those two things, it's no wonder it has achieve such status in recent times. Does that mean it's the perfect choice for everyone?

I personally would not purchase from…. [read more]

Marketing Research 6855 Essay

… Conduct a thorough primary research to indentify the taste and preferences of Australian customers towards coffee drinks

ii. Identify the major factors that dominate, or at least affect the purchase decision of Australian customers while choosing a brewed coffee brand.

iii. Find the ways in which Starbucks brewed coffee can be improved to make the Australian customers like it.

Research Design/Methodology:

In order to achieve the aforementioned research objectives, Starbucks will have to conduct a customer survey in the Australian market. The proposed sample size for this survey is 1050 respondents from the urban areas of the major cities of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Wollongong, and Logan City.

Sampling Plan:

The sampling plan for this customer survey can be…. [read more]

Starbuck's Pricing Strategy Essay

… This strategy is reasonable for this firm because it has a significant competitive advantage in the coffee industry and has adequate knowledge that it can charge such prices.

Role of Discounting in Starbuck's Strategy:

Throughout the years, Starbucks Corporation has been renowned for its premium pricing strategy that has enabled it to establish relatively high prices. While this strategy has made the company to be successful for long in the coffee industry and given the firm a competitive advantage, the growth of the market has contributed to numerous challenges. This growth has not only resulted in the entrance of new firms in this industry and market but it has also increased competition, especially price wars within the market. Companies in this market are increasingly reducing…. [read more]

Social Media Marketing Importance Marketing Plan

… The Starbucks provides the original experience and feeling to its customers and that's the reason why its clients circle is increasing day by day.

Recently, Starbucks and Foursquare teamed up with RED, the non-profit organization and started a campaign to fight against AIDS. Other big companies like Coca-Cola and Gap also contributed with RED. This year in June, the Starbucks also offered its clients to donate the organization by just checking in to Foursquare and donate $1 to Global Fund. Though, in actual the company itself pays for the charity however the higher website traffic improves the sales of the company. This campaign not only provides benefit to the non-profit organization but it also helps the company in developing brand awareness, fair image among the…. [read more]

Starbucks Case Analysis Essay

… The issue of time is very significant to customers' satisfaction and actually this is the point where satisfaction started to decline. The customers' satisfaction also varies with different types of customers. The Starbucks Company is only busy measuring on the way people view their company as they try to expand the company, rather than knowing how the customers view the product they sell. It is true that the customers got satisfied with the type of the coffee the Company was selling even though the service declined (Grigoroudis & Siskos, 2010).

How does the Starbucks of 2002 differ from the Starbucks of 1992?

The Starbucks of 2002 differ from the Starbucks of 1992 in that; the Starbucks of 1992 was in the beginning stages of their…. [read more]

Starbucks the Company That I Am Writing Case Study

… Starbucks

The company that I am writing about is Starbucks. Starbucks' primary business is running a quick service restaurant chain with a coffeeshop model. The company is the third-largest quick service restaurant in the U.S. By sales, and has a major international presence (Oches, 2012). In its 2011 Annual Report, Starbucks describes its business as "the premier roaster, marketer and retailer of specialty coffee in the world, operating in more than 50 countries." At present, the U.S. is the largest market, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada and China. Starbucks feels that the Chinese market will be the second-largest market for the company by 2014 (Starbucks, 2012).

Starbucks faces a unique challenge in that its core U.S. business is shrinking, as evidenced by successive rounds…. [read more]

Starbucks Company Overview and Financial Analysis Term Paper

… Starbucks operates in the quick service food industry, with a coffee specialty. It has a differentiated strategy whereby it sells premium coffee-based drinks, along with food and ancillary products. The company has an international scope, and this geographic diversification has helped it grow into a global power in the coffee industry. Starbucks also loosely competes against other providers of caffeine, a disparate group, but one that at times has benefited from consumer dissatisfaction with Starbucks' prices.

Starbucks has come under intense competition in recent years. Its competitors in the coffee business are almost all significantly smaller by revenue, but in food service it now competes against McDonald's, a much larger company. This has shifted the emphasis at Starbucks from generating revenue from coffee to generating…. [read more]

Starbuck's Strategy and Internal Initiatives Case Study

… The other organizations have been in the packaged coffee area for an essentially longer period. In fact, they have been in this business for a century than Starbucks, which began to enter this division, just a couple of years back with the structuring of its Global Consumer Products Group fragment (Thompson & Shah, 2010).

