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Memory Enhancement and Exercise Term Paper

… Memory Enhancement and Exercise:

A comparison of a press release and a scientific article

According to a recent press release issued by the Georgia Institute of Technology, resistance exercises (i.e. lifting weight) can boost memory. The article summarizes a study which indicated that as little as 20 minutes additional exercise can enhance long-term memory, at least in healthy young adults. The press release describes the study as involving an experimental and control group gazing at a series of photos. The experimental group was asked to then work out on an exercise machine involving extension and contraction of their legs; the control group had their legs passively removed. The experimental group showed better recollection of the photographs.

The 'take home' message of the press release is…. [read more]

Health Benefits of Yoga Term Paper

… Exercise

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been in practice for more than five thousand years, and presently, close to eleven million Americans enjoy its health benefits. Yoga can scarcely be called a trend. Most Westernized yoga classes center on learning physical poses, which are called asanas. They also typically comprise some form of breathing method and perhaps a meditation system as well. Some yoga classes are intended solely for leisure. But there are styles of yoga that teach one how to move their body in new ways. Choosing one of these styles offers the maximum health benefits by facilitating one to develop ones flexibility, power, and equilibrium (The Health Benefits of Yoga).

When a number of people think of yoga, they envision having to…. [read more]

Windows Migration From XP Capstone Project

… Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration

Submittal Cover Sheet

Four Digit Assessment/Project Code: TWA1

Mentor Name: Janet Bringhurst

For Revisions Only Indicate Previous Grader:

Submissions received with an altered, incomplete or missing cover sheet will be returned for resubmission.

Submit to:

Attn.: Assessment Delivery Department

4001 South 700 East, Suite 700

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2533

Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet

Capstone Proposal Project Name: Migration of Windows XP to Windows

In today's world of technology, it is imperative that you stay current with what is new in the it world. What makes this particularly challenging is the pace of change in it systems, and the continual need to make sure they align to a department, division and in the case of the City of…. [read more]

Memory Enhancement Term Paper

… ¶ … Wagner, U., Gais, S., Haider, H., Verleger, R., & Born, J. (2004). Sleep inspires insight. Nature,

Research area

The notion of insight is difficult to quantify but psychologists have attempted to do so for many years. Anecdotally, it has been suggested that many great insights have been arrived at by great thinkers by 'sleeping on it.' There is also biological evidence to support the notion that this cliche, in fact, may be true. Both human and animal studies support the idea that the neural representations of tasks performed while awake become reactivated during sleep. The evidence suggests that sleep consolidates and restructures memory.

Understanding how people and animals learn can be very useful in terms of creating a supportive environment for knowledge acquisition.…. [read more]

Sport Psychology Most Forms of Games Require Term Paper

… Sport Psychology

Most forms of games require not only physical skills but also a very strong mental capacity and these include golf, tennis and skating. According to the view of most coaches, sports are 90% mental and 10% physical. This is very important in athletics where even a difference of a hundredth or a tenth of a second can be the difference between champions and ordinary athletes. The requirement of an extra edge is very important. Thus many psychological techniques are being used by athletes to take them up to the next level. There are uses of imagery in solving different problems in sports is in mental practice of particular performing skills, enhancing confidence and encouraging positive thinking, solving problems, having control over arousal and…. [read more]

Motivation and Confidence in Sports Thesis

… 51). As it were, the association that exists between sport confidence and performance should be an important issue for psychologists in sports to analyze. Actually, sport confidence can be a varying and temporary variant. The inconsistency in sport confidence that exists in duration of time is influenced in basic by the sources of the confidence. (Weinberg & Gould, 1999, p.24).

Researchers can make an effort to realize how the sources of sport confidence would make an impact on the athlete's performance, level of confidence, cognition, emotion and behaviors. They may also carefully analyze the confidence that is derived from sources by realizing the interaction of the social background, organizational cultures, and the nuances of the athlete. Sport competition is a basic atmosphere…. [read more]

Cognitive Therapy: New Developments Research Paper

… Psychopharmacological research includes the consideration of complex factors like neurotransmitter functions. For instance, different levels of transmitters are found across various regions of the brain. This suggests a complex interplay between drug administration and baseline levels. However, although some cognitive functions improve with the administration of drugs, they may worsen in others because they depend on the levels of neurotransmitters in play. In order to increase one's brain chemistry, methods like animal models and imaging techniques, drug dosage, individual differences and the complex roles played by the pre-existing baseline levels are becoming apparent (Sahakian & Morein-Zamir, 2011).

