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Mediation Scenario Professional Writing

… Mediation Scenario

Describe and analyze the ethical and legal issues involved in this case.

One of the ethical issues in this case is the development of the ability to remain neutral in the mediation process. This might prove to be an ethical dilemma in the process of mediation if there is dislike for one of the couples. There is also the ethical issue on what is best for the development of children. In order to ensure that the children in this context develop effectively and appropriately as human beings, it is crucial for the mediation process to achieve applicable decision or agreement. Another ethical issue that might prove crucial during the mediation is the essence of domestic violence. Mediation process must outline the source of…. [read more]

Church and Mediation Services Term Paper

… ¶ … Ministry Mediation Proposal

Purpose of the ministry

CMC isn't involved itself with courts and legal proceedings. However, it works to close the gap between parents, adults, children ranging from 15 to 18 years of age along with single parents. The reasons are multiple however. They help in reaching a plausible solution for their fellow Christians (Buelle, 2005). The mediators won't decide the result of a disagreement but they will help in attaining plausible solutions. They are unbiased jury, who works for reaching an understanding and promote dialogue, recognizing the demands and requirements, offer brainstorming services as well along with problem solving methods. These methods will be used to attain logical agreements and make decisions viable for both parties (Boulle, 2005). CMC is different…. [read more]

Administrative Scenarios Administration Case Study

… Administrative Scenarios

Administration scenarios

The purpose of incarceration of individuals in correctional facilities is to punish and rehabilitate dangerous criminals. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the enforcement of law, and in administration of federal prison systems. Prisoners' detention centers are state owned facilities in the United States of America except in some situation where prisoners go to privately owned facilities. Correctional facilities management follows State, local authority laws. Over eighty percent of those incarcerated stay in bureau owned prisons while the remaining number stay at community owned facilities, detention centers or juvenile facilities (Carlson & Garrett, 2006). Prisons administration departments have a layout of authority and the commissioner of prisons has the highest authority.

The bureau has the jurisdiction to carry out…. [read more]

Mediation Practice and Theory Term Paper

… Mediation, conflict resolution and arbitration are considered effective methods of dealing with conflict. Since "society perceives conflict as something that gets in the way of progress" (Boulle, 2005, p. 87) employing effective methods of dealing with societal conflict allows that same society to progress and become more effective in handling situations that impede society in moving forward. Boulle also showed that "conflict is seen as a fact of life and when it is properly managed it can have many benefits for the parties and constituents" (Boulle, p. 87).

Resolving conflict can be beneficial for society, and whether the method to resolve such conflict is through mediation, or arbitration, or conflict resolution depends on the situation and the preferences of the parties involved.

Mediation is used…. [read more]

Leaonard, Sam ). Mediation Book Report

… Mediation is more than listening and regurgitation. It is also active participation in the attempt to resolve a problem between two or more other parties. The author basically believes the most effective and best method of conflict resolution is through the use of mediation. He devotes an entire book to explaining why it is the best solution to conflict resolution and detailing the methods that are used. He also believes there are six types of conflict and eight different roles that a mediator fulfills in the process of mediation.

There have been many leaders in the nation over the years who would agree with the beliefs and directives of this author, including former President Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger and Reverend Jesse Jackson. All three of…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution: Scenario Analysis Research Paper

… Scenario 4: A University professor teaching ethics is frustrated with his Chinese students because they have difficulty in speaking English. The professor always marks down their grades for grammatical syntax and spelling. During class he makes a remark saying "We're in America, you should learn to speak English" to one of his international students. The student becomes embarrassed and finds it even harder to answer. There is a long period of silence as the professor continues to mock her/him. Is this prejudice? If so, shouldn't a professor rise above his own prejudices? The student does not report the ethics professor to the Dean of the Department.

