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Conflict Coaching Practices Essay

… Job rotation is often used as a conflict management coaching technique by the middle level managers to resolve disputes among their subordinates (Costello, Clarke, Gravely, D'Agostino-Rose, & Puopolo, 2011).

ii. Job Enrichment:

Unlike job rotation, job enrichment entails the assignment of greater job responsibilities to an employee in order to increase his morale and motivation towards his current job position (Raines, 2013). In job enrichment, the basic purpose of the manager is to give more powers, authority, and responsibilities to an employee. This technique is used when an employee is not satisfied with his current level of job position according to his qualification, skills, and experience. Such employee keep his morale low while working under another employee who is holding a higher level of job…. [read more]

and Analysis of a Particular Approach or Example of Community Development in Practice Case Study

… Community Development in Practice

The term 'community involvement' has actually just recently pertained to play a main role in the discourse of rural development specialists and policy makers. At the exact same time, individuals' analyses of the term and objections of other individuals' analyses have actually increased, and the purposes and outcomes of much involvement in practice have actually been questioned or even knocked (Booth, 2005; Cornwall, 2004). Community involvement as a method has actually become a "buzzword" and at its base has actually become a foundation for each developing job in establishing nations. According to Fung (2002), involvement is the energetic participation of the community, especially the disadvantaged teams such as ladies, kids, senior, handicapped and the poorest of the inadequate, in the choices…. [read more]

Mediation Practice and Theory Term Paper

… Mediation, conflict resolution and arbitration are considered effective methods of dealing with conflict. Since "society perceives conflict as something that gets in the way of progress" (Boulle, 2005, p. 87) employing effective methods of dealing with societal conflict allows that same society to progress and become more effective in handling situations that impede society in moving forward. Boulle also showed that "conflict is seen as a fact of life and when it is properly managed it can have many benefits for the parties and constituents" (Boulle, p. 87).

Resolving conflict can be beneficial for society, and whether the method to resolve such conflict is through mediation, or arbitration, or conflict resolution depends on the situation and the preferences of the parties involved.

Mediation is used…. [read more]

Alternate Dispute Resolution Mediation Term Paper

… Defense lawyers, comfortable with the familiar litigation process and the large hourly fees it generates, typically do not aggressively pursue post-claim ADR agreements. (Ellis, 1996)

Given the difficulty in obtaining ADR agreements after a dispute arises, professionals who want to use mediation, ADR, or arbitration should consider asking all clients, or selected clients, to agree to the ADR concept, and sign an ADR agreement prior to the presence of a dispute rather than after. Clients are typically more inclined to agree to ADR before a dispute arises and before becoming emotionally charged in an issue. For this reason, the use of pre-dispute ADR agreements also gives the professional service provider more leeway in dictating the specific terms of the ADR process.

Mediation advocates assert that…. [read more]

Mediation Theory and Practice Term Paper

… Mediation Theory and Practice

Umbreit, M.S., Coates, R.B., Voss, B. (YEAR).The impact of victim-offender mediation: Two decades of research. Federal Probation, 65(3), page numbers.

Rationale / Author's Positionality:

In this article, the authors attempt to describe the attributes of victim offender mediation (VOM). They believe that VOM is one of the more effective recent innovations in the criminal justice system, and that this effectiveness is demonstrated when one looks at the following seven factors: client satisfaction, client perception of fairness, restitution, diversion, recidivism, costs, and VOM and crimes of violence.

This article did not describe any new research, but summarized the results of the past two decades of research into VOM.

