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Art During Renaissance the Evolution Thesis

… Comparisons of Renaissance and Medieval Art

There are a number of comparisons that can be made between Renaissance and Medieval Art. For example, medieval art's colors are mostly drab and dull because the pigments are mixed with egg yolk. They also have more religious aspects to them. Renaissance art is more realistic and the colors are a lot richer. Moreover, the focus of medieval art was primarily on religion; very focused on creating symbols of Christian concepts/values and not concerned with realism. Renaissance art is very focused on realism; on portraying things as they look in nature. In part, the realism of Renaissance art is attributable to the use of linear perspective in painting. As previously noted, there was a diminished focus on religion; however,…. [read more]

Art Book Intro and Conclusion Art Compilation Essay

… Art Book Intro and Conclusion

Art Compilation Book Introduction

Art is taking the archetypical forms of the mind and giving those forms a physical existence. There is no greater example of this truth than modern art. Modern artists challenged the definition of art by removing the expectation of reality and the limitations of society and creating images purely from the mind. These transformations may seem strange or even controversial to many, but that is the intent of the modern artist, to articulate and form the purest archetypical creations imaginable. In doing this, modern art challenges the definitions of form, material, content, and detail to create unimaginable masterpieces.

The primary way that modern artists challenge the societal definition of art is through form. Whereas once artists…. [read more]

Art of Math Term Paper

… Mathematics and Art

Mathematics is often treated as a distant and very different discipline from the arts, but in fact the arts make use of mathematics in a number of ways. The relationship between mathematics and music should be evident, while the relationship between mathematics and the graphic arts may be less apparent. Paintings, drawings, and designs can be analyzed according to mathematical principles to see ways in which the artist balances different shapes and forms according to mathematical principles or draws on mathematical theory for inspiration. The art of different periods may reflect different mathematical ideas and give more or less emphasis to these ideas, but in some degree, art is always based on mathematics in that math explains relationships, identifies what would be…. [read more]

Mathematics and Art Research Paper

… This is a fairly new field, which may fall under another fairly new field, called Software Studies, which has been pioneered by Lev Manovich. Both men are highly educated and on the cutting edge of their respective studies and activities, making data visualization a hot topic and a fashionable trend that continues to gain in popularity and in utility.

There are professionals throughout the world who ask and argue whether or not data visualization is art because it is driven and contingent upon data, which is mathematical and scientific in nature. No matter where the visualization comes from, it is a form of expression that is expressed artistically and with great consideration for aesthetics.

In addition to the data visualization itself, there is a whole…. [read more]

Art History of the 21st Century Essay

… Art History & the 21st Century

French writer Charles Peguy commented in 1913 that, "the world has changed less since the time of Jesus Christ than it has in the last thirty years"

.This was the beginning of modernism, a time of significant change in the world that was illustrated at the World's Fairs, "those festivals of high machine-age capitalism in which nation after nation showed off its industrial strength and the breadth of its colonial resources"

In 1889, the Eiffel Tower was the magnificent construction of the World's Fair in Paris -- designed by an engineer rather than an architect, a decision that was frowned upon by the Beaux-Arts architects; but engineer Gustave Eiffel, created an iconic piece of functional art inspired by the…. [read more]

Art History of the Western Term Paper

… In contrasting the Mona Lisa to the High Renaissance portrait of Raphael's Baldassare Castiglione, a number of obvious differences become apparent. First, the portrait by Raphael is against a plan cloth-drop background. The Mona Lisa has a complex dreamlike landscape behind the figure of the Mona Lisa. The lines are more harsh throughout the portrait, though it still shows many of the wonderful aspects of portraits in Renaissance art, such as the move towards real flesh-tones and anatomically correct figures. The Castilgione, of course, is well documented as the subject of his portrait, while the Mona Lisa is still arguably another woman, or more than one person morphed together, it is unknown. The choice by Raphael to paint Castiglion is significant; this subject is one…. [read more]

Mathematics as a Creative Art Term Paper

… Mathematics as Creative Art

P.K. Halmos waxes poetic about mathematics, claiming that not only does mathematics present practical value but also that "mathematics is an art" (p. 379). Envisioning mathematics as art affirms the creative potential of math and acknowledges the myriad ways math becomes manifest in everyday life. What Halmos refers to as "mathophysics" includes the applied principles of "mathology." Moreover, Halmos claims that "mathematics is very much alive today," a statement as true in 1968 when Halmos wrote "Mathematics as a Creative Art" as it is in 2006 (p. 380).

