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Marriage Coaching Movie Review

… Marriage Coaching

The movie Not Easily Broken is a master piece in the art of marriage counseling. The movie is based on young couples who love each other at the start and even conduct a church wedding and at the initial time, all they wanted to see is the mate. This however changes when other commitments like the job schedule for the wife and the sports training schedule for the man (David Johnson) fail to give each of them time to be with each other, even though they both want to be with each other. Things get worse when Mrs. Johnson breaks a leg in an accident occasioned by their very arguments and her mother moves into their home to take care of her. The…. [read more]

Marriage and Family Experience Approaches Term Paper

… ¶ … Marriage and Family Experience approaches marriage as the one thing that counts in a person's life, making one what one is and providing one with the most loving and intimate experiences, and providing relationships that need to be cherished, honored and supported. In this relationship, says the text, there is no place for jealousy. Friendship, love and commitment are the strong glue that holds a marriage together.

Marriage begins after a courtship that includes the experience of being single and then paring up with someone and sometimes cohabitation before marriage. Following the wedding, the family process begins, which includes family life cycles, decisions on whether to have children and parenthood, if the choice is made to include children. Many issues bear on the…. [read more]

Media Representations of Marriage Coaching Movie Review

… Are you using this scene to make an emotional, cognitive, or spiritual connection? What is your rationale for choosing this scene?

There are a few coaching practices that prove valuable in the film. Separating the couples by gender in their sleeping quarters as well as in their therapy sessions is a smart move. Dr. Sullivan is an acute listener and asks direct, yet simple questions. Dr. Sullivan does not tell the couples what their problems are, he does not tell them how to fix their problems; he listens, reflects and asks questions that push the couples to reflect and come upon important epiphanies on their own, within themselves. Thus, one of primary techniques that stands out in the film is empathetic listening. Another compelling technique…. [read more]

Coaching Divorce Couples Term Paper

… Legal options can be as comprehensive or as limited as the couple needs and many decisions can be left in the hands of the individuals themselves rather than the court or the judge.

Though divorce coaching is not usually a counseling process the structure and plan of the meetings and non-litigation related planning can clearly assist individuals in their ability to deal with all the property, parenting and some of the future social issues associated with their decision to divorce.

Problems they might not have anticipated may come to light within the process and may allow them to be dealt with a structured and productive manner rather than dealing with them later in the legal system.

One coaching specialist outlines the purpose of divorce coaching…. [read more]

Marriage Family Therapy Intern Essay

… Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy

The articles discussed in the literature review sections make valuable contributions to the field of MFT internship. The study by Brucker et al. (2005) serves to portray a clear picture of what MFT interns can expect to obtain from internship programs as well as what they are expected to contribute. Their study shows that along with practical training, MFT interns get the opportunity to supplement their theoretical learning, pursue further research and teaching and contribute towards making a meaningful difference in the quality of intimate relationships of their clients.

On the other hand, Barretti & Beitin (2009) narrow down the scope to an individual setting, i.e. An offender reentry facility to give a clear picture of…. [read more]

Comparing and Contrasting Different Marriage Preparation Programs Literature Review

… Marriage Preparation Programs

The objective of this study is to examine the pros and cons of the following marriage preparation programs that are currently available and to examine why it is that such programs are not successful as evidenced by the staggering divorce rate. Don Browning writes in the work entitled "Marriage and Modernization" writes that the Coalition for Marriage, Family, and Couples Education" is a clearing house and promotion center for the burgeoning new marriage education and communication movement." (2003) Browning reports that this movement is "essentially a spin-off of the family-therapy movement associated with such towering figures as Virginia Satir, Salvador Minuchin, Nathan Ackerman and Murray Browen. The marriage education movement is reported as being "preparatory and preventative rather than curative and remedial.…. [read more]

Distance Relationships Are Leading Essay

… They have determined that the separation does not necessarily cause fractures in relationships, but travelling apart does worsen marital problems. "The situation can be likened to water pressing against a ship's hull. Although the water doesn't cause the holes in the hull, it does find them and seep inside" (Experiencing 2011). It is easier to find fault with someone and to blame a person for unhappiness if they are not present to create a counterargument.