Scenario 5: A race car instructor believes women drivers are dangerous. At work, twenty four students show up with…. [read more]

Resolution the Scenario Essay

… ¶ … Resolution

The scenario for this case study is as follows: Sue and Tom are business partners. They have a partnership in which they purchase and renovate homes and apartment buildings. They have worked together as partners for five years and currently own seven properties. A few months ago they talked about purchasing another property. Sue was in favor of the purchase but Tom was not sure because he believed the asking price was too high. Tom told Sue he would let her know his decision by a specific date. On the date that he was suppose to give his answer he was out-of-town on vacation. Two days later Sue purchased the property in her name. When Tom returned, he told Sue he thought…. [read more]

Conflict Our Interpretations, Mediation Strategies Research Paper

… Communication:

Humans tend to be creatures that often have imperfect communication processes. This imperfection is sometimes the source of conflict, whether it is the compatibility of interests or any other reason, it often becomes hard to resolve. Human communication has gained a lot of interest and people have researched on it in order to come up with a literature and come up with the reasons why communication often fails, they also attempt to come up with a resolution for it. What these researchers try to find out is why it is hard for humans to communicate what they want and how it ends up into a difficult situation when they are emotionally charged. It has been found that often the problem lies with the communicator…. [read more]

Education Scenario Response From District Essay

… Moreover, Merced (like myriad school districts nationwide) requires teachers to "facilitate discussions about bias and stereotyping, as well as justice, equality, and ethical conduct" -- and these kinds of discussions are part of the plan to introduce students to other cultures and why other cultures deserve respect. So it isn't just a matter of showcasing various ethic cultures that are here in the United States; it is also about teaching kids tolerance, understanding, and justice. The Merced curriculum calls for training teachers and staff about the need for multicultural education, "…awareness, diversity, and conflict resolution" (

Are there any curricular changes necessary based on the parent's letter?

Absolutely there should not be any changes made in the school curriculum because a person who is…. [read more]

Hypothetical Scenario: The Creation Essay

… Descartes' skepticism is radical to the point that he suggests all other beings in the world might be products of our altered, unstable consciousness. This includes the scientists that created the "sensory bar" as well as the sensory bar itself. Radical skepticism suggests that the entire exterior world is in doubt. The only possible solution to this uncertainty is the concept of "I think, therefore I am," namely Descartes' contention that there must be some being doing the thinking. The only scientific data Descartes considers to be valuable is what can be determined through logical reasoning and analysis, such as mathematics, versus empirical sciences such as biology (which requires taking in data through the senses) or even engineering (which is the mode of scientific study…. [read more]

Education Scenario the Teacher Essay

… Education


The teacher in this case has a valid grievance, because the performance evaluation process has a strong bearing on the teacher's tenure. Furthermore, a culture of caring begins at the managerial level in public schools (Collins, 2003). Teachers need to feel empowered and supported by their evaluators, not threatened. Therefore, the superintendent is in the position of intervening in this case with the end result goal of improving organizational culture and climate. It is believed that transformations in the school culture and climate will have a positive impact on student outcomes as well (Collins, 2003).

Performance evaluations of teachers often follow strict and rigid procedures, such as those outlined in the Jackson Public School District's Teacher Performance Evaluation (n.d.) guide. Transparency regarding the…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Conflict Resolution Case Scenario Analysis and Discussion Term Paper

… Additionally, the mediator creates an environment where every party expresses its concerns. In this case, for instance, the management is concerned that its employees still want more in spite of the comparatively attractive remuneration and benefits it offers. Employees, on the other hand, are concerned that the management is reluctant to offer them annual bonuses despite their crucial contribution to the success of the company. Given the two competing interests, the role of the mediator is to assist the two parties assess the relative benefits and costs of the available alternatives with a view to arriving at a mutually acceptable solution (Doherty & Guyler, 2008).

The mediation process should kick off as soon as possible -- the earlier the better. In fact, the next two…. [read more]

Consumer Mediation Essay

… Medical Malpractice

Players: Attorney for the doctor, attorney for the plaintiff and conflict resolution professional.

