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Children and Media Technology Surrounds Essay

… This creates a sense of protection that they are able to feel. By being immediately informed about the occurrence of any eminent danger, these media sources are in fact protecting the children that they at times could harm developmentally.

In all, the dire effects that the media has on children are undeniable. The mainstream and social media create false expectations about image, societal values, and privacy. Today's children are affected developmentally by all of these occurrences, as their world is surrounded by these technological advances. However, despite the negativity that is at times associated with the development of mainstream and social media, they have also had positive effects on the lives of today's children. The youth of today are exposed to numerous cultures around the…. [read more]

Media and Violence Does Media Affect Behavior Term Paper

… Media and violence: Does media affect behavior?

Ever since the rise in popularity of television in American households from the 1950's until today, the public has been complaining that there is too much violence in television programming (Potter 2006). Debates have been going on for decades concerning media violence and its effect on behavior however there is substantial evidence to support the fact that media violence does have negative effects on behavior.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, American children will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence by the time they reach 18 years of age (Muscari 2002). In the November 2002 issue of Pediatric Nursing, Mary Muscari notes that these numbers "exclude time spent watching movies, playing video/computer games or…. [read more]

Media Effects Research Proposal

… Media Effects: Slumdog Millionaire

The mass media has grown to become a part of every American's daily life. Due to the increasing exposure to media not only in the United States but everywhere else in the world, scholars have theorized and researched on the effects mass media has on people. In this paper, the theatrical film Slumdog Millionaire, widely released in the United States in January 23, 2009, is used in order to analyze the effects of mass media content to the individual and the society.

Slumdog Millionaire takes place in Mumbai, India in 2006. It is a story about destiny with the basic premise that everything happens for a reason. Jamal Malik who works for a call center serving tea is one question away…. [read more]

Media Violence and Social Deviance Term Paper

… Media Violence/Social Deviance

Media Violence and Social Deviance

For decades, there has been concern over media violence and its influence or potential influence on public behavior, and while there have been countless studies and volumes of research devoted to this topic, the issue appears still open for debate.

Ever since television began becoming popular in the 1950's, the pubic has been complaining that there is too much violence in television programming, and has continually put pressure on Congress and the television industry to reduce the amount of violence (Potter). During the past fifty years, social scientists have been conducting analyses of the violent content on television in an effort to document the amount of violence in order to inform the public however there is a…. [read more]

Media Publicity Coverage of Violent Criminals Celebrities Essay

… Media Obsession With Violence & Celebrity

Television news programs today are letting the public down by obsessing over violence, rape, kidnapping, and other seamy acts of inhumanity towards humans. Also, television news is preoccupied with celebrities -- sexual scandals, drug usage and drinking habits -- and any doubt about this assertion can be easily put to rest through a check into recent coverage of the Tiger Woods sexual scandal. Whether it is local or national network news, or cable TV news programs (MSNBC, CNN, FOX, et al.) the emphasis on television news segments tends towards what is racy, scandalous, sexy, seamy, violently bloody -- or horrifying. This situation is additionally troublesome given the fact that newspaper publishers are losing readership and ad revenue at an…. [read more]

Violence in Fairy Tales Research Paper

… ¶ … Tale Violence

Violence in Fairy Tales: Just or Unjust Desserts?

The role of violence in children's entertainment remains controversial. While studies have extensively charted the negative impact of exposure to violent imagery in video games and television programming, specialists in the field of fairy tale literature -- from the Brothers Grimm to contemporary critics -- have been relatively reluctant to censure acts of scenes of cruelty, even when they are not justified on cathartic or moral grounds.

After decades of research, it is now widely accepted that children who watch televised or cinematic depictions of violence are more likely to engage in violent behavior themselves. As Anderson et al. put it in 2003, "the scientific debate over whether media violence increases aggression and…. [read more]

Violence Prevention Curriculum for Middle School Children Term Paper

… Violence

Middle School Violence Prevention

According to study by Lockwood (1997) rates of violence in the adolescent population has increased by 16% over the last few years. Students who engage in violent acts are not necessarily cognizant of the potential harm of their actions. These student perpetrators and their victims will still suffer consequences of the action. Violent acts can range from simple assault, fights on school property, and even homicide. A study of violence in this population is necessary not only because the increasing frequency of the events in middle schools, but the identification of dynamics associated with events; relationships, the intervention of third parties, and anticipation of outcome.

Most violence prevention programs are targeted at the middle school students. Some studies have focused…. [read more]

Media on the U.S. Society Research Paper

… A person's looks may mean nothing if the morals, values and beliefs of that person are not intact or if the person is a failure at leading life to benefit others and be sincere in what he or she does.