The interest in Cognitive enhancement

It is increasingly becoming a mode of treatment for methylphenidate especially in the western countries. Perhaps, the use increases concentration, help one study,…. [read more]

Preamble: Josephine Attributes Her Eating Disorder Case Study

… PREAMBLE: Josephine attributes her eating disorder to dislike for the unhealthy food that her mother prepares and to her job as salsa instructor that demands that she regulates her weight. She sometimes eats only one meal per day, forcing herself to, occasionally, vomit when she eats too much junk or fried food and is overly concerned with her weight level and diet. Whilst on no medication, she occasionally takes multivitamins and is trying to reduce her weight of 117 pounds to her former count of 110 pounds.

Based on her height and weight, what is her BMI and is this considered underweight, normal or overweight/obese?

Her BMI (weight: 117 pounds; height 5 feet 2 inches is 21.4. She is actually in the middle range of…. [read more]

Music on Vocabulary Competence, Writing Thesis

… According to Medina (1993) use of music is a sure way of teaching and has been proven to foster language acquisition and production. Music assists English language learners thereby making them more successful in acquisition (Jalongo & Bromley, 1984). They assert in the article Developing Linguistic Competence through Song that it is ideal in introduction of new words, cultural aspects as well as accents. This makes it a useful instructional tool in an English class room. Music contains language that is natural, easy to acquire and enjoyable, it can, therefore, be selected to suit particular needs and interest of learners, such as relating the lyrics to everyday real life situation.

Music has the ability to offer enjoyable communication including listening and vocabulary practice. In the…. [read more]

How the Internet Enhances the Classroom Globally Term Paper

… Internet and Classroom Enhancement

Internet usage

Internet enhancement of the classroom

I The internet allows schools to provide e-learning facilities

a) What is e-learning

b) E- learning is beyond knowledge base

Internet provides the opportunity to deliver varied content

II The internet provides diverse communication Platform for teachers and students

a) Video conferencing: between two schools

b) Virtual class rooms

c) Blogs that encourage inter-students and student teacher communication

Multiple tools for teachers to enhance the learning experience

a) Web base learning videos and audio ( khan academy) website

b) Access to software that is hosted online (Rosetta stone)

c). web site ( india magazine learning website for children


Providing students with the facility to engage with knowledge in different ways is critically important…. [read more]

Drugs and Addiction Prolonged Term Paper

… These are people with abundant knowledge regarding health benefits, which they would receive from eating healthy to stimulate their cognitive functioning. Nevertheless, the fact that there exists an easy way of going about the cognitive performance without getting sweaty or on diets makes the needs appeal appended on stimulants. This drug provides a quick fix, which makes it the best option for those looking for optimal performance without much of a struggle with diets and physical exercises. This is producing a society where competition is becoming null because of the unfair use of enhancers against the efforts of others. The ethical unfairness for people under the influence of drugs is the manner in which they promote a lower look on those who are not under…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

Smart Watches and Their Evaluation Term Paper

… There were 6 options for this question. The question sought to get an idea about the literacy level of the participant. The reason behind adding this question is that according to the general trend, the more a person is educated, the more he or she will make use of technological things because he or she will have a better understanding of the technological devices. Similarly, it has been expected that illiterate people will have low usability of the smart watches. The second section of the questionnaire focuses on the products. It is based on 8 questions related to the product. These questions have been asked by the participant in order to learn about the attitude and level of usage of the participants. Apart from that…. [read more]

Workplace Demands Influences Patient Safety Essay

… This can specify minimum efficiency levels for healthcare specialists. likewise it can assist to form the companies where they work, and the devices (medicines and gadgets) they make use of expectations for to look after their clients (Lee, 2013). The standards and norms set by the healthcare experts affect the practice, training, as well as education for service providers. Therefore, societies need to become leaders in motivating and requiring renovations in patient safety, by such activities as setting their own efficiency criteria, assembling and interacting with members about safety, including focus on patient safety in training programs, and working together throughout disciplines. The activities of huge buyers of healthcare and healthcare insurance, along with activities by specific customers, likewise can influence the habits of healthcare…. [read more]

Teaching Reflective Commentary Portfolio Research Paper

… Teaching Reflective Commentary Portfolio

Mathematics is an area of education not often sought after by those teachers interested in true education. The subjects typically seem dry and students rarely take the courses seriously. In the field of accounting, however, there has been a much larger deficiency in properly educating students. As stated by Rob Gray (2006), in his article,

There is evidence that accounting education fails to develop students' intellectual and, relatedly, ethical maturity. This, it can be argued, may be seen as a moral failure on the part of accounting educators. This, it can be argued, may be seen as a moral failure on the part of accounting educators. The content of much of what currently passes for core accounting knowledge has characteristics which…. [read more]

Aviation Accidents & Situational Awareness Dissertation

… High Reliability or Normal Accidents: A critical examination of situational awareness and its value in reducing human errors in aviation ground operations


The concept of situational awareness

Level 1 SA -- Perception Of The Elements In The Environment.

