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Mass Transit Transportation Is Important for Long-Run Term Paper

… Mass transit transportation is important for long-run economic growth. For example, in many cities, the economic cost of the commuting time is huge. By lifting this issue, it would bring a significant improvement in the economy's efficiency.

From there, it is apparent that the economic and military power of a nation has been closely tied to efficient methods of transportation. Transportation provides access to natural resources and promotes trade. This allows a nation to gain wealth and power. "The movement of people within urban areas using group travel technologies such as buses and trains. The essential feature of mass transportation is that many people are carried in the same vehicle (e.g., buses) or collection of attached vehicles (trains). This makes it possible to move people…. [read more]

Transportation Economics Essay

… Transportation Economics

Despite the fact that NAFTA was passed under the leadership of a Democratic president, it became a contentious issue in the race for the Democratic primary of 2010: Barak Obama said he opposed the basic principles of NAFTA, while Hillary Clinton supported them. NAFTA has been one of the most controversial trade treaties in recent memory, despite the fact that it has been estimated to have increased U.S. GDP by as much as .5% a year. NAFTA eliminated trade barriers in critical areas of international commerce: for example, Mexican agricultural products, which were once subject to heavy tariffs, became much cheaper for American consumers (Amadeo 2010).

Imported oil from Mexico and Canada became much cheaper for the U.S. -- and thus NAFTA reduced…. [read more]

Transportation Security in the United States Research Proposal

… Transportation - Security


The Historical Evolution of Contemporary Transportation Security Issues

Airline Hijacking and Attacks on Transportation as Political Terrorism:

The first hijacking of a passenger airliner for the express purpose of influencing national or geopolitical events was the 1968 overtaking of an Israeli flight from Rome, Italy to Tel Aviv, Israel on July 22, 1968 by the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO).

Previously, numerous airline hijackings had occurred, but only for the purposes of either securing a monetary ransom or (more commonly) for the purpose of transportation.

Typically, prior hijackings involved the temporary takeover and diversion of a passenger airline flight as a means of transporting the hijackers to a specific destination; given the relations between the United…. [read more]

Effects of the Americans With Disabilities Act in Regards to Transportation Term Paper

… Transportation and the Effects of the Americans With Disabilities Act

In a society concerned, above all, with inclusiveness, the Americans with Disabilities Act is designed to improve the lives of those with physical or mental impairments. Passed in 1990, the act was intended as yet another step in the fulfillment of the promise of civil rights for all that was enshrined in various civil rights acts, notably in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While the earlier pieces of legislation addressed primarily discrimination on the basis of race, religion, and gender, the Americans with Disabilities Act took into consideration the special challenges faced by those with physical and mental handicaps that precluded their full participation in everyday life.

Disabled individuals face numerous difficulties in public…. [read more]

American Transportation Policy Robert Jay Dilger Essay

… American Transportation Policy

Robert Jay Dilger

Transportation is recognized for the indispensable role it has and in hope that it will become more effective, certain people have produced debates regarding whether it is the private sector or the public sector that should be given total authority over the business. Governments were often criticized for intervening in certain industries, given that in most cases they failed to competently manage the segment they were leading. It is difficult to determine whether governments would do a good job at taking care of transportation, since there are numerous variables involved in this matter.

While governments in particular countries have successfully managed to administer fields that are typically run by the private sector, others have failed severely at doing such…. [read more]

Airline Transportations on Economy Impacts Essay

… A part of this income will be saved and the rest will be spent, depending on propensity to consume (c) and propensity to save (s). The change in consumption ?C=c. Y creates new income for other market entities who consume a part of it and save the rest. The total multiplier effect in its simple version can be computed as ?. Y = ?Y / s, where ? is a multiplier. As a result of this induced impacts equal the sum of direct and indirect impacts multiplied by the multiplier: N = ?. (D + I), that is N = ?. (D + a.D).

Catalytic impacts (C) are a very wide and diverse group. They are defined as "net economic effects (e.g. On employment, incomes,…. [read more]

great depression recession transportation policy Literature Review

… But by drawing the links between the economy and political decision-making, and examining the way that the political decision-making processes have evolved with respect to transportation infrastructure spending, we can sketch out a basic understanding of how the state of the economy ' at least outlying economic events ' can influence public policy making with respect to investment in transportation infrastructure. Monetary policy events are less overt, but the Great Recession monetary policy response will certainly provide fuel for future research on the impact it has had on private sector transportation investment.


