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Tourism Profile for Australia Research Paper

… Tourism Australia

Tourism Profile for Australia

Tourism is one of the most important industries of Australia due to which it is counted as the eighth largest tourism market of the world. Australia provides to its visitors stable and secure environment; therefore every year a large population of local and overseas tourist visit Australia for exploring adventure and discovering beautiful places that have natural and cultural significance.

Australia has not only developed the natural destinations for its visitors but it also has a big range of cultural assets, which attract tourist towards it. For instance, it has art galleries, museums, historic places and live art that include theatres and live concerts, which not only educate but also entertain visitors (Foo & Rossetto, 1998). This paper will…. [read more]

Contemporary Issues in Tourism Assessment

… ¶ … Tourism

Explain what matters of scale and scope have to do with the marketing of tourism sites and places - according to a or the contributors of Jamal and Robinson (destination marketing organization: Convention and visitors Bureaus: Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper)

The idea for a convention is thought to have been initiated in Detroit as a suggestion to band together and promote Detroit as a convention desirable destination. This was a sought of salesmanship work that would market a site/destination Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper.

This part discusses the matter of scale put across by Robert C. Ford and William C. Peeper chapter destination marketing in Jamal and Robinson.


The original model of funding for activities from…. [read more]

Cultural Tourism Effects That Tourism Had at Bali Indonesia Research Paper

… Cultural Tourism

Culture Tourism Research the effects (both positive and negative) that tourism has had on Bali, Indonesia.

When most people think of Bali, they will often associate it with the beaches and their unique traditions. This has helped to make it one of the most popular cultural tourism destinations. What has helped to enhance its reputation is their ability to combine modern dance, painting, sculpting, music, metal working and leather craft. The combination of these factors has resulted in Bali realizing a dramatic increase in cultural tourism. (McKean, 2010) (Howe, 2005)

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from McKean (2010) who said, "In the past decade, tourism was encouraged by the Indonesian government, the World Bank, international corporations and local entrepreneurs has…. [read more]

Tourism in Chicago This Assessment Assessment

… The citizens also have a significant role in the sector. The citizens should ensure that the city is welcoming for the tourists. The citizens should also be proactive in protecting the tourist attractions and resources. Business leaders need to invest in the sector. This includes the building of new attractions and accommodation facilities for visitors. It is evident that the role of these stakeholders is intertwined. In order for the sector to be successful, all the stakeholders need to be encouraged to perform their roles exceptionally.

Forms of tourism

The unique nature of Chicago attracts several tourism forms. The entertainment facilities in the region encouraged entertainment tourism. This is a large component of tourism where the visitors frequent sightseeing spots, theatres and sporting attractions in…. [read more]

Tourism Research Philosophies and Principles Assessment

… In addition, they employed the 'interpretative' paradigm's Quantitative Method by value-laden examination of the hotel guests in an attempt to understand the guests' behaviour and underlying reasons for reusing or failing to reuse guest towels. Through a carefully worded four-page questionnaire, careful selection of cooperative hotels, careful selection of appropriate guests, and well-placed rewards, Mair and Bergin-Seers were able to accumulate nearly more than one would want to know about hotel guests' reuse of towels.

They were able to amass the following demographic results:


Mair and Bergin-Seers also accumulated the following data on the impact of the towel reuse requests:


Mair and Bergin-Seers also divided impact according to which of the four requests each guest received:

(MAIR…. [read more]

Culture Industry the Cultural Industries Essay

… In addition, such industries also help public institutions that have an involvement in the social services. However, there are a number of challenges that cultural industries are facing in the contemporary times. Firstly, for the enhancement of innovation, an improvement is needed in the people-institutions connection. Secondly, public and private support needs coordination for the minimization of redundancy. Such industries also face the challenge of creating emphasized focus on the economic conditions that may be improved by both cultural and artistic elements. Thirdly, small and medium scale organizations must be provided with reliable funding sources.