As a math teacher married to a painter, I especially relate to Halmos' comparison of the role of the mathematician to the role of the visual artist. The mathematician's role, like that of…. [read more]

Mathematics on Artists Essay

… ¶ … Art

Mathematical Perspective In The Art Of The Italian Renaissance

As a cultural phenomenon, the Renaissance period which lasted between 1450 and circa 1540 produced a cluster of extraordinary artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Titian, all of whom were masters of the artistic styles that preceded them dating back to the Medieval period and were artists of such high magnitude that their various works of art, especially in painting, rendered everything else as obsolete. In essence, these Renaissance masters created a new profession based on individual expression and a clear understanding of the natural world and man's place within it. In addition, these giants of Western art utilized a number of new techniques which had only been…. [read more]

Modernism: Depth Analysis European Art Essay

… Though the basics were few, he altered the structure of each of the elements in such a way that he was able to generate a dissimilar artistic from each. It was in this advanced old-fashioned of his work that Mondrian work all the way until his hands scalded or he made himself cry. All through this time, he was also painting and rearranging his Manhattan studio apartment in an alike grid and block design, which he altered and re-painted upon accomplishment off assured paintings or projects. (Schwartz 2008).

In conclusion, modernism proved to be a period that was a movement in art that expressed what was going on during that era. In specific, the growth of modern industrial societies and the fast development of cities…. [read more]

Art of Comparison: Two Treatments of Judith Essay

… ¶ … Art of Comparison:

Two Treatments of Judith and Holofernes

Often, in the history of art, certain themes are portrayed again and again. Throughout much of Western History, religion provided a source of artistic inspiration. The Biblical story of Judith and Holofernes was portrayed by numerous artists. The story of Judith and Holofernes offers features that appeal to the macabre imagination. It is also a tale of victory over superior odds. Right triumphs over might -- a "mere widow" defeats a great empire and saves her people and city from foreign conquest. Thus, Judith and Holofernes contains elements that speak to different generations. Each age can see a similar, yet varying, message in the timeless tale. In Matteo di Giovanni and Antiveduto Grammatica approach…. [read more]

Art and Mathematics Are Related Research Paper

… ¶ … art and mathematics are related and that this relation could be used to the advantage of educators to overcome student anxiety regarding mathematics and, in particular, difficult geometry concepts

Outline the basic topics to be covered in the study

What is hyperbolic geometry?

Who is MC Escher?

How does Escher's work relate to hyperbolic geometry?

How to design an appropriate, useful, and successful class project that integrates art and mathematics

What Is Hyperbolic Geometry?

Explain the historical development of hyperbolic geometry.

Explain what a Poincare disk is.

Explain how distance is illustrated in Euclidean geometry.

Explain how distance is handled in non-Euclidean geometry

Context: Who Is M.C. Escher?

Provide simple biographical information about M.C. Escher.

Draw a relationship between a Poincare disk and…. [read more]

Aesthetic Appeal of Mathematics Term Paper

… Mathematics

From conch shells to chrysanthemums: nature abounds with spectacular arrays of geometrical forms. Their visual forms can be translated into mathematical equations, enabling an intellectual understanding of the ways such geometric forms are created and replicated throughout the visual world. Translating visual forms into equations does more than satisfy thirst for computation, though. As the "science of total intellectual order," mathematics enables human beings to perceive order in the universe, to see neither a random collection of petals nor a smelly set of sea creatures ("Patterns, Order, and Chaos," p. 189). In addition to helping human beings perceive natural order in a frequently chaotic universe, mathematics also encourages several key functions including generalization, idealization, and abstraction. The equations the mathematician conceives can be applied…. [read more]

Dee: The Shape of Things Creative Writing

… In fact, her emotionless control of Adam's life and sculpting of his form and will indicates that she may well be a psychopath. However, her peculiar installment could be evocative of vanitas, because it is aimed at exposing society's meaningless attachment to The Shape of Things.