Bivens, J. (2014) The short- and long-term impact of infrastructure investments on employment and economic activity in the US economy. Economic Policy Institute. Retrieved February 24, 2018 from

Blitz, M. (2017).…. [read more]

Pan Am Airline Important Term Paper

… All of Pan Americans early planes were sea planes because it was difficult to construct reliable runways and due to the reliability of the sea lanes. One of the more innovative ways that Pan Am was able to gain new roots was to be the first to venture into a region and set up landing and loading permits. Juan Trippe secures the first cross-Atlantic routes by forging agreements with England and France, then he devised a method for using the marked sea lanes and an extensive use of landing sights to fly passengers to China and other eastern ports. By 1937, when the airline had only been in operation for ten years, they were flying planes to every continent except Africa and Antarctica (PBS, 2012).…. [read more]

Toyota's Prius With the Increased Term Paper

… The typical Prius consumer is thought to have more concern for the environment then transportation yet wants to maintain their lifestyle. These would be high levels of professionals who work at managerial level who can afford the price Prius offers. These includes executives, sponsors, corporations and institutions etc. [PR Newswire. July 20, 2000].

Positioning the product: In order to position their products, Prius was designed to positioned itself using its technology and design. The selling point is based on the range of 560 miles coverage from a 11-gallon tank. Furthermore it also has the efficiency of a German diesel engine of 65 mpg, 115 bhp. With two motors and electronic gadget the car is designed to secure the luxury market as well as efficiency market…. [read more]

Women Friendly Transportation System Term Paper

… ¶ … Public Transportation for Women

Women Friendly Transportation System

Many cities throughout the world are making efforts to make taxi services more women-friendly. Both men and women utilize taxi services in many large cities, especially in areas they are not familiar with. In a sense, utilizing a taxi service can be scary, because the individual may not be familiar with the area that the taxi driver is driving them through or what they will run into along the way, but in most cases, taking a taxi seems like the safe way to go for individuals who don't know their way around or don't want to fight heavy traffic. In the United States, taxi services are more readily utilized in large cities such as Chicago,…. [read more]

Fac tors influencing the transportation economics Term Paper

… However, they have had to combine some of the elements of the traditional carriers with the LCC elements all in one in order to meet the contemporary demand after the recession.
The global recession affected the business networks and carriers which kept losing clients due to high fares. The carriers hence had to start offering cheaper airline tickets in order to survive after the recession hit the industry. The LCC have started to modify their business model in order to keep afloat, indeed some of them have reemerged as hybrid model where they borrow elements of other business models that are deemed suitable for the development of their own business models (Vince D. & Stimac I., 2018). Generally, even though the recession led to the…. [read more]

Sea Cargo Transportation Term Paper

… Aeronautics

Sea Cargo Transportation

Ocean freight companies have been transporting goods across the seas, from continent to continent, as cost effectively as possible for many years. Ocean freight shipping can help a company's bottom line if their product is non-perishable and is not time sensitive. Ocean shipping can be used whether a business is looking to export its goods, or import goods for use or resale. Deciding on the right ocean freight company to use can be complicated. There are customs rules and regulations that have to be taken into consideration, along with a long list of other factors that don't come into play when standard air shipping methods are used. In order to start using ocean freight one should start by looking at how…. [read more]

Transportation Motor Carriers Have Populated Term Paper

… Onboard cameras can also video record any unusual occurrences, a detriment to thieves and nefarious characters who wish to abscond with ill-gotten gains.

The final two considerations that trucking companies in the future will attempt to fulfill include capacity and flexibility. With the earlier consolidations and mergers, many of today's carriers have a much greater capacity to haul loads across the United States. Large corporations who are in need of that capacity will likely contract with carriers who can give them a fair price, reliable shipping, and the capacity to handle large shipments. Carriers who are flexible with regard to those factors will also be the most successful, while those carriers who do not adapt to the more competitive environment will likely find themselves on…. [read more]

Human Factors Engineering Documented Evidence Term Paper

… Human Factors Engineering

Documented evidence shows that human error contributes at least seventy percent of commercial aircraft hull-loss accidents. Even as being linked with flight operations, human error has turned into a major issue in air traffic management and maintenance practices. At Boeing, professionals on human factors work with pilots, mechanics and engineers to employ the most up-to-date knowledge regarding the connection between the condition of commercial airplanes and human performance. This enables operators to increase efficiency and enhance safety in their every day operations.