To cut a long story short, it is the need of the time that the world starts giving the due importance to arts and culture. Every country must be…. [read more]

Model to Develop Sustainable Marine Tourism in Similan Island Thailand Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … sustainable marine tourism in Similan Island, Thailand

Thailand is located in the South-East Asia between the countries of Laos and Cambodia to the East, Burma (Republic of Myanmar) to the West, and Malaysia to the South around the Gulf of Thailand (Chien and Fitzgerald, 2006). Thailand moreover is a wonderful kingdom, where the country is combines with the good characteristic of Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and amazing islands. Together with an interesting history and a unique culture that includes enjoyable Thai food and Thai massage. Furthermore, Thailand is considered as a modern capital city, and friendly people who epitomize Thailand's "land of smiles" reputation (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2011). Therefore, there are more than ten million of foreign tourists visiting each year (Ministry…. [read more]

Tourist Behavior Toward Nature-Based Tourism Multiple Chapters

… The primary concept that is a part of ecotourism is that it entails consciousness and admiration of the Mother Nature and the activities based on it (Fennell, 2001, 2008).

Another concept that is a vital part of ecotourism is pertinent to the regional communal groups like contribution (Ross and Wall, 1999), prospective advantages (Honey, 2008) and authorisation (Scheyvens, 2002). The next concept is related to knowledge (Honey, 2002) and such tourism in which people consider themselves accountable (Fennell and Dowling, 2003). Lastly, ecotourism fosters maintainability (Blamey, 2001; Cole and Sinclair, 2002) and preservation (Wood, 2002).

Although various experts have investigated the definition, influence and shortcomings of ecotourism, comparatively less have discovered the viewpoints and behaviours of players dealing with the supply chain connecting a traveller…. [read more]

Needs for Local Participation in Tourism Development in Bueng Kan Province Thailand Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Local Participation in Tourism Development in Bung Kan Province

The tourism industry is an important element of economic development sector around the world, especially in many developing countries that possess natural resources that are amenable to tourism development. The experiences to date show that besides major metropolitan areas, people living in rural areas of developing countries can also gain benefits from the tourism. These outcomes indicate that around the world, tourism frequently plays a vital role in terms of helping to decrease poverty levels and boost communities' economic development (Hong-Long and Kayat, 2011). Not surprisingly, then, tourism has been advocated for economic development purposes for emerging nations in an increasing number of instances in recent years (Hong-Long and Kayat, 2011).

Developing countries can…. [read more]

Tourism in Thailand Economic, Social Book Report

… The young people get attracted to the way the foreigners dress and try to adapt them. Also, cross cultural marriages are becoming more common among locals as well.

Strict regulations should be posed upon the tourists who visit the country. They should be notified on appropriate land usage, the dos and don'ts of visiting Thailand. Nowadays, for the sustainability of tourism, Thailand is using "Rural Tourism" as target. Rural tourism could be explained with the help "Rural Development," which is a process that gives a rise in the capacity of rural people to control the environment, resulting from more extensive use of the benefits which ensure such control. Sustainable development is the way to raise living standards, to allow people to reach their human potential,…. [read more]

Tourism Distribution Network Term Paper

… Tourism entrepreneurs need to understand this and react quickly by adding creativity and innovation to their business models. Technological convergence and global trends are disrupting the structures of traditional industry. The players of tourism industry will have to accept the effects of dynamism brought about by technology in the distribution network. This requires a flexible approach and all the more, a new mindset on part of the players. Strong ecological sentiment will also arise due to the advent of non-governmental/non-traditional elements in the market introduced by the World Wide Web. All these are changing the relationships between consumers, competitors, collaborators and investors. There is minimal distinction left between global and local tourism business. Meaning thereby, tourism sector has to be locally responsive while being subject…. [read more]

Ethnic Tourism and Cultural Book Report

… 2011). The sociological inference of ethnic tourism will be explained through the macro viewpoint of historical tendencies from the current to the postmodern. The expression the modern' is regularly related in social sciences but its idea is extremely broad and obscure. The significance of 'the modern' as talked about in the article in this is the 'sociocultural trend of the time' I agree with that because it was particularly described by development and westernization. Two dominant standards motivate this trend: rationalism and activities. The contemporary has shaped the present social authenticity in all sociological measurements: from designs of separate activity through social arrangements to the World System.

