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Healthcare System in South Africa Essay

… Moreover the constitution entitles the citizens of the country to gain access to the emergency medical treatment through government operated facilities. The constitution of the country defines that no citizen of the country will be refused from gaining access to the medical facilities of emergency nature. It is important to note that the government is focused to provide its citizen adequate healthcare facilities. The first step towards that is the provision of emergency medical treatment from the state. The white paper on the development of a national healthcare system was implemented in 1997. The core policy of the country is defined in the white paper outlining key steps for the country's healthcare services. The policy is primarily based on Primary Health Care (PHC). The strategy…. [read more]

Health Care Systems in Today Term Paper

… By considering the above mentioned details, it can be stated clearly that the health care system of Canada is the best of all since it is quite transparent as government itself is the regulatory authority for all funding and expenses and there is no confusion within the system itself. By spending less GDP in comparison with other developed countries like U.S., UK and Germany, Canada has achieved high rates of life expectancy and good health care system which is undoubtedly the best amongst all. The Canadians are enjoying good facilities of health care and the system is progressing more and more. U.S., UK and Germany lacks behind Canada in their health care systems as they rather established an organization for funding purposes or have a…. [read more]

U.S. Health Care System Essay

… The Social Justice Model focuses on providing health care to all Americans, regardless of ability to pay (Shi & Singh, 2010, p. 27). Social Justice health care operates with several assumptions: health care is a basic right and a social resource that is different from other goods/services; health care requires governmental involvement and central planning because health care for all members of the society is a social responsibility; the government can allocate health care more equitably than can Market Justice; ability/inability to pay for medical care is irrelevant; due to the fact that society cannot cover all health care requirements, the government decides which health care services are basic and must be provided by society (Shi & Singh, 2010, pp. 38-40; Daniels, 2001, p. 6).…. [read more]

Health Care in the U.S Term Paper

… The Spanish System

The health care system in Spain is still reeling from the recent global recession. High unemployment rates are expected to continue, which places a strain on the ability to support the national health care system (OECD, 2011b). The ability of the national health care system in Spain to provide services depends on an inflow of taxes from the people. Anything that harms the economy also harms the national health care system. The same is true in the United States, only the impact is not as great, because the system is not entirely dependent upon government funds.

The national health care system and Spain is known as the SNS. It is operated by the National Ministry of Health and Social Policy. It is…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Australia's Health Care Essay

… Just as has been enumerated initially, state government funding for healthcare mainly comes from general taxation; block grants and specific purpose payments from the Australian government; funding from state fiscal resources; and funding from non-governmental sources. A state Health Departments budget must be within its budgetary process. Health grants to the states from the Commonwealth are disbursed based on population formula and performance measurements. States that secure large health grants are more likely to suffer reduced revenue from the Commonwealth. Some of the grants given to individual states are subject to fiscal equalization (Healy, Sharman & Lokuge, 2006). This equalization done by the Commonwealth Grants Commission is meant to ensure that all states are capable of providing adequate health services without levying higher taxes on…. [read more]

Health Care Teams Term Paper

… Team communication is necessary for ensuring success (Reeves, Zwarenstein & Goldman, 2009).

The Role of Teams in Nursing Empowerment and Patient Empowerment

The role of teams in empowering nursing professionals and patients in a patients' centered care system is important. For positive results, patients and nursing professionals need empowering. Empowerment improves performance of professional and encourages patients to heal. Therefore, managers of nursing institutions must be aware of the role of empowering to promote work and retain workers. Nursing professionals empowering can be increasing job satisfaction, improving the working environment (Holmstrom & Roing, 2010). These forms of empowerment include workplace empowerment and work engagement. Work engagement relates to the attitude of a worker towards tasks and relates to personal mental status towards work. Patients, on…. [read more]

Health Care System Evolution Organizational Analysis and Continuum Essay

… Health Care System Evolution, Organizational Analysis and Continuum of Care

The objective of this work is to examine the evolution of the health care system and how health care delivery systems have influenced the current health care system in regards to Medicare/Medicaid. This work will conduct an organizational analysis for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including the stakeholders impacted by this component and how they are affected. Finally, this work will examine the continuum of care for Diabetes care program in the United States including the services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care. This work will examine how the equity contributes or fails to contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources and will examine the future trends of…. [read more]

Healthcare System in the Netherlands Term Paper

… Healthcare System in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a unique concept of 'family physician' known as 'Huisarts' who the primary Doctor responsible for coordinating physical and mental care of patients in his neighborhood. January 2006 saw the launching of a new healthcare system which requires citizens to avail a basic health insurance package. It covers medical treatment alongwith services delivered by General Practitioners, hospitals, specialists, indoor admission, dental care and different medical appliances. The healthcare system in the country comprises of three divisions for health insurance, managed by three different establishments. They are the national health insurance for special medical expenditures; mandatory sickness funds meant for people having low incomes less than a specific stage and private, primarily voluntary health insurance; and finally the voluntary…. [read more]

Universal Health in Australian Cities Essay

… Australian Healthcare System

The following paper discusses the Australian healthcare system. It begins with the structure and overview of the system and then moves on to the governance of the system. After covering these aspects, the paper highlights the functions of the Australian healthcare system. In addition, the paper also discusses the historical background of the system. In the end, the paper discusses the current issues that are faced by the Australian healthcare system.

