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MGM Mirage and Strategic Management Thesis

… MGM Mirage and Strategic Management

Today's companies strive to achieve, maintain and consolidate a high competitive position within the market and within their industry. They manage this through a full satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants. The organizational clients have become the core of corporate operations simply because they are the determinants of success. They decide if they like the product or service and if they will return within the organization to solicit it again, ensuring as such the economic agent with sustainable revenues.

Therefore, the full satisfaction of the customers' needs is crucial in all organizations, but even more so within the service sector, where the provider does not offer a material product and can only succeed based on the quality of the…. [read more]

Roles and Responsibilities of the HR Department Essay

… ¶ … roles and responsibilities of the HR department in your organization? Are they part of the strategic planning team and process in your company?

This is interesting this question is posed to us. I just had a conversation with one of the HR folks at Agilent Technologies who sits in Loveland. Our facility in Loveland is not the headquarters for the company we do happen to have a few folks from HR and Legal. Our HR department has evolved over the users. I remember when it was originally called personnel. Now it is human resources. Interesting we took the "person" out of the function and now we "resources." That is probably another discussion: ) Anyway, at Agilent our HR function focuses primarily on relocations,…. [read more]

Capital Structure Analysis: Mattel Essay

… Based in Oakland, Calif., the name of the firm's first bleach product, Clorox, was coined as something of a portmanteau of the words "chlorine and sodium hydroxide," the two main ingredients in the cleaner. Originally, Clorox packaging featured a diamond-shaped logo, and the diamond shape has prevailed in the firm's branding for nearly a century. Back in 1917, the company concocted a less-concentrated version for household, rather than industrial, use, and sales took off.

Back in 1928, the company went public on the San Francisco Stock Exchange and changed its name to the Clorox Chemical Company.

The company's weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is 6%. The share price is $68 per share, and debt is $3.1 billion, while capital on hand is $12.1 billion.…. [read more]

Business Studies Environmental Analysis Essay

… Business Studies

Environmental Analysis of MGM Resorts International

Remote Environment

Operating Environment

Industry Environment

Competitive Position

Organizational Structure

MGM Resorts International is a global leader in the hospitality in gaming industry, principally through gaming resorts. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and has two reporting segments, the first is the Wholly Owned Domestic Resorts which deals with the U.S. resorts owning and operating 15 different resorts in the United States, located in Nevada, Michigan and Mississippi. Flagship hotels include several Las Vegas hotels and casinos including The MGM Grand, The Mirage, Bellagio and Mandalay Bay. The second reporting segment is MGM China, with the company only a 51% of MGM China Holdings Ltd. which owns and operates the resort and Casino…. [read more]

Mandalay Resort Group 2004 Term Paper

… Mandalay Resort Group

The events of September 11, 2001 have severely affected the gaming industry in Las Vegas. One of the conglomerates that were most affected by these events is the Mandalay Resort Group. However, Mandalay's consistent success and tradition helped the group to survive these events and to reclaim its position as a leader of the gaming industry in Las Vegas. Mandalay has come a long way since its beginning in 1974 as Circus. Its success is probably due to the work of a strong management team that was able to manage crisis situations, to make accurate predictions about trends of the market.

Another characteristic of Mandalay's management team is its empathic connection with the gaming market, on the one hand, and with clients,…. [read more]

Superior Customer Value Beginning Term Paper

… Areas targeted included gaming equipment, food and beverage, casino and hotel construction, guest furnishings and MRO. Its sourcing strategies are focused on achieving the lowest total cost, including demand aggregation, supplier rationalization, product rationalization, sole source, sealed bid, specification improvement, inventory management, and reverse auctions. Over the course of two years, Harrah's saved nearly fifteen percent on more than $250 million in spend by executing these sourcing strategies.


Nothing demonstrates the power of regulators in the gaming and casino business better than Harrah's plan to purchase rival Caesars Entertainment for $9.4 billion (Seiberg, 2004). If completed, the deal would make Harrah's-Caesars the largest gaming company in the world. However, the potential combination has drawn concern from the Federal Trade Commission and state regulators because…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Case Issues: CI#1: Consumer Term Paper




The Wal-Mart Stores have been severely criticized for their intense desire to present customers with the cheapest products on the market and in order to do this, they tend to neglect the quality and safety of the merchandize.


Communities generally object to the opening of a Wal-Mart store in their region. Citizens fear the impact the store will have on their lives and the environment, while local entrepreneurs fear the possibility of going out of business.

CI#3: EMPLOYEE TURNOVER large majority of Wal-Mart employees is dissatisfied with the wages they register and the benefits, including health care, they get and the conditions they work in. This generates massive personnel fluctuations.


Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. 2005 Term Paper

… Harrah's Entertainment

With over 80,000 employees and 48 casinos opened in three countries (operated under different brands), Harrah's Entertainment is considered to be the world's largest provider of branded casino entertainment. The company has had a very active 2005, with international expansion on the role in countries such as Spain and the Bahamas and new investments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These developments have marked an increase in the company's revenues, however, this did not materialize in a subsequent increase of net income, mainly due to a doubling of the operating expenses. On a very competitive market, the country will need continuously monitor its expenses in order to remain profitable.

Current Situation Analysis

Mission/Vision statement

According to the company's website, Harrah's vision statement points…. [read more]

Internet Gambling: Consumers, Industry Dissertation

… The current revenues of $26 billion are expected to rise to $36 billion by 2012, continuing a trajectory of 13% growth from the past several years (The Economist, 2010). This is significantly faster than the growth in the remainder of the industry, which has stagnated during the economic downturn (The Economist, 2010). However, the online gaming industry is not known for rapid growth or innovation; the majority of innovation that occurs is limited to back-end processing and management activities, with most firms retaining known games and gambling activities in their front-facing operations (The Economist, 2010).

The top ten online gambling sites according to Alexa rankings are shown below, along with their daily traffic rates. Although this is not directly connected to the revenues grossed (which…. [read more]

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