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Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Faith Diversity Faith Expressions Health Essay

… Arabs include people living in Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and many other countries.

Basic Beliefs

All Arabs are the Muslims practicing the second largest religion of the world "Islam." According to Islamic Encyclopedia, Islam is one of the major and widely spread religions of the world (Campo, 2009). Unlike Trinity concept in Christianity, Muslims believe in one God, "Allah" and submit their will to the God. However, like Christians they also believe in the Day of Judgment and concept of hell and heaven. The difference in the faith of the two is that Muslims (Arabs) believe that only their good deeds can take them to heaven while according to Christians' faith, Jesus Christ has already sacrificed himself for the…. [read more]

Health Care Provider and Faith Essay

… The writer's ideas are flowing well and hence there is absolutely no form of confusion that can arise when one is reading the paper. The sentences are properly constructed and hence it is very easy for anyone reading the paper to understand the points the writer wanted to put across. Therefore the paper makes a lot of sense and anyone can understand what the paper is all about without any difficulty.

The paper is organized perfectly as there is an abstract which briefly gives the view of the writer. This is followed by an introduction that introduces the topic to the readers of the paper stating what the paper is all about. This is followed by the body whereby the ideas are now developed and…. [read more]

Health Care Workers Research Paper

… Interventions to Deal with Depression

Employer Interventions

The development of programs to reduce work load, monitor hours, and give employees the perception of greater personal control and reduce stress can help minimize depression in the workplace. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs have been used to reduce stress. MBSR is based on the concept of becoming mindful and present in the moment without judgment and utilize contemplation, meditation, and practical applications to daily issues at work. These programs have decreased the stress level at work and have reduced burnout and depression in health care workers (Mackenzie, Poulin, and Seidman-Carlson, 107).

Programs which offer a conflict-management training to decrease potential stress for employees can be useful in decreasing depression in health care organizations. Such programs can decrease…. [read more]

Health Care and Faith Diversity Essay

… Judaism

Judaism considers illness as a natural order that God sets in motion. Physical illness is said to have spiritual and psychological effects and is a part of life not a consequence of sin. Rofeh (healer) one of Gods titles is expected to intervene though Jews also believe in working with doctors, nurses and other related health care workers for medical attention. Jewish culture hold strong belief in circumcising new born babies, suicide as well as active euthanasia is disregarded, organ donation is supported and abortion is discouraged unless for serious cases, contraceptives including IUD and pills are permitted but condoms are not.

Practitioners should not disregard the following aspects when attending to Jews:

1. Recitation of psalms when praying is highly esteemed as a…. [read more]

Health Care Provider and Faith Essay

… This creates a documented association between hope and such important institutions as politics, philosophy and religion.

To this end, the Bible makes numerous references to the concept and importance of hope. An oft-quoted passage provides that there are "three things that last forever-faith, hope, and love." (1 Corinthians 13:13, New Living Translation). The point to the close association between hope and these other crucial dynamics of human sentiment. Somewhat less immediately straightforward is another verse describing hope, which conjectures, "but hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently" (Romans 8: 24-25, New International Version). In the context of healing, bringing this…. [read more]

Ethical Hospice Care Creative Writing

… C (community)

I strongly identify with Judaism but not in a religious sense.

A (address)

Leading a high-quality life and minimizing suffering is important to me, more so that simply extending life

Spiritual distress in this patient might be indicated by an expressed crisis of meaning; depression or despair; and a lack of a sense of leading a meaningful life. Or it might simply be expressed as a general sense of depression and malaise without a spiritually-articulated component. Even though he is not formally religious, traditions are clearly very important for the subject. Patients without a strong spiritual orientation (although the individual has a strong cultural orientation regarding his faith community) might say things like: "what does it all matter," or "I don't think I…. [read more]

Holistic Nursing Care Plan Essay

… The hospice team assists in identification of strategies for coping. The hospice care team will instruct the patient to do the following: (1) Make an appointment with an attorney to prepare/update a durable power of attorney for financial decisions; (2) Update life insurance policies as needed; (3) Provide family and physician with copies of your advance directive; (3) Review health insurance so you know what is covered and what isn't; (4) Write down important information such as names of banks, where safe deposit keys are, names of attorneys, etc., and share it with someone trusted; (5) Talk with employer about disability and other benefits. (Wuerl, 2013, p.1)

Alternative Care Methods

Some of the alternative care methods that are used with terminally ill patients include energy…. [read more]

Health Population: Elderly Research Paper

… Nurses can assess and educate the patient's ability to administer medications, educate on dosages, purpose and side effects. They can also observe the medication effectiveness and monitor side effects.

