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Violence in Video Games Term Paper

… This suggests that rather than violence, aggression is the initial emotion felt among video gamers rather than feelings of violence. The development of aggression, in addition, was explained as a psychological process in which video gaming is often associated with "social learning," wherein an individual becomes 'embedded' in the story relayed to him/her through the video game "visually, auditorily, and physically" (Brody, 2000).

Another study went further its scope, going so far as to identify who are these children or individuals who are most likely to have aggressive and develop violent behavior. In Gaziano's (2001) survey of children who participate in video gaming, it was determined that children who have parents who feel a "sense of powerlessness" and turn this weakness into aggression towards their…. [read more]

Effects of Media on Culture Term Paper

… ¶ … Media on Culture

The objective of this work is to write a research proposal relating to the effects of media on culture.

The effect of media on culture is well documented in the literature reviewed in this research proposal. Media in advertising affects purchases, choices of styles in clothing, choices in music and in fact affects a plethora of areas within a culture including the commission of violent crimes.

Questions that this research intends to seek the answer to are the questions as follows:

Do you allow violence in the video-games or television viewing of your household?

Have you or any family member committed a violent crime?

Who makes the media viewing decisions in your household?

Are you swayed by the wishes of…. [read more]

Media Affects Teenage Sexuality Term Paper

… The very childhood innocence of such children is ruined forever, and by late childhood, today, it has become impossible to avoid the influence of such explicit sites and content, that are actually meant for an adult audience, whether it is on the Internet or in any other media. This type of pornography and sexual proliferation in the media can have a seriously adverse impact on teenagers, and it can inculcate sexual violence, or affect the sexual attitudes and morals adversely, or can initiate these children into sexual activity when they are really not ready for it. (The Internet's all-pervasive sexualized media environment affects childhood learning)

Therefore, when a teenager is to use the Internet for any purpose, he must be monitored carefully, so that the…. [read more]

School Violence in South Africa Term Paper

… ¶ … violence at schools in South Africa has assumed grave proportions. While the issue of violence at schools is contemporary and endemic to many countries in the West, the situation in South Africa is problematized by the history of the country and the legacy of the Apartheid period. Consequently, there is a wide variety of interlinking and concomitant issues and causative factors that make this issue a complex but particularly relevant area of research.

Therefore, the topic under consideration in this study will be the various aspects surrounding the issue of violence at schools in South Africa. This will include not only a concern with underlying historical and social factors, such as pervasive inequality and the legacy of the Apartheid regime, but will also…. [read more]

Violent Video Games Is Having. Indeed Research Paper

… ¶ … violent video games is having. Indeed there are numerous effects of watching violent video games. Above all its effects, it causes violence due to its effect on thought, cognition and human behavior. Several experimental studies have shown that playing video games that are violent are resulting into higher hostile cognition levels, aggressive affect, and provocation physiologically and also aggressive behavior in the short-term more than the video games that are not aggressive.

It is very true that Video games have turned into one of the preferred activities of the American children. As stated above, increasing bodies of research connects aggressive video game play to hostile cognitions, approaches, and also behaviors. Six hundred and seven 8th- and 9th-grade learners coming from four schools took…. [read more]

Children: Exposure to Violence Research Paper

… Michael Breen an attorney in the case against Michael Carneal stated in court; 'Michael Carneal clipped off nine shots in a 10-second period. Eight of those shots were hits. Three were head and neck shots and were kills. That is way beyond the military standard for expert marksmanship. This was a kid who had never fired a pistol in his life, but because of his obsession with computer games he had turned himself into an expert marksman' (Ivory, 2003), (Hanson, 1999, p. 15)" (Tompkins, 2003). It's crucial to note that Carneal's engagement with violent video games was not the only reason why he ended up killing those innocent people. There are a range of other factors at work which led to his motivation to kill,…. [read more]

Human Behavior in Relation to Film Television Digital Media Ratings Essay

… ¶ … human behavior in relation to film, television, and digital media ratings. Studies show that television and other media have an effect on the people who watch them, especially children. Video games, television shows, and films have grown increasingly violent over the last decades, and many experts believe that is due, at least in part, to this increasing violence. Children and young adults can be extremely affected by this overload of media violence, which is just one reason parents have to be more vigilant about the media their children watch and interact with on a daily basis.