First, the research made it clear that only 40 to 60% of people asked…. [read more]

Vygotsky vs. Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development in Terms of Nature vs. Nurture Thesis

… Vgotsky v. Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development in Terms of Nature v. Nurture

What is more influential to our cognitive development, the nature of our own minds or the nurture we receive through our cultural world around us? This basic question has been the source of great debate within the field of psychology for generations. Proponents of a more biological perspective, like Jean Piaget, posit the idea that yes the external world does provide stimulus that influences development, but that it is the biological construct of the mind which has systems for adapting to that external world that most influences development of cognitive thought and processes. On the other hand, supporters of a stronger cultural influence, like Lev Vygotsky, believe that the human mind develops…. [read more]

Feminine Pedagogy and Critical Theory Research Paper

… No apparent gap is evident when feminist pedagogy is aligned with a pedagogy of the oppressed. Rather, two parallel pedagogical tracks are evident, with little discernable reason for the separation.


Feminism and "post-discourses" have moved the dialogue to a space of heightened consciousness, moving society and its institutions toward greater consciousness and a greater understanding of how power relations are enabled and constructed. The historical critical tradition is well served through this melding of feminist pedagogy and Freire's pedagogy of the oppressed. Through it, we are enabled to "formulate a critical (post-) epistemology for a radical pedagogy, that we ethically ground a post-modern education" (Kincheloe, 2003, p. 217). A reinvention of the revolutionary praxis seems timely, for as Kincheloe asserted, "Even when the Pedagogy…. [read more]

Best Practices in Corrections Correctional Case Study

… This is particularly when they target certain inmates such as those with low skills. In addition, they tend to be highly useful when they are incorporated in the broader strategy, becoming a multi-modal strategy to rehabilitation of offenders.

Psychological programs: some prison programs try to change the underlying issues causing the criminality behavior of an offender. Drug abuse programs are perhaps the most common interventions. An estimated fifty percent of offenders entering prison admit having used drugs in the previous months (Fagan & Ax, 2011). Some of them have reported having used drugs at the time of their offence, which also contributed to their incarceration. In addition, there is an increase in the war against drugs as more people in prisons are linked to drug…. [read more]

Argument of the Power and Conflict Theory Essay

… Power-Conflict Theory

Analysis of Power and Conflict Theory

Coleman (2006) has done a great service to the community of scholarship by bringing together a number of views of power. He provides summaries of these views in an attempt to formulate a helpful rubric for understanding power-conflict dynamics. Almost two thirds of his important article is taken up with a presentation of power, while the last third tackles conflict dynamics and resolution. The emphasis is clear: Coleman wants to insert power into the conflict equation. He is driven by the following concern: "Because of its ubiquity, it is paramount that when we address conflict, we consider power" (2006, p. 121). He addresses this issue by reviewing existing notions of power, first at the level of definition,…. [read more]

Neo-Vygotskian Approach to Child Development Term Paper

… ¶ … mediation and in what cases should be used to develop children's ability for sociodramatic play?

According to Vygotsky and his followers, children's social environments must be mediated by adults, so that children develop into fully functional adults. Unlike previous developmental theorists, Vygotsky did not believe that children 'naturally' met developmental milestones without direction. Adults must engage in social interactions with children and help shape the types of psychological tools the children will use as adults. However, this 'mediating' is not necessarily authoritative in nature. An adult should ideally play a supportive role when the child is engaged in play, "resourcing, expanding and deepening learning dialogues between people and between different perspectives" (Wegerif, 2007). An adult observing child at play, for example, does not…. [read more]

Civil War Mediation Strategies in the Pre-1900s Research Paper

… Inclusive v. Exclusive Civil War Mediation Strategies:

What is Inclusive Strategy?

What is Exclusive Strategy?

Civic Society: Including the Voices of the Civilian Public

Benefits of Civil Society

Drawbacks of Civil Society

Civic Society: Excluding the Voices of the Civilian Public

Benefits of Excluding Civil Society

Drawbacks of excluding Civil Society

Elite Driven Peace: What is the purpose?