Musicians and professional athletes likewise spend long periods away from home. Their jobs require them to perform in different cities around the United States, or even around the world. For these types of unions, separation leads to anxiety. There is the stereotype of the musician and the large amount of…. [read more]

Life Coaching Target Market Essay

… Life Coaching

Every good business knows its target market. There are too many potential customers in this world for a small business to target all of them. Having a clear target in mind allows a small business to focus its promotional activities on a clear, narrow market. There are, however, a number of ways to frame your market. There are variables -- demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic. A target market can be defined by channels as well. A well-defined target market will incorporate all of these different types of variables into one coherent vision for the target customer (Porta, 2010). There are a number of benefits to targeting your market. The first is that you can market your service more efficiently, avoiding wasted time, effort…. [read more]

Matchmaking Meets Marketing New Company Book Report

… Eli Simone employees combine innovative matchmaking with life/relationship coaching that not only seeks to find the right match, but teaches clients how to date with purpose. Eli Simone LLC has experience with professional matchmaking with its Founder and CEO Julie featured on WPEG, WGIV, WBTV News, WCCB News, and Madame Noire. From Julie's own words: "Matchmaking isn't just about finding someone a date, it's about building successful relationships to last."

Julie Wadley believes Eli Simone LLC's approach to matchmaking will reduce the time it takes to find a successful partnership. Even if matches don't end up in marriage, the client will have a deeper understanding of who they are, what type of relationship works for them, and what type of person they work best with.…. [read more]

Life Worth Living Essay

… Many artists create for fame and money but there are a selected few who don't pursue money. There are artists who just create for the joy of creating something. They are the ones who just want to beat their own record with every next piece of art they make. They just want to be superlative and that's what keeps them going in their lives.

Many people do certain things to achieve posterity. Posterity can be the moving factor for many people. People get ready to take on difficult pursuits so that they can live forever in the minds of others. This is because as we grow up, we hear stories about legends and we become fond of them. Eventually, we start to desire the respect…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriages Term Paper

… " But the intelligible moral structure of marriage surely relates to more than procreation, and surely a loving and mutually beneficial relationship between same sex couples is again, more legitimately moral than an abusive heterosexual relationship? In short, the existence of a martial bond in legal terms is no guarantee of moral legitimacy for either same-sex or heterosexual couples. Rather, the legal bond of matrimony is merely recognition of the beginnings of an attempt of the couple to make such a moral bond and to enter into a social framework of unity. (George, 2003, p. A8)

Recently, an authority as high as the Supreme Court of the United States stated that gays "are entitled to respect for their private lives," according Justice Anthony Kennedy. Under…. [read more]

Harley's Book "His Needs Book Report

… However, God ordained the marriage institution for His objective. The focus of trying to restore a marriage must always be premised on God's desires looking to discover His Will for all partners in a union. As Jesus demonstrated, our search for sustenance must not surpass our wish to do God's will. When an individual concentrates on God, they will truly be able to provide the "needs" of their partner. Besides leaving out the significance of concentrating on Jesus, Harley's equation discounts the religious part as a cause of marital unfaithfulness. All human beings are "fallen" (Rom. 3:23); this is not the sole reason individuals make traitorous, rebellious, and deceitful acts; this is merely the situation that gives individuals a tendency toward such activities. In order…. [read more]

Business Communication and the Workplace Essay

… What are the stages of relationship building and their characteristics?

Every relationship goes through five stages. The first stage of a relationship is the acquaintance, which knows each other. So as to start a relationship people have to know each other. People might meet at a place and the hit it off immediately. Social gatherings, common friends, same organizations are avenues where people can meet, break the ice, are acquainted to each other and then start off a relationship. The second stage is the buildup stage. This is the stage where a relationship grows. People are now no longer strangers and they start to trust each other. This stage is characterized by people coming close and developing feelings for one another.

The third stage is…. [read more]

Family Therapy Term Paper

… Family Therapy

Family establishment and sustainability are a multifaceted endeavour that has immense explanations and perceptions in the world. Many families in the society have diversity in management, care, materialization of existence, and continuum of productivity and success. The existence of different approaches of building families has led to diverse methods of encouraging and sustaining families and family relations. As a code of directionality and normalcy, this piece of study has endeavoured to relay a number of facets that determine a successful or strange family. The article has explored several approaches and theories that are behind a family under tragedy in the society. It is a common endeavour to find communities living under differing notions of belief and functionality. This piece of study and writing…. [read more]

Family Therapy Term Paper

… ¶ … Parent Trap 1 and 2" is a movie that depicts a family that would benefit from family counseling. Using Bowen's Family Systems Therapy and McGoldric's Ethnicity and Family Therapy, the following essay outlines the cultural and social contributors to this family's issues. Drawing on the theoretical approaches covered in this course, the following is a 15-page analysis of the family dynamics and structures that are causing the presenting problems. It provides ample examples and explain relevant theoretical notions. It also describes the strengths and resources that would enable this family to tackle these issues more effectively. Finally, it develops and justifies three culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions: family intervention, dyad, and individual.

I decided to use the "Parent Trap" since it revolves around a…. [read more]

Psycho-Educational Models of Family Therapy Research Paper

… Hence, the individual must differentiate between the intellectual self and the emotional self; he focuses on how the recognition of the self must occur first before differentiation can take place. This also engages other separations like from parents, women, friends, etc. (taken from chapter 8).