The social dissimilarities in tourism, as stated above, clearly appear in the Word System. I agree with the…. [read more]

Mass Tourism on the Culture Term Paper

… This is different from other places where tourism is just one component in an integrated economy, and there is a sense of relief and freshness when the season comes. Due to size considerations, the impact of tourism on Ibiza is felt more than other destinations. Tourist contact is high and interactive thus resulting in positive and negative outcomes. There is an opportunity for positive learning, but the dangers of blindly following are more in Ibiza where the local community, especially the young, adopts the less desirable attitudes and behaviors from the visitors. The employment benefits are also sometimes low skilled. In academic terms, the island tourism represents a major microcosm of the cultural, social, economic and environmental issues that face tourist development. Ibiza's tourism also…. [read more]

Tourism Attraction Ethics Extensive International Term Paper

… Some students seem to be under severe depression, being thrown into the entirely new surroundings, irrespective of the absence of language and custom barriers. There also exists a conflict between the privacy issues and the requirement of the institution to become aware of the mental and physical condition of the students.

The students are required to be oriented to become aware of the health and safety risks of excess drinking abroad, accidents in unfamiliar settings, the punishments for illicit drugs, restrictions on women and the political situation of the environment to which they are entering. Moreover, the institutions have moral responsibility of safeguarding the students and faculties of the imminent health and security risks. Such aspects broadly conclude that there prevails uncommon but enormous threat…. [read more]

Amish Tourism and Sustainable Development Term Paper

… Amish Tourism

Developing Sustainable Models for Amish Tourism

Although members of the Mennonite Church have established communities all over the world, a large percentage of them have made their home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The idyllic setting of Lancaster County combined with the pastoral lifestyle of the Amish have made this county an increasingly popular tourist destination, but this trend carries with it some profound risks of diminishing the Amish's ability to remain faithful to their religion while balancing the needs of this growing industry. To determine how the Amish can reap the benefits of this industry without sacrificing their religious integrity, this paper provides a discussion concerning Amish tourism and identifies ways that it can meet the needs of the present residents without compromising…. [read more]

Evolution of International Tourism Term Paper

… Evolution of International Tourism Citation

Thailand Tourism: negative environmental and social impact of tourism

Thailand has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There were approximately ten million visitors to the country in 1999. (the benefits and problems of mass tourism) Recent studies also indicate that this figure is increasing. Last year Thailand attracted "...15 million overseas visitors...contributing more than 6% of the national economy..." (Smale W.) source:

The main attractions of this area for tourism are related to the natural beauty and cultural interest of the country. This includes the pristine rainforests and islands and other natural facets of the region.

One of the central tourist attractions is the unique culture and heritage of the Thai population. Therefore it is…. [read more]

Symbolizes the Sum Total Term Paper

… It gives support to local handicrafts and cultural activities. People undertake travel to learn about our cultural heritage and traditions. Country like India has a rich cultural past. Man made wonders like the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Havamahal, Bibi ka Makbara etc. attract a large number of tourists. Artistic stone carvings in the temples of south India, Ajanta, Ellora and the Elephanta caves are attraction centres round the year. Life style of the communities and the tribes living in the villages are also a source of attraction to the people living in the urban areas. Sometimes, people travel for religious purposes. Every religion has special places of worship.

It is a regular practice for people in India to undertake these pilgrimages. Buddhists visit Gaya, Hindu visit…. [read more]

Kaho Olawe Hawaii Destination Development Essay

… Hawaii

Support and maintain Hawaiian Culture

When considering the opening of the island of Kaho'olawe to more tourism, the Hawai'i Tourism Authority should first focus on the development of an educational center. This educational center will concentrate on the illustration of the culture, customs, beliefs, and norms of the natives of Hawai'i. Only from a firm foundation in cultural awareness and respect can a sustainable future for tourism development take place on the island of Kaho'olawe. The success of the educational center will lead to programs in sustainable tourism and sustainable development on Kaho'olawe.

