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Mediterranean Food History Term Paper

… What are the practical and social rituals associated with the Mediterranean cuisine?

Because of the high levels of mid-day heat of many regions in the Mediterranean, it is often traditional to have a light, carbohydrate-based breakfast, to take a nap during the heat of the day, and to consume the main meal after the sun has set. There is an intense communal aspect and centrality to food in the culture. Especially in Greek and Italian cuisine, extended family and friends is the focus of the family. It is characteristic of the Greek and Italian people "to celebrate their joys, to sweeten their sorrows, and to assuage their struggles by eating and drinking in the company of family and friends." (Alexiadou, 2005) In desert cultures, hospitality…. [read more]

Mediterranean Restaurants in Chelsea Research Paper

… Aleo Restaurant and Bar on 7 West 20th Street in contrast, focuses on Italian cuisine. It offers traditional Italian-American dishes such as Chicken Parmesan, a wide pasta menu with staples such as penne, and also American crowd-pleasers like steaks and veal chops. The restaurant does not present itself as focusing on a particular Italian region, and few dishes could be characterized as adventurous. Flatbread pizzas round out a menu with many selections designed to appeal to virtually 'anyone.' The restaurant seems designed to please a wide array of fairly conventional diners' palates.

The relatively low prices and broad menu selections of these restaurants highlight Chelsea's close location to the theater district. Tourists often frequent the district, meaning that restaurants cater to people who want familiar…. [read more]

Culture Cuisine in Australia Thesis

… However, cultural capital theory is transmitted in symbolic form through education, and media. The underlying assumption of cultural capital theory is that certain people have developed interest in some food because of their taste, and knowledge such as education. (Shenoy, 2005).

Bannerman (2011) supports this argument by pointing out that cuisine and class have been established in Australia. The author follows the Goody (1982) model of differentiated cuisines that emerges through differentiated societies. With reference to model of differentiated cuisines, it is only the upper class in the Australian society who posses resources and disposition to develop high class-cuisines. The whole system is found in cuisine culture. In Australia, stratified cuisines were developed by "the exclusive prerogative of small, educated elite" (Bannerman 2011, P 56).…. [read more]

Cuisine Knowledge of Romans' Diet Term Paper

… Cuisine

Knowledge of Romans' diet comes from literary references, archeological evidence, and paintings. The only true literary source ever devoted to Roman food was a cookbook attributed to Apicus (Davis 1961, 102). However, it was established that Roman cuisine and diet was largely influenced by the Greek, therefore in order to paint a complete picture of Ancient Roman cuisine, it is important to make a few considerations regarding the culinary habits and customs of the Greeks. The Greek civilization is considered the first great European culture. It began to develop about 2000 B.C.; by the 700s B.C., the Greek world consisted of many small independent city-states, and reached its peak during the period commonly referred to as the Golden Age, i.e. The 5th century B.C.,…. [read more]

Mediterranean Cuisine Term Paper

… ¶ … nutrition especially in the treatment of obesity. Specifically it will discuss the Mediterranean cuisine and its benefits in controlling weight. For the past two to three decades, food writers and nutritionists have been touting the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Technically, this cuisine stretches from the shores of Morocco and the Middle East to North Africa and Southern Europe, but when most people discuss Mediterranean cuisine, they are referring to the cuisines of Italy, France, and Spain. Studies indicate Mediterranean cuisine is a healthy diet that contains many of the vitamins and nutrients that help us live longer, healthier lives.

The Mediterranean diet of southern Europe is high in many items that many scientists and researchers believe help maintain heart health and a…. [read more]

Creating a Restaurant That Will Help People Lose or Maintain Their Weight Term Paper

… Light House is a full-service restaurant located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The restaurant features low-calorie, low-sodium, and a healthy selection of moderately priced food. Menu selections are influenced primarily by Mediterranean cuisine.

The LightHouse will be owned and operated by LightHouse LLC, a Nevada limited liability corporation managed by ____. Members of LightHouse LLC are: ____ (51%) and ____ (49%).

The following business plan offers an opportunity for financial institutions to review LightHouse's vision and the organization's strategic focus. Included is information on the organization, products and services, the company's market focus, action plans, and forecasts for the future.

1.1 Mission

LightHouse's concept centers on providing a healthy dining alternative for those wishing to lose weight, as well as those wishing to maintain a healthy…. [read more]

Food History Term Paper

… Like garlic, olives were found in Egyptian tombs from around the second millennium BCE. Olive cultivation thrived in the entire Mediterranean basin between 5000-1400 BCE, but reached a pinnacle in ancient Greece. Indeed, olives became the financial and culinary staple crop of ancient Greece and Crete, where trees have grown for five thousand years. The expansion of the Greek colonies enabled traders to introduce olives to Southern Italy, Northern Africa, and Southern France by the eighth century BCE.

