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Media Film and Essay

… Through the magic of sampling (the process of choosing discrete parts to represent a continuous whole), almost anything -- text, sound, speech, film, graphics, animations, music -- can be digitized, and whatever can be digitized can be presented on a computer and transmitted over a network. (EMCPP "Digital Convergence" 2012)

Digitization allows for many processes and changes to the original media form. (Pavlik Media in the Digital Age 2008) Digitization is the process by which films shot on 35mm film can be edited with nonlinear editing software such as Avid and Final Cut Pro. The machine that conducts this process from film to bytes is called a telecine, so that the film now has a digital intermediate. The film, once a physical entity, is has…. [read more]

Evolution of Social Interactions: Social Media and Technology Essay

… The subject matter is of a rather personal nature, and the researcher reckons that participants would be more comfortable sharing some of the information with a trusted party than with a stranger. In this regard, provision will be made and the participants' reactions to the analysis taken into consideration. The study intends to be fair, accurate, and valid to itself, as well as to the participants, and all questions will, therefore, be related to the research questions.

Interview question number one: How would you describe your i) online relationships and ii) real-life relationships? This question seeks to obtain the view of the participant on the nature of either relationship. It aims at analyzing the nature of CMC-based relationships vis-a-vis face-to-face interactions.

Question two: What techniques…. [read more]

Media Technology A-Level Coursework

… Media Technology

Explain the concepts of agenda-setting and framing. In your explanation, identify a specific example of each from the news site I've reproduced on the last page of this exam, and explain how it is an example of the concept in question. (If you feel you cannot find an example for one of them, explain clearly what might count as an example.)

Framing presents a meaningful but fractured paradigm for communication scholars (Papacharissi & Oliveira, 2008). Framing has direct implications for how people perceive news stories and other items that they do not encounter directly. Furthermore, framing can also sets the agenda that the news is trying to portray. In the sample front page provided in The New York Times, there are several examples…. [read more]

Social Media and Technology Essay

… , 2006; Anderson & Emmers-Sommer, 2006). It is a widely accepted fact that one would only desire to stay in a relationship indefinitely if they are deriving the satisfaction they expected to derive from it. Towards this end, a person's level of commitment to their relationship is essentially the measure of satisfaction they derive from it. Sidelinger, et al. (2006) express that one's commitment could be measured by the level of investment they make in the relationship, and their perception of the quality of alternative relationships. Towards this end, higher commitment is signaled by one perceiving his/her relationship as superior to alternative relationships, ignoring attractive alternative relationships, and being willing to sacrifice for the relationship, accommodate the other party, and make high investments in the…. [read more]

Media Archaelogy and Videogames Essay

… The author lists a variety of other women who have played an important role in media archaeology. The point is that there is no person whose work is negligible or indeed of more vital importance simply because of their gender.

Like the changes we experience in technology and communications today, there is also a change in our view of society in terms of class and gender. Indeed, the greater accessibility of media by everybody has leveled the playing field in the social and corporate worlds to a greater extent than ever before.

Even in gaming, women and men have equal access. In the online world, one's gender, class, and any other physical attributes are disguised behind the face offered as an alter ego in the…. [read more]

Media Audiences Marxist Media Theorists Essay

… However no little has been done to actually understand the notion of Mediatization but some media researchers have come up with some terms concerning Mediatization and ways of developing a concept that is more coherent to understand the term Mediatization as being social and culture.

The term Mediatization is used in describing the media's influence over research. Some people argue that media is not analytic concept however it is an ambiguous term that is used to refer to an increasing cultural as well as, the social significance of mass media plus other forms of communications which are technically mediated. From this perspective, it is clear that media plays a significant role in production and circulation of interpretations of the science Lundby, K. (2009).

The term…. [read more]

Using Technology to Support Teaching and Learning Term Paper

… Technology and Learning

Introduction- From the late 20th century on, technological growth has become so robust that in the last decade there have been vast changes to the educational and business environment based on it automation, cloud computing, new memory chips, and operating systems that take advantage of the new electronic collaboration many enjoy (Vizard 2011). Too, when we think of how technology can transform society, it is also useful to consider new ways of utilizing technology for learning. Of course, there are issues educators face when introducing new technologies in the classroom; namely the failure to fully utilize and/or creatively utilize new technology in the delivery of education. Facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment offers the potential to move participants to higher levels of…. [read more]

New Media Implications the Improvement Essay

… Others view them as heroes that are fettering out the facts and figures that the established news media does not want others to see. Whether one views them as legitimate news makers or just part of the audience that is just stirring things up can vary, but this obviously is an example of the lines between audience and newsmakers blurring significantly.