Supporting and maintaining Hawaiian culture in tandem with developing the island reflects the traditional concept of the relationship between the human being and the environment. Hawaiian culture does not view people…. [read more]

Role of Tourism on Economic Sustainability in Japan Research Proposal

… ¶ … role of tourism on economic sustainability in Japan

General Economic Overview of Japan

With a gross domestic product of $4,290 billion, Japan is currently the fourth largest economy of the globe, after the European Union, the United States and China (Central Intelligence Agency, 2008). The economic growth has been basically sustained by the reproduction activities, basically materialized in "childbirth, education and socialization, along with the everyday revitalization of the labour force" (Hiroko, 2004). The state officials made increased efforts to sustain the industrial development and invested impressive sums of money into technological innovations. Japan still outperforms the United States in terms of total factor productivity growth. Japan also registers higher shares of investment in the gross domestic product than the average of most…. [read more]

Environmental Tourism/Eco-tourism the Hotel Sector in Malaysia Dissertation

… Environmental Tourism/eco-Tourism

The Hotel Sector in Malaysia

The work of Kasim (2007) entitled: "Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang Malaysia" reports that the link between tourism businesses and their impact to the environmental are often hidden or veiled by the promotion of tourism as a 'soft' industry. It is this that perhaps best explains the reason that few studies of these driver and the associated barriers in the operation of a corporation with the environment in mind and most specifically in developing countries is often an earner of foreign exchange. Kasim's work claims to narrow the gaps and provides evidence of the specific drivers of environmentalism in the hotel sector of Penang, Malaysia.

Through use of qualitative data gathered…. [read more]

Travel and Tourism Term Paper

… There are many reasons why tourism has remained steady. The most important is that advertising and public relations for tourism in Denmark has not flourished. Many countries promote glossy brochures and massive advertising campaigns to attract tourists. Denmark does not seem to go too far out of its way to promote itself as a tourist destination. Denmark's advertising does not capture the essence of what the country really has to offer.

Demographic research shows the country's key visitors are adults 18 to 50-something years old and from medium-to-high income levels, and 3) living two to four hours away by car. Business and family travel is the fastest growing travel segment in Europe right now. Denmark would benefit from positioning itself as both a family destination…. [read more]

Redefining Japanese Popular Culture Essay

… Japanese Culture

Coursetitle Coursenumber

The Shinkansen: Japan's Bullet Train

The Shinkansen, or "bullet train," started as one line in 1960s Japan but has since expanded to several lines running the length of Honshu, Japan's main island, as well as part of Kyushu, the third largest island located to the southwest. The bullet train connects Tokyo with other major cities. The cost is comparable to air travel within Japan but more convenient for many travelers. The Shinkansen is fast, safe and comfortable. The trains are famous for their punctuality and most trains depart on time to the second. The cars are spacious and quiet. The trains run at speeds averaging three hundred miles per hour and yet have an excellent safety record, with no fatal accidents…. [read more]

Contemporary Mass Media and Modern Communications Essay

… Communication and Information Management

Trends in Modern Mass Media and Impact on Society

Mass Media is a term that is used to refer to diversified media technologies such as radio, television and the Internet, which are used to reach a huge audience through mass communication. On the other hand, mass communication is defined as the use of one or more machines by a complex organization to generate public messages for large, scattered, and heterogeneous audiences. Mass media has experienced significant developments throughout the history of mankind to an extent that there is divergence of technologies used in this process such as broadcast media, digital media, print media, and outdoor media. In the past four decades, communication content has become a major issue in mass media…. [read more]

Co-Creation of Tourism Experience on Travel Guide and Booking Websites Research Paper

… ¶ … co-creation does not exist in tourism marketing today but is the future of the industry. The concept is investigated from multiple angles. Today's e-commerce tourism sites are sophisticated marketplaces but are incapable of providing a true co-creation experience. The algorithms to provide this true co-creation experience are in development, however. This article examines the convergence between these algorithms, customer relationship management, the experience economy and the concept of co-creation in tourism marketing with an eye towards a vision of the industry's future. While the scholars who have introduced the idea of co-creation to the tourism marketing literature may have made some spurious assumptions, their ideas are more ahead of their time than faulty.