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (A) is a densely packed play, structured in two acts and seven scenes. The title is connected to the symbolically conveyed garden from Sidley Park, which is an ambivalent symbol for the primordial environment as Lady Croom perceives it, namely in accordance with the classical outlook, which nevertheless cannot elude the disorder inherent in human life, as individuals adversely impact the natural environment, even in the attempts to better acknowledge it, namely through the picturesque…. [read more]

Interactive Art Essay

… Interactive art is an artistic piece that promotes interaction between the spectator and the artistic work. Spectators influence the piece by movement, body heat, or by direct interaction from standing or walking on it, in it, or around it. One piece of particular interest is David Rozen's 'Wooden Mirror'.

In this paper, we will discuss the history, definition, and influences of interactive art. David Rozen and his piece "Wooden Mirror" will also be discussed.

Definition of Interactive Art

The definition of Interactive art must be truly broken down to get an accurate description of what it means. Interaction is a mutual or copying action or influence. The relationship between the art, artist, surrounding, and audience are important variable in defining art. Three categories are used…. [read more]

Politics and Art Term Paper

… Politics and art have gone hand-in-hand from the earliest times. Politics has had an impact on art, and artists have made an impact on political structure. During times of unrest, especially, art becomes a political message as a motivational or propaganda tool. The decades prior to and immediately after the Russian Revolution, for example, shows how art relates to the social circumstances visa versa. Artist's works played a critical role at this time in order to provide more information on the changing philosophy and create a new society.

Artists such as Ivan Kramskoy, for example, were involved with the ideological structure that represented Russian realism in the 1860s, a decade of reform and renovation. This liberal stage of the movement, reflecting the intelligentsia's efforts to…. [read more]

Venus in Art Term Paper

… This painting indeed conveys to the viewer feelings of delight and joy.

Another artist who produced works that depicted the birth of Aphrodite was the French painter JA.D. Ingres. Ingres' work is considered more classical in form that Boucher's version and is part of the artistic movement known as Neoclassicism. In addition, Ingres' work draws inspiration from the past as he depicted her as she emerges from the sea.

Various representations of Aphrodite became popular especially during the 19th century. Not all of the paintings, however, attempted to communicate a serious, intellectual purpose. One example of this trend is Adolphe Bouguereau's Birth of Venus. The work itself is more dynamic than the formal, classical-feeling Venus Anadyomene of Ingres but with a much lighter feel.

The…. [read more]

Lighting Techniques in Art Term Paper

… An example of this are the sculpted figures in the portal of the cathedral at Reims, where the figures are not so much a part of the architecture, but rather independent sculptures of their own accord, which are worked into the building. The mannerisms of human forms were exaggerated greatly into a very elegant style, and realism in subjects came into play, both of which would continue into the styles of the Renaissance.

The Renaissance era began between the 1300's and 1400's in Italy. Artists began to make a transition from artisan alone to also study intellectual pursuits such as mathematics and philosophy. A renewal of Classical antiquity akin to the art from before the fall of Rome was discovered, while bringing in some of…. [read more]

Art History Raphael's Career Term Paper

… Within the study of art history, it is accepted that one of the defining characteristics of the Renaissance is the use of perspective. Art historians concur that one of the many reasons why Raphael is considered so talented and revered is due to his masterful understanding and use of perspective.

The Renaissance use of perspective reached its apogee at around 1500, as represented by the incandescent work of Raphael. In a career that paralleled that of Masolino, Raphael started his oeuvre painting Madonnas of unequalled grace and composure. Later in his short life (he died at 37), he produced some of the most imposing perspective compositions of the Renaissance, representing a kind of culmination of a century of perspective exploration. Unlike most of his predecessors,…. [read more]

Chinese Mathematics in Ancient China Term Paper

… As a result, there is scant trace of the advanced knowledge that characterized ancient Chinese mathematics.