Nurses collaborating with doctors and pharmacists could simplify the amount of medications needed by patients, address the possible need for puncture packs for the elderly, as well as assist patients with med lists for doctor's appointments. This simplification could lower costs for the elderly and the community.

Describe theories of motivation and behavior change, which you are using.

The health belief model is one of the most consistent in the prediction of behaviors, particularly when it is used in conjunction with the ecological model that incorporates the individual, people and their environment, along with the developmental…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Programs Term Paper

… Health and Wellness Programs

Research Proposes

More than Absence

Healthy Habits

Final Diagnosis

Health and Wellness Program examines the hypothesis: Although employees' health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia region are reported to be regularly enhanced by the impact of Health and Wellness Programs, limitations and delimitations are frequently overlooked or intentionally ignored. Consequently, this presents unanticipated problems as employers and employees may obtain unrealistic expectations and ensuing Health and Wellness Programs may be "set up" to fail.

Positive and negative program components, along with counters to potential failures of Health and Wellness programs are examined and presented in this paper.


Research Proposes

More Than the Absence

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,…. [read more]

Denial in the Death Research Paper

… All these are end of life concerns which can only be dealt with if the patient knows about his impending death.

In some cultures talking about death or planning things according to person's death are considered unethical and often regarded as welcoming death. Other end of life concerns are related to decisions about the treatment and care possibilities which cannot be made without open communication with the family and the patient.

Literature Review Of Current Research

Learning to cope with the losses and needs in the context of terminal illness, it becomes a challenge for the patient, for family and health professionals.

Communication Between Doctor And Patient

Numerous studies have shown that patients often think about the treatment they would receive if they were terminally…. [read more]

Self-Care on Stress Term Paper


This case study is a self-assessment and self-care evaluation of a 41-year-old married woman with two children, a part-time job and who is a part-time nursing student. The current personal health status includes: Weight: 190 lbs, BP 118/78, RR 16, Pulse 72, height 5'6. This work will identify measurable goals to improve personal health, include literature search techniques, including database searching to find our resources for planning health care interventions, implement interventions, including learning and utilizing CAM techniques, Evaluate the attainment of the stated goals. Use past and present behavior patterns, present objective and subjective data, symptoms and signs experiencing, identify factors contributing to present health status. Finally, this work will identify two specific outcome measurable goals and plan up to three…. [read more]

Health Model and Healing Essay

… The essence is to ensure that my family roles do not conflict with my work in schools. With careful drawing of my time table for the week, I am able to carry out my functions without overlapping another function.


The strategy in enhancing my intellectual stimulation is by reading all the time. I always read both academic and non-academic books in order to stimulate my mental alertness.

Biographical/Spiritual body

I always wake up every 5 a.m. In the morning to pray to God, and I spend between 30 and 45 minutes a day to carry out my prayer. The essence is to fulfill my spiritual believe.

D1. Healing Environments

We have two healthcare systems very near to my community in Chicago. The Marshfield clinic…. [read more]

Hospice Care Research Paper

… Hospice care refers to the end-of-life care that is provided by both health care professionals and volunteers. It includes medical, spiritual and psychological support whose goal is for the patient to have peace and comfort during their last moments. The main purpose of hospice care is for terminally-ill individuals to have improved quality of life. A secondary aim of hospice care is for the families of these individuals to have a chance to accept the position in which the patient is in. By having both patients and those close to them acknowledge the importance of appreciating their last moments together, hospice care is directed at making death less horrifying. Hospice care also provides strategies to deal with pain more effectively, to assist patients from a…. [read more]

Meditation in Healthcare Term Paper

… Meditation in Healthcare

The nonreligious practice of transcendental and mindfulness meditation will improve your health by reducing stress and enhancing the body's immune system.