Triangles (Brief summary)

Bowen asserts that the triangles are used as a 3-person relationship structure that embodies the expansive emotional structures and is usually structured whereby two persons emotionally involved or in a problematic emotional state are put in a controlled environment using a third person as the interventionist. The third person then serves as the source of reason and one who finds common ground and serves as the link that helps separate the intellect and the emotions (taken from…. [read more]

Prince of Tides Plot Summary Term Paper

… Both of the main characters are socially isolated. While Susan is more effective in her day-to-day life with Tom she shares some of the isolation he feels from his family in her own. In that way it is understandable that these two people be drawn together into a relationship that passes the borders of ethical responsibility. But it is still incorrect for Susan to allow the relationship to progress in the way that it does. By drawing Tom into her treatment for Savannah, she enters with him into an unspoken contract that she will take the information he has to offer, use it for her care of Savannah and do the best of her professional ability for all the individuals involved. Of all of the…. [read more]

Executive Coaching Areas Essay

… ¶ … small but successful systems integrator had recently employed, Sam X, a young man of 25 to run the day-by-day business for the owner / managing director. The problem is that he people who have to report to him are significantly older, the average age in their 40s, most of t hem having been long employed b y the business, and skilled in their jobs. Conflict is felt and this conflict is being evidenced in various ways. It upset employees' lethargy, routine, and habits making them adopt new strategies, making them anxious of job security, and leading to changes in the organization. Other feelings that were evidenced were personal frustrations, low job satisfaction, and reduced motivation and performance

After eight months of this, sales…. [read more]

Brooks Investigate Aspect David Essay

… Stress has also been shown to slow down the processing of new or 'abnormal' information. This leads to the following syndrome: "... when the brain cannot find an acceptable response to a situation, it fixates on a single solution that may or may not be correct" (Normalcy Bias).

A reason that has been put forward to explain this response among some individuals is that it may have evolutionary causes. Some researchers suggest that normalcy bias may have developed as a necessary response to danger. They give the example of an animal being attacked by a predator, where the wounded animal goes into a state of paralysis, which provides it with a better chance of survival as "... predators are less likely to eat prey that…. [read more]

Akeelah Research Paper

… Akeelah and the Bee

A case description, analysis, and critique of theories

Identifying Information:

Akeelah Anderson is an eleven-year-old African-American girl. She is dark skinned with long hair, usually in a ponytail and small, almond shaped eyes. She sometimes wears glasses. She lives with her mother and attends a predominately black school called Crenshaw Middle School in South Los Angeles. She also shares a home with her three siblings. Their names are Devon, Terrence, and Kiana. Lastly, her infant niece also resides in the home.

Akeelah demonstrates intelligence for her age and grade level. She also shows interest in spelling, able to spell words that most kids in her class cannot. She has trouble fitting in because of her intelligence. Since her mother is widowed,…. [read more]

Screenplay Ideas Creative Writing

… Screenplay Ideas

A Walk in the Country

The scene is set in a small, New England town. It is Halloween Eve, the leaves have turned a wonderful golden orange, there is a crisp chill in the air, and the town is abuzz with plans for the evening. We see the veneer behind the town, though: a dishonest bank teller, a teacher planning to abduct one of the children, neighbors fighting with one another, husbands and wives arguing. The local Rotary Club is hosting a Halloween Party for the children of the area, complete with games, old-fashioned horror movies, and a Best Costume Contest. During the festivities, two "children" arrive with silvery costumes that almost shimmer in the light. Their "masks" are oval, with large, almond…. [read more]

Family Therapy Models, Diagnosis Research Paper

… These patterns of interaction are necessary for the regular functioning of the family, even though the members do not realize they are part of this structure. Another key component in the Minuchin's model is the notion of subsystems. Families can be differentiated into subsystems based on generation, gender, and function, which are demarcated by interpersonal boundaries. When a therapist observes a family, they may realize that the structure that flows from those patterns of interactions is contained within a sub-substructure and these sub-structures interact within the whole system according to certain rules or boundaries (ibid, 240-247).

Systems or subsystems are created when two partners join with the intention of forming a family, this is the formal beginning of a new family unit. Nevertheless, the new…. [read more]

Predicting Marital Success or Failure Thesis

… ¶ … Predicting Marital Success or Failure

There are many reasons why people get married. There are also a lot of reasons why people get divorced. Research has shown that there are several factors that can determine the success rate or failure rate of a marriage. This paper will attempt to briefly discuss some of the factors that research has discovered regarding the success and failure rate in U.S. marriages today.