Much of modern mathematics today emerges as re-discoveries of principles and techniques already applied by the ancient Chinese. Pascal's Triangle, for example, was already in use as early as the 13th century in China. The Chinese had also unknowingly employed the mathematical principles of the ancient Greeks before these works were rediscovered by European mathematicians like Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Despite their early advancement, however, there is little evidence of any ancient Chinese principles on mathematics today. In contrast, ancient Arabic and Hindu principles can be discerned in the techniques and number notation system employed today.

In addition to the destruction of ancient Chinese mathematical texts, the decline of…. [read more]

Mathematics George Cantor Term Paper

… When people began to understand that mathematics could influence everything from photography to art and science, they took a greater interest in mathematics and philosophical thought, which in turn led to even more innovation and scientific thinking. In fact, today, many scientists and mathematicians feel Cantor's work represented a real paradigm shift, or a radical change in mathematical and philosophical thought ("Cantor"). Two of his lasting models that showed his theories were "Cantor's Comb," which showed all points were disconnected from each other, and "Cantor's Dust," which calls these disconnected sets "fractal dust" (Breen). Cantor's work really revolutionized mathematics, and encouraged people to think philosophically about just what numbers really were.

Unfortunately, Cantor's mental health deteriorated as he aged, and he had several nervous breakdowns…. [read more]

Bauhaus After World War I Term Paper

… Poet and critic Vincent Katz, who wrote about the school, stressed that Rice envisioned an educational collective run by its teachers with input from the students instead of directives from a governing board. Students at the deliberately nonaccredited school took the courses they wanted and, when they felt ready to graduate, requested an examination to be administered by someone outside the college.

Black Mountain was not planned as an art school -- courses were always offered in science and mathematics -- but Rice believed the arts held a central place in a liberal arts education. The courses included painting, writing, drawing, constructions and assemblages, weaving, music, drama, architecture, photography, typography dance and design. Like the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College was a center for cultural production.…. [read more]

Last Supper Leonardo Divinci Analysis Essay

… Conclusion

It can be concluded from the above discussion that the Leonardo tried to incorporate numerological clues to indicate that the room reflects the universe that is visible to man at whom the Christ is at the center. The three windows behind them provide an idea into the world of eternity or paradise and the Christ is at the perspective center of this point as well. Judas having a knife in his back is considerably saved by Leonardo as the knife is another traditional element in Last Supper paintings, which indicates the hostility of man to the traitor (Schramm, Schwarte and Lazardzig 2008, Veltman 2008, Dominiczak 2012). It further suggests the fact that Judas would die soon but at the first look, the hand holding…. [read more]

Humanities the Renaissance Period Changed Term Paper

… Universities should also upgrade their curriculum and inculcate an interdisciplinary approach covering practical situations according to the ever changing needs and times (Audsburg 2005).

The traditional approach defines of humanities as the study of human condition, using critical speculative or analytical approaches.

An alternate definition can be "Disciplines under Humanities help us comprehend and explain human experience of cultures, history, literature, art and ethics. The examination, review and understanding of an object created by humans or a factor that makes us human, the emerging thoughts and processes that take place within ourselves something deliberated, discussed and opinionated" (Humanities Council 2001).

Many businesses deem interdisciplinary skills not as a "nice to have" but a "must have" these days. Humanities and arts graduates attract employers as they…. [read more]

Mannerism, Like Every Period in Art Thesis

… Mannerism, like every period in art or cultural movement was tributary to its time and the place it emerged from. Some scholars frame the period of mannerism between 1520 and 1620, others between 1520 and 1600, depending on the art form. It is certain that it emerged in Italy, at the pique of Renaissance and led into Baroque. Mannerism is a period of individualism, intellectualism and to a certain extent, anti-classicism, but it never escaped the laws of the classic style, characterized by balance, even when things got out of proportion, perspective was intentionally misrepresented and mystery was the key ingredient introduced to appeal to a highly intellectual and advised target public.