The expression "human factors" has progressively become more popular because commercial aviation businesses have become fully cognizant that human error, instead of mechanical breakdown, causes a majority of aviation incidents and accidents. Human factors, if taken in a narrow manner,…. [read more]

Transportation in the Supply Chain Case Study

… Around 14% of the bulk movement of commerce within the United States moves throughbarge. Three major types of barge are used on the inland as well as intracoasatal waterways. These are an open hopper, one covered by dry cargo and tank barge. In Brinkmann two types of barge are used which are the tank barge and thecovered dry cargo barge.

This mode of transport is quite effective since its manatainance cost is less compared to corresponding costs of road or rail. The most important factor about this mode of transport is the fact that it provides service that is environmentally friendly.

Ocean transportation

This is a method of transport that involves carrying of people or goods using large boats, ships or snail boats across water…. [read more]

Rezoning of Hudson Yard Term Paper

… Proper development of the MTA rail yards.

More than 10 acres of public open spaces and new parks.

That level of rezoning would take time to adjust to, and had to also be planned around making sure people could get access to the various areas that had been rezoned. Without proper mass transit access, the project could become a colossal and highly expensive failure. Fortunately, the city also had a plan for the No. 7 subway line, so people could get to the newly developed area when it was completed.

The value of that was significant to the overall value of the entire project, and something without which the project would not be able to go forward successfully.

Improvement of Mass Transit Access

With the…. [read more]

Transit Projects a Guide for Practitioners" Chapters Essay

… ¶ … Transit projects a guide for practitioners" chapters 10 -11 provide two modeling approaches and explain how they could be used in the study of transportation problems? Define and explain each approach that you have chosen. 2) Explain the New Starts program and its potential benefits and weaknesses. Would you implement such a program if you were the president? What would and wouldn't you change?

Transportation Problems and Analysis and the New Starts Program

Approaches to modeling transportation systems are many. Depending on the needs of the system and the restrictions and limitations of that system, almost anything can be accomplished though ingenuity and system flexibility. Each analysis will vary depending on many factors including time of day, types of vehicles being analyzed, and…. [read more]

Electric Hybrid Cars vs. Gas Powered Term Paper

… Electronic/Hybrid Cars vs. Gas PCs

One of the most profound social questions of the modern day is the nature of the market addition on fossil fuel usage. Within the global economy the fossil fuel industry, and the worlds dependence on it has driven prices of fuel to enormous levels contributing to a global market situation where a very few hold a growing percentage of wealth and the rest must struggle to eek out an existence with what's left. "Today, more than half the world's population lives on less than $2 per day, and almost 1.1 billion people live in extreme poverty, defined as less than $1 per day."

Rice, 76) Though this may seem divergent of the topic at hand, which is global dependence on…. [read more]

Trucking vs. Railways in Supply Chain Context Term Paper

… Main findings of this study are:

• A premium money back guarantee may be offered for the domestic intermodal shipments to diversify clientele. Although it is merely on the lanes but it is felt by BNSF that it can perform quite well, a signal is sent by it to the customers that the firm is very thoughtful about being punctual. The intermodal companies have been able to get new customers as well with the help of the guarantees.

• When it comes to the working together of the railroads the reliability gets very difficult. It has been noticed quite often that reliability is not always very high in case of the single line shipments with the interline shipment.

• Load centering which is a place…. [read more]

NY Railroads Improve Transportation? The Varied Communities Term Paper

… ¶ … NY railroads improve transportation?

The varied communities that existed in the state of New York demonstrated a frontier existence, excluding the states largest city, New York itself. The economic growth the entire state experienced as a result of railroad infrastructure can be seen in the exponential growth of the relatively rural cities in its borders that went from populations of sustained and slow growth to urban centers teaming with industry. One example of just such a growth pattern, as a direct result of railroad proliferation is the city of Oneonta, established in 1796, with a population of 1,416 (1820) that achieved steady growth until 1865 when the population began to increase exponentially to the end year calculations of 8,910 people in 1900. In…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Demand for Suvs, Hybrids Research Paper