Australia is a huge country with an area of 7692000 square kilometers. This country has increasing population and other factors that present a challenge to its healthcare system. The Australian healthcare system is a tax-funded system that provides the Australian populace with healthcare facilities. The system has gone through many reforms…. [read more]

Mental Health Care System Term Paper

… As a result, the juvenile justice system has been actively involved in the expansion of community-based treatment programs across the nation, particularly best-practice programs that might be adopted on the road to future reform; community assessment centers, juvenile drug courts (already in place in Florida, most particularly in Miami-Dade), integrated case management, graduated sanctions, and strength-based approaches.

These actions on behalf of the justice system not only spurred reinvigorated local strength, but also national attention in such a way that the system is growing into a comprehensive, integrated net of care.

At a local level, the needs of a teen in mental health or abusive crisis has needs so complex that they can defy solution by any once agency, no matter how capable. Most community…. [read more]

RFP in Healthcare Industry Request Business Proposal

… In addition, the bidder's proposal should comply with the following format requirements. Bidders should follow them strictly, because the center may deem proposals that fail to meet the format requirements as non-responsive.

1. All the soft copy files should either be in MS Word (Word, excel, project, PowerPoint), version 2003-2007 or PDF. The proposal text should have at least 12 points and 8 points for presentation of information in figures and tables.

2. Vendors should provide printable information on pages on standard 8.5" x 14" format. However, the center prefers single sided pages.

3. The pages should follow a sequence in numbering excluding the project schedule. The page numbers must appear in the same page in the bidder's proposal. The vendor should assign index numbers…. [read more]

Veterans Healthcare System Term Paper

… Veterans Healthcare System (VHA)

The objective of this work is to examine the Veterans Healthcare System (VHA) the largest fully integrated system in the United States in a systematic assessment. This work will first, identify the organization's mission and conduct assessments as follows: (1) Environmental assessment; (2) Organizational assessment; (3) Human resources assessment; and (4) Political process assessment. Following these assessments, a SWOT will be conducted for making a determination of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to ensure the organization is capable of remaining viable in the future. This work will identify key implementation issues and suggestion evaluation of strategic effectiveness in a conceptualization of the overall strategic planning-process, which intends to identify and analyze alternate strategies.


The Department of Veterans…. [read more]

Nursing Roles in Primary Health Essay

… Only qualified nurses, with relevant skills in various elements of health care, should be considered for recruitment by the hospital management. The innovation brought about by the nurses in the team will ensure attainment of transformation of the health facility to a new level. The looming changes projected by this innovation include an increase in the number of patients handled by the facility, improving the quality of services, and promoting good working conditions. This will facilitate faster service delivery (Marquis & Huston, 2009).

The nurses will also support initiatives geared towards providing conducive climate for work and maintaining effective communication within the hospital departments. Besides, the nurses would root for initiatives that would see implementation of 24 hours of monitoring and reporting of incidences in…. [read more]

Neuman Health Care Systems Model Essay

… After research, it has been found that Warfarin is prescribed for Mr. H's atrial fibrillation. The only symptom that could have resulted from this medication was bruising and weakness (NCBI, 2008). Lipitor is a drug that helps a patient reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and assists in keeping cholesterol low. Its common side effects include: Weakness, lack of energy, and extreme tiredness (NCBI, 2010). Lasix is used to reduce swelling and fluid retention, or to treat high blood pressure. It may cause weakness, confusion, and unusual bruising (NCBI, 2008). Finally, Metoprolol is used to decrease blood pressure. It can cause tiredness or an irregular heart beat (NCBI, 2010).