The plaintiff claims that he was sent home with a bowel obstruction after surgery in September. This obstruction developed into a near-fatal fistula. The plaintiff also claims that the doctor failed to act on the X-ray information that revealed the obstruction and sent the plaintiff home earlier than was wise.

The doctor claims that she followed all the proper procedures. The doctor claims that the plaintiff should have told the doctor of the uncomfortable feeling as soon as it occurred. Instead, the plaintiff told the plaintiff's partner but not the doctor. The doctor believed that the plaintiff's not telling the doctor allowed the condition to become critical and that, therefore,…. [read more]

Productivity Bargaining for Meter Readers a Mediation Arbitration Process Research Proposal

… Productivity Bargaining for Meter Readers

In this particular scenario, engaging in direct negotiations between the parties would seem to be the best course. Neither side is particularly angry or inflamed against the other side. Both want the utility to succeed which will require sustained increases in its effectiveness and efficiency. The worker's main short-term fear is that they will not be fairly compensated for their efforts, and that they are being asked to do more work for the same amount of financial compensation. They are also afraid that their work will be rendered obsolete by technology.

Management's willingness to deal openly with workers in a face-to-face setting will be a sign that it is sympathetic to the concerns articulated by the union. Workers are afraid…. [read more]

and Analysis of a Leadership Scenario Essay

… Leadership Development Plan

Leadership development is delineated as a strategic investment in a planned and well-thought out practice that provides individuals with the prospects, training, and experiences to grow into effective leaders within their organizations. It is an incorporated way to developing their understanding, knowledge and skills to facilitate themselves and their teams, departments or organizations as a whole to prosper. In the contemporary, leadership is applicable to all and sundry within the organization irrespective of their position, title or ranking. It is imperative for leadership development to connect directly to the strategic goals and challenges faced by the organization. This planning encompasses a practice in which leaders within the organizational setting conjure up a sought out future and develop the practices, processes, and operations…. [read more]

Arbitration and Its Relation to Family Law Term Paper

… Arbitration and Its Relation to Family Law

Arbitration "Wait 'til court and see what the judge decides." Two increasingly popular, alternative dispute resolution methods to the often tension tainted threat, "wait 'til court and see what the judge decides," arbitration and mediation, can currently serve as a remedy to some conflicts in family law, as well as help resolve some litigation shortcomings. Some individuals, however, whether at their worst or best, admit they do not understand the difference between arbitration and mediation. Originally, the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) constituted a procedural statute designed for commercial arbitration between business entities.

Currently, no matter what the cause of action, when a contract falls within the Commerce Clause's reach, the FAA creates a preference for arbitration over litigation.…. [read more]

As the Team Leader on the Night Research Proposal

… As the team leader on the night shift, what are your responsibilities to
the staff in this situation?
As the team leader, it is clearly my responsibility to ensure that
all members of the organization are working together cooperatively and
efficiently. The conflict here denotes that there is clearly an impasse
whereby the two experienced nurses appear to have little or no respect for
their new, younger supervisor. This combines with a history of poor work
ethic on the part of the two CNAs to have negatively impacted efficiency
and caused the one effective employee to consider leaving the department.

1.Is gender an issue in this scenario?
It is impossible to determine whether or not gender is an issue in
this scenario. Though we know…. [read more]

Mr. Smith Deserves Custody Term Paper

… Of course, Mrs. Smith argues that because she did not carry Samantha to term, she is not Samantha's mother. Essentially, Mrs. Smith is arguing, much along the lines of Davis v. Davis, that she was forced to become a parent against her will, as the father of the frozen embryos argued that his wife had no right to their custody, nor to implant them with in her. (Davis v. Davis, Supreme Court of Tennessee, 1992, Areen, 1098-1108) however, this argument does not really apply to this case. Despite her contention that she was pressured to make such an agreement, Mrs. Smith, a lawyer, entered into a written agreement stipulated, drafted by the clinic, stating that they would care for and support the child as if…. [read more]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Thesis


