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Media Violence the Potential Relationship Essay

… Instead, the burden of proof lies with those proposing a causal link between media violence and aggressive behavior, and in this case they have utterly failed to meet that burden.

The debate discussed in this essay will likely not be completed any time soon, and further research is clearly needed to better understand the relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior. While the extant research has demonstrated a relationship between the two, the nature of this relationship remains indistinct. While preference for violent media can help predict the likelihood that someone will engage in aggressive behavior, this is very different from saying that violent media actually causes that behavior. Nevertheless, the notion that violent media causes actual violence has become extremely popular both in the…. [read more]

Media Violence and Youth Article Critique

… Still, former violent beliefs and previous violence of students (followed by parents' physical violence) were also important factors that did not confirm part of this hypothesis. The researchers did well to confirm these facts by utilizing regression analysis for each of the dependent variables during the time the second assessment was administered. The results also showed that a dearth of warmth and well-being in school also contributed to violent media exposure (Hopf et al., 2008, p. 85).

The results of hypothesis two indicate that horror and violent films are the strongest contributor to violent behavior, but that electronic video games are the strongest contributor to delinquency. These results were predicated upon a composite score of early media violence as relating to the aforementioned two sources…. [read more]

Media Negatively Affects the Body Research Paper

… References

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Grabe, S., Ward, M., & Hyde, J.S. (2008). The Role of the Media in Body…. [read more]

Media Violence and Aggressive Behavior Research Paper

… Media and Aggressive Behavior

The media's influence on violence and aggression has indeed been a topic of great debate recently. Whether or not aggressive video games or violent television shows and movies affect an individual's ability to control their emotions is up for examination. Albert Bandura's bobo doll experiment has been cited as being the most influential study relating children to aggressive behaviors after watching a violent act on television. Most supporters state that this experiment is proof that watching too much violence in the media will affect a person's ability to be aggressive and in fact make children more prone to exhibiting violent behaviors (Perry 2013). The bobo doll experiment itself proved to be right in concluding that children are affected by watching others…. [read more]

Media Is an Extremely Powerful Essay

… Bibliography

Croteau, D., & Hoynes, W. (2001). The business of Media. California: Pine Forge Press.

Daily Source Org. (2005-2012). Current problems in Media. Retrieved May 2, 2012, from Daily Source:

Part Two

Media is produced primarily to serve public interest. One can say, the media content, in one way or another, reflects the culture and norms of the country it is produced in. In this globalized world making one's tradition popular is difficult, luckily media has given people the opportunity to show and promote their culture via movies, video games and social networking sites (Croteau & Hoynes, The Business of Media, 2001). But recently this trend has turned the other way round and it is now the media that shapes one's culture. The culture…. [read more]

Sexual Factors That May Affect Human Behavior Rape Research Paper

… Sexual Factors That May Affect Human Behavior: Rape

The argument has been made, with the support of a growing body of scientific evidence, that modern humans continue to exhibit many of the traits that were developed as important survival mechanisms during the Stone Age where for humans, the survival of the fittest depended on reproductive success. Although the sexually violent act of rape has historically been regarded as criminal based on manmade laws, many cultures have subscribed to religions that make the victim of rape the woman in some Moslem countries, for example, while other countries in the West view rape as generally unlawful, but provide exceptions for marital rights according to the jurisdiction. In this environment, identifying sexual factors that can affect human behaviors…. [read more]

Attitude Formation How Cognition, Affect Research Paper

… Therefore, if people want to alter the way they act, they must begin by altering their attitudes, minds and hearts (Albarracin & Handley, 2011).

Social psychologists conquer that knowing a person's attitudes means predicting the person's behavior. It is evident that the alteration of attitudes results in behavioral changes. Psychologists believe that behavior-attitude relationship is intertwined. Attitudes are reflected as carts and behavior as horses. People are extremely trained and excellent at finding reasons for everything they do. However, they are excellent in doing whatever they do to find reasons (Irimia, 2011). The power of predicting behavior through attitudes has received a blow in recent years. This follows the work of Allan Wicker, a social psychologist, in his endeavor to review dozens of research studies…. [read more]

Violence in the Media TV Movies and Video Games Research Paper

… Violence in the Media and Children

Violence in media has become a serious problem. Children are heavily exposed to violence in films, TV shows, and video games from their early ages. This heavy exposure to violence may lead to aggressive and violent behavior, encouraging children to see violence as normal. And because of the popularity of violence in media and the fact that children today represent a very lucrative market, the entertainment industry takes advantage of this situation by targeting children for their products that glorify violence. In essence, the producers of violent media content and video games are guilty of child exploitation. To address the problem, the public needs greater regulation of violence in media to protect children.