Governmental Power Sharing

Military power sharing

Stasis in Roman Sicily Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Thirty Days War Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Bosnia Case: Example of Exclusive Mediation

Libya and Kenya Case: Example of Inclusive Mediation

Colombian case: Example of Inclusive Mediation


Norway the Mediator

Transitional Justice Framework

Benefits of Victims at Negotiation Table

Drawback at the Negotiating Table in Colombia

Legal Framework for Peace…. [read more]

Labor Unions in the U.S Term Paper

… S. One might say that it is natural that bodies of people would form groups, for whatever reasons, regardless of positive or negative outcomes, to promote their economic interests, in light of increasing rational views of labor, and equally important as a result of the natural interdependency implied in the employer-employee work-based organization.


Think about your current work organization, or the workforce of a friend or family member. How is the work group structured? Is it represented by a labor union? How efficiently is the workforce run?

Apply one of the social theorists ideas mentioned above to your current work situation, or the situation of a friend or family member. Which theorists ideas make the most sense in your work organization? Do…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution: Scenario Analysis Research Paper

… Scenario 4: A University professor teaching ethics is frustrated with his Chinese students because they have difficulty in speaking English. The professor always marks down their grades for grammatical syntax and spelling. During class he makes a remark saying "We're in America, you should learn to speak English" to one of his international students. The student becomes embarrassed and finds it even harder to answer. There is a long period of silence as the professor continues to mock her/him. Is this prejudice? If so, shouldn't a professor rise above his own prejudices? The student does not report the ethics professor to the Dean of the Department.

Scenario 5: A race car instructor believes women drivers are dangerous. At work, twenty four students show up with…. [read more]

Transformational Learning More Than Twenty-Five Term Paper

… Clark and Wilson state that Mezirow's claim that indiviudals have difficulty changing because their world views become habits of the mind, frames of reference lacks appropriate context. Conext reflects the personal and socio-cultural factors that play an influencing role in the process of transformative learning. These factors, as identified by Clark and Wilson, include the surroundings of the immediate learning event, made up of the personal and professional situation of the individual at that time and the more distant background context involving the familial and social history that has influenced the individual growing up.

5.0 Higher Education

Transformative learning should be implemented in higher education with caution for a variety of reasons. First, as explained throughout this research, there is no commonly accepted model of…. [read more]

Confucianism Describe the Unique Characteristics Term Paper

… Confucius tells that not many people are able to keep jen constantly in mind; he also tells that jen is very close to us. As 'humanism' deals with ren or humanness, 'humanism' is the core of Confucianism. This is specifically emphasized by Mencian wing of the Confucian tradition and elevated to metaphysical level by one of the later thinkers, Neo-Confucian schools of Song-Ming times. Confucianism appears to be an open counter part with Chinese communism as 20th-century Confucian scholars credits the word 'humanism' to Confucianism; and hence this new understanding must itself be "historicized" as a metacommentary. (Huang, p.32)

The distinctive characteristics of Confucian humanism can be known from the teachings of Confucius. Confucius says the person cannot bear difficulties for a longer time and…. [read more]

Joe Salatino, President Great North Case Study

… Employees in a company with high self-efficacy contribute immensely to company success and growth and are always motivated to learn and implement. On the other hand, an employee demonstrating low-efficacy are have negative outcomes in terms of their performance at the work place, have negative attitudes towards their work, display low self- esteem and rarely reach the goals set for them. In hiring employees, Joe has to conduct a comprehensive interview of the candidates in a bid to choose the one demonstrating high self-efficacy (Yang & Kim, et al. 2011).


Joe's company is an example of growth through helping employees change their behavior towards their work and apply positive concepts that help them relate better with their customers. His employees are the driving force…. [read more]

Functionalism and Interaction Theory Term Paper

… The worker undertakes the responsibilities of acting an enabler. The worker helps individuals in the macro environment to cope up with stressing situations that affect their health and well-being. The worker conveys hope, reduce individual resistance to change, and ambivalence; hence, promoting positive experiences in times of stressful situations. The human service worker also acts as a mediator in the macro environment. The mediation role entails resolving conflicts in the macro system. The work ensures the realization of the goal by enabling the stakeholders in the macro environment to work out their differences. Significant evidence shows that the human service worker performs the responsibility of acting as a coordinator in the macro environment. Coordination entails bringing the components that influence the relationship in the macro…. [read more]

Goals Related Hypothesis Chapter

… I can also use the Grow and Well Done approach of the performance management system where the Grow model helps the nurse visualize where he wants be and the Well Done approach compliments him for reaching it.

