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Privatization of Healthcare Services Dissertation

… With this reality check and overall change in approach permissions were granted to individuals for setting up and running private hospitals with government regulations. This revived the private sector and many public institutions were privatized over night. Both types of institutions private and public still co-exist in China but number of private hospitals and clinics remain far greater. In most cities the private hospitals and clinics privatized at an incredible speed going from 40% of all institutions in 1998 to 56% private institutions in 2005, this rapid privatization led to establishment of un-registered private entities (Black Clinics). Earlier to 1980 there were four groups who were allowed to setup and run private practice; First group was individual practitioners with a license prior to the Cultural…. [read more]

Medical Ethics of Providing Healthcare to Illegal Term Paper

… Medical Ethics of Providing Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants

Providing healthcare for illegal immigrants has become a major topic of ethical debate and an issue of increasing financial concern in the United States.

Religious institutions are deeply embedded in both health care delivery and health care lobbying, and each activity is consciously driven by understandings of the imperatives of Christian social thought and by institutional missions formulated with the intention of realizing commitments that flow from Christian faith (Cochran pp). Since health care delivery is shaped by public policies at the federal and state levels, religious leaders, theologians, and institutions such as hospitals have been forced to reflect on and to deliver health care within a context powerfully political and public (Cochran pp).

American health care…. [read more]

Effect of Illegal Aliens on California's Healthcare System Term Paper


The Pew Hispanic Center estimated in March 2005 that the illegal alien population in California was 2.4 million in 2004. The impact on business, public schools, criminal justice system, and health care has been enormous. Statistics show that 63 California hospitals closed in the ten-year period between 1993 and 2003 because half of their services were unpaid because of services required under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA). (Cosman, 2005; paraphrased) These statistics show that many clinics and general practitioners do not have a hospital dedicated to their area of service. Because of the diseases that the illegal alien immigrants are bringing to the United States, it is imperative that private practitioners develop some…. [read more]

Healthcare Legislative Bill the Expanded Essay

… If enacted, the bill guarantees that in the next few years, every person in the United States of America will have adequate health insurance protection funded by the state. This will then reduce the number of America's uninsured people from the current twenty percent. This will be achieved through the numerous subsidies meant to encourage relatively small employers to buy insurance covers for their employees and make it easier for them to qualify for state sponsored Medicaid (McCormick, 2009).

Impact of the Bill on Administrative Resources

The government is yet to analyze the cost of the bill but it is largely anticipated that by paying up to fifty-five per cent of all medical costs not already not covered by the national health care program will…. [read more]

Agrees That Ethics Research Paper

… This principle is particularly problematic in today's society as evidenced by the debate over health insurance that is presently plaguing the country.

IV. Ethical Theories

Each of these principles is important and should be honored as much as possible. Unfortunately in the real world there are situations where one principle may have to be compromised in order to real the best result. For example, there may be a situation where the principle of justice might need to be sacrificed for the sake of beneficence or vice versa. This is to be expected in the health care arena as difficult decisions are often presented. In this regard, as a practicing Roman Catholic I can expect such circumstances to appear often. My responsibility is to establish a…. [read more]

Healthcare Study Case Study

… The symptoms would range from minimally stable to highly stable.

2. The nurse's competency will then be marked on another 8 point table so as to reach the level of expertise that would be required to handle a particular patient.

3. Upon matching of the two conclusions, can it be expected that we would get the best results (DuAnne Foster Edwards, 1999).

F2. Application of Model to Case

If this model is to be applied to our case scenario, then first of all the patient will be judged on the basis of the Patient Characteristic table, which would take elements like Stability, complexity, Vulnerability, Resiliency, Predictability, Resource Availability, Participation in care, Participation in decision making.

Since the complexity level of the scenario is pretty complex,…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Palliative Care Represents an Approach Thesis

… The other illustration of suicide from the biblical perspective is the act of Samson in the final attempts to save his dignity and minimize the extent of suffering. Samson pushes the pillars knowing that it would lead to his death. This action aims at providing the easiest approach for Samson to limit the amount of suffering in the hands of the enemies. This illustrates an acceptable aspect of suicide according to proponents of the physician-assisted suicide. These proponents argue that palliative care enhances the suffering of the patients despite knowing that the condition of the victims is incurable.

Physician-assisted suicide is in line with the patient autonomy under the ethical issues within the medical profession. Patients have the right to advice their medical practitioners on…. [read more]

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Essay

… Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care


Data processing is part of the procurement of healthcare. Patients have data that they share with medical staff, and the healthcare professionals share information with patients, as well. A myriad of healthcare institutions share and generate data on the patients and medical employees with the end goal to administer the provision of healthcare (McWay & McWay, 2010).