There are many roles the facility must provide to Mr. H in order to meet…. [read more]

Biomedicine Healthcare System in USA Term Paper

… Manufacturing process and controls-CGMP regulatory compliance

The approval of a new product in to the market is subject to regulatory oversight and compliance to the set industry standards which are evaluated at the final stage of product development and mostly the FDA makes visits to manufacturing companies to before the final approval of a new product to ascertain these requirements are meet. Companies on the other hand employ best practices and efficiency to ensure that they products get the approval needed and if they consistently do so they certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

The current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) are a set of principles, methods and practices that have been currently approved through science, they are supposed to be documented and implemented when…. [read more]

Health Care A) the Different Forms Term Paper

… Health Care

a) the different forms of long-term care for elderly Americans provide choice for patients and their families and so give at least a sense of control to people in a time of need. These people face differing circumstances. Richardson (1995) points out that more than 70% of chronically disabled people receive long-term services in the home from family members and friends, but when circumstances warrant, they can use a formal care system such as home health, mental health programs, social services, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and so on. One problem faced by the system is the difficulty in predicting needed levels and types of long-term care services for the future (Richardson, 1995, p. 195).

Similar issues are raised for the elderly population, noting…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Like All Other Areas Term Paper

… Healthcare Management

Like all other areas of human life, the health care system is continuing to evolve. The National Center for Health Care Leadership identifies several important factors in this regard. Under the main paradigm of a focus on wellness and preventive rather than reactive care, one of the elements is that the human genome continues to be better understood as worldwide researchers continue to investigate the issue. As a result, treatment will eventually become primarily preventive. Concomitantly, the issue of healthcare costs, resources and priorities will become increasingly problematic as the world's population increases. Furthermore, chronic diseases will become the focus of specialized medical centers, while the trend is increasingly towards integrating electronic technology in healthcare monitoring and data collection. I believe these trends…. [read more]

New Healthcare Challenges for a Divers and Growing Elderly Population Term Paper

… There were an estimated 3.3 million African-Americans over 65 in 2010, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA). By 2050, it is expected that the elderly population of African-Americans will account for about 11% of the 65-and-older population in the United States (AoA).

And although African-Americans are living longer, the majority of those over 65 years of age have had "at least one chronic health condition and many have multiple conditions" (AoA). The AoA provides a breakdown into the most frequent chronic conditions that afflicted older black people between the years 2005 and 2007.

Topping the list is hypertension, with 84% of elderly African-Americans reporting this medical problem. The following medical ailments are listed with percentages of black elderly people in parentheses: a) diagnosed arthritis…. [read more]

Healthcare Administration Essay

… Studies also showed that they felt more comfortable going to the health care facility which is closest to their homes. Furthermore, they felt uncomfortable with the clinics that assessed them repeatedly and where they had to wait for longer period of times to be treated. They felt that they aren't always able to get the acute treatments when they need them. The elderly felt very comfortable with the idea of being given health care in their homes and there acute care in a healthcare facility should be optimized. The CEO role should be to ensure that hospital systems are in place and that the workforce is delivering on the promises of a highly efficient care (Cosgrove et al., 2012).

Studies on hospital staff have revealed…. [read more]

Healthcare the American Medical Association Essay

… Some pharmacists might specialize in certain areas of healthcare such as gerontology, psychiatry, or sports medicine ("Pharmacist Career," n.d.). Some careers in the pharmaceutical field such as pharmacology are industry-related, and involve working with research and development. Therefore, laboratory positions with the pharmaceutical industry are also possible. Pharmacy also entails a number of ancillary or helping positions such as pharmacy technicians.

The veterinary field encompasses all of the healthcare needs of non-human animal species. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), about 80% of all careers in the veterinary healthcare field are in private practices, and address the needs of pets. A smaller proportion works with wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, or laboratory animals. Some veterinarians work with animals in a research…. [read more]

Health Care Privatization Term Paper

… Health Care Privatization

Unlike a government-operated, tax-funded system -- the type of system, generally referred to as national health care, currently operated in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere, the majority of healthcare funding in the U.S. comes from the private sector. With respect to these private funds, health insurance has replaced out-of-pocket consumer spending as the major source of payment. Many critics of the American system point out that there are too may uninsured Americans, that there is too much money being spent and that many employees receive restricted coverage. They claim that national health care would eliminate these problems while providing better service at a lower cost. However, existing evidence shows that taxes would skyrocket and health care services would dramatically deteriorate…. [read more]

Healthcare for Pregnant Women Comparison Term Paper

… Annual Review of Sociology, 21, 349.

Crook, M. (1995). My body: Women speak out about their health care. New York: Insight


Darmstadt, G.L., Lawn, J.E. & Costello, A. (2003). Advancing the state of the world's newborns. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 81(3), 224-5.

Diem, A. (2004). Social welfare in Switzerland. In Encyclopedia [premium service].

Ginzberg, E. & Rogers, D.E. (1993). Medical care and the health of the poor. Boulder, CO:

Westview Press.

McDowell, C. (1996). A Tamil Asylum Diaspora: Sri Lankan Migration, Settlement and Politics in Switzerland. Providence, RI: Berghahn Books.

McGarry, K. (December 2002). Public Policy and the U.S. Health Insurance Market: Direct

and Indirect Provision of Insurance. National Tax Journal, 55(4), 789.