Level 2 SA -- Comprehension Of The Current Situation.

Level 3 SA -- Projection Of Future Status.

Situation Awareness Requirements

Theories of Situational Awareness

Three-level model

Interactive sub-systems

The perceptual cycle

Summary of the theories

Preparing for thematic synthesis


Qualitative assessment

read more--> [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

Brand Equity and Customer Purchasing Term Paper

… While concentrating on the function of giving knowledge, a primary feature concerns with building the expectations of quality. Quality expectations impact first-time buyers, and by means of their task in establishing satisfaction and recurring buys. Moreover, while increased preliminary expectations might end up in preliminary buys, exaggerated expectations result in displeasure and thus lower buyers in the years to come. As a result, the maintenance of expectations prior to buying as also following buying is a crucial element of marketing technique. (Dube; Chattopadhyay; Letarte, 1996, p. 82)

Customizing advertisements, which means handing out audiences with messages which will suit according to their taste, presents marketing personnel the chance to enhance the precision of their goal, while simultaneously presenting audiences with interactions which enhances their contentment…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

ADHD Medications Term Paper

… ADHD Medications

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder -ADHD is a widespread and often undetected psychiatric disorder. (Wender, 1996) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- ADHD is a slackly described collection of neuro-psychiatric collection of symptoms which come up during childhood and many times carry on into adulthood. (Kidd, 2000) Presently, 2 million children in the United States have been detected as having ADHD reported by the National Institute of Mental Health. (Gardner, 2005) in view of the fact that ADHD starts during childhood days, the foremost duty is to establish the psychiatric condition of the patient as a child and formulate a retroactive analysis. But few of the patients are assessed or treated as children. Counting upon the procedure and the cutoffs used, the incidence of ADHD in…. [read more]

Growth Aided by Data Warehousing Term Paper

… This is intended to form one rational conclusion and to also gain benefits from important information regarding the current operation of the organization. (Hackathorn,1995;Wallace,1994a). These current operations can also be contrasted and evaluated in terms of the old existing data, and alongside, predictions as to future operations and about new business procedures can be developed and also new systems can be planned out to sustain these processes. (FairHead, 1995; Hackathorn, 1995; Ricciuti, 1994a; Smith, 1995d; Wallace, 1994a; Weinberg, 1995a).

These date warehouses can also store huge amounts of past data and corporate data that most companies use as potential data for important businesses. (Bull, 1995b; Brown, 1995; Cafasso, 1994d; Eckerson, 1993b; Hackathorn, 1995; Lisker, 1994; Nash, 1995c; Smith, 1995f; Wallace, 1994a). Another advantage of these…. [read more]

Hypnosis Compared to Eastern Meditation Chi Kung and Nei Thesis

… ¶ … globalization and innovations in telecommunications are bringing healthcare practitioners together from all over the world in ways that have never before been possible. As these collaborative efforts and mature communities of practice continue to emerge, it is important to help Western practitioners understand the fundamental tenets of Eastern medicine and representative practices, just as it is important to help practitioners in China and elsewhere in the East understand the allopathic approaches that are most widely practiced in the West. To this end, this study compared the clinical use of hypnosis with the use of Eastern Meditation, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung. To achieve this comparison, a review of the relevant literature was combined with a qualitative meta-analysis of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature…. [read more]

Business Model Comparison Term Paper

… Business Model Comparison

Diversity as a management style in Fortune 500 companies:

In case of Fortune 500 companies, diversity as a management style is not just a concept, but rather a reflection of their business. For GE, which hold 6th rank among the Fortune 500 companies, guarantees that every employee, regardless of their workplace, possess a chance to contribute and be successful. Included in that goal are historical concepts of diversity, inclusive of ethnicity, race and gender, and discovering increasingly modern ideas such as inclusiveness. The company tracks varied presence at all stages of the organization by business, by geography and also by function. The company has strong reviews with the leadership of the company to reveal where development is being made, where the best…. [read more]

Disorders in Older People Alzheimer Term Paper

… In the management of Alzheimer's disease, the approved treatment includes Donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine and tacrine in mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment in patients with AD. Donepezil has also been FDA approved for use in moderate-to-sever AD.