Data should stream for the whole framework to function. The organization and its individuals must provide data. Compulsion to share data comes to be morally testing, and this is the reason the relationship between the patient and the doctor has long been controlled on the foundation of trust. The innovative principle of privacy is benchmarked explicitly on protection. Healthcare professionals…. [read more]

Sleeping Under a Rock Research Paper

… Traditionally, health care data was kept by written and typed records but the increased need for the sharing of information and the need for efficiently doing so has led to the development of sophisticated, computer based, record-keeping systems. Pressure is being applied to the information technology industry to develop a uniform system that is universally accessible while still maintaining the privacy expectations of the patients. Presently, proprietary programs are easily obtainable but jurisdictional disputes still plague the operation of the system that creates a breakdown in the quality of services.

There is a breakdown in the delivery of health care in the United States relative to who is going to control how health care services are going to be delivered (Roland, 2009). This battle largely…. [read more]

Business Ethics -- Al Parrish Thesis

… Business Ethics -- Al Parrish

It is often heard that someone stepped on corpses to get to a higher position. The basic translation of this statement is that good things are difficult to come by and that most of the individuals in high places might have, at one time or the other, gotten their hands dirty for the greater personal good -- the end justifying the means so to speak. While the breaches of legal stipulations bring about concrete repercussions, there are also some actions that are not illegal, but still do not bring honor to the doer.

These instances are most often referred to as issues of ethics. The singular noun is defined as a "general idea or belief that influences people's behavior and…. [read more]

Brain Drain of Health Professionals Thesis

… The 'brain drain', also referred to as 'talent flow' (Hooks et al., 2005) and the 'Diaspora' (Bryant and Law, 2004), is the flow of skilled human capital out of a country at a considerable rate. Africa is faced with this growing problem (Mutizwa-Mangiza, 1996; Bloom & Standing, 2001) and has witnessed decades of wasted development potential, however it has also been experienced in other nations throughout history e.g. USA and Europe and is currently happening in Ireland. This migration has been blamed for worsening the human capital crisis in Africa (Wadda, 2000). The continent has suffered and continues to suffer problems of extreme poverty and lack of both human and institutional capacity. There has been massive influx of emigration from Zimbabwe since the late 90's…. [read more]

Physicians Must Possess Proper Licensing Essay

… L.C., 2004, p. 1).

Physicians who have not done any bodily harm to the patient, but have been reported and had complaints successfully filed against them in violation of the same law, may receive probation. Probation normally involves required participation in a health professional recovery program. Fines for violations consist of imprisonment for not more than 6 months and/or a fine of $1,000 or less if it is a first offense and imprisonment for not more than one year and/or a fine of $1,000 or less if there is a second and subsequent offense.

Fines and imprisonment are two things physicians cannot afford to have so they try to implement strategies to minimize and control the possibilities of risks and participate in quality assurance programs…. [read more]

Ethical-Legal Dillema in Advanced Nursing Case Study

… Therefore, accepting the suggestions provided by the nurse does not assure life, but an immediate response to a life-threatening condition based on the nursing practices. For this reason, the right to autonomy empowers the patient to accept the preferred mode of diagnosis. However, the healthcare provider has the right to respect that autonomy to exercise ethical belief.

However, there are various aspects of euthanasia practice are overlooked if nurses adhere to patient's autonomy as the major moral element. In the first place, a critical issue in the debate resulting in the legal acceptance of euthanasia is the exceptional character of termination of life by the nurse. Even though autonomy is a common value in medical practice, practicing euthanasia entails several impacts on life. Comfort care…. [read more]

Webmd Web Portals Like Webmd, Internet-Based Medical Term Paper

… WebMD

Web portals like WebMD, Internet-based medical news and information service headquartered in Atlanta with offices in San Francisco and Portland, Ore., provides access to health, medical, and pharmaceutical information anytime to all the consumers. WebMB is also unique in the sense that it is also providing B2B services as increasing number of customers as well as businesses are logging on the Internet for their medical and business needs. "The number of consumers seeking health information and the number of hosts providing them with information has more than tripled since the 1990s. Google reports that there were more than 2.6 billion searches related to health information in 2004. This breaks down to 223 million health searches per month, 7.3 million per day, and 85 per…. [read more]