Violence in Media: Why Greater Regulation…. [read more]

Media Violence Term Paper

… Media Violence



For more than thirty years, an intense debate has raged in American society regarding the negative effects of violence on children through such mediums as television, film, literature and other mass media sources. Many researchers, in fact a good percentage of them, state without hesitation that violence in the media negatively affects the development of young children, especially in the way that they interact with their peers and with society as a whole. Others continue to argue that violence in the media does not negatively affect young children, at least not to the point of creating and manifesting violence in their personal lives. Overall, research conducted within the last ten years has come…. [read more]

Media Violence Term Paper

… Media Violence

The American Psychiatric Association exclaims, "The debate is over. Over the last three decades, the one overriding finding in research on the mass media is that exposure to media portrayals of violence increases aggressive behavior in children." In addition to the correlation between exposure to violent media and aggressive behavior, the APA asserts: "that exposure to depictions of violence causes desensitization and creates a climate of fear." However, causation is difficult to ascertain, as sociological and psychological studies in the area of media violence can generally only suggest correlation, not causation. Nevertheless, children are exposed to countless violent imagery, imagery that has become increasingly realistic over the past several years due to advancements in technology. Not only do movies and television shows glorify…. [read more]

Media Influence on Eating Disorders and Why Thinness Is so Sought Term Paper

… Media and Eating Disorders

Media, both electronic and print, tends to clouds one's judgment of reality. This is what cultivation theorists maintained, propagated and argued for. Even though theorists such as George Gerbner, did not include print media when he expounded his cultivation theory, we cannot deny that in today's world, print media has just as profound an impact on our perceptions as electronic media. Both print and electronic media have been criticized 'for depicting thin woman as ideal' (Holmstrom, 2004) and it is widely believed that these unreal images of women feed a female's insecurities about herself and usually have a damaging impact. In this paper, we study how media contributes to the culture of thinness and the role it plays in mounting cases…. [read more]

Media and Violence Term Paper

… Media and Violence

Contradicting Causes

Is television alone responsible for 10% of youth violence? (Statistics, 2005) Does society need to "shoot" or annihilate the messengers who bring literal and "real-life" acts of violence and bad news? Is media only a mere messenger or, as Cooley (1985 (1996) purports: Bold in depicting violence timid in morals? Does violence depicted in music, video games, movies, magazines, and on TV cause or trigger "real-life" violence? These questions, alongside other concerns related to media and violence are explored in this paper. Regarding the charge that the media instigates violence, the Media Coalition repeatedly argues, "No." ("Shooting the Messenger...," 2000) This organization stresses that current charges that the media incites violence are myths that have transpired for more than 90…. [read more]

Violence in Public Schools Essay

… A child's normal development can be hindered when the child is bullied -- and that hindrance can carry into adulthood, Horne explains; in fact early childhood bullying can become a "risk factor for adolescents' suicidal behavior" (68). And teachers in elementary school can usually identify a student who will later "…exhibit delinquency and criminal behavior" that is true because elementary school bullies often grow into offenders during their adolescent and young adult years (Horne, 68).

School Violence -- Forms of Bullying

Dorothy Espelage and Susan Swearer edited a book titled Bullying in North American Schools (Second Edition); they define bullying as a "complex phenomenon," deserving of being linked with school violence (Espelage, et al., 2004, 3). Research on bullying indicates that it is a "discriminatory…. [read more]

Media (MIS) Reprsentations of Chinese-Americans Research Paper

… He plays for the New York Knicks. The fact that he is Chinese or rather, not black is enough of a shock regarding stereotypes of Chinese-Americans and athletes. The stereotype for professional basketball players is that they are large African-American men who are naturally gifted at the sport. Chinese-Americans are rarely represented in the media as being athletic, let alone with enough athleticism to compete professionally. While lots of Chinese adults and youths really enjoy basketball in the U.S. And beyond, it is a surprise to the average American that a Chinese-American enjoys and is skilled at basketball. His existence and his abilities were a media and cultural phenomenon.

'Linsanity' refers to the meteoric rise and prominence of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. He is…. [read more]

Media Violence and Violent Behavior Thesis

… Media Violence and Violent Behavior

The notion that violent media -- especially violent film, television, and video games -- plays a role in contributing to violent and criminal behavior in children and youths of all ages is an idea that has long been a topic of controversial discourse. Is there a link between media violence and violent or criminal behavior? Huesemann and Moise (1996), authors of "Media violence: Demonstrated public health threat to children," posit that there is absolutely a direct correlation between violent media exposure and violent and/or criminal behavior in children and youths. They make a strong case for their position by using examples from over 100 studies that have taken place over the last 40 years -- all around the globe. America…. [read more]

Media Violence What Impact Term Paper

… All three in the context which they were presented are believable and I agree with them.