When leaders or managers are planning to manage change, there are five key principles that need to be kept in mind:

1. Different people react differently to change

2. Everyone has fundamental needs that have to be met

3. Change often involves a loss, and people go through the "loss curve"

4. Expectations need to be managed realistically

5. Fears have to be dealt with Many of the patients -- if not all -- go through some sort of change in their alignment to illness and their struggles…. [read more]

Child Observation Term: Winter, 2014 Essay

… The teacher offered assistance when John struggled with his cognitive tasks. She also provided instruction to the group of children as a whole and to John particularly. Finally, she encouraged interest and motivation in John by helping him calm down after his temper tantrum and offering assistance in writing his name.

Vygotsky's main belief was that children are a type of apprentice. In other words, they are influence by older and more skilled members of their social world. By this idea, young children learn by guided participation, or with the help of mentors to have social experiences and exploring their universe.

John's cognitive development is enhanced by placing him within a social group with his peers, with the guidance of teachers. Guided participation opportunities are…. [read more]

Learning Styles the Theory Essay

… In the Honey and Mumford learning styles, like the pragmatists, to try everything, but they are impatient with long discussions. (McCombs and Vakili, p1582-600) They learn best when they save techniques that will help them to time and if they are able to try new techniques and feedback can be given. Pragmatists do not work well when there are no guidelines or instructions given, or if you do not feel that benefits are going to do it. (Nielsen et al. p124-28)

The immediate focus of learning experiences as the basis of experience-based learning models has as constructivist approaches from. In contrast to behaviorism and cognitivism goes constructivism as a learning paradigm assumes that knowledge can not be taught objectively, but is designed individually by each…. [read more]

Jung Individuation in Jung's Personality Theory Research Paper

… Jung

Individuation in Jung's Personality Theory

If one takes a starting point in any form of depth psychology, then one must deal with the effects of the unconscious on personality. While many personality theories dismiss this concept due to its nebulous nature, Jung and others insist that it is valid. Depth psychology begins from the notion that underlying all conscious activity of the soul (psyche) is the great and mysterious ocean of the unconscious. It says that what is irrational or hidden below the surface of the psyche should take priority since it is as important a force in human personality as the rational or conscious. Psychologists like Freud and Jung asserted that what the person is not self-aware of matters just as much as…. [read more]

Role Development for Advanced Nursing Essay

… Advance Nursing Practices

In the last few decades, advance nursing has emerged as a healthcare system to provide better and expertise services in nursing fraternity. It has however, forced governments around the world to recognize nursing contributions to health care through expanding their role as an effective way to improve healthcare service delivery to patients in various health care facilities (Schober and Affara, 2006).

However, advanced practice nursing (APN) is design to provide a complex and a dynamic health care system needs and demands in a flexible manner to a community. Moreover, the role of advanced nursing practices have revolutionized from the traditional scope of nursing, where only the use of nursing knowledge was involved to a more dynamic and comprehensive use of other skills…. [read more]

Revolving Door Theory Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Door and the Futility of Regulation

Since the days of early Rome, representative government has been both terribly confounded by and greatly enhanced by the ease with which former policy-makers can continue to exert influence on political affairs even after their removal from political office. While on the one hand these actors are greatly beneficial to special interests and are the most qualified individuals to serve as lobbyists due to their networks of important contacts, there is deep concern that without due caution a conflict of interests may develop adverse effects to the detriment of the government and the public which it serves. Ultimately, however, attempts to regulate the revolving door expose a fundamental contradiction in ideas which indicates that problems surrounding the…. [read more]

Theories of Learning and Educational Psychology Term Paper

… ¶ … Learning

Educational Psychology

Multiple Choice: select the best answer

The ultimate goal of teaching is knowledge lifelong expert learning motivation volition

Which one of the following factors does NOT influence a person's skill and will to learn?