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Through almost all of its history, the U.S. legal system has been an adversarial system, characterized by two parties entering into a legal dispute, with only one party emerging as the winner. The two sides have traditionally come together in conflict and the legal system has done little to repair underlying relationships or ensure satisfaction from both parties. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has changed the face of justice in America. With ADR, both parties can expect to find some sort of justice and satisfaction from the resolution to a legal dispute. This is due to the fact that ADR permits a broader range of solutions than those established by law. ADR permits the parties to get to the root of the…. [read more]

Legal Process There Are Several Federal Laws Research Paper

… Legal Process

There are several federal laws that prohibit employment-related discrimination on the basis of a disability. Violations often include things related to hiring, reasonable accommodations, training, advancement, benefits, or dismissal, or a range of other employment-related matters. People who think that they have been discriminated against should evaluate their situations and then take actions that are deemed appropriate. The first step is to look at the laws that forbid employment-related discrimination on the foundation of disability. The primary law is: Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits private sector employers and state and local government agencies that employ 15 or more individuals from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in all aspects of employment (What to Do If You Think You…. [read more]

Discrimination Complaint Term Paper

… Discrimination Complaint

One of the recent famous cases is the Waffle case now doing the rounds at the U.S. legal authorities. The case was finally fought by the lawyers for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the Supreme Court for Scotty Baker. He was hurt by an accident in November 1992 when his car overturned due to rain on a highway near his house. Apparently he just had a bump on his head, but later started having seizures. In 1994, he applied for a job at Waffle House, got it and turned it down. Then he got a similar job at Waffle House in West Columbia. He was hired immediately, and did not even have to fill out an application. Baker had mentioned his seizures and…. [read more]

Donna and Kelly Assume Employee Essay

… Additionally, the supervisor in charge of the project should not have simply assumed that everything was coming together nicely, without any supervision of the personal dynamics of the two women. It is not enough to merely note that things are getting done: how they are getting done and employee relationships must be managed rather than simply assumed to be 'taken care of themselves.'

At present, even though Donna is not aware of the impact of her actions upon Kelly, it is likely to impact morale in the future. If Kelly feels that she is being treated unfairly, the quality of her work and her office relationships will suffer, and this will have an eventual impact upon all employees. Employee conflicts are seldom confined to a…. [read more]

Committee Using a Reflective Approach Essay

… Then potential solutions can be generated that will hopefully be amicable to everyone. The group can then select the possible solution to the problem by seeing if the solution will work in terms of advantages and disadvantages. The solution could also be looked at in terms of a group consensus so that all members can come to an agreement. The problem solving process, it could either be submitted to a:

1) Majority committee vote,

2) Averaging of individual opinions where church members are mailed or phoned for their opinions and the majority wins.

3) Expert decision where the authority on the subject makes the decision and the group accepts it.

4) Decision by the authority after the group discusses things and the leader decides ("Group…. [read more]

Strategy Patient Care and Hospital Research Paper

… Hence, the mediator, in the given situation, is expected to influence the parties involved to have a discussion which encompasses long-term, permanent solution with maximum financial viability and effectiveness supporting better patient-care which is the core essence of the whole process.


Drazen, E., Feeley, R., Metzer, J., Wolfe, H. (1980).Methods for evaluating costs of automated hospital information systems. Department of Health and Human Services, National Centre for Health Services Research, PHS no. 233-79- 3000

Farlee C. (1981). Systems Evaluation: Problems and challenges. Proceedings, First National Conference on Computer Technology and Nursing Bethesda MD: U.S., DHHS, PHS (NIH Pubn0 83- 2124).