To zoom back out a little in terms of new media vs. The older established media, there has been a media war underway between "old media" and "new media" outlets and there are many real-world examples of this that are readily findable in research. One example of this was when the established media was accused in 2012 of being anti-Israel, almost to the point…. [read more]

Technology in the Elementary Classroom Thesis

… Technology in the Elementary Classroom

The use of technologies within the elementary school classrooms of today is defining and enabling the development of entirely new teaching and instruction strategies for students. These technologies are enabling entirely new teaching strategies that are focused on customized and highly tailored lesson programs called scaffolding which allow students' deficiencies to be addressed through personalized use of technology. The use of technologies to create customized learning strategies for students relying on scaffolding shows significant potential for increasing overall learning effectiveness and retention of concepts over the long-term (Wasonga, 585, 586). The use of smartboards that can also function as intelligent, touch-panel screens in addition to the use of these devices as touch-sensitive projectors are being used effectively for both individual…. [read more]

Media Influence and Political World Thesis

… Media Influence and the Political World

The work of Croteau and Hoynes (2003) entitled: "Media Society: Industries, Images and Audiences" states that if one is to better understand media then it is important to understand "the political environment in which they operate. This becomes obvious when we consider the drastic differences between media in a democratic society and those in totalitarian nations." However, it is the position of the writer of this work that even in democratic societies media influence may be characterized by the promotion of a "narrow set of government-sanctioned images and messages." (Croteau and Hoynes, 2003)

When such as this occurs in a democracy then the audiences in the democratic nation, just as those in other nations must become "...adept at reading…. [read more]

Media Bias in America Term Paper

… Media Bias

Knowledge is rarely neutral, often consciously shaped by these special interests and then unconsciously imbibed from our earliest childhood experiences as cultural "normality." More ominously, manipulation, misinformation, and deception are inescapably entwined with one's belief in the "truth." Propaganda also impacts on the level of public discourse by positively as well as negatively influencing the democratic process. Propaganda is thus common to how image makers influence, how educators teach, how sellers sell, and how elites govern."

Richard Alan Nelson

Political Media Bias

Without a doubt, political media bias exists, and has for a very long time. In fact the basis of the prolific media in the early development of the nation was simply as a voice for the varied political ideologies to demonstrate…. [read more]

Technology Society and Culture Thesis

… Technology, Society and Culture

Most of the actions performed by people in the present are owed to the great technological breakthroughs done over the last centuries. Technology is a key element in the chain of evolution, as humankind has succeeded in achieving many things that once seemed to be impossible. There is virtually no domain that has remained unaffected by technology, with almost all people constantly being in need of technological assistance in the acts that they carry out.

Numerous accounts have been written with the intention of making the public better acquainted with technology and the benefits that it involves. It is curious to most people how mankind has experienced a remarkable evolution over the last centuries. While some would attribute the evolution to…. [read more]

Marshall Mcluhan Media and the Human Senses Term Paper

… Marshall McLuhan

Media and the Human Senses

Marshall McLuhan contends that all media are extensions of the human senses. True to form, all media presented whether print, audio, visual, electronic or other are nothing more than expansions of our perceptions of the world in one form or another. Media provides the medium through which mankind can engage the senses, explore the world, interpret reality and communicate with mankind. Through use of media including television, video and electronic media mankind can interpret his experiences, create a unique identity, engage in social order and develop social rules and institutions that make living possible and acceptable.

In this paper the author provide an analysis of how various forms of the media act as a medium through which sensory…. [read more]

Technology and Gifted Learners Assistive Research Paper

… Teachers can now use free, online rubric generators with sites like Rubistar at

Slide 5: Engaging in Literacy Through Blogs and Social Media

Using computer technology, teachers can now create a virtual thematic unit. Essentially, "thematic units are used as a strategy to integrate abstract complex ideas into the curriculum" (Mulrine, 2007, p 38). This is creating a unit that is situated in a virtual world. Thus, it connects a number of multimedia content sites in a single place that students can access online. Teachers can use online sites such as the C.O.O.R School district's web site ( Various links found in the thematic unit then connect the lesson plan with online activities. Social media can be used here to help engage students working…. [read more]

Media Processes of Consumption Article Review

… Media

Processes of Consumption in Audiences

Media consumption typical of the fairly complex patterns characterized…does not happen in a vacuum distinct from other social behaviors or everyday behaviors. We have, in contemporary society, come to integrate many forms of mass media into our everyday lives without even thinking about how we navigate such pathways. This development has extremely compelling results we should consider…we readily adopt forms of media into our daily lives [which] means that we generally also engage the content of those media without serious consideration. (Chapter 1 -- Introduction to the Study of Media Effects, 4)

The text of focus for the purposes of this assignment is Chapter 1 -- Introduction to the Study of Media Effects. This was a sound introduction. The…. [read more]

