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Mega Sports Event to a Hallmark Assessment

… ¶ … Mega Sports Event to a Hallmark Sports Event: The Olympics and Wimbledon on London

Impact and Issues of a Mega and Hallmark Sporting Event

Festivals and special events are organized in destinations, places, and regions to celebrate, offer a feast, boost economy and regional cooperation. Hallmark events are large special events with limited time, lower risks of congestion, environmental degradation, and financial investment related to issues like building permanent facilities like the Wimbledon or the European Capitals of Culture (Akerlund 2008). Mega or major events are events of extraordinary significance, reputation, and scale like the Olympic Games or the World Trade fairs. The commercial and political aspects of sports have expanded into domestic and international events like the Olympics and Wimbledon sports. These…. [read more]

Vision Newspaper Extract Kim Gavin, the Artistic Term Paper

… Vision

Newspaper Extract

Kim Gavin, the artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony criticized past Closing Ceremonies in particular Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony, Athens, 2004 Closing Ceremony and Atlanta 1996 Closing Ceremony are his claims justified?

The Closing Ceremony is the magnificent ending of the Olympic and Paralympics Games. They are celebrated to conclude the whole event and to handover the Olympic flag to the next Host City. The next closing ceremony that will take place on 12 August 2012 in London is being designed by Kim Gravin.

Kim Gravin criticized the past closing ceremonies because he was viewing these ceremonies from his point-of-view. Kim is famous for managing concerts and tours for popular bands and he seems to concentrate on engaging…. [read more]

Management the People of the Globe Essay

… ¶ … Management

The people of the globe have always fancied events. While some of these events were created with specific purposes of decision making, political support or for economic resolution, others have had a more entertaining feature. But in spite of the purpose for which they were created, events have always managed to draw large crowds, to capture attention and to become focal points within the countries and communities.

The hosting and organisation of events is often a difficult task, generating the need to engage vast resources. In the case of a large event for instance, such as the Olympic Games, the infrastructure of the city has to be developed and the city has to invest significant financial resources to prepare for the exodus…. [read more]

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