Meditation, put in a proper context, is one of many different methods of establishing a level of self-control over multiple systems within our bodies and minds. By itself, meditation continues to be regarded with skepticism by much of the Western medical world, but that impression is shifting as more and more evidence regarding the efficacy of meditation is found. One of the most confounding problems of modern medicine is the patient's mental state - patients with a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook tend to heal faster and more fully than those given over to pessimism. How could "attitude" have any…. [read more]

Healthcare Infrastructure Term Paper

… S. (Herbal Medicine in the United States)

The Congress is in the process of enacting a Medical Treatment Act, that will permit an individual to be treated by any health care practitioner with any method of medical treatment should such a request be made by the individual. The Medical practitioner would however be required to warn the individual that the food, drug or device has not been declared safe and effective by the Federal Government and as such any individual choosing to use any such food, drug or device does so at the individuals own risk. This will give easier for any person in the U.S. To access any mode of treatment as per the person's choice. (Access to Medical Treatment Act)


"Acupuncture FAQ"…. [read more]

Patient-Centered Initiative to Improve Health Care Term Paper

… Physicians stratify their patients into risk strata that are categorized in medium- and low-risk patients that differentiate the type of follow up the patient deserves after discharge. A face-to-face patient visit by the outpatient manager is mandated for high-risk patients. WellMed adopts a holistic approach to patient care were the physicians provide both medical and social support to the patients. Windh (2016) notes one of the outcomes of the WellMed model is the behavioral change by the senior citizens that increasingly engage in exercise and socialization that offers a platform WellMed physicians engagement.

WellMed recognized that unnecessary ambulatory care and trips to the Emergency Room were as a consequence of the absence of care beyond the normal business hours. To address the challenge, the…. [read more]

Healing Hospital Provides Its Patients Essay

… Moreover, surveys are being conducted by such hospitals frequently, in order to monitor the satisfaction level of their patients. Even though, healing hospitals equip advanced technological devices but they integrate this technology with a compassionate and king environment in which their employees are the care givers. (Eberst 1-3)

A Culture of Radical Loving Care

The third and the most crucial component of a healing hospital is a culture of radical loving care. If a hospital is equipped beautiful furniture, aesthetic decorative items and commendable interior but it lacks the environment of care love and compassion and the staff that is committed to this philosophy then it would be regarded as a pretty hospital but not a healing hospital. Healing hospitals try to promote a healing…. [read more]

Effectiveness of Spirituality for Palliative Care Patients Term Paper

… ¶ … Spirituality for Palliative Care Patients

When speaking of the end of life, quantitative research is relatively easy to obtain. It is easy to find out how many people die, when, and from what causes. What is less accessible, however, is information regarding the nature of that death, whether it was a so-called 'good death,' or not. Recently, there has been increasing interest, according to Christina M. Puchalski, MD, an associate at the Center to Improve Care of the Dying, "in the spiritual aspects of palliative care" Puchalski designed a course in spirituality in end-of-life care in 1992, amid predictions by her superiors that it would not attracted students or attention. "Today there are 40 such courses in U.S. medical schools, and the number…. [read more]

Wellness the Personal Health Assessment Tool Revealed Term Paper

… Wellness

The Personal Health Assessment tool revealed weak and strong areas of my physical and psychological health, pointing out lifestyle changes that might optimize my sense of well-being. Results of the assessment indicated borderline health issues related to my assertiveness skills and my eating habits. I may, according to the results, be prone to being overly assertive in my communication style, possibly bordering on aggressiveness. However, the results were not extreme and show that while I am assertive I do not necessarily hurt other people's feelings.

Dietary changes were one of the key areas that the Personal Health Assessment singled out as needing special attention. Because my family has a long history of diabetes, changing my dietary habits would likely prevent further health complications and…. [read more]

Healthcare Application Meditation Aside Term Paper

… Measuring his patient's pain with visual imaging system known as the Dermatome Pain Map, Kabat-Zinn detected considerable reductions in nerve activity associated with flare-ups of pain in chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, and lower back pain. Even with the presence of a placebo in his testing to screen for the psychological tendency of patients to affect their own temporary pain relief when administered new treatment, Kabat-Zinn's study of meditation's role as a pain reliever concluded that "the majority of patients experienced considerable improvement in their conditions over the course of the ten-week training program in mindfulness meditation" (Kabat-Zinn, 1982).

Despite several subsequent confirmations how meditation can be integrated within the practice of complementary medicine, the majority of primary care physicians today still refuse to incorporate…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

How to Treat Caregiver Fatigue Research Paper

… Often, it is the lingering trauma from the experience of caring for someone that can lead to the development of compassion fatigue. In order to reduce the risk of compassion fatigue, and in order to minimize how long a person will suffer the effects of that fatigue, there are coping strategies to employ. These strategies should be focused on self-care and stress reduction, and should encompass physical and emotional issues, as well as spiritual concerns if the caregiver holds those beliefs (Coe, 2010). Many companies that handle care giving have programs in place to address compassion fatigue, and these are often based on exercise, support groups, meditation, and related ways to make sure a person who is a caregiver is able to get a break…. [read more]

Hypertension "In the United States 71 Thesis

… Hypertension

"in the United States

71% of adults with hypertension don't have their blood pressure under control"

(Medications for…, 2007 Fast fact section).