Disagreement with two statements: a) "movies were helping shape a race of criminals" (Timmer, 2011) (this is patently absurd); and b) "…the only firm conclusion to be drawn, then, is that it is premature to draw any conclusions" (this is false because obvious conclusions can be and are being drawn vis-a-vis children imitating aggression and learning aggression (Weaver, 2011).

Two ways police, prosecuting attorneys and judges should address this issue: a) law enforcement should collaborate with schools to involve parents in selective strategies for what their children watch; b) children who are aggressive in elementary school (due to video game obsessions) should be given tours of prisons to show…. [read more]

Media Violence on Children's Social Article Review

… In this regard, Garbardino et al. report that, "Children exposed to gun violence may experience negative short- and long-term psychological effects, including anger, withdrawal, posttraumatic stress, and desensitization to violence. All of these outcomes can feed into a continuing cycle of violence" (2002, p. 73).

As with other types of violence in the media, there are some groups of young people who are at distinctly higher risk of experiencing these adverse outcomes, including (a) young people who have already been injured by gunfire, (b) young people who witness gunplay first-hand as well as (c) young people who are exposed to violence in the media (Garbardino et al., 2002). Depending on the level and type of such exposures, Garbardino and his associates conclude that young people…. [read more]

Media and Violence Does Media Affect Behavior Term Paper

… Media Violence: Does media affect behavior?

The debate over the effect that media has on behavior, especially violent behavior of individuals who view it is an ongoing and heated one which will likely never have a definitive answer. Yet, this does not stop the need to address the situation and to determine the nature of media violence and also the nature of human behavior and its real change. The debate has been raging since the invention of mass media, but has culminated in recent years with the increasingly violent television programming, which is for the most part freely accessed and the representation of violence and anonymity on the internet and in video games and the like. This new debate is also armed with the visible…. [read more]

Media Violence Blaming Social Term Paper

… Also, famed criminologist James Q. Wilson responds to the issue by commenting, "No doubt violence on television and in the movies heightens aggression among some people some of the time, but we have virtually no evidence that it affects the serious crime rate.'" Thus, crime rates incorporate other factors, especially economic conditions, which have a significant and nearly wholly accountable effect on violence in society.

Richard B. Felson's paper on "Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior" outlines three points. He first states that media violence, in laboratory conditions, has an equal effect on antisocial behavior as it does on aggressive behavior. Second, contrary to general view regarding punishment in the media, he determines that the media is the most likely avenue to display punishment following…. [read more]

Media Violence and Children's Aggressive Behavior Annotated Bibliography

… Media Violence and Childrens Aggressive Behavior

Escobar-Chaves, S. L . & Anderson, C.A. (2008). Media and Risky Behaviors. The Future of Children 18.1.

Because contemporary children have access to electronic media on a daily basis, it is virtually impossible for them not to risk being negatively influenced as a result. This certainly takes its toll from society, considering that young people engage in a series of harmful activities trying to replicate what they see in the media. The effects are not expected to emerge for a number of years, as "media violence causes an increase in the likelihood of future aggressive and violent behavior" (Escobar-Chaves & Anderson 2008). This article presents violence as being only one of the many damaging effects of the media, given…. [read more]

Media Violence a Study Essay

… Accordingly, the study would find that those with higher indexes of media violence exposure were likelier to show shortcomings in self-report, parent-report and laboratory-based measures of executive functioning. (p. 725)

Also important in this discussion is the fact that a higher vulnerability to this correlation was shown in the experimental sample population, or those who were shown already to have been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder.


The most significant impact of this study's findings is its focus on the correlation of a preexistent diagnosis of behavioral disorder to greater vulnerability to media violence. This provides us with an opportunity to hone the focus of efforts aimed at protecting children from such exposure. By recognizing the heightened cognitive and behavioral risks for those with behavioral…. [read more]

Juvenile Delinquency and the Media Influence on Childhood Development Term Paper

… Media Violence and Childhood Development

"Extensive viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness. Sometimes watching a single program can increase aggressiveness. Children who view shows in which violence is very realistic, frequently repeated and/or unpunished, are more likely to imitate what they see…" American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

There have been many studies and there has been a great deal of debate and discussion about what effect the violence children and young people see on television and in other media has on their development. This paper reviews the literature with reference to those issues, and points to the technologies that children have access to in terms of the potential harm it can do to their development.