In the same way, the TV shows are promoting a culture which surrounds the freedom of these younger generations, giving them the power to do what they want and not be questioned for any of their actions. This reckless kind of life is increasingly becoming the subject of the TV commercials, serials and movies and this creates an urge in the young generations especially the teenagers to go ahead leading an adventurous life where everything seems like a mystery to them and they fail to…. [read more]

Cartoons and Comics Affect Children Essay

… This percentage dropped to a mere 5% by the age of twelve. Young children have low comprehension and their absorption of the content depends on the level of comprehension demanded by the show's content and form and by the presence of distracters such as other children. When there is an adult who comments on the action, the child remembers more information. Thus, adults have an important impact on how television affects children [Ledingham et al. 1993]. 48% of school educated and 20% of college educated parents' use the television as a babysitter or distraction for children. This unguided viewing of TV programs can have some negative effect but it also appears to be temporary.

In my opinion, broken families, argumentative parents, violence in the locality…. [read more]

Exciting About Video Games Thesis

… Meta-analysis however has its limitations which include factors such as the researchers selecting their included studies (therefore incorporating bias to a certain degree), excluding others that they may not be aware of and/or that come from sources that they do not necessarily recognize that may be just as authoritative such as dissertations), and including faulty studies. To that point, Ferguson et al. (2008) did not seem too particular regarding the studies that they chose. They also only included a relatively small amount of studies as well as focused on sub-analysis which does not obtain a good chance for results. Most importantly, meta-analytic studies may just show association. They certainly cannot conclude that there is a casualty.

Some observers (e.g. (Ferguson, 2007, Ferguson & Kilburn, 2009)…. [read more]

How Popular Culture Affects Children Research Paper

… ¶ … Popular Culture Affects Children Today

The question of how various social forces affect children today has become an important topic for social scientists. Children are the future of this country and the way children are brought up will fundamentally affect our future. Children at the same time are more susceptible to propagating ideas. And since in today's consumer culture the sexually-oriented products as well as images of violence, impropriety, and adult behavioral traits are sold as consumer goods through mass media, it becomes ever more important to learn and understand how popular culture affects children today. The purpose of this paper is a modest attempt to understand the process and the mechanism of the propagation of popular culture many of which specifically target…. [read more]

Violence in Web-Based and Computer Term Paper

… The results of other studies have also been inconsistent concerning whether or not violent video game play adversely affects juvenile and adolescent behaviors. For instance, some studies have suggested that violent video game play tends to increase children's overt aggressive behavior compared to nonviolent video game play. A few of the studies found that aggressive play, but not physically aggressive behaviors, tended to increase after children played violent video games (aggressive play and serious aggression were generally considered different constructs, with different intent and sequela) (Ballard & Lineberger, 1999).

Still other studies showed that girls, but not boys, were more likely to play with aggressive toys following violent video game play. Likewise, children who played a jungle-themed game were more likely to play with a…. [read more]

Workplace Violence Everyday Research Paper

… Although these risk factors were significant to this sample of nursing personnel, the study concludes that adult and childhood abuse histories have not been examined in prior investigations. These factors were significant with other previously identified risk factors, and should be considered in future large-scale investigations to be substantiated as legitimate risk factors for workplace violence (Campbell, 2011).

As adult and childhood abuse histories have been signified as potential risk factors, another indicated risk for workplace violence is the health, or lack of, within romantic partnerships and its crossover into the workplace. One recent study assessed the predictors of aggression by comparing perceived injustices from workplace supervisors and romantic partners. The aim of the investigation was to observe two different interpersonal relationships, working and romantic,…. [read more]

Teen Dating Violence Research Paper

… Teen dating violence runs cuts across race, gender, and socioeconomic lines. Both males and females are victims, but boys and girls are abusive in different ways (National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative, 2006, p.1). Leon (2009) defines teen dating violence as a pattern of abusive behaviors that are used as a means of gaining power and control over a current or former dating partner. There are four main types of dating violence but any type of abusive or coercive behaviors aimed at controlling one's partner would be considered to be dating violence. The verbal form of violence involves name-calling, putdowns, yelling or shouting, threatening the partner or one of the partner's family members. Emotional abuse includes excessive jealousy, trying to control the partner's activities, trying…. [read more]

Effects of TV Violence on Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Television Violence on Children

In the 78 years since the invention of television, it has gone from a luxury item to a common household appliance. However, with an average of two televisions per household, its effects on children and society at large have transformed this household appliance into a virtual weapon of mass destruction. With the increased level of violence shown on television each day, children have become immune and insensitive to violence and are more aggressive verbally and physically than ever before. While this is a serious problem, it is not one without a solution. Parents need to take a proactive role and monitor what their children are watching as well as discuss what is being viewed on television rather than rely…. [read more]

Workplace Violence Term Paper

… Other factors cited were dealing with customers and lack of cooperation of other people.