For over 30 years, studies have been conducted that show media violence is a major concern in this country, and as media standards have relaxed, it has…. [read more]

Effects on Violent Video Games on Children Thesis

… ¶ … Video Game Violence

During the 20th century, American culture changed tremendously. Communications media began playing a larger and larger role in many human societies and helped shape major national and international events. In the last few decades of the century, the "computer revolution" changed the way we communicate professionally and store and retrieve large volumes of data, beginning in the 1960s and 1970s. By 1990, most large modern business and government functions were highly computerized; a decade later, online Internet and personal home computer use were quickly becoming the norm for personal communications and social networking for adults and teenagers alike. At the turn of the century, a so-called "dot com" online business bubble had inflated artificially and come down much the same…. [read more]

Youth Violence Essay

… Similar to the tobacco industry that relies on the inability for the scientific community to prove cigarettes cause cancer (Cantor, 4), the entertainment industry relies on the inability to show that violence in the media causes youth violence, so it will not lose advertising revenue in violent programming aimed at children (Bushman and Anderson, 479). With such strong adversity, the scientific community will have to keep proving causality to try and break through the concepts to the general public.

Prominent members of the entertainment industry have gone as far as proclaiming that violence in the media helps reduce violence in the real world. Grace Johnson and Alfred Hitchcock have been quoted saying that media violence acts as a release for viewers and prevents future violence.…. [read more]

Video Games and Violence in Children Research Paper

… Video Games and Violence in Children

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a video game as an electronic game that is played on a video screen and often emphasizes fast action ("Video games"). Computer games are also referred to as video games and according to the encyclopedia Britannica, it is any game which is interactive that is operated by computer circuitry. The machines on which electric games are played include general purpose shared and personal computers, arcade consoles, video consoles that are connected to television sets and handheld game machines. Video game as a term represents the totality of these formats or more specifically those games played on devices that have video displays like television or arcade consoles.

Video game culture

Video game culture is a…. [read more]

Teens and Media Influences Research Paper

… Teens and the Media

One prominent theory, Erik Erikson's Theory of Human Psychological Development breaks the entire human life cycle into stages. Each unique stage represents a generalized approach between the individual and the world, running from infancy to geriatric behavior. Even spanning time and culture, within each of these stages, a developmental period exhibits universal patterns (Weiten, 1995)the life-span developmental framework has, in fact, been utilized by social scientists for decades. The power of the combination of Erikson and Life-Span Development is that they uniquely focus on biological, cultural, socio-historical, and non-normative influences to provide us with a framework with which to understand and explain the particular stage a specific issue might have -- in my case, teenage years and the resultant angst, rebellion,…. [read more]

Negative Effect of Media in Each Group Age Research Proposal

… ¶ … Negative effects of media on different age groups

Picture this: a young teenage girl is in her room, her music turned up as loud as possible as she sings along to the vulgar lyrics and gyrates just like the superstar singer she's seen on television countless times. Her mom, hearing the words from downstairs, rushes up to see her daughter's suggestive moves and immediately turns off the music. An epic fight ensues. This scene is fairly typical, with differences in detail, of every generation of the industrial era, when media became a thing not only accessible to but developed for different and specific age groups. This has led to better focused advertising, and content that has a more obvious and immediate appeal to…. [read more]

Controversial Mass Media Argument Research Proposal

… Children and Television

Violence in American society is a public health problem, according to author W. James Potter, who researched hundreds of existing empirical studies about violence (Potter, 1999, p. 1). Potter claims that "most" of the 2,000 teenagers in a national survey said they had a degree of fear for crime and violence that affects their "everyday behavior" (Potter 1). The author blames the media -- and in particular television -- and asks (Potter 2) "…What strategies can we use to protect children from the negative effects of exposure to violence" on television? This paper reviews current literature relating to several problems connected to excessive television watching by children including: excessive violence; obesity and a lack of fitness; dissatisfaction with one's physical appearance (that…. [read more]

Should Sex and Violence on Television or in the Movies Be Restricted Research Paper

… Shoud sex and violence on television or in the movies be restricted?

There is presently much controversy regarding television and the effect it has on the public as a whole. Although most people claim to be able to filter the information they receive from their television sets, it is virtually impossible for someone not to be affected as a result of watching particular scenes. Given that most television producers are aware of the fact that sex and violence are essential in drawing audiences, they are devoted to introducing these two elements as frequently and as explicitly as possible. Viewers are negatively influenced as a result of seeing sex and violence on television and something needs to be done regarding this-namely to limit the two audience-magnets…. [read more]

Structural Factors Affecting the Level of Violence Essay

… ¶ … structural factors affecting the level of violence in America. Violent crime is viewed to be one of America's most significant social problems, so it is important to study the different factors that contribute to rates of violence in our society. This type of work on the part of sociologists is important in the face of apathy among members of the general public towards the issue of violence in society.