Apart from the two extensive consumer item organizations, the Starbucks items additionally confront rivalry with substitute items like caffeinated beverages, sodas and other non-alcoholic refreshments. The rivalry in the specialty coffee industry is not cost-based, unlike the other industries. In this industry, utilization of coffee is not subject to the cost of the item or commodity but on the separation between every item and various value adding variables, like the nature…. [read more]

Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks Marketing Term Paper

… Each of these companies has as a result chosen entirely different areas of emphasis in their marketing mix. For Dunkin' Donuts the product and pricing are deliberately kept affordable and simple, with new flavors of coffee only reluctantly added over the 55 years the company has been in business (Gupta, 2012). Dunkin' differentiates on the pastries and donuts they offer, and is very good at seasonal selling, which can be seen from their website today, which gives a full splash screen to pumpkin flavored donuts. Starbucks differentiates on the customer experience and uses their website to show seasonal products and draw customers into stores, further accentuating one of their strongest competitive differentiators, which is the in-store customer experience (Gupta, 2012). The product and pricing strategies…. [read more]

Starbucks Brand Name SWOT Develop Essay

… The weakness of this strategy is that the company's marketers can only reach a relatively small number of target customers, as opposed to the use of mass media. The strategy also suffers the weakness in terms of the high cost that is involved and the time involved in providing information.

There are also opportunities and threats that Starbucks faces in this marketing strategy. First, the firm gets the opportunity to interact directly with their customers and obtain information that may be useful in improving the quality of their coffee. Through direct marketing, the company will also have the opportunity to tear into the competitors markets and hence expand their operations, which will ensure it increases the turnover and financial strength. The threat of this channel…. [read more]

Starbucks Management Analysis Company Overview Starbucks (NASDAQ Research Paper

… Starbucks Management Analysis

Company Overview

Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) is today the global leader in coffee retailing, supply chain and quick service restaurant (QSR) development for beverages and light foods. As of November 29th the company has a market capitalization rate of $31B, generating $11.7B Revenue and $1.2B Net Profit, including a complete reversal of their liquidity ratios from 2009 to today. A transformation of this level is extremely difficult to attain during periods of economic growth. To attain this level of accomplishment in the midst of uncertain, often challenging times, the management teams at Starbucks had to concentrate on excelling at their core strategies and making in-store operations as efficient and profitable as possible. To see an analysis of the transformation of Starbucks during the…. [read more]

Starbucks Evaluation a Business Code Essay

… "Even the appealing health insurance benefit has prompted complaints. Some workers who claim to have worked at Starbucks say they weren't able to maintain their health benefit because managers deliberately shortened their work hours. (To be eligible for health coverage, employees must work a minimum of 20 hours a week, or 240 hours during a quarter.)" (Starbucks is hiring buts its jobs are overrated, 2012 Business Insider). Starbucks must retrain its managers as to what constitutes ethical treatment of employees, just as it has re-trained its baristas in how to make coffee. It must also redefine its ethical standards regarding Fair Trade and how the coffee that has made it famous is produced and sold.

Reacting to the code

Although Starbucks is far from problem-free…. [read more]

Marketing Plan Sweet Treats Coffee Shop and Bars Term Paper

… Marketing plan: Sweet treats coffee shop & bars

Sweettreats Marketing Plan

During the recent years, the restaurants industry has been met with great increases in both demand as well as offer. And the coffee shop sector has not been an exception. With a constantly increasing number of coffee drinkers driven by numerous and changing demands, the industry has been forced to develop and adjust to the new requirements. A new trend within the sector is that of opening multifunctional stores, in the meaning that aside from coffee-based beverages, these stores also offer a wide selection of soft beverages and even food. These stores are being referred to as gourmet coffee shops and a new gourmet coffee store to be opened is Sweettreats.

The Sweettreats coffee…. [read more]

Starbucks Corporation Competing in a Global Market Term Paper

… Starbuck's Case Study

Briefly describe the history and evolution of Starbucks.