Telemedicine Information Systems Evolution Paper the Gifts Essay

… Telemedicine

Information Systems Evolution Paper

The gifts and risks of telemedicine: History and ethics

Introduction to telemedicine: A brief history

Telemedicine, or using technology to provide healthcare through remote means, may seem to have been spawned by recent, new advances in communications technology. It has proved invaluable to people living in rural areas inaccessible to modernized healthcare systems and to patients who cannot be moved without their health being severely compromised. However, telemedicine is actually over thirty years old. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) played a critical role in the development of telemedicine as early as the 1960s. "NASA built telemedicine technology into early spacecraft and spacesuits to monitor astronauts' physiological parameters" (Allan, 2006, par.1). It is even possible to argue that something…. [read more]

Dimensions (Criteria) Research Paper

… v. United States Department of Health and Human Services (3:10-CV-91-RV/EMT). Most of the federal laws are based on the "Commerce" clause of the U.S. Consitution, which says that the federal government has the ability to regulate things that affect commerce between the states. The federal government argues that because health care affects the national economy, that they have the ability to regulate health care. States object to the fines for failing to buy health insurance, saying that isn't within the federal ability to tax. Also, states object to the federal assumption of state authority, AKA the requirement to buy health insurance. In addition, states object to an unfunded federal mandate. In the lawsuit, the chief objection is as follows:

Regulation of non-economic activity under the…. [read more]

Business Ethics Focus on Merrill Essay

… Ford's senior management calculated the cost per life lost on the basis of the National Traffic Safety Administration's data and stated that recall for correcting the problem with the Pinto would cost $121 million as compared to only $50 million for injuries and deaths caused by the problem.

The decision-making process in this case was flawed in that the Ford Motor Company attempted to place value on the life of a human being. How could it possibly be that lives lost totaled less than the cost of a recall and modification to the company's vehicles? This happened because of the failure of the Ford Motor Company and its employee to assign intrinsic value to the life of human beings which would mean that the company…. [read more]

Euthanasia Should Be Illegal Term Paper

… Like other suicidal individuals, patients who desire suicide or an early death during a terminal illness are usually suffering from a treatable mental illness, most commonly depression."

Depression coincides with medical conditions for several reasons (Bopp and Coleson, Oregon Right to Life):

The medical condition may biologically cause depression.

The medical condition may trigger depression in patients who are genetically predisposed to depression.

The presence of illness or disease can psychologically cause depression, as is often observed in patients with cancer.

Some treatments or medications have side effects that cause depressive moods or symptoms, especially those involving cancer.

Few terminally ill patients wish to commit suicide unless they have depressive illness as well.

Despite the danger and pervasiveness of depression in terminally ill patients, it…. [read more]

Prolonging Life Research Paper

… Prolonging Life

Human life is a 'gift of god' and it is therefore not within the rights of man to put an end to life including his own life. Improving the quality of care and 'Prolonging life' should be the main goal of medical treatment. Palliative care should have more focus on better management of pain and disease symptoms. Legalizing euthanasia is not a good solution and could result in severe abuse that could undermine the sanctity of medical practice. We risk ending up in a medical and moral crisis if our hospitals slide along the slippery slope that is euthanasia.

End of life care has become a highly debated social issue not only in the U.S. But also throughout the world. With mercy killing…. [read more]

Nurses and Ethics of Code Essay

… Going in excessive details would not only be violating confidentiality law but will create further complications for the nurse.

It is true that loyalty is an important characteristic regardless of where a person works. Even though Loyalty is something nurses should feel for their senior doctors and for the hospitals, morality over rides loyalty. If a doctor or a hospital functions in a way that they cause excessive harm to a person's life, there is no point in staying loyal to such a hospital. Sometimes mistakes and negligence occurs that can be fixed, other times these mistakes go on to take a person's life. Nurses should look at how many future accidents they go on to prevent only if they report the wrongdoing at the…. [read more]

Doctors and Ethics Research Paper

… In a Melbourne, Australia (in 1959) maternity hospital a father refused to consent to blood transfusions for his infant daughter. The article doesn't say if he objected on religious grounds, just that he refused to authorize the doctor to give the child blood transfusions. The child likely would die without the transfusions, the father was informed because she was "severely jaundiced" (Waller, 621). The child did die and the case went to court and the father was successfully prosecuted for manslaughter; subsequently the Parliament of Victoria passed a law that doctors in Australia can administer blood transfusions to save the lives of children no matter what the parents say (Waller, 621). So problems of this kind have gone from medical ethics to ethical law.

Ethical…. [read more]

Release of Information a Quality Term Paper

… The ROI Service staff was courteous and professional.