… For drivers who need large utility vehicles like trucks for works, hybrid technology has proved to be disappointing. Overall, the "the hybrid has a greatly-reduced towing capacity and payload, which is most likely due to the addition of the electric motor and batteries" ("Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid trucks," Cars Direct, 2009). Given the higher initial purchase cost with reduced power, this has caused many to go with the non-hybrid option if they use their vehicles commercially and must rely on the vehicle in all weathers to do heavy-duty activities.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, statistics indicate that it is relatively low for hybrids. "Only 35% of hybrid car owners bought a hybrid again when they purchased a new vehicle in 2011" (Kim 2012).…. [read more]

Westjet vs. Air Canada Why Westjet Will Win Dissertation

… ¶ … airline industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years due in part to the horsewhipping it experienced following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The ongoing global economic downturn and high energy prices have added further constraints to airline performance. In this environment, it is not surprising that airlines that are agile and nimble in their response to changing market conditions will enjoy a competitive advantage, and this has certainly been the case with WestJet's performance compared to the struggling Air Canada airlines. By providing the flying public with no-frills, low-cost regional and international alternatives, WestJet has not only survived during this turbulent period, it has also gained market share from Air Canada, continuing the bleeding of this former industry leader. The…. [read more]

Hybrid Cars Term Paper

… Hybrid Cars

The marketing strategy of hybrid cars has been twofold in its purpose. First the consumer is sold on the product as a result of the reduced cost of operating a hybrid car, based on the fact that hybrid models as compared to traditional combustion powered cars of the same size and type can be as much as 20-30 miles per gallon more efficient. The second aspect of marketing is that the environmental impact of hybrid cars is far lower than standard combustion engines and therefore desirable to many. These two factors and the marketing strategy surrounding them coupled with growing consumer concern about fuel costs (which are higher than they have ever been) and a growing sense of consumer desire to protect the…. [read more]

Macroeconomics Cases Study New Sports Stadium Case Study

… Macroeconomics Cases Study

New Sports Stadium

The claims by backers of this project may not be objective or accurate. That is because most of the "quality" jobs the project creates will be transitory in nature, such as the construction jobs during its construction. Thereafter, most of the types of jobs necessary to run the new stadium will be unskilled, semi-skilled, and minimum-wage jobs such as ticket booth workers, private security, maintenance and grounds cleanup, parking attendants, and refreshment stand workers. Those are not the type of "quality" jobs that will help the community. Furthermore, there are significant quality-of-life costs associated with the new stadium. For example, high-profile professional sports events almost always cause traffic congestion in their vicinity. Likewise, they absorb community resources such as…. [read more]

Problems With Cockpit Automation the Impact of Very Light Jets on Fbo Term Paper

… ¶ … cockpit automation / the impact of very light jets on FBOs


Problems with cockpit automation / the impact of very light jets on FBOs

Paper-1 Problems with cockpit automation

This paper analyzes the pitfalls of automation within the cockpit. Today automation has become more widespread than ever before, especially within the aviation industry, and automation as such is more often than not being blamed for causing great harm, although inadvertently, by increasing the chances for human error, especially when the human being starts to depend on the computer to solve his problems for him. Several experiments have been conducted to find out the depth of this problem of automation and its advantages and disadvantages and to find out whether automation may be…. [read more]

Ethics in Southwest Airlines Term Paper

… Ethics in Southwest Airlines

An Overview of the Business Ethics of Southwest airlines

How Southwest Airlines handle the various crises?

The ethical responsibility of southwest today and for the future

Ethics in South West Airlines

How can one single company enjoy so much success in its chosen field of operations? What is the business ethics of the company that has it one of the chosen best among hundreds of others and has it listed in a most coveted position as one of the best corporate companies of the world? The business ethics of the company must be analyzed in detail to gain answers to these questions and in this paper we have provided an overview of the business ethics of Southwest Airlines. The Southwest Airlines…. [read more]

HS2, or High Speed Essay

… HS2, or High Speed 2, is a proposed high-speed railway expansion between London, the Midlands, and the North of England, with a later potential expansion into Scotland. High Speed Railways, as a concept, have been growing all over the EU since the 1980s. Germany, France and Spain have been aggressive leaders in this field, believing that for Europe to be truly united economically, the transportation system must be robust enough to encourage travel between countries and between longer distances within countries. In Britain, the first High Speed Line ran from London through the Channel Tunnel, a 108 km distance. In fact, Britain's railway infrastructure dates primarily from the Victorian era, which does not permit operating speeds above 201 km/h. Movement within Britain and the need…. [read more]

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