Reality Television: A Media Psychological Research Proposal

… This is a dangerous position for humanity: the technology and media moves a far greater rate than we are thinking about what it is doing to us psychologically, how these affects manifest, and what to do about them. Again, this is where media psychology provides assistance and the skills to navigate & control the ever-changing and constantly transitioning 21st century global culture. If humanity loses control over the technology it creates, humanity may soon find itself in an inextricable and fatal dilemma that could have been avoidable with some research. Furthermore, with respect to the influence media has on behavior and reality television, media psychology guides researchers through strange, yet relevant territory regarding the nature of existence, the nature of reality, fate, choice, action, and…. [read more]

Media and the Role it Plays in Shaping Society Term Paper

… Young people are most vulnerable to ideas that the media presents, as they are less experienced in filtering information and are thus more likely to be influenced as a consequence of being bombarded with certain concepts.

It is difficult to predict how things will be in the future when concerning the media and the way it will influence the general public. Even with the fact that media devices have progressed in accordance with latest technologies, people now seem to have more power over information they acquire as a result of the internet. Devices such as TV, newspapers, and radio are somewhat limited in the information they provide, but the internet provides users with the ability to only become acquainted with information they want to learn.…. [read more]

Mass Communications Essay

… Let's say you want to launch a magazine exclusively for the students at Thomas Edison State College. What information could you provide that these individuals don't currently have? What type of publication would you produce? How would you generate revenue? How would you distribute the magazine and what would you call it? Would you want to put the magazine online? Why or why not?

The magazine for college must first be appealing in regards to its content. Exclusive content that is relevant to the target demographic is of particular importance in regards to the success of the magazine. The information therefore, would be geared towards information that is relevant to the student population, and surrounding community of the college. Of particular importance would be sporting…. [read more]

Organizational Management -- Concepts and Terminology Essay

… Organizational Management -- Concepts and Terminology

Organizational Culture and Behavior

Organizational culture refers to the collective attitudes and values that characterize business organizations. Organizational behavior refers to the manner in which business organizations implement and manifest the various elements of their organizational culture (Robbins & Judge, 2009). The last organization for which I worked maintained an organizational culture that emphasized equal opportunity, ethical business practices, and the concept of developing leaders from within the organization. That organization also maintained a strong commitment to social welfare and to environmental responsibility. Employees were encouraged to participate in various efforts that benefited the local community and the organization carefully monitored compliance with environmentally conscious policies and practices.


In contemporary American society and business, diversity refers to the…. [read more]

Technology to Improve Behavior Research Proposal

… In addition, computers enhance children's self-concept, and children demonstrate increasing levels of spoken communication and cooperation. Children share leadership roles more frequently and develop positive attitudes toward learning." However Haugland suggest that in order for most effective use of the computers "they must provide concrete experiences, children have free access and control the learning experience, children and teachers learn together, teachers encourage peer tutoring, and teachers use computers to teach powerful ideas."


The proposed study will be conducted in one second grade class. Second grade is chosen because it is felt that the first -graders may not be quite ready for technology in the classroom, and it is better to introduce the computers early, rather than wait until the students are in the third…. [read more]

Media on the U.S. Society Research Paper

… A person's looks may mean nothing if the morals, values and beliefs of that person are not intact or if the person is a failure at leading life to benefit others and be sincere in what he or she does.

In the same way, the TV shows are promoting a culture which surrounds the freedom of these younger generations, giving them the power to do what they want and not be questioned for any of their actions. This reckless kind of life is increasingly becoming the subject of the TV commercials, serials and movies and this creates an urge in the young generations especially the teenagers to go ahead leading an adventurous life where everything seems like a mystery to them and they fail to…. [read more]

Technology -- Blessing or Curse? Building Term Paper

… Technology -- blessing or curse?

Building a better mousetrap, or using technology to solve the world's problems has become reduced to even a more absurd exercise through what Siva Vaidhyanathan calls in his 2007 introduction to Rewiring the Nation: The Place of Technology in American Studies "techno-fundamentalism." This is the idea the problems created by past machines can be fixed by future machines. For example, the lack of world security generated by nuclear technology can be solved by Star Wars rather than a conscientious effort to reduce nuclear proliferation. This belief in progress as inevitable and good is misguided, says the author. Technology is only as great as the morality and spirit of the society that wields the technology.

Video technology, when put into the…. [read more]

Media in the Modern World Term Paper

… Media

In the modern world, it is easy to forget that in the recent past, many of the world's powers are incredibly young as nation-states. Britain controlled India until the mid-20th century; Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when it became governed by China, which was only founded in 1949. In the shadow of nation-states like Britain, whose official status as an independent nation stretches back centuries, India and Hong Kong are relative toddlers in governing.