Violence is typically understood as violent crime, so that the definition is often tied to charges or convictions relating to violent criminal acts. Acts that go undetected by law, or that go uncharged -- as is the case with many instances of bullying and domestic violence -- are considered in the study of violence…. [read more]

Delinquent Behavior and Family Violence Essay

… The social learning theory explains that children in these families are unable to learn appropriate behavior because of the opposed parental examples or models provided. And the attachment theory says that low parental attachment produces cold, hardened children who tend to turn delinquent (Farrington).


Juvenile courts in King County report on the prevalence of family violence in their caseloads (Buel, 2002). They introduced a step-up program, which directly addresses family violence in developing intervention programs for juvenile delinquents as well as abused parents. The Travis County in Texas Juvenile Court has been implementing a program with this approach. The overall direction is for juvenile courts to address family violence as a covert or underlying factor in many cases of juvenile delinquency. These courts must…. [read more]

Driving Force Behind Violent Crowds Research Paper

… Violent Crowds

The phenomenon of violent crowds proves a vexing problem for psychology, biology, and sociology, because the ostensible reasons behind the formation of a violent crowd seem entirely unrelated. For example, violent crowds may form as a result of political protest, through collective "mob justice," or even out of celebration, as in the case of many sporting events. This variety of justifications for the formation of violent crowds serves to mystify the phenomenon, because it makes it appear as if there are no unifying factors between any given crowd. Thankfully, however, research in a number of different disciplines has begun to shed some light on the underlying psychological, social, and bio-mechanical factors that contribute to the formation of all violent crowds, allowing one to…. [read more]

Effects of TV Violence on Children Research Paper

… ¶ … TV Violence on Children

The Media has had a very controversial role in the last decades, given that society is unable to determine whether it brings more benefits than troubles. Surely, the role of media is a very important one when considering that it is responsible for providing the general public with a lot of information. However, it is difficult for one to filter the good information from the one that is either false or of no use. Children are among the groups less capable to filter the information they see on TV, thus it is likely that a large number of children who watch TV violence on a daily basis will be negatively influenced by this activity in the future.

When hearing…. [read more]

Values of Media Term Paper

… Values of Media

Life in North America has become divided into sleeping, working and watching TV. This has turned into a TV culture in which the make-believe stories that are projected from the TV have become what define us. TV replicates as well as shapes our cultural expectations and norms. It has brought about upheaval in many, if not all areas of life. There aren't many people who can say that their work, family life, leisure time, and school have not in some way been influenced by television (Bolen, 2006).

It is apparent from the statistics that TV is a leading force in our world although this is quite a recent phenomenon. The era of TV has brought with it a change from the written…. [read more]

Representations of Female Behavior in Media Term Paper

… Representations of Female Behavior in Media and Society

The prevalence of feminine volatility, sexual acting out, aggression, bullying and violence within society and portrayed in the media is, at best, startling. Our social expectations of "girls" have been shaped by millennia of structures both real and imagined that existed to keep females subjugated to males, relegated to a particular part of society that is dominated by expectations of gentility, serenity, and of the fostering of future mothers. We left the aggressive behavior to boys. Our societies encouraged and continue to encourage boys to be aggressive, direct, righteous, and commanding. Boys are defined by their aggression - those without it are considered to be weak, undesirable by females, to be less-than. Our society, however, has increasingly…. [read more]

Norms of Behavioral Theorists Term Paper

… This peer subgroup affiliation has a strong influence on a sense of school membership, whether negative or positive. Subgroups or cliques are not a new phenomenon. The concern is when these groups become outright hostile toward each other or the subgroups prohibit a school from becoming a community of learners. Teacher/adults can positively or negatively influence the separation among groups.

Individual influences of problem behavior range from poor self-esteem, low achievement, low school attachment, and low or no participation in school activities. Familial influences of misbehavior include an inconsistent discipline style, a stressful family environment, and low parent involvement. School or institutional influences involve factors such as school size and school climate. Researchers have found a large school size (defined by enrollment) and a poor…. [read more]

Sports and Society Term Paper

… Violence in American Sports Today

Participation in amateur athletic events has grown tremendously over the past few decades in terms of their scope, power, and economic status. In fact, in the United States alone, amateur athletics involve the lives and athletic experiences of people from their childhood through high school and college and beyond. Not surprisingly, then, high school and college sports are one of the most popular, and according to some observers, important aspects of academic life today. The camaraderie and fellowship that can emerge among sports players can last a lifetime, and practically all participants and spectators derive a great deal of entertainment from these events. The economics, too, of many high school and collegiate sporting events make these important components of the…. [read more]