Olives made more of an economic impact on the cultures of the Mediterranean region than garlic did. Because the olive tree leaches nutrients from the soil in which it grows, the land on which the trees are cultivated has a tendency to become arid and barren. This…. [read more]

Industry's Anticipated Culinary Forecast Reveals Essay

… This year the hottest trend of all the ethnic cuisines and flavors will be the ethnic fusion cuisine. This is the creative way of incorporating two ethnic cuisines to form one cuisine. It has become a global cuisine in that it promotes a blend of cuisines representative of a diversity of cultural cuisines. For instance, there is this common blend of a traditional Indian cuisine with the western flair. In this cuisine, they use fleshly ground herbs and spices to bring out the best flavors. An example of a blend of the rich cuisines from the two ethnic groups includes; a combination of the traditional Indian's chicken Garam masala and Lamb Roganjosh with the western Achari Mediterranian mix.

Ethnic fusion cuisines have the following advantages…. [read more]

Geographical Location of Italy Term Paper

… In the past, during the Roman occupation, it was a tradition that guests lean on the dinner table with his left elbow while his right hand is free and is usually used for eating.

In terms of cooking, there is a tradition in most Italian cuisines to use tomato as an ingredient. In the process of cooking, it has been a social ritual for the chefs to perform and demonstrate different tricks while cooking an Italian cuisine. For instance, when preparing pizza, chefs usually entertain the audience by tossing upward the pizza crust that he is preparing, then catch it as it falls and then toss it again.

In terms of eating the Italian cuisines, on the other hand, it has been a tradition to…. [read more]

Food History-Swiss Term Paper

… Lunch may be as simple as a sandwich or a birchermuesli (granola) or it could be a complete meal. Dinner can be a full main course or just some bread, cheese with a fondue. Local products can include a great variety of beers and wines. Non-alcoholic drinks include many different flavors of tea and coffee and hot chocolate. ("About: Switzerland Food," 2005) A great variety of Swiss wines are available throughout the country and there are also spirits made from fruit, the most popular being Kirsch, Marc, Pflumli and Williams. Swiss beer of a lager type is also popular, and bottled mineral water is an accepted beverage at most eateries, with local brands including Henniez and Passuger numbering among the favorites. ("Swiss Food & Dining,"…. [read more]

Business Proposal Bring Food Truck to Campus Business Proposal

… Business Proposal -- Marketing and Demographics

Customer Category #1 -- University Students

Customer Characteristics

University students represent a highly mobile group of customers for whom ready, convenient availability and speed of service are critical selling points. Typically, students seek breakfast, lunch, and snack venues that do not require them to deviate from their schedules or from their walking routes in between classes and other scheduled requirements on campus. Because keeping the ancillary costs associated with their education (i.e. those not directly related to tuition, housing, and class materials) as low as possible, they seek affordable options for discretionary spending such as choice of food vendor.

Operational Incorporation of Demographic Characteristics

Proximity of the food service venue to the routes taken by students from dormitories to…. [read more]

On Galicia Spain and Chile in South America Thesis

… Spain & Chile

Chile, South America

Chile is a country in South America. It is officially called the Republic of Chile. According to Wikipedia (2009), Chile occupies "a long and narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean." It is bordered by Peru to its north, Bolivia to its northeast, Argentina to its east, and Drake Passage at its south (Wikipedia, 2009). Chile also includes the following islands, Juan Fernandez Islands, Salas y Gomez islands, Desventuradas Islands, and Easter Island. Wikipedia characterized Chile as having a varied climate "ranging from the world's driest desert -- the Atacama -- in the north, through a Mediterranean climate in the centre, to a snow-prone Alpine climate in the south, with glacier fjords and lakes." Its…. [read more]

Food and Eating Behaviors Term Paper

… Food & Eating Behavior

Every country on planet earth has its unique culture and traditions. The people living in these countries have different lifestyles and so their food and eating behavior differs and sets it apart from others. Some countries have become popular because of their food and eating traditions like India, Italy, Thailand or even Turkey.


Located on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean, Turkey is the country which is considered a place where East & West meet. Even though the country is predominantly inhabited by Muslims the traditions and culture is secular yet a taste of tradition is there.

Ottoman rule has had a great influence on many traditions of the country and that includes food also. It is with the help…. [read more]

Salvia Officinalis a Literature Review Essay

… It is, however, a very standard herb for many types of cuisines, so there is little chance that it will fall out of favor at any point in the future.