Both are still experimenting with the amount of state control over many areas-speech, religion, and other liberties-that influence the lives of their citizens each day; the advent of new technologies that will most likely render the traditional role of the state as the primary broadcaster of information…. [read more]

Media Literacy Research Proposal

… ¶ … Media Literacy

Most scholars believe that while the modern era has brought with it unprecedented growth and development in the technology sector; it has also dramatically shifted the power center from the governments to the multinationals. These corporations are increasing their control over the world resources and concurrently strengthening their grip over the system. At the same time, manufacturing and production in the developing countries is shifting away from high-volume to high-quality outputs. The labors in turn are being asked to be multi-skilled and highly productive. Such demands have forced the status quo to review current status of the education system and modify it to the needs of modern times. Knobel (2001) writes,

Schools have a significant role to play in embracing and…. [read more]

Technology in Musicals Musical Theatre Dissertation

… However the insertion of the new technology into theatres actually created jobs for people such as theatrical technicians. Each of the areas of production including lighting, sound and scenery were components in the computer controlled revolution that took place in theatres through America and Britain. The author explains that

"With scenery being the environment in the modern theatre, then the ultimate objective of the designer of musicals must be to service the moving forms that characterize the musical theatre. Everything moves in an effective musical: musical notes, lyrics, actors, dancers, scenes, and scenery (Kislan 239) This revolution was all-encompassing within Broadway productions, straight drama and musical alike, but it was the musicals and their need for spectacle that really took advantage of it (Adlaf )."…. [read more]

Social Media Essay

… VI. The Agency Relationship Existing Between Social Media Providers and Businesses that Advertise on Social Media Websites

An agency relationship exists between two parties when one of the parties agrees to represent the other party. This is a relationship based on trust. Such a relationship exists between social media providers and in this case Facebook and businesses that advertise on Facebook's social media website. Therefore, Facebook has placed trust in these businesses to ensure that they do not advertise falsely.

Summary and Conclusion

Social media has presented new challenges in terms of government regulation of these social media and the business and consumer transactions that take place via social media websites such as Facebook. Government regulation of consumer transactions via social media appears to be…. [read more]

Social Media and Law Enforcement Research Paper

… "Ongoing training on current issues, the hazards of social media, and self-protection is essential. Due to the web's rapidly changing environment, one-time training is not sufficient. Individuals alone cannot keep up with social networking's constant evolution. A dedicated manager must ensure personnel are updated through e-mails, memoranda, briefings, and trainings" (Waters 2012). Just like the law itself, the relationship of law enforcement agencies to social media remains a work in progress, one which will continue to be negotiated in the future.


Bar-Tur, Yael. (2013). Boston Police schooled us all on social media law enforcement.

Mashable. Retrieved:

This article chronicles the response of the Boston police to the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, praising them for their effective use of social media and…. [read more]

Sound Technologies and Sound Design Thesis

… The synchronization of sound films was experimented during 1912 to 1914. These developments underlined the importance of technology and innovation in coming years of film industry. The history of film music also does not provide a coherent record of its developments as Lumiere brothers are also reported as introducing their film with music in 1895. However the confirmation of such records is a trivial task due to unclear documentation.

Phonographic sound and films were among the early films with music. It is also stated that a number of cinemas in Europe were dedicated for phonographic sounds. The introduction of phonographic and these cinemas throughout the world have influenced sound and music in films. It is reported that these cinemas showcased short films with operatic performances.…. [read more]

Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness Literature Review

… ¶ … Social Media on the Advertising Competitiveness of Small Businesses

Marketing is a complex issue (Joshi, 2005; Christensen, 1997). Because of the complexities surrounding it, it is very important that every researcher into the issue carefully consider what area of marketing he or she wants to study, and focuses on that area. By doing so, marketing (both domestic and international) can be better addressed (Christensen, 1997). Long before social media ever appeared on the scene, companies were finding creative and innovative ways to market their goods and services to consumers (Joshi, 2005). The trust that is associated with traditional media has been increasingly successful in transferring over to viral marketing strategies online. Trust in traditional media (newspaper ads and articles, and TV), the authors…. [read more]

Web 2.0 Technologies for Recruitment Essay

… LinkedIn is now what many employers consider a professional's online identity, more accurate and reflecting of a person's background than their resume (Bernoff, Li, 2008). It is imperative every senior executive in Dunder Mifflin have a LinkedIn profile, including one that shows the progression of their careers over time as well.

LinkedIn is often used by corporate recruiters to evaluate prospective new employees as well. Status in many industries, including engineering, product marketing, product management, sales and especially engineering, are defined by the recommendations written by others on a person's profile. As of 2013 LinkedIn has also created an abbreviated recommendation system where friends and those a person is connected with can recommend them. It is the 21st century equivalent to the resume and is…. [read more]

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