Seattle entrepreneurs Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks in 1971, locating their coffee importing business in Seattle's Pike Place market. The founders were content to grow the coffee importer to five stores in the metro Seattle area, and were gradually becoming known in the coffee industry, and as a result of these associations met Howard Schultz, who would eventually buy the chain and transform its business model. Mr. Schultz was passionate about introducing retailing concepts he had originally discovered during a trip to Milan, Italy and immediately after coming back from Italy, launched what would become the prototypical Starbucks stores, combining meetings places with good ambience for friends catching up with each…. [read more]

Starbucks 2010 Most Ethical Restaurant Essay

… The payments it makes to foreign agent or government official are consistent with the laws of both the United States and the foreign country. Those payments are strictly for or on behalf of Starbucks to concerned foreign agents or government officials. The payments are also always reasonable amounts for the services. It will not, under any circumstances, make payments in violation of these laws or to motivate foreign government officials to conduct business with the company. Instead, its partners in foreign countries comply with all local and foreign laws regulating customs and trade. All the information they provide customs officials or an authorized agent will always be accurate and truthful. Employees and other partners who conduct foreign transactions for the company have a thorough understanding…. [read more]

Marketing Strategy Term Paper

… Marketing Strategy

Discuss the conditions that might enable a new competitor to enter a mature product-market.

The factors that favor the success of an entirely new competitor entering a mature product-market have often been correlated to the level of research & development investment that fueled the innovation of next-generation products and services. This dynamic has certainly been the case in the high technology industries. Dr. Michael Porter's Determinants of Competitive Advantage Model is one of the most used by practitioners to analyze why new entrants to markets are successful in gaining significant competitive advantage. Ketels (2006) states that the Porter Model highlights the fact that new competitors entering existing markets stand the best chance of success by significantly increasing the productivity of customers through the…. [read more]

Multicultural Marketing Essay

… While it adapted to Japan, Starbucks still attempted to hold fast to some of its ethical principles and company ideals even while altering its exterior appearance. While Starbucks' Japanese stores have a very particular character, versus Starbucks in the United States, there was also a noteworthy shift in Japanese coffee culture. Before Starbucks opened, Japanese coffee drinkers in Japan were a distinct minority and smoking was rampant in Japanese public spaces (Starbucks to open landmark 1,000th store in Japan, 2013, JDP). However, Starbucks does not permit smoking under any circumstances given that the familiar smell and taste perceptions of the coffee upon entering is part of the Starbucks brand. Japanese flock to Starbucks despite the smoking ban and as a result of Starbucks' influence, coffee…. [read more]

International Marketing a Situation Analysis Research Paper

… The attitudes that are held by Indians are now changing and they are now spending as opposed to only focusing on saving. Another factor is that of India's pop culture which shows a great desire to follow the trends in western countries. The young Indian buyers now want everything that is associated to the western trend .therefore these young people will run to Starbucks and buy coffee since it is western and opt not to buy coffee from the local coffee stores. Without any doubt Indian consumers will welcome the internationally popular coffee company Starbucks just as other countries in the world have done without so much trouble.

Industry/competitor analysis

The coffee industry can be seen as one that has high competition but one that…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Tapioca Express for New York Marketing Plan

… Tapioca Express is an 11-year-old bubble tea chain from California. They are expanding in to the New York market via franchise. The company has a favorable operating environment with competitors primarily being independent shops with limited marketing capacity. Indirect competitors include Starbucks, who represent more formidable competition. To enter New York, focus will be placed on introducing the brand and the product, and establishing the Tapioca Express brand in New York. The measures for this program will be revenues and non-Asian revenues, the latter to measure our efforts to explain bubble tea beyond our core Asian-American base.

Current Situation

Tapioca Express is a chain of bubble tea shops that was started in Alhambra, California in 1999 by a Taiwanese-American, Wayne Lin. Lin started the chain…. [read more]

Marketing Plan. The Mission Statement Term Paper

… , 1994). They might inform the administration of the developments that can be completed in the teaching and management of sales and service workforce (Clark at al, 1992). To keep customer loyal and happy, company must integrate information based on complaints into established and trusted sources of intelligence within the company (Adamson, 1993, p.444).

5. Provide the following information about the marketing strategies:

a. Discuss the company's competitors, and its strengths and weaknesses.