For many years, researchers have studied characteristics of people planning on getting married. They have been interested in identifying various factors that normally determine the success or failure of a marriage. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, approximately 49% of all marriages taking place in the U.S. end with divorce. It is…. [read more]

Marital Intimacy Skills Research Paper

… However, Stahman (2004) has determined through his research that spiritual unity is important as an element in intimacy between a couple. Marriage also brings together two, or more, families that may have completely different ideas and customs (a frequent theme for television situational comedies) which have the ability to impair a couple's intimacy with one another. A couple also should feel affection for one another that is separate from their sexual feelings (Stahman, 2004). This is the dimension in which they care for one another on an emotional and physical plane that does not need to include sexual intimacy. But, there is that dimension also. Sexual intimacy is one of the primary building blocks of intimacy in marriage (Stahman, 2004).

When the word intimacy is…. [read more]

Trailing Spouses the Challenge Term Paper

… Trailing Spouses

The challenge of trailing spouses has been in existence and continues to be a central issue in the lives of the couples who are forced to relocate out of the U.S.A. To work in other countries. There are several reasons why the trailing spouse phenomenon continues to be a major issue in the lives of many people, like;

The majority of the people husbands or wives, who are forced to trail their partners abroad are used to leading a very busy lifestyle with well paying jobs and well charted out career paths. These phenomena may suddenly change with a majority of them forced to turn into stay home wives or husbands as they find themselves without a job in the new place that…. [read more]

Strengths What Are My Personal Strengths? Term Paper

… Strengths

What are my personal strengths? What are my weaknesses? Unfortunately, says Marcus Buckingam, most people know the answer to the second question, since they have been blamed and ridiculed for their weaknesses all their lives. However, most individuals do not know their own true strengths. Even if they know their strengths, they feel like they should be working to make their weaknesses stronger, not their strengths stronger.

Buckingham says there are several reasons for this. The first is that people are afraid of their weaknesses. Their perspective is so slanted toward weakness and illness that they know very little about strength and health. Secondly, individuals all have a fear of failure. That is, since failing is not easy to take, some individuals do not…. [read more]

Personal Narrative: How Past Influences Future Essay

… Personal Narrative: How Past Influences Future

Personal Narrative

The human lifespan is rich in experiences, change, and an evolving sense of self. The course of one's life is plotted with interactions that offer learning opportunities to mold "who you are" and "who you want to become." Life challenges, social encounters, and varying circumstances affect how we view communities, cultures, people, and ourselves. We are constantly absorbing new information and incorporating these experiences into our identity and understanding of self. My past experiences influence who I am today, and my life's current trajectory. Over and over again, occurrences within my own life impact how I view relationships with others, my work ethic, my personal and professional values, and how I respect life. I have experienced the…. [read more]

Dying William Faulkner's Novel Essay

… Unfortunately, in making the holes, Vardaman accidentally drills into his mother's head. He is ignorant of the truth of the world and, in his attempts to right perceived wrongs, he performs a desecration of the past. In the antebellum period, many historians tried to glorify what it would have been like to grow up before the Civil War in a south which would have been ruled by plantation ownership and the practice of slavery. They recreate famous Civil War battles and reminiscent longingly over the period of petticoats and coaches. Even modern southerners look back on the time of the antebellum and celebrate it through Civil Ware reenactments and a supposed devotion to history. Yet, like Vardaman, in trying to recapture historical moments, the present…. [read more]

Strategies of Solving Family Problems Chapter

… Emotionally Focused Therapy


The problem is formed when couples and family members establish rigid interaction patterns because of eminent emotional experiences that prohibit emotional association and trust.


While seeking to enhance change, the therapist requires having an insight of the emotional experiences that hinder continued engagement and trust. It needs a deep exploration of behaviors and modification of emotional principles (Metcalf, 2011).


The major strategy involves reflecting and validating the necessity to eradicate the previous obstacles and concentrating on the future. This should be accompanied by vivid, heightening, reframing, and restructuring.

Key concepts

The major concepts to focus entail the eradication of past emotional experiences and restructuring to establish a smooth emotional engagement and trust. Perception is also fundamental especially when an…. [read more]

August Wilson's Fences Term Paper

… ¶ … Tragic Past Depicted in August Wilson's Fences

The past is an important player in the present and the future - even when we cannot see it. In fact, when we refuse to accept our past and deal with it constructively, it haunts us in ways that we cannot imagine because we have buried it. A play that illustrates this point is August Wilson's Fences. Troy Maxson is a man torn to pieces by his past but he refuses to deal with that fact and, as a result, it ruins any chances he has for a peaceful, happy present and future. Furthermore, Troy's inability to deal with his past creates conflict with his family. Troy destroys the relationship with his wife because he thinks…. [read more]

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