The study concluded that, whereas overt anger captures the attention, it's the underground, chronic anger that should be getting more of management's time. It manifests itself in subtle ways, if at all. Angry workers are less likely to put their best efforts into their job; are more apt to be competitive, rather than cooperative, in dealing with their associates; and less likely to tell the boss if they find a better or quicker way to get their job done.

Monahan (1992) emphasizes the importance of identifying potentially volatile situations before they reach the point of violence. This emphasis broadens the definition of workplace violence to include verbal forms of violence, as…. [read more]

Gun Violence in Schools Research Paper

… Gun purchase in many gun shops was reported to be on the rise immediate after the occurrence of 911 incidences. According to research by the FBI, six months after the 911 incidence saw an overhauled increase in the number of gun sales in the market. According to studies done by the FBI on one hundred and thirty thousand checks on gun sales six months before the 911 incident, the results showed that there was a rise of almost fifty percent of the guns sales after the 911 incident. Further research on the occurrence of violence and criminal activities after the 911 incident indicated that there was a rise in criminal activities involving gun violence after the 911 incident. For instance, gun violence involving young children…. [read more]

Television Violence and the Effects Essay

… Reason FOUR: When 350 parents completed questionnaires about their children's television watching habits, it was found that TV watching habits of parents "…had an influence on those of their children" (Yalcin, et al., 2002). Given that finding, the authors of this article suggest that pediatricians should take a close look at the TV habits of parents and children, and help educate parents as to the negative effects violence has on their children (Yalcin, p. 622).

Reason FIVE: An article in the Journal of Advertising suggests five alternatives to prevent kids from becoming aggressive through TV watching: a) parents should prepare kids to cope with advertising; b) regulate ads and programs aimed at kids; c) get parents more involved; d) work with advertisers and media companies…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Has Been Around for Centuries Term Paper

… Domestic Violence has been around for centuries. At one time, it was more accepted, and used as a form of 'correction' when men believed a wife was not acting the way she should or showing them the proper respect. Now, domestic violence is not tolerated by law enforcement officers, and it does not affect just women anymore. Men can be victims of domestic violence, too.

Domestic violence is a very prevalent problem for law enforcement officers in all areas of the country, and in all age and income brackets. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, income, or social status, and law enforcement agencies are trying to aggressively combat it. The public wants to see it stopped, law officers want to…. [read more]

Video Violence: Assessing and Curbing Research Paper

… To add to the problem, this learned behavior certainly does not disappear when the child or youth stops watching cartoons or violent programming in general. This behavior stays with a child far into adulthood, when this desensitization toward violence becomes an increased desire to witness it. There is increasing evidence that suggests that this "early exposure to media violence is a contributing factor to the development of aggression" in youths and adults (Huesman, et al. 201). As each passing day comes and goes, this programming becomes available on television-on-demand services, phones, computers, websites, iPods, electronic reading devices and more. As this expansion cannot generally be monitored, an overwhelming amount of the general public has called for an end to violent programming.

With gaining a broader…. [read more]

Gun Violence in America Term Paper

… Therefore, it is liberal and enlightened to label American gun owners as deranged and barbaric, as well as anti-citizens engaged in beastly behaviors. Evaluations have accurately described opponents of gun ownership as bloodthirsty demented psychopaths with the primary concept of raining death on innocent citizens of America. These groups of people regard the issue as egregious stereotypes when others blame gay advocates for lobbying against close bath ordinances. Activists of gun ownership have been described as death merchants and murderers dismissing welfare of the community and homeless people as drug barons, retarded or alcoholic. Because opponents of gun ownership are considerably eager to raise opposition against racism, other evils such as gay bashing are also stereotypes. On the other hand, it constitutes to myopia stereotypes…. [read more]

Data Collection Includes Survey Form Term Paper

… The awareness to legal and ethical considerations regarding the social media is also observed through statistical analysis of the results. The conclusion and recommendation will also base the survey results to analyzemost important aspects of the training required by law enforcement agencies (Fresenko, 2010).

Question 3:

Role of Social media's in spreading lawlessness: Case study of London Riots in 2011.

The role of social media is regarded as a critical in the changing technological paradigm. The instant availability of a platform to express one's opinion, reaction, and claims is one of the notable advancement in communications. The friends and family members living in different geographical locations are connected through a social media wall. The individual users update their status and information regarding any event occurring…. [read more]

Antidepressants and School Violence Essay

… They show that there is a link between school shootings and the psychiatric medication given to the children and teenagers.

Twenty two (22) cases were reported between the years 1993 and 2006. In these incidences, teens committing violent crimes and murders were undergoing psychiatric treatment outside the school setting. In the same period, school shooting that involved adults taking psychiatric drugs left five dead and seven people wounded. The use of antidepressants has been seen to increase over the years.