Apart from management, ongoing assessment is required for patients with Alzheimer's. According to Uriri-Glover, McCarthy and Cessaroti (2013), this entails the use of the standardized rating scale such as the Functional Assessment Staging Test (FAST) and the Global Deterioration Scale, or the Clinician's Interview-Based Impression are tests used in making a determination of the functional decline of the individual with AD and other forms of dementia. This research indicates that treatment is also done with Gingko and ginseng, the most commonly used herbs used for memory enhancement and in preventing cognitive…. [read more]

Gaming as an Instructional Strategy in Nursing Education Term Paper

… Gaming as an Instructional Strategy to Enhance Baccalaureate Nursing Students' Learning

Nurse educators play a key role in preparing a future workforce of nurses to provide quality care that meets the health care needs of the population (the National League of Nursing [NLN], 2002). Nurse educators are responsible for facilitating student learning and evaluating outcomes. In 2003, the NLN stated that nursing curricula needed to be evidence-based, receptive to the needs of students, flexible, and incorporate current technology. To better meet the needs of today's students, an educator must become familiar with the characteristics and ways of preferred learning of today's learner. Recently, the NLN (2006) identified 72.1% of baccalaureate nursing students being comprised of the millennial or net generation. The millennial student was born…. [read more]

5 Math Lesson Plans for IEP Focus Learner Review

… The combinations would also be used to mix questions with one-digit, two-digit, and three-digit numbers. The focus learner knows how to place the value under one another for accurate calculations. The backward counting method for subtraction would be given in the worksheets such as 321 minus 25, 568 minus 76, etc. The purpose for giving the focus learner practice sheets with a mixture is to train her place value skills in counting backward for 80% accuracy.

Online games are an exciting practice to let the focus learner participate actively in the interpretation progression of subtraction and counting backward. The games have a specially designed systematic interface that allows the user to proceed in a measured way. The focus learner would practice through online games…. [read more]

Antenatal Education Systematic Review Dissertation

… However, recently, studies have shown an increase in knowledge as a result of these antenatal education classes. These studies have also highlighted the importance of using a wide range of techniques in the classes to improve the health and well-being of the pregnant mother Su et al., 2007a ()

The impact of antenatal education classes on maternal emotional states as one of the psychological well-being factors is an important consideration in understanding the effect of these classes Schachman et al., 2004.

Maternal emotions can influence the health and social well-being of the mother and the baby thus is important in both the behavioral and psychological well-being of the fetus and the mother as well Malata et al., 2007.

One important question to understand is the…. [read more]

Imagery and of the Management Term Paper

… Giving meaning to a life crisis is, in itself, a healing (or "making whole") function, as the crisis is rewoven back into the fabric and flow of a person's life.

A" (ibid) third basis for the function of imagery in healing is the transpersonal therapy. This is a particularly relevant area for the application to the nursing profession in that it involves an empathic connection between the patient and the nurse or healthcare worker.

The utility of symbolic work in healing is most often associated with the transpersonal or spiritual dimensions. The symbol is viewed as a translator of both the inner world, as mentioned above, and the greater, or more cosmic, world of a spiritual nature. The iconography, relics, mandalas, and sacraments of…. [read more]

Analzying Christianity and the Torah Dissertation

… Christianity and the Torah

History of Christianity

Basic concepts in Christian theology

History of the Torah

Christianity and the Torah

Torah observance at the Table 130

The Significance of the Torah to Christian in modern day 134

It is the Powerful Word of God 134

It Leads Christians to Jesus the Messiah 136

It Deals with the Questions of Life 139

What we Understand about The Law 141

Interpreting and Applying the Law 143

Suggested Christian approach towards the Torah 144

Identifying what the specific law…. [read more]

Elder Discrimination "Age Discrimination Occurs Term Paper

… Elder Discrimination

"Age discrimination occurs when a decision is made on the basis of a person's age. In the workplace these are most often decisions about recruitment, promotion and dismissal… in societies that celebrate youthfulness above almost all else, it can be very difficult for even highly qualified professionals to find new positions after the age of 50. For male senior executives, the fear of age discrimination has led to an increasing demand for cosmetic surgery, but for most older workers there appears little they can do to resist being swept aside in favor of young replacements…" (Tan, 2009).

Aging brings with it physical problems, emotional issues, and it also brings bias and discrimination, as many older people have discovered -- and will discover. This…. [read more]

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