Herbst, K., LittleJohns, P., Rawlins, J., Collinson, M., & Wyatt, C. (1999). Evaluating computerized systems: hardware, software and humanware: experiences from the Northern Province…. [read more]

Grievances in a Unionized Workplace Essay

… In this case, Phil and Steve will be held accountable for allowing an employee, Eric to discriminate against Jack because of their differing opinions regarding union activities. They will also be held liable for discriminating against Jack because of his participation in concerted or union activities. Phil and Steve will also be guilty of trying to threaten or discriminate against Jack for intentions to file charges with the union based on the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRB will determine the next course of action for handling the dispute such as through a grievance and arbitration process.

As the Human Resource manager in this plant, I would conduct investigations to determine the reasons for the behaviors of Eric, Phil, and Steve towards Jack. The investigations…. [read more]

Ethics Facts Essay

… It would seem that professional misconduct in this specific case is much more likely than unsatisfactory professional conduct. It is necessary to determine the level at which solicitor Jones is charged, since there are different punishments and treatment for each conduct.

A finding of unsatisfactory professional conduct (assuming no professional misconduct) would mean a public reprimand of the solicitor, or a private reprimand if circumstances warranted it, and a fine not exceeding $2,500 (p. 298). On the other hand if Jones is found guilty of professional misconduct the punishment is much harsher and long-lasting than what is levied for the unsatisfactory professional conduct.

The punishments for professional misconduct start with a fine not to exceed $25,000. The solicitor can then be ordered to undertake and…. [read more]

Meditation Benefit ADHD Meditation Is Primarily Term Paper

… ¶ … Meditation Benefit ADHD

Meditation is primarily a human effort to take control over the mind's network; it can be designed through using mere breath control or the repetition of a word or mantra to calm the nerves and have the mind be one and at peace with everything around the individual. Meditation is effectively used as a treatment measure for patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Kutz et al., 1985). ADHD is primarily a neurological disorder and results in attention deficits and hyperactivity in individuals (Kutz et al., 1985).

This paper will highlight how meditation helps in relieving the patients' cognition to perform at an enhanced level taking the support of most of the current studies (in particular a study conducted by…. [read more]

Employment Law Hypothetical Case: John Term Paper

… In case EEOC decides not to sue, it will issue a notice closing the case and give the charging party 90 days to file a lawsuit. (Ibid)

Lawsuit for Employment Discrimination

After receiving a notice of a "right to sue" from EEOC, the complainant may file a lawsuit in a federal court within 90 days. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the complainant can also request a notice of "right to sue" from EEOC 180 days after the charge was first filed with the Commission. Under the Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA), a suit may be filed at any time 60 days after filing a charge with EEOC, but not later than 90 days after EEOC gives…. [read more]

Post-Conflict, Peace / Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan Term Paper

… Post-Conflict, Peace/Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan

Somehow, within a forty year span of time, the United States has found itself ensnared in multiple wars in Asia at the same time. Again, unless we can influence the postwar nation building process, powers that are inimical to United States interests (in the present Iran) will fill the vacuum upon the American withdrawal. In this short essay, this author will list two lessons learned from our wars apply it to the defacto American raj in Afghanistan and Iraq. First is not to become too closely associated with present unpopular regimes as it is doing with the present administrations in the countries in which we are "nation-building." Also, staying engaged in a never ending guerrilla war that has…. [read more]

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Essay

… The checklist involved in implementing these ground rules is decidedly lengthy, and requires taking account of logistics that will counteract participants viewing the process from an emotional perspective and instead seeing it as a rational opportunity to better the academic prowess of school children. The authors list a number of techniques that one can employ to effectively mitigate emotional issues, including allow individuals to clear the air of any past issues by having a single opportunity to discuss them, uninterrupted, before all present, and then to never bring them up again (Melamed and Reiman, 2006). Other options include utilizing private feedback, taking a group temperature (to gauge how emotionally charged the parties are in order to see how productive a particular session can be), and…. [read more]

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