Bystander Reporting Behavior of Violent Incidents: Reasons Term Paper

… Bystander Reporting Behavior of Violent Incidents: Reasons for Failing to Report, Student Self-Efficacy and Barriers to Reporting

Threats of Violence and Violence in U.S. Schools

The work of Fein et al. (2002) entitled: "Threat Assessment in Schools: A Guide to Managing Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe School Climates," a publication of the United States Secret Service and the United States Department of Education relates that since 1999 both of these organizations have been working in coordination in order to gain a better understanding and to "ultimately help prevent school shootings in America." (Fein, et al., 2002) Fein et al. states that most students in the U.S. "will complete their schooling without ever being touched by peer violence. Nevertheless, recent school attacks carried out by…. [read more]

Students Behavior the Learning Atmosphere Term Paper

… (Horner and Sugai, 2002)

In order to address the students' persistent antisocial behaviors in schools the school administration and teachers need to undertake a systematic process of determining the cause by means of direct observations, analysing the history of the student, interviewing the students, their parents, teachers, friends and associates etc. The teachers need to be proficient enough to develop and implement individual behavior support programs based on the information so gathered, primarily focusing on teaching and strengthening pro-social behaviors in the problem students. In order that the technology of functional behavioral assessment is applied effectively schools need to impart proper training to all concerned with particular reference to teachers so that they are equipped to conduct functional behavioral assessments, develop appropriate plans and implement…. [read more]

Psychology of School Shootings and There Aftermath Term Paper

… Psychology of School Shooting and Their Aftermath

Cyber LAW

As schools across the U.S. continue their everyday activities, in the aftermath of the recent shootings, teachers of teenagers may be motivated to observe their students more closely to see if any of them might be clever in doing a parallel violent attack. School massacres of any level contest various typecasts and force people to challenge a place of violence that individuals could possibly look over. For the reason that numerous psychological profiles, the way of resolving any bloodbath is not a rapid resolution. However, this paper will discuss the psychological impact of a school shooting and what needs to happen next.

Is the Safe Schools Improvement Act of 2011 working?

Research obviously displays that it…. [read more]

Immigrant Experience and Its Psychological Term Paper

… This trend in immigration has and will continue to have a significant impact on all U.S. institutions, from schools to the labor force, to media and politics, to health care.

Dissertation 1

Feldman, E. (2007). Implementation of the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools with Spanish-Speaking, Immigrant Middle-School Students. (Doctoral Dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

This dissertation is significant as it explores one possible treatment option for immigrant children dealing with the impact of violence in their communities. The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) is a community and individual program intended to lower the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and behavioral problems; strengthen peer and parental support and improve student coping skills when confronted with traumatic…. [read more]

Images Boys Girls Offered Today Research Paper

… The media does not only teach girls with regard to the attitudes they need to employ, as they also provide them with a scenario concerning likely outcomes.

Boys are often provided with commercial showing them as GI Joes or as taking on macho attitudes. They are influenced to think that they have to be competitive, independent, and that it would be wrong for them to be emotionally attached to something. "Despite the fact that men have considerably more economic and political power in society than women, these trends - although different from those which affect women and girls - are very damaging to boys" (Gender Issues In The Media).

Media Advertising

The media "play a strong role in defining gender appropriateness through the images they…. [read more]

Hispanics and Domestic Violence Research Paper

… It could be a release of feelings which one has repressed, or a way to get back at his or her abuser through other people. This type of abuse can also relate to gender, when a man feels that he is more superior to a woman, and he wants to show his power and dominancy yet does it in a way which may cause physical and/or emotional harm (McClennen, 2010).


Family violence is the result of factors which are outside the family, and if uninterrupted it can escalate which increases the physical and psychological risks of family members (Barnett, 1980). Intervention is very necessary because it can help the family emotionally and give them better physical treatment. The first steps in intervention are to…. [read more]

Social Media and the Red Research Proposal

… It was time for the Revolution to come to the micro-screen.

So, were the tweeters effective? Do they know how to use the media properly or are they just making noise in their tweets? Indeed, the Burmese example is especially interesting because the Saffron Revolution in 2007 was inspired by dissidents with Internet resources in Thailand. It would seem that perhaps this may have happened in the other direction as in 2010 in Thailand where the people were inspired by the Burmese example (Chowdury 2008. 7) .

While the unrest of 2010 has been central to much of the examination of the effect of social media in the Red Shirt Revolution, this was also the case in the period in the year prior to the…. [read more]

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