Contraindications and Safety Issues

One of the best things about Salvia officinalis is that it is a very safe plant to use for all kinds of medical ailments and in all types of culinary creations. The only contraindication is in pregnancy (Kintzios, 2000). Pregnant women should avoid sage. This does not mean that they cannot have a dish which sage has been used to season, but rather that they should avoid the essential oil because it is much more concentrated. The strength of it could be such that it could have adverse affects on the…. [read more]

Fenugreek Seeds Research Paper

… ¶ … fenugreek seeds in modern society. Fenugreek seeds, a centuries old herbal remedy, have a variety of uses both as a spice and herbal remedy. Its wide availability and relative low cost make it an attractive alternative to more traditional medications but there are some side effects that are the source of some concern. Due to its not being regulated by most government agencies, all users must be careful to use it in moderation.

Although not popularly known, the fenugreek seed has been used for many years for a variety of purposes. The fenugreek seeds originate from a plant known as Trigonella foenum-graecum and have been found to be useful as both a spice and herbal remedy. It has been extensively used in both…. [read more]

Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in America Today Research Paper

… These expenses, thus, fall disproportionately harder on the overall African American community (Perlo, A 1).
The problem of Racism
That American society created and maintained racial distinctions for ensuring slaves' bondage is an established fact (The Transatlantic Slave Trade 1). Racism continues to prevail in contemporary American society with a large number of citizens failing to realize that the responsibility of eradicating racism ought not to be shouldered only by the White population. In fact, whites as well as blacks ought to shoulder this responsibility.
Though the slavery practice is perhaps at the heart of Black Americans' consequent conceptualizations, African enslavement largely has an economic basis. The rich men of Europe who were responsible for shaping national policy all through the course of the Trans-Atlantic…. [read more]

Wines of Hungry Term Paper

… Hungarian Wine

Wines of Hungary

The Arabian writer, Ibn-Rostech, mentions Hungarian vine growing in his 10th century chronicle (Hungarian pp). After the Original Settlement of the Magyars, vine growing and wine production was based on three things, the Greek-Celtic tradition, the Roman tradition, and the knowledge of the Hungarians brought along from the East (Hungarian pp). There are seventeen Hungarian wine regions, Tokaj, Plains (Alfold), Tapolca, Badacsony, Csopak, Balatonfured, Balatonboglar, Barsonyos-Csaszari, Eger, Matralja, Mecsek, Mor, Sopron, Szekszard, Villany-Siklo, Nyirseg (Word pp).

The best known region is the Tokaj where the Tokaji Aszu and the Tokaji Furmint are produced (Word pp). Tokaji Aszu is referred to as Wine of the Kings and King of the Wines (Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum), however, it is more an aperitif-desert…. [read more]

Historic Cities Online Term Paper

… Historic Cities Online

How is the City of Verona being sold on the Internet and on the Web, and what makes the city attractive to the visitor, and what are the factors that would make him choose this city in favor of any others. How does the visitor to the website remember what he has seen, what are the factors that are being advertised about the cities that make them remain in that person's memory for a long time. How is the 'myth' and magic of the city being packaged and sold on the Internet to those who are interested in visiting this historic city of Verona? On one website, named 'Cheap Hotel bookings.Com' the history of Verona is depicted in great detail.

What it…. [read more]

Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

… Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia

Culture and globalization

Culture which refers to the symbolic systems Williams 91()

through which human beings exist and coexist has been globalized by taking ideas, values and meanings across national borders through international travel and the Internet. These global shifts in culture are seen to be creating rapid social changes in the society with some proponents of culture being seriously dislocated Thompson 214.

Globalization is the homogenization of culture not just in a spatial but also in a temporal manner Thompson 211.

It is manifested in various ways such as business, religion, language, sports, music and even cuisine.

Culture is closely related to other items such as identity and subjectivity. As argued by Thompson (217)

culture creates social identities…. [read more]

Italian-Americans the Standard History Research Paper

… But religion also plays a large part in keeping these gender roles strictly defined. Italian-Americans being considered an ethnic sub-group means that we must take into account various cultural factors in assessing them, and the fact that Italian-Americans are almost uniformly Roman Catholic in religious affiliation is probably at the top of that list. The church's headquarters at the Vatican in Rome gives Catholicism an authoritarian structure. Catholicism has led to a solid patriarchal structure, which is only now just being dismantled, and it adds to the oppressively traditional sense of gender roles still held by some Italians (mostly men). Catholicism also has its relations to Italian-American attitudes towards healthcare, as Italian-American Catholicism relies very heavily on the "cult of the saints." This means that…. [read more]