The notion of co-creation in tourism is an interesting…. [read more]

Barbados Culture Research Paper

… From their point-of-view, slavery conditions had been greatly ameliorated and humanized in the 18th Century, and the harsher punishments were almost never applied in 1816. By that time, 92% of Barbadian slaves were creoles, and almost all the other leaders of the rebellion were native-born blacks, especially drivers and supervisors on the plantations (Beckles 2001: 6). In all, there were 77,000 slaves in Barbados in 1816, 16,000 whites and 3,000 free coloreds, although the latter mostly sided with the whites during the revolt and even fought with the militia. Whites were prepared to fight to the death as well, recalling the slave revolt in Haiti that had exterminated most of the planters there, and blamed outside abolitionist agitators like William Wilberforce for instigating the slaves…. [read more]

Small Place, Jamaica Kincaid Fulfills Term Paper

… Even from the British perspective, ironically, Kincaid has overcome oppression via the written word. She raises awareness about issues that few tourists would otherwise consider. For example, Kincaid takes it upon herself to tell readers -- who are prospective tourists -- that their money takes away from the local economy. Tourism dollars are not spent on rebuilding roads and schools. Instead, they are used to make tourists more comfortable while the native Antiguans are poor and angry. Kincaid understands the continuity between the colonial and post-colonial governments.

Kincaid's solace in literature becomes her political platform. Her memoir is Kincaid's contribution to Antigua, and not just to the canon of literature or post-colonial discourse. These contributions are important, but Kincaid's message is clearly about her niche…. [read more]

Globalization of Hybrid Cultures Argentine Term Paper

… The more commercialized and heightened the internet grows in Latin America, the worse the marginality and dependence of this population grow.

The height of enthusiasm for the internet also raised computer sales and internet connectivity in Latin America. While more and more networks are established and provide connections in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and in the rest, many of the people hail the internet as the "key to the future" and the mark of modernity itself (Everett). Its capabilities have been lauded. The Red Cientifica Peruana swore that the current information explosion, globalization and constant change are the keys to professional success. And the internet's magnificent feature for creating "virtual communities," among others, fires enthusiasm of many.

Latin America is enticed by…. [read more]

Social and Cultural Impacts Term Paper

… Moreover, these questionnaires were intended to give a more accurate picture of how a new eco-tourism enterprise could exceed its corporate needs and expectations, such that a new niche could be identified.

It is evident that corporate traveling is a segment of the hospitality industry with a high financial potential and one that can also sustain growth, due to the intrinsic need to meet their customers' or employees' business demands. Consequently, encouraging corporate businesses to participate in the development of eco-tourism hotels would, in my view, give organizations a new dimension through which to help the environment and to follow the necessary codes of ethics. In addition, incorporating the needs of corporate travelers would allow a better understanding of what can be done to stimulate…. [read more]

Popularity of Foreign Restaurant: Consumer Literature Review

… 8m visitors to Thailand last year -- up 7.3 per cent on 1997 -- passed through Bangkok." (Cooke, 1999)

Additionally, according to Cooke (1999), "One of the pleasures of Bangkok is eating. While there are Thai restaurants on virtually every street corner, the capital also has a wealth of other cuisines on offer. A number of the more unusual establishments are tucked away near the leading hotels by the river. Prachak, on the New Road between The Oriental and Shandri-La, is a modest-looking restaurant specializing in Teochiu cuisine. The Teochiu, originally from around Swatow in southern China, are the dominant Chinese group in Thailand. The pig's trotters at the Prachak are said to be among the best in the country. For the brave, duck liver…. [read more]

Promoting Cultural Heritage Literature Review

… Moreover, in spite its strategic partnership with Elephantstay, an international organization committed to elephant conservation and ongoing support from the Thai government, the Royal Kraal at Ayutthaya needs additional resources to fulfill its mission of rescuing and caring for an increasingly endangered, aging elephant population in Thailand. The Royal Kraal's mission is important because the elephant population in Thailand is regarded by international conservation agencies such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Species Survival Commission Asian Elephant Specialist Group as being endangered, having been in a state of steady decline since the 1970s (Reading & Miller 2000).

Fortunately, the plight of these and other aging elephants was recognized by Laithongrien Meepan who founded the Prakochaban Foundation in 1995. With initial support from this…. [read more]

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