Most of the blame for…. [read more]

Effects of Media to Children Term Paper

… TV Violence

Violence on TV has become very common. The news is filled with crimes in the United States and about the Iraq war. The news programs show how a crime was done and actual pictures of murdered bodies. Other shows have live videotapes of police officers chasing criminals. A lot of these shows are shown when young children are still awake and watching TV with their family. Does this violence affect them? If it does, how much? There still is a lot of debate about this. Most reviews of the studies done show that it does not cause aggression or crime, but there is agreement that the media should be more responsible about violence and television and have more shows about positive behavior.

There…. [read more]

Violence in the Media Term Paper

… The editors of an anti-violence Web site note, "61% of children's television programs contain violence and only 4% have an anti-violence theme. In programs with violence only 16% showed long-term consequences, 45% of the offenders went unpunished" (Editors, 2009). Children and teens often do not understand the real consequences of violence because of these types of shows, and so they are more prone to become violent because they do not understand the realities of violence on others.

Many parents do not monitor their children's activity viewing violent media, and they may not understand just how violent video games, television, and films can be. Children look up to their heroes as role models, and if their heroes are violent, they may emulate their actions, not understanding…. [read more]

Violence in Schools Incidents Essay

… Research shows that children in grades six through ten are the most likely to be involved in activities related to bullying. About thirty percent of students in the United States are involved in bullying on a regular basis either as a victim, bully, or both. Recent studies show that cyber bullying is becoming increasingly prevalent. Because of the growing number of kids affected by bullying, an increasing number of schools throughout the country are taking measures to stop this activity.

There are a number of types of bullying taking place on school campuses: peer-to-peer bullying, bullying of younger children by older children, and/or bullying in which a teacher is either the victim or the culprit. Pack bullying is undertaken by a group, while individual bullying…. [read more]

Media and the Role it Plays in Shaping Society Term Paper

… Young people are most vulnerable to ideas that the media presents, as they are less experienced in filtering information and are thus more likely to be influenced as a consequence of being bombarded with certain concepts.

It is difficult to predict how things will be in the future when concerning the media and the way it will influence the general public. Even with the fact that media devices have progressed in accordance with latest technologies, people now seem to have more power over information they acquire as a result of the internet. Devices such as TV, newspapers, and radio are somewhat limited in the information they provide, but the internet provides users with the ability to only become acquainted with information they want to learn.…. [read more]

Mass Media Affects Essay

… Knowledge and Understanding of Media-Media Literacy-Can Be a Successful Strategy for Promoting Critical Thinking and Intelligent Decision Making about Risky Behaviors. Technos: Quarterly for Education and Technology, 11, 22+. Retrieved February 2, 2012, from Questia database:

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Thomas, E.K. & Carpenter, B.H. (Eds.). (1994). Handbook on…. [read more]

Violence and Premature Sex Are Problems Term Paper

… ¶ … violence and premature sex are problems in American public schools, I believe it is important not to get too caught up with what we hear on the news. The stories about gun violence and sexual harassment are isolated, pumped up by the media for their sensational aspect. The media fails to report on the ordinary events that happen every day in public schools: stories of teachers who break through to students and help them learn and grow.

At the same time, stories that are promulgated by the news media do reveal the problems endemic in our society. The violence that pervades our culture is glamorized to the extent that it becomes normalized. Children mimic what they see on television, even when those events…. [read more]

Mcveigh (Oklahoma City Bomber) Terms Essay

… During physical testing for this division, "McVeigh was unable to endure a 90-minute march with a 45-pound pack," which led to his early withdrawal from the program (No author, 2001). However, this physical limitation is widely attributed to the fact that due to his involvement in the Persian Gulf War, he was not able to suitably train for this program.

Axis IV of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual concerns environmental aspects that t may have affected behavior that is considered abnormal. After McVeigh's parents divorced, he lived with his father in an environment where he did not have access to a strong maternal figure. Such an environment could have contributed to McVeigh's perception of and difficulty interacting with women throughout his remaining life. Reports of…. [read more]

English Literature Thin-Is-In Culture Research Paper

… Knowing that people look up to the mass media and enjoy it so much, helps with this pressure. As time as gone on, the importance of mass media, visual media especially, has grown in western cultures and other cultures where the ideal is very thin. Goodman (2002) asserts that the media forms are the main sources for information about the various social processes within a culture, the images that represent that culture, and conceptions of self-presentation. There are other sources available, yes, but the media is the main source and a source that many people access frequently and take quite seriously, whether consciously not. Women uses the information from the media as guides for the attitudes and behaviors they adopt or internalize. (Goodman, 2002) The…. [read more]

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