21st Century Race Gender Class and Ethnicity Issues for Native American Indians Essay

… Native Media

Stereotypes and the Impossibility of Objective Identity: The Case of the Native American in Popular Media

The history of the United States, as most people the world over are well aware, has not exactly been a history of peaceful coexistence between divers groups of people with different perspectives, attitudes, and values. Though the country has been dubbed "the melting pot" and truly does support a very ethnically diverse population, its history has been more concerned with eliminating difference and creating similarities than it has been with preserving the individual cultures that came here to be "melted." Of course, there are certain ethnic strains that remain quite vibrant and noticeable, primarily in their culinary contributions: Italian restaurants, Mediterranean cuisine, Polish sausages and the now…. [read more]

Transatlantic Trade and Slavery in Africa Research Proposal

… Transatlantic Trade and Slavery in Africa

The final research paper will consider the transatlantic slave trade (within and outside the continent of Africa), its effects on the African people, and the outcome of this nearly global trafficking of human labor. From the current moral viewpoint, many consider slave trading as it manifested itself at the time as a vast disregard not only for human life, but also for cultural differences and belief systems. In order to investigate the deeper reasons for such terrible oppression, I wish to delve deep into the psyche of slave traders from each of Africa's regions (West Africa, North Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa).

Specific questions to address include the progressive European interest in Africa after the 15th century;…. [read more]

Competitive Advantage Both Greece and Spain Research Proposal

… Competitive Advantage

Both Greece and Spain are major tourist draws in Europe. According to the latest figures, Greece attracts 13.3 million visitors annually while Spain attracts 52.4 million visitors annually. Spain was #2 in the world for tourist arrivals, while Greece was #17 (WTO, 2005). Both nations attracted more tourist visits than they have citizens. Spain even ranked on the WTO chart of fastest-growing tourist industries, a list that holds few tourism heavyweights (WTO, 2005).

Competitive and Comparative Advantages

In terms of absolute advantages, Spain has many. It is the larger of the two countries, and thus has greater capacity. Greece has hotel capacity estimated at 700,000, while Spain has the world's largest hotel capacity.

In general, Spain has absolute advantages in tourism infrastructure. This…. [read more]

Group Spending Comparison Between British, German, French Term Paper

… Group Spending Comparison Between British, German, French, And Italian Consumers

From the results, we conclude that the Germans, French, and Italians outspend the British in groups, but that the variance is higher amongst Germans. This is shown by the higher upper limit amongst Germans as compared to others. Germans have the highest standard deviation and standard error, which shows that there is more variance than amongst other nationalities. Since the means fall near the median, we can say that our sample of mean are true.

Task 1(b) - Individual Spending






Sample Standard Deviation

Standard Error

Estimate of Mean

Upper Limit

Lower Limit

Comments: The French and Italians have the highest mean, while the British and the Germans are close together…. [read more]

History of Beer Term Paper

… Beer can be light, dark, hearty, or pale, but without it, the world would be far less enjoyable.

Beer in Early Civilization

Sumerians & Babylonians

Egyptians & Romans

Beer in the Middle Ages

Monastery Breweries

Flavoring License

Beer Witches

German Beer Purity Law

Beer in Modern Times

Louis Pasteur 1876 & Keg barrels 1964

Beer in America

Ales vs. Beers

Beer is the oldest known alcoholic beverage, dating back to thousands of years before Christ was born. The beer making process spread from civilization to civilization, gaining sophistication in the process. It became the drink of medieval monks, European kings, and just about everyone else. Colonists carried it to America, and it remains one of the world's most popular beverages today.

The History of Beer…. [read more]

Timesharing in Resorts Term Paper

… Timesharing in Resorts

Holiday and a Vacation?

Present Issues

Summary of the Structure of the Industry

History of Hospitality 6 Hotels

Types of Hotels 7 Resorts

Types of Resorts 9 Timeshare 10 Beginning of Timeshare 12 Types of Timeshare 13 Timeshare developers 16 Demand/Season 17 Timeshare Stats 17 Advantages of Timesharing

Marketing of timeshare relates to Customer Satisfaction

Research Framework & Survey 22 Data collection 23 Data analysis 23 Findings 27 Reliability of the Survey 28 Demographic Profile of the Students 28 Interest of students in Lodging Operations 28 Perception of Timeshares 30 Relations and Comparison Between Variables

Analysis 32 Conclusion 34 Limitations 34 Problems and How to Deal with Them

V Results

Reliability of the survey 36 Demographic profile of the students 36 Interest…. [read more]

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