I always receive exactly what I request from the Release of Information Service.

In the space below, please provide any other comments, observations or personal experiences you may have had with the Release of Information Service, particularly as it relates to the accuracy of the information you have been provided in the past. Thank you for your participation in this survey.

Figure. 4. Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey -- Release of Information (ROI)


PDCA cycle (Plan DO Check Act) for QA Monitor. The PDCA cycle for this QA monitor shown in Figure 5 below is loosely based on the Six Sigma and W. Edward Deming's approach to problem-solving. The PDCA approach is an iterative function; in other…. [read more]

Ethical Decision Making: Uustal ) Essay

… The need for consultation is stimulated the need for honesty because the physicians mistakenly thought the child's recovery was due to their treatment plan and procedures. Fifth, the first alternative would result in cooperation from the hospital's health care team including the physician and would enable the child to be monitored accordingly. However, transferring the child to a hospital where medical marijuana is legalized would have increased risks because of the time it would have taken before he receives treatment.

Sixth, the most appropriate or acceptable option would be to hold consultations with the physician about marijuana in order to improve treatment. Due to the risks involved, the second alternative is the least acceptable course of action. Seventh, the most appropriate plan of action to…. [read more]

Ethics of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

… For example standards of justification, moral principles or truth are sometimes said to be relative to language, culture, or biological makeup (Swoyer, 2010)."

This definition readily applies to the question as to whether or not marijuana should be legalized, principally because of the tenuous nature of the topic itself, which is largely colored through the opinion of the individual subject who is considering it. Quite simply, relativism can easily be used to justify both legalization as well as prohibitionist viewpoints of the legality of this drug, simply by concocting circumstances in which either of those stances are "true" for the subjects portrayed in them. On the one hand, it would be completely plausible for relativism to endorse the notion that marijuana should remain prohibited due…. [read more]

Euthanasia Is Illegal Essay

… Proponents of assisted death do not recognize the possibility of misdiagnosis


Proponents of legalization of assisted suicide believe that if assisted suicide aims at ending intolerable and unmanageable suffering, then doctors should render it to patients but upon request. They argue that patients hold the autonomy to decide what is good for them. For patients with incurable diseases which essentially makes the patient lack the meaning and purpose of existence, assisted death should be their best option as this will lessen they distress and emotional suffering of people close to her (Levene 205). For instance, Michael, the husband to Terrie felt that the only option to ease his emotional pain and that of his wife was to help her die through withdrawing the feeding…. [read more]

Financial Managers and Compliance Managers in Healthcare Research Paper

… Financial Managers & Compliance Managers in Healthcare

The healthcare field represents both a beacon of health services and a business institution. Hospitals and healthcare facilities confront intense demands to lowers costs and simultaneously improve treatment quality. The healthcare industry employs financial mangers to oversee and administer financial reports, investments, and the managers are expected to be knowledgeable about healthcare financing (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011). Healthcare institutions also rely on compliance managers to ensure legal and regulatory rules of the organization are followed accordingly (JD, 2011). Staffing financial managers and compliance managers are critical to the monetary and legal survival of any healthcare business. Many healthcare providers require financial managers to have a bachelor's degree in accounting, and compliance managers to have a degree…. [read more]

Ethical Leadership Problems That Resulted in Columbia Case Study

… ¶ … ethical leadership problems that resulted in Columbia's misconduct. The company had a poor training program that could not possibly have communicated the need for ethical behavior. There was no commitment from the firm's executives to ethical behavior; many in fact were committed to unethical behavior. The corporate culture was focused on intimidation from the top, rather than on ethical behavior as taking precedence.

The current ethics program contains an ethical component and has strong leadership commitment from the top of the company. Another strength is that the new program includes an extensive training program. One glaring weakness is that the new program does not balance the needs of other stakeholders. The firm's profitability decline significantly as the company became myopic in its pursuit…. [read more]

Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability Civil Complaint Thesis

… Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability

Civil Complaint Process: Registered Nursing Professionals

If a patient suspects that a registered nurse providing service to the patient in question is guilty of some form of misconduct, neglect or incompetence, there are certain procedures that such a person can follow. The first step is normally to file a complaint with the Board of Registered Nursing.

If a nurse who has been licensed by the Board is suspected of illegal activities in the context of his or her career, a complaint should be submitted to the board. Illegal activities may include negligence, incompetence, unprofessional conduct, misrepresentation, and substance abuse, among others.

When the complaint is received, the Board determines whether it has the authority to investigate the issue. The Board's…. [read more]

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