Common sense




Another term for self-discipline that is characteristics of self-regulated learners is common sense context motivation volition

When studies are based only on observations, the results should be expressed as cause-and-effect relationships descriptions principles theories

In what specific type of research would a researcher be likely to serve as a participant-observer?





The most likely correlation between height and shoe size of adults is anywhere between +0.00 and +0.50 close to zero negative positive

Which of the following one…. [read more]

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution Term Paper

… Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many theorists, including Nadja Alexander and Marian Roberts, begin their discussions of mediation by noting that it is a fairly new phenomenon in the field of formal dispute resolution. Nevertheless, the paradigm has gained increasing popularity over the last decades, particularly where family and divorce disputes are concerned. Indeed, where young children are involved, couples often prefer to resolve the dispute privately via mediation than publicly in court. In this way, negotiations remain amicable, or can become so with the help of therapy. John Haynes, a mediation expert, identifies the purpose of mediation as finding a mutually acceptable solution for both or all the disputing parties (Haynes 1). In order to do this, he suggests the following steps in the process…. [read more]

Common Driveway Case Case Study

… ¶ … Driveway Case

Disputes can cause serious stress and even violence if they are not dealt with in a thorough and professional way. When the dispute is between neighbors, the stakes are always high because a condition of neighborhood peace and cooperation is vital in terms of the dynamics of healthy, happy daily living. The thrust of this paper revolves around appropriate dispute resolution (ADR), when it is needed, how it would help the Wilson family resolve their parking dispute, how it is administered, what the mediator needs to do, and what forms of ADR are available to people when a serious dispute arises.

What are the most effective dispute resolution processes?

Before going into the specific case involving the Wilson and Green families,…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Meditation Benefit ADHD Meditation Is Primarily Term Paper

… ¶ … Meditation Benefit ADHD

Meditation is primarily a human effort to take control over the mind's network; it can be designed through using mere breath control or the repetition of a word or mantra to calm the nerves and have the mind be one and at peace with everything around the individual. Meditation is effectively used as a treatment measure for patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Kutz et al., 1985). ADHD is primarily a neurological disorder and results in attention deficits and hyperactivity in individuals (Kutz et al., 1985).

This paper will highlight how meditation helps in relieving the patients' cognition to perform at an enhanced level taking the support of most of the current studies (in particular a study conducted by…. [read more]

Divorce Negotiation Term Paper

… ¶ … married, Daphne built a highly successful career with the Jonestown Museum of Art in Jonestown. In January of 1994, she was offered two different jobs. One was as the general manager of the Jonestown Museum of Art and the other was with the prestigious Chicago Art Museum. She would have preferred the Chicago Museum of Art because it had better career potential. By that time however, she had already met and fallen in love with Richard, a local Jonestown artist. Richard made it clear that he was not moving to Chicago and therefore, Daphne took the Jonestown job.

Richard had only mild commercial success as an artist when he met Daphne. His parents were wealthy and generously endowed him with money as he…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of the Cognitivist Developmental Perspective and the Sociocultural Essay

… Second Language Acquisition

Theories of Second Language Acquisition

Several theories of second language acquisition are rooted in psychology. Two of these are the cognitivist/developmental perspective and the sociocultural perspective. Harrington explains that cognitive science seeks to understand the internal mental representations responsible for higher-order mental functions such as language acquisition (125). One of the models that falls under the cognitivist/developmental perspective is the information processing model. Lightbown and Spada liken this model to a computer (38). According to the information processing model, second language acquisition is seen as the "building up of knowledge that can eventually be called on automatically for speaking and understanding" (Lightbown and Spada 39). Lightbown and Spada explain that learners must use cognitive resources to process new information when they are…. [read more]

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