The existing market share is concentrated at the top with brands such as Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Diedrich (Gloria Jean's) and Peet's Coffee take the bulk of the shares. At the bottom, the share is quite fragmented and split. The strategy assumed by the top shareholders relies heavily…. [read more]

Global Marketing According to Cleveland Essay

… The country is already starting to rely on acquiring overseas assets -- mining in Africa is a good example -- in order to sustain its economy. While there are serious concerns about whether China's growth trajectory can be sustained, these are more long-term concerns. At some point in the next few years, China will be the world's largest consumer market. It will not be the most sophisticated one, because its size relies on the country's population rather than the wealth of the population. Each Chinese consumer consumes less than Western consumers do. This means that for the more important goods -- transportation, communication and food, China will have a high level of consumption but for less important goods, China will not be able to consume…. [read more]

Green Marketing Research Proposal

… Green Marketing

As consumers become more aware of an ailing environment and the potential economic benefit that can be derived from 'going green', businesses are increasingly adopting 'Green Marketing' practices to meet the rising consumer expectations and increasing demand. In addition, today's increasingly competitive marketplace means that organizations are looking for ways to differentiate their product, beyond the traditional facets of price, quality, and service. Green marketing can help provide that competitive advantage. The question then becomes -- What is Green Marketing?

According to Ward, Green Marketing refers to the marketing of services and/or products based on their environmental benefits. The product or service itself does not necessarily have to be environmentally friendly. Instead, it can be manufactured with and/or packaged in an environmentally responsible…. [read more]

indepth analysis of Quick Green Food s Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan

… The restaurant will collaborate with local farmers to achieve this. The organization will work closely with farmers to ensure adherence to sustainable agricultural practices.

e) Climate

Generally, business operations are affected by political, legal, economic, social, cultural, and technological factors (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005). From a political and legal perspective, the company will be subject to laws relating to aspects such as taxation, minimum wage, and animal welfare. In addition, shift in public health policies tend to be intrusive, which presents both an opportunity and a threat. For instance, increased regulatory supervision of fast food ingredients and disclosure requirements for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may provide an opportunity for Quick Green Foods to advance given its commitment to green foods. On the other hand, local…. [read more]

Branding Initiatives at Starbucks Business Plan

… Starbucks Corporation Business Plan

Starbucks' Societal Marketing Orientation

Today, Starbucks Corporation (hereinafter alternatively "Starbucks" or "the company") prides itself on being a responsible corporate citizen that values its customers which uses a societal orientation for its marketing. In this regard, Abhinandan and Ashok (1999) report that, "An orientation which encompasses customer orientation and which also preserves or enhances the consumer's and society's well-being, is termed as societal orientation" (p. 30). The company's focus on its customers is made clear by Starbucks' senior vice president of marketing, Scott Bedbury, who notes, "How can you, your people, your products, and therefore your brand -- create a human connection? To me, the answer is that being different is ultimately about values -- your values, your brand's values, and…. [read more]

Marketing Strategy First of All, We Need Term Paper

… Marketing Strategy

First of all, we need to identify the different categories we are referring to at Starbucks, see their relationship with the company and determine marketing strategies that can create positive relationships with the organization.

From a broad perspective, when we are referring to stakeholders, we can include here employees, customers, shareholders and investors (the four most important categories of investors), but also suppliers, government agencies, competitors, local communities, labor unions and NGOs. We will first of all focus on the four main categories of stakeholders.

From an employee perspective, there is a necessity to implement the idea that the company they are working for is the most powerful on the respective product segment. This would mean that the employees will always be convinced…. [read more]

Starbucks Business Research Methods III Term Paper

… Starbucks

Business Research Methods III

Business Research Methods III- Starbucks

When providing advice to individuals how to cut costs in the currently sluggish economic environment, personal finance gurus like Suze Orman often invoke 'the latte factor,' namely the way small expenses like a latte can add up over time in a consumer's budget. Cutting down one's consumption of three-dollar lattes can seem like sensible advice but such a warning can strike fear into the heart of a company such as Starbucks. Starbucks has founded its business model on the concept selling affordable luxuries like fancy coffee drinks. The core consumer demographic of the Starbucks business is the young-to-middle-aged consumer who delights in the respite provided by a Starbucks experience. While Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's have…. [read more]

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