According to (Grace, John, & Peter, 2005), the use of antidepressants between 1995 and 1999 has increased by 151%. An America Journal Psychiatry reported that there has been a 500% increase in the number of 18-year-olds and younger taking antidepressants 500% (Grace et al., 2005).…. [read more]

Effect of Domestic Violence on Children Article

… ¶ … Domestic Violence on Children

Studies have shown time and again that children who are raised in two-parent households tend to fare better developmentally than their peers who live in single-parent homes. Nevertheless, one of the harsh realities of family life for many young people is the amount of domestic violence they experience, including violence directed at them. While the number of children in the United States that live in domestically violence households has declined in recent years, millions of young people continue to live in domestically violent homes. The impact of these abusive homes on children can be severe and can even have life-threatening implications if the violence is allowed to continue unabated. Fortunately, there are some legal steps that spouses and partners…. [read more]

Social Media - A New Dissertation

… There is a freedom in this, but there are also questions and concerns that go over and above just answering the question of whether social media is a benefit for a business or whether it can be more of a liability.


In order to understand the real issues and how they can be dealt with, data will have to be collected. This data can be a combination of what is discovered in the literature review and what is collected by the researcher in the form of surveys. Getting an accurate representation of companies in these surveys will mean collecting data from small companies and large ones alike. There needs to be a good cross-section of companies based on both size and company type, in…. [read more]

Social Media and Law Enforcement Research Paper

… "Ongoing training on current issues, the hazards of social media, and self-protection is essential. Due to the web's rapidly changing environment, one-time training is not sufficient. Individuals alone cannot keep up with social networking's constant evolution. A dedicated manager must ensure personnel are updated through e-mails, memoranda, briefings, and trainings" (Waters 2012). Just like the law itself, the relationship of law enforcement agencies to social media remains a work in progress, one which will continue to be negotiated in the future.


Bar-Tur, Yael. (2013). Boston Police schooled us all on social media law enforcement.

Mashable. Retrieved:

This article chronicles the response of the Boston police to the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, praising them for their effective use of social media and…. [read more]

Effects of Technology on Disruptive Behavior From a Teacher's Perspective Multiple Chapters

… ¶ … Technology on Disruptive Behavior

What is the effect of teachers' attitude toward the implementation of a computer-based program on disruptive behavior?

Disruptive behavior from students is one of the nightmares that the teachers have to go through when they are teaching in class. The students with this problem keep on intervening appropriately in class while others are trying to read. The computer-based program will have different effects on disruptive behavior for the students. For some instances, it is possible that the effect will be positive leading to students having better attentiveness in class. However, there are cases when the computer-based programs will lead to even more disruptive behavior for the students. Thus, the effectiveness of these programs is all-dependent on the attitudes of…. [read more]

Collect Analyze Newsprint Media Depictions Essay

… Concepts such as welfare and poverty are rarely related to when considering stories that discuss young people. This demonstrates that the media and society as a whole want sensational stories, as a story involving a teenager murdering and raping a girl is probably much more interesting than one relating to a teenager who had just won a mathematics contest.

The fact that adults are normally reluctant to see crimes differently when they are committed by teenagers plays an important role in the way that adolescents are penalized for the illegal acts that they perform. Similarly, parents are unaware of the fact that their children commit immoral activities and only realize the gravity of the situation when teenagers perform a serious crime. It is thus essential…. [read more]

Abnormal Behavior: Three Case Studies Research Proposal

… Abnormal Behavior: Three Case Studies


In the case of this young man, the feelings and behaviors he is exhibiting are far from 'abnormal.' In fact, it could be argued that it would be far more abnormal to have no appreciable reaction after witnessing such a traumatic event as a robbery and a murder. The fact that he was unable to prevent the victim's death after calling 911 makes the event even more horrifying. However, although the teenager's feelings could be called normal in terms of the fact that it is extremely common to experience psychological difficulties after witnessing a violent action, it could be argued that his reaction is abnormally extreme. However, different people experience different levels of distress after experiencing trauma. Some individuals…. [read more]

Media Violence on Youth Damaging Essay

… As such, some teenagers may feel socially conscious about who they are and what they look like, resulting in poor body image habits (, 2010).

6.0 Conclusion

Media has become an ever influencing source for developing young adults. When young adults are developing themselves into the person they wish to become, they learn by observing, imitating, and making behaviors their own. As easily accessible sources, magazines, comic books, posters and advertisements, movies, music, and videogames all provide as samples (Dahl & DellaVigna, 2002). In order to better protect the youth, parents must become involved in what media their children come into contact with, but marketing firms for the media sources must stop forcing adult material onto children.


Dahl, G., & DellaVigna, S.. (2009). Does…. [read more]

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