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Michael Parenti Book Report

… Michael Parenti

In his book, Michael Parenti stresses that the political system is relatively more responsive to the interests of affluent individuals and the business community instead of the middle-class. Parenti's assertion is based on his attempts to show how democracy is breached by corporate oligopoly and how renowned forces fought back and infrequently made gains (Parenti, 2010, p.x). His assertions are evident in how and why these arrangements develop in relation to various institutions including


The United States Constitution is a living document through which the nation was founded in order to restrict political authority and monitor abuses of power. The development of arrangements that are responsive to the interests of wealthy people and the business community in the U.S. Constitution is evident…. [read more]

Michael Parenti, 'Wealth Term Paper

… ¶ … Michael Parenti, 'Wealth and Want in the United States', begins with a reminder that when most people talk about the political system in the U.S., few of them mention the word "capitalism." At least not in public, and Parenti is on target in that observation. Many people today, young and old, have forgotten that the premise of the United States, of the U.S. Constitution, is to ensure that people have the right to conduct free enterprise in the United States. Those people who today complain about the "corporate greed" of America, would do well to be reminded of the original American war cry, "No taxation without representation." One of interpretation, and one in keeping with the tone of Parenti's article, is -leave us…. [read more]

Sociology of Mass Communication Term Paper

… " Furthermore, aside from the theme of environmental exploitation, the theme of false American ideology is prevalent, as is evidenced in one passage about the author's account on a particular TV program: "Richard Nixon tells... that while it's true his resignation from the presidency may continue to cloud his record, "the main point is to live life to the hilt... And to continue to give it your best shot to the end." Lastly, American consumerism is advocated through mass media, just like Parenti's claim: (from a Dove soap commercial) "I had this revelation. It's about time for me to start paying more attention to my skin, my face, because you just don't realize how fast time passes."

The final critical analysis is based on Ben…. [read more]

), in the Book Democracy Term Paper

… Parenti argues that subsidies for infrastructure typically comes with strings attached, none of which benefit those same foreign countries. The U.S. has also taken conflicting positions, refusing to provide dictatorships with which the U.S. is not economically and politically aligned, while being plenty willing to provide aid to dictatorships that are economically aligned (Parenti 144). An interesting point here that could have been mentioned is that while Parenti (145) rightly points out that USAID's policies promote making the world safer for U.S. investments, the U.S. is usually quite flexible on that one -- Saudi Arabia is one of the world's most closed markets, but the U.S. is plenty happy as long as it just gets access to the oil. It is similar in China; aid…. [read more]

Family Values in Urban America Term Paper

… These ideologies have been mixed with propagandas, which have weakened the urban America's conscience and this has resulted to creation of an environment in which there is breakdown of the traditional family values.

Referring to studies done by (Michael 143-154)[footnoteRef:10] they listed some of the ideologies that have been brought about by the secular culture and they include; God, religion, and questions of morality are matters of personal opinion which have little or no relevance to social problems; Human being are highly evolved animals; value is relative as there is no absolute standards; the nuclear family is a product of social evolution and is just one of a number of possible forms of social organization; problems in the urban America society can be solved by…. [read more]

Republicans Regained Control of Congress Term Paper

… James Madison argued in his "Federalist Paper #10" against a system in which "factions" (his word for parties) might be able to seize control of the government." ("Political Parties in the United States")

Evidently the founding fathers foresaw the corruption that would result if the American political system was subjected to political parties. The political parties that exist today seem to only have a loyalty to the corporations that make huge contributions to the parties. Essentially when a corporation or a group of corporations in a single industry give monetary gifts to a political party they are basically ensuring that the laws that are passed favor that industry or corporation. This is the "impediment to freedom" that founding fathers were referring to when they made…. [read more]

Media Manipulation Does the American Media Establishment Term Paper

… Media Manipulation

Does the American media establishment consistently reflect and report the news fairly, objectively, factually, and in its entirety? The answer to that question, according to numerous sources, is "no" to fairness, "no" to objectivity, "no" to factuality, and "no" to the entirety. This paper will review and report the opinions of experts and journalists who have analyzed the issue of media manipulation of the news. This is not a paper that is predicting a "big brother" conspiracy that is trying to take over America or brainwash all the TV-watching, Internet surfing and newspaper-reading citