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Dee: The Shape of Things Creative Writing

… In fact, her emotionless control of Adam's life and sculpting of his form and will indicates that she may well be a psychopath. However, her peculiar installment could be evocative of vanitas, because it is aimed at exposing society's meaningless attachment to The Shape of Things.

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (A) is a densely packed play, structured in two acts and seven scenes. The title is connected to the symbolically conveyed garden from Sidley Park, which is an ambivalent symbol for the primordial environment as Lady Croom perceives it, namely in accordance with the classical outlook, which nevertheless cannot elude the disorder inherent in human life, as individuals adversely impact the natural environment, even in the attempts to better acknowledge it, namely through the picturesque…. [read more]

Aesthetic Appeal of Mathematics Term Paper

… Mathematics

From conch shells to chrysanthemums: nature abounds with spectacular arrays of geometrical forms. Their visual forms can be translated into mathematical equations, enabling an intellectual understanding of the ways such geometric forms are created and replicated throughout the visual world. Translating visual forms into equations does more than satisfy thirst for computation, though. As the "science of total intellectual order," mathematics enables human beings to perceive order in the universe, to see neither a random collection of petals nor a smelly set of sea creatures ("Patterns, Order, and Chaos," p. 189). In addition to helping human beings perceive natural order in a frequently chaotic universe, mathematics also encourages several key functions including generalization, idealization, and abstraction. The equations the mathematician conceives can be applied…. [read more]

Mathematics as a Creative Art Term Paper

… Mathematics as Creative Art

P.K. Halmos waxes poetic about mathematics, claiming that not only does mathematics present practical value but also that "mathematics is an art" (p. 379). Envisioning mathematics as art affirms the creative potential of math and acknowledges the myriad ways math becomes manifest in everyday life. What Halmos refers to as "mathophysics" includes the applied principles of "mathology." Moreover, Halmos claims that "mathematics is very much alive today," a statement as true in 1968 when Halmos wrote "Mathematics as a Creative Art" as it is in 2006 (p. 380).

As a math teacher married to a painter, I especially relate to Halmos' comparison of the role of the mathematician to the role of the visual artist. The mathematician's role, like that of…. [read more]

Interactive Art Essay

… Interactive art is an artistic piece that promotes interaction between the spectator and the artistic work. Spectators influence the piece by movement, body heat, or by direct interaction from standing or walking on it, in it, or around it. One piece of particular interest is David Rozen's 'Wooden Mirror'.

In this paper, we will discuss the history, definition, and influences of interactive art. David Rozen and his piece "Wooden Mirror" will also be discussed.

Definition of Interactive Art

The definition of Interactive art must be truly broken down to get an accurate description of what it means. Interaction is a mutual or copying action or influence. The relationship between the art, artist, surrounding, and audience are important variable in defining art. Three categories are used…. [read more]

Venus in Art Term Paper

… This painting indeed conveys to the viewer feelings of delight and joy.

Another artist who produced works that depicted the birth of Aphrodite was the French painter JA.D. Ingres. Ingres' work is considered more classical in form that Boucher's version and is part of the artistic movement known as Neoclassicism. In addition, Ingres' work draws inspiration from the past as he depicted her as she emerges from the sea.

Various representations of Aphrodite became popular especially during the 19th century. Not all of the paintings, however, attempted to communicate a serious, intellectual purpose. One example of this trend is Adolphe Bouguereau's Birth of Venus. The work itself is more dynamic than the formal, classical-feeling Venus Anadyomene of Ingres but with a much lighter feel.

The…. [read more]

Bauhaus After World War I Term Paper

… Poet and critic Vincent Katz, who wrote about the school, stressed that Rice envisioned an educational collective run by its teachers with input from the students instead of directives from a governing board. Students at the deliberately nonaccredited school took the courses they wanted and, when they felt ready to graduate, requested an examination to be administered by someone outside the college.

Black Mountain was not planned as an art school -- courses were always offered in science and mathematics -- but Rice believed the arts held a central place in a liberal arts education. The courses included painting, writing, drawing, constructions and assemblages, weaving, music, drama, architecture, photography, typography dance and design. Like the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College was a center for cultural production.…. [read more]

Humanities Is a Branch Term Paper

… Much of this technology was not available in 1979, when the artists first conceived of the idea, and so, modern developments in lightweight fabric and steel tubing, plus innovative ways to bolt down and display the gates were all based in technologies that have evolved in the last few decades. They show how innovation and technology can affect all aspects of human life, including the humanities.

Politically, the artists faced opposition to their project, and were only able to erect it after they signed an agreement with the City of New York that was 43 pages long and also signed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. There were many political hurdles to overcome, including ensuring "The Gates" was safe enough for people to walk through as…. [read more]

Marcel Duchamp Essay

… Marcel Duchamps

Many art critics and commentators do not consider Marcel Duchamp's later works to be art at all, especially his Green Box. A common critique of his work is that it is nonsensical and does not fit into any accepted idea of art or aesthetic beauty. A number of critics and commentators state that his later works are simply not understandable as art. These criticisms are however part of the reason why his work has become so acclaimed in the art world. Furthermore, these criticisms point towards the most important aspect of his art. This refers to the fact that it is intended to be enigmatic and mysterious and to challenge the boundaries of what is conventionally understood as art.

One also has to…. [read more]

Art History Raphael's Career Term Paper

… Within the study of art history, it is accepted that one of the defining characteristics of the Renaissance is the use of perspective. Art historians concur that one of the many reasons why Raphael is considered so talented and revered is due to his masterful understanding and use of perspective.

The Renaissance use of perspective reached its apogee at around 1500, as represented by the incandescent work of Raphael. In a career that paralleled that of Masolino, Raphael started his oeuvre painting Madonnas of unequalled grace and composure. Later in his short life (he died at 37), he produced some of the most imposing perspective compositions of the Renaissance, representing a kind of culmination of a century of perspective exploration. Unlike most of his predecessors,…. [read more]

Changing: A Look at the Italian Renaissance Thesis

… ¶ … Changing:

A Look at the Italian Renaissance

The objective of this project is to look into the artists of the Renaissance and understand their influence of their art on the world. Most artists are unaware that they are making an impression; they simply respond to their instincts as an artist. The late Michael Jackson is an example of this. While it can be said that he was slated for greatness, he was actually doing what came very naturally for him. From a child singing to an adult inventing the moonwalk, he was following his artistic flairs, wherever they took him. The artists of the Renaissance were not different from this at all. They understood art a little bit different from everyone else and…. [read more]

Devise a Standard of Existence Rule Essay

… ¶ … Existence / Rule for Existence

Existence is a philosophical question that has eluded thinkers for centuries. From as early as ancient Greek, philosophers have sought to define existence as a concept to encompass not only the physical world, but those objects that exist in different non-physical plains. It is these issues that present the challenge in determining the true meaning of existence and non-existence.

An object exists when it has a form that is not in violation of any universal rules or truths. A form is any physical, metaphysical, or cognitive presentation. Universal rules are those derived in science and mathematics such as gravity, mass, geometry, and algebra. Truths are those statements that are absolute and cannot be refuted. When held against this…. [read more]

Solutions to a Math Problem Reaction Paper

… Problem Solving Report

The task that was proposed to the students was as follows: Conrad's Taxi Service charges $1.50 for the first mile and $.90 for each additional mile. How far could Mr. Kulp go for $20 if he gives the driver a $2 tip? (taken from Holtz and Malen). The students were 7th grade students, and a group of 5 students was formed. According to the instructions, the students worked separately to solve the problem, then jointly. It is interesting to note (and this will be further expanded when describing the choice and interaction between the students) that some of the students were able to solve the problem individually on their own and that, for them, the interaction phase implied convincing the other students…. [read more]

Mo Tzu and Fine Arts Term Paper

… Mo Tzu and Fine Arts

The United States has a long proud history of development and imagination. It is among their biggest possessions and exactly what will provide their workforce an edge in a progressively competitive international economic climate. However to do this, they have to prepare the top-of-the-line generation of creators, designers and developers. They acknowledge that this is vital for our schools to be instructing the young students in different ways to think outside the box and to resolve difficulties with innovative options. And policy makers and parents are worried since they see how the existing education system is falling short to offer our kids the devices they require reach their complete capacity (President's Committee, 2010).

Arts education is an option to resolving…. [read more]

Early Childhood Activities My Creative Essay

… Example:

Group: Hey there, Rachel! / The weekend is near. / Whatcha gonna do when it really gets here?

Rachel: I'm gonna swim, swim, swim. (Pantomimes swimming)

Group: She's gonna swim, swim, swim. (Mimics Rachel's swimming)

To be successful in this activity, children should be able to sit in a circle and attend to the group. Students must listen to and watch each other. They must be able to come up with their own ideas so there are a variety of action verbs and pantomimes. The activity builds classroom community and gives students an opportunity to participate in a group activity as both listeners and speakers.

CE230 Creative Activities for Young Children Final Project

Activity #3:

Estimation Station


"Estimation & mental computation 1986 yearbook."…. [read more]

Artist: Wassily Kandinsky the Spiritual Essay

… Wassily Kandinsky is a noted painter and clearly as evidence by his life's works. His works reflect the kind of man he was: mathematical, analytical, human, deep, and semiotic. He had a great deal of formal training and he additionally placed value in his life experiences. He tried to remain open to what life could communicate to him as well as to humanity in general. His life took him around the world, including to places like Germany, France, Britain, and MAerican. His work is definitely considered abstract, yet he is also categorized as cubist and impressionist, specifically German impressionism. He perceived himself as a prophet of art, spirituality, and humanity. His life, with respect to his artistic career, is often divided into several sections including…. [read more]

Last Supper Leonardo Divinci Analysis Essay

… Conclusion

It can be concluded from the above discussion that the Leonardo tried to incorporate numerological clues to indicate that the room reflects the universe that is visible to man at whom the Christ is at the center. The three windows behind them provide an idea into the world of eternity or paradise and the Christ is at the perspective center of this point as well. Judas having a knife in his back is considerably saved by Leonardo as the knife is another traditional element in Last Supper paintings, which indicates the hostility of man to the traitor (Schramm, Schwarte and Lazardzig 2008, Veltman 2008, Dominiczak 2012). It further suggests the fact that Judas would die soon but at the first look, the hand holding…. [read more]

Humanities the Renaissance Period Changed Term Paper

… Universities should also upgrade their curriculum and inculcate an interdisciplinary approach covering practical situations according to the ever changing needs and times (Audsburg 2005).

The traditional approach defines of humanities as the study of human condition, using critical speculative or analytical approaches.

An alternate definition can be "Disciplines under Humanities help us comprehend and explain human experience of cultures, history, literature, art and ethics. The examination, review and understanding of an object created by humans or a factor that makes us human, the emerging thoughts and processes that take place within ourselves something deliberated, discussed and opinionated" (Humanities Council 2001).

Many businesses deem interdisciplinary skills not as a "nice to have" but a "must have" these days. Humanities and arts graduates attract employers as they…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Creative Process Thesis

… Creative Process

Incubation is one of the key components of Graham Wallas' theory of the creative process. Divided into five stages, the process can readily be applied to the working habits of John Forbes Nash, Jr. The mathematician whose life inspired the book and film a Beautiful Mind. Nash incubated most of his ideas about mathematical conundrums. The conundrums and the ideas they inspired were forged during a long preparation stage that included Nash's work as a graduate student and his long-time tenure as a professor of mathematics. In his autobiography Nash notes that "exposure to economic ideas and problems" and to game theory prepared him for a lifelong study of mathematics (Nash 1994). Therefore, Nash's discoveries and breakthroughs occurred because they were rooted in…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

Fine Arts and the K-12 Curriculum Essay

… Fine Arts & the K-12 Curriculum

Including the fine arts in a K-12 curriculum has become a controversial issue in educational institutions and local school settings. Some educators and administrators view the arts as a "frivolous" appendage to the overall school program. Others believe it is an integral part of developing well; rounded individuals and contend that the arts support academic achievement. Since the arts are not included in high stakes testing and are not a part of the No Child Left Behind legislation, communities in support of fine arts programs are finding it difficult to justify the resources and time allocated for music, art and drama when offered. In higher education, over the years, your institution's fine arts department has built an extensive community…. [read more]

Math and Art in Sculptures Thesis

… Math and Art in Sculptures

The objective of this work is to examine the connection between abstract sculpture and abstract mathematics and to investigate the connection between mathematics and art. As well this work will examine the artist sculptors George W. Hart and Charles O. Perry and discuss their incorporation of math and art in their works and their beliefs regarding the connection between math and art.

In the time that Plato lived, the thought concerning art and mathematics was in all likelihood that "never the two shall meet" because they were viewed as such different fields of study and philosophy. Plato states of geometry that it is "…pursued for the sake of the knowledge of what eternally exits, and not of what comes for…. [read more]

Problem Solving in Mathematics GCSE Essay

… Not only that, the teacher should have certain beliefs and a positive attitude. Problem solving in this course would be developed effectively, if the student's right and wrong response is met with encouragement. Any sort of discouragement or negative feedback can render them incapable of solving further problems.

As for the students, their knowledge and background holds a lot of importance. Surely, if a student is more learned and has more knowledge, then his understanding of new concepts would be better as opposed to the different students. Learning habits, previous knowable experience and the environment also makes a lot of difference. If the student is constantly discouraged by his peers and his parents, then he might not be able to do well in the problem…. [read more]

Brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper

… Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Leonardo Da Vinci

Career Goal

Pursuing a position as a full professor in the Arts and Sciences: seeking an opportunity that will allow me to fully engage with aspiring, bright students who desire to excel in subjects that profoundly impact the lives of citizens today and into the future of the planet.

Work Experience -- Painter - Florence

Trained under Andrea del Verrocchio, the leading artist of Florence; contributed painting talent to Verrocchio's Baptism of Christ (1475)

Established a studio in 1478 and completed a commissioned painting Adoration of the Magi; painted the Last Supper, acquired skills and positive critiques from masters

Commissioned to paint Virgin and Child with St. Anne; also commissioned to paint Leda and the Swan and the…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning for Automobile Essay

… Related supplementary courses are an added advantage. The managers need be creative, computer literate with excellent interpersonal skills. The manager should be highly motivated with flexible and clear judgment. The Sales Manager will be paid $35 for every hour worked.

Sales Representative

Sales Representative welcome customer as they come to the showroom. The Sales team needs to know details both technical and non-technical on all Cadillac models. They must be updated on the latest production and market trends. The Sales Representative talks to the customer and keeps a record of all prospective customers. They are also referred to as the Showroom Managers as they control whatever takes place in there.

Sales Representatives need to be a high school graduate or a college degree in public…. [read more]

Cannibal Tours Is a Deep Essay

… Lesser summed up Boas' aforementioned book in the following way, " several of the theses of the book The Mind of Primitive Man, taken together, establish the relative autonomy of cultural phenomena, showing that there are no independent variables on which the cultural is dependent " (p.7).

Lesser continued his article by pointing out some dissenting scientists towards Boas' approach to anthropology. The division of the British School of anthropology and the American School of anthropology are mentioned to demonstrate the polarizing effects of Boas' work towards a general understanding. Lesser's article concluded by mentioning some of Boas' social works as they related to post World War II politics. His contributions towards Americanizing former Nazi scientists was specifically mentioned as a major event.

ARTICLE 4…. [read more]

Multiculturalism in a World Community Each Day Term Paper

… Multiculturalism in a World Community

Each day brings the world closer together in a world community. A world community is the concept of countries without borders, where the populations and governments of individual countries join forces to overcome the problems and to face together the challenges preventing humanity from achieving its highest goal, highest reward, through ultimate maximization of the quality of life. That is, to ensure that all people, globally, have access to shelter, healthcare, nutrition, and education in order to be productive and proactive partners and participants in the world community. A world community involves, too, the concept of celebrating cultural diversity and traditions. A multicultural world community makes incumbent upon its members the responsibility to provide multicultural instruction to the various communities…. [read more]

Chips: A Professional Path Term Paper

… ¶ … CHIPs: A Professional Path to Becoming a California Highway Patrol Officer

Featured in both motion pictures and a television series of the same name, the California Highway Patrol has set the standard for law enforcement agencies across the country and around the world. Today, the California Highway Patrol enjoys an international reputation of professionalism and performance and makes it a model for other law enforcement agencies and one that attracts numerous qualified candidates for employment based on its reputation as well as the generous pay and benefit package it offers. Moreover, the California Highway Patrol offers variety in assignment location and responsibilities, and law enforcement officers can gain valuable experience in a wide range of occupational specialty settings as they progress through their…. [read more]

Mathematics Z-Model Framework in Middle School Thesis

… This unique framework has 4 domains, and while this study investigates the Z-model's use in the mathematics curriculum, this framework is focused on improving and enhancing students' achievement in any course of study.

The four domains involved in the Z-model create a comprehensive educational understanding and framework for use in improving educational progress. They are:

  1. Brain development, and efforts in the classroom which can enhance/promote brain development.

  2. How project-based learning can be utilized in order to fully engage the student in the learning community.

  3. Data-Driven instruction (the second half of the breadth - vs. - depth debate). The students must be held accountable to learn a specific knowledge base of facts, figures, and formulae. Without objective measurement of the educational progress,…. [read more]

Positive Outcome in the Educational Term Paper

… Third, there is a growing awareness that rapid technological change and our nation's economic competativeness will compel workers to adapt existing skills and learn new ones to optimize performance.

As noted, interest in thinking and problem solving has been renewed, but traditional approaches to teaching these skills have met with very mixed results (Nickerson, Perkins, & Smith, 1986). It now appears that the efficacy of these efforts was determined by at least three interrelated factors: First, instructional designers often failed to appreciate the importance of domain-specific knowledge in effective thinking and problem solving (Chi, Glaser, & Farr, 1988). Programs that emphasize the use of generic reasoning and problem-solving heuristics may be theoretically general across situations, but they usually lack power in any specific situation (Anderson,…. [read more]

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