Mhatre, S. & Derber, R. (1992). From equal…. [read more]

Universal Health Care System Term Paper

… Due to the fact of limitations of administrative data being used as the benchmark it is essential that the estimation of the size of the Medicaid undercount is to be made with caution. Irrespective of the fact of the correctness of the estimates they are not capable of indicating a corresponding error in the count of the uninsured due to the fact that the Medicaid enrollees not reporting about the Medicaid coverage may report on another type of coverage. (Nelson, 2003) study depicting similar conclusions that of the Medicaid administrative records in Minnesota reveals that a vast majority of Medicaid enrollees who did not report being covered under Medicaid reveals their coverage under another source of insurance. It has been estimated that about 2.9 million…. [read more]

Standards of Care/Mental Health/Cultural Competence Essay

… Patients who utilize family interpreters or non-professional interpreters, for instance nurses, clerks, and technicians are the ones that would be less satisfied with their visitation (Furler, 2012).

Potential Solutions

Culturally competent assessment skills are vital to assist communication, to show reverence for cultural diversity, and to inquire culturally sensitive queries about practices and beliefs that need to be measured in the transport of health care. The more information a nurse has about a particular culture, the more precise and complete the cultural valuation will be. For instance, if nurses are not aware that a lot of Hispanics use traditional healers for example curandros, masjistas, sobodoes, y (j)erberos, and esperititas, they will not recognize how to ask exact and suitable questions about the person's use of…. [read more]

Ethics in a Long-Term Healthcare Essay

… Thus rationing for a society, that is aging plays a vital role. It is still a moot point if we must ration life-extending medical resources on the basis of age, and the costs that arc incurred may not be desirable. But such issues have not reached any conclusion so far.

• End-of-life treatment

Here also the issues are complicated. What resources must be spent on terminally ill patients, and must life be prolonged at any cost? Will it be better to let the terminal patient die? Euthanasia is still a debated subject with no end in sight. There are many other forms of ills that may creep into the system like abuse, and other forms of neglect.

Management and organizational ethical issues

The ethical issues…. [read more]

Funding Health Care Services Scenario Essay

… (League of Women Voters, 2010 )

(3) Alabama Department of Public Health. (League of Women Voters, 2010)

(4) Governor's Office -- Influences health decisions through budget and policy recommendations to the Legislature as well as nomination of department heads and other positions such as SHCC. (League of Women Voters, 2010)

(5) Legislature -- Provides funding and oversight for state programs. (League of Women Voters, 2010)

(6) U.S. Government -- Sets mandates for many state programs and impacts state budgets and programs through matching fund requirements. (League of Women Voters, 2010)

It is reported that Alabama has received a total of $9,772,451 in grants for research, planning, information technology development, and implementation of Affordable Insurance Exchanges. In addition, Alabama has received the following stated grants:

(1)…. [read more]

Healthcare in the United States Essay

… Physicians increased the number of surgeries performed in their offices, hospitals increased the number of outpatient surgeries, and psychiatric hospitals created partial and outpatient programs. This is especially true in psychiatric settings, where patients are forced into these alternative levels of care without appropriate medical consideration of their needs and conditions. The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Committee on Health Care Access and Economics Task Force on Mental Health, 2009) published a special report to the Surgeon General of the United States that there is today a "high prevalence of mental health needs of America's youth (p. 1248)." Mental healthcare continues to be an ongoing tug of war between managed care, psychiatric hospital providers, physicians, and other mental health practitioners. There has…. [read more]

Nursing and Theoretical Knowledge of Healthcare System Case Study

… The federal government also monitors the provision of health care services to ensure their relevance, accessibility, and affordability to its consumers (Johns, 1991).

Medicare is one of the universal health care schemes that are funded using public means in Australia. The funds gather for services that are interrelated to the primary health care. On the other hand, private health insurance refers to a system of private covering of the Australian population to provide them for high-quality care in the Australian public and privately owned hospitals. Aged care refers to health care delivery system developed by the Australian government to ensure quality care provision for the aged in Australia. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a scheme adopted by the government (Australian) to ensure that the citizens…. [read more]

Health Policies Medicare Research Paper

… In conclusion, the United States is not the only Western nation that is going through this challenge; however we are very probable in the worst location in handling the situation, because of our traditional unusual medical ethos and the high public prospects it has shaped. Somewhat than despair, nevertheless, we need to really start viewing the issues being brought here in medicare as a challenge. It is important that we are using the same inventiveness that has provided us the New Deal and style an essentially more reasonable and maintainable health-care organization-one that talks to the moral needs at all heights. If America fails to accept a widened vision along these positions, the viewpoint for health care in America's long-term upcoming is threatening certainly.

Work…. [read more]

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