The sixteenth century in Europe is characterized by spirit of adventure fuelled by…. [read more]

Italian Baroque Term Paper

… Italian Baroque

Art is the expression of artistic vision that carries the sign of the period of time when it was created. Baroque was born Italy from where it spread to France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. The term "Baroque" was coined by 19th century critics, and refers to the period that started in late 16th century and ended towards the late 1700s. The Baroque style, used in architecture, sculpture, painting embodied the scientific developments - such as advances in astronomy for example - that determined a shift in the European view of the world. In fact, the developments and abundant scientific literature of the 18th century became knows as the Age of Enlightenment, a time of great economic progress which in turn gave rise to…. [read more]

Renaissance: Byzantine to Humanistic Style Art Essay

… Leonardo was also interested in architecture, sculpture, music and drawings. His (would-be) sculpture of Charles II d’Amboise based on the Study of horse sketching from Leonardo’s journal and the wax model (which was as far as Leonardo got on that project) show the refinement in Leonardo’s design (Popham). His Vitruvian Man stands out as one of the most iconic drawings of all time, and his sketching of a fetus in the womb shows his keen sense of medical knowledge, too. His scientific drawings were studied for their anatomical correctness (Popham), and Michelangelo was one who would go on to follow in the footsteps of Leonardo by focusing on the muscles and anatomy of the human body when developing his most famous forms. In 1499, when…. [read more]

Artist in Cultural Phenomenon Term Paper

… As strange as it might seem, Aronofsky's film is meant to discuss the idea of abstract math. These are two concepts coming together and forming a paradox, as they practically enable viewers to understand that there is much more beyond calculations and simple mathematical formulae.

This film is not necessarily meant to discuss with regard to typical mathematical ideas. Instead, its producers wanted to address an intriguing idea regarding mathematics and science in general: the chaos theory. The motion picture's protagonist discovers a link between the chaos theory and the number Pi and this causes a great deal of individuals to express interest in his work. These respective people practically acknowledge the important role that this discovery could play for humanity as a whole and…. [read more]

Mathematics Learning Essay

… " (p. 1) The teacher as an instructor has the intended outcome for students of "skills mastery with correct performance." (Ernest, 1991. p. 1) Whereas the role of the teacher as an explainer has the intended outcome of "conceptual understanding with unified knowledge." (Ernest,, p. 1) Finally, the teacher as a facilitator has the intended outcome of "confident problem posing and solving." (Ernest, 1991, p. 1) Swan (2006) speaks of the traditional method of teaching mathematics and states that when it is reversed it is "builds on the knowledge that students already have" and additionally "exposes and discusses common misconceptions" and "uses higher-order questions." (p. 169) Swan additionally reports that traditionally teaching utilizes small group work and encourages "reasoning rather than 'answer getting' and uses…. [read more]

Mo Tzu and Fine Arts Term Paper

… Mo Tzu and Fine Arts

The United States has a long proud history of development and imagination. It is among their biggest possessions and exactly what will provide their workforce an edge in a progressively competitive international economic climate. However to do this, they have to prepare the top-of-the-line generation of creators, designers and developers. They acknowledge that this is vital for our schools to be instructing the young students in different ways to think outside the box and to resolve difficulties with innovative options. And policy makers and parents are worried since they see how the existing education system is falling short to offer our kids the devices they require reach their complete capacity (President's Committee, 2010).

Arts education is an option to resolving…. [read more]

Problem Solving in Mathematics GCSE Essay

… Not only that, the teacher should have certain beliefs and a positive attitude. Problem solving in this course would be developed effectively, if the student's right and wrong response is met with encouragement. Any sort of discouragement or negative feedback can render them incapable of solving further problems.

As for the students, their knowledge and background holds a lot of importance. Surely, if a student is more learned and has more knowledge, then his understanding of new concepts would be better as opposed to the different students. Learning habits, previous knowable experience and the environment also makes a lot of difference. If the student is constantly discouraged by his peers and his parents, then he might not be able to do well in the problem…. [read more]

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