Ethnicity and Age

"My mother died from a stroke 18 months ago. She was 64," Juan Valdez, a 47-year-old Puerto Rican native, who has lived in the South Bronx of New York City, for the past 22 years, told the attending physician, Dr., Peters. This day, he said, he was feeling dizzy and experiencing a headache that would not go away. Juan and his family had moved to the United States from Isabela, Puerto Rico 20 years earlier. Isabela, "known as 'El Jardin del Noroeste' (garden of the northwest) and 'El Pueblo de los Quesitos de Hoja'" (Isabela, 2009, p.…. [read more]

Outcomes of Therapeutic Touch Literature Review

… ¶ … Therapeutic Touch


Therapeutic touch or TT is an unconventional and alternative treatment of disease and accompanying pain and discomfort popularized in 1972 by a psychic healer and her nurse assistant. It involves the manipulation of the patient's energy field by the practitioner. It is also practiced as therapeutic massage. Although rejected by traditional mainstream medicine as having unclear and inconclusive outcomes, this form of therapy has demonstrated to be useful and effective in the control of pain and discomfort, especially among dying patients in hospices, terminally ill cancer patients, and children.

Therapeutic touch is a non-conventional, non-invasive method of healing, which involves the manipulation of a patient's energy field by the practitioner in order to effect healing or comfort

.…. [read more]

Health Psychology Committee Report Research Proposal

… Health Psychology Committee Report

Health care reform plan

Duty list:

This would be the ideal assignment for a child psychologist. A child psychologist possesses intimate knowledge of childhood development issues and can help schools deal with psychological and academic challenges with children in a more effective manner. Children are not 'small adults.' Children have specific needs based upon the biology of their brains. That is why developmental psychology is a unique subfield of psychology: developmental psychologists "study the physiological, cognitive, and social development that takes place throughout life," which change depending on the life phase of the person (Psychologists, 2011, BLS).

Provide psychological preparation methods for children prior to medical procedures: Likewise, a child psychologist can help prepare children before procedures in an age-appropriate manner.…. [read more]

Complete Spirituality Assessment for Patients and Explanation Assessment

… Spirituality or religion are important to more than eighty percent of Americans (Saguil & Phelps, 2012). A spiritual assessment can help healthcare workers to better anticipate and understand the needs of patients, providing the best possible care within a culturally appropriate framework. Issues related to social support systems may be linked with religion, as faith-based organizations serve as powerful and dependable social hubs. Moreover, prayer, meditation, and other personal practices may be integrated into complementary medicine for some patients. Religion and spirituality can help the patient and family members to cope with difficulties during the health care process (Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2005). When designing a spiritual assessment, it is important to be flexible because the questions asked will differ depending on…. [read more]

Culturally Competent Communication in Professional Nursing Research Paper

… Culturally Competent Communication in Professional Nursing

Demographic Shift

Culturally Competent Communication

(Why it Matters)

Nurse Patient Communication

(Quality of Interpreters)

Nursing Care

(Developing Cultural Communication)

Cross Cultural Communication

(LEARN and RESPECT Models)

Improving Cultural communication

(Nursing Perspectives)

Culturally Competent Communication in Professional Nursing

As the population demographics change, the need for culture sensitive care provision becomes more prominent. Culturally sensitive communication is the key to effective interaction with patients from different cultures and subcultures and to develop timely interventions. Quality interpreter services is also a key component of caring for patients from diverse backgrounds and it is the responsibility of the health institutions to provide these services. There is an urgent need to address the cultural component of nursing at the academic level, as this…. [read more]

IBS Therapy and Treatment Article Review

… Nursing Care of Patients with Gastrointestinal Alterations.

This article is about the challenges faced by those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The symptoms generally include abdominal pain that connects with issues such as a change in bowel problems. After a full description of the condition and its associated symptoms, the authors consider treatment. Although IBS is the most common of gastrointestinal disorders, no single treatment exists to alleviate it with complete effectiveness. For this reason, there are many treatment options that a sufferer may integrate to find relief from the condition. In addition to various lifestyle changes a person can make, the authors also consider medications and non-medicinal therapies such as psychological and alternative treatments.

By reading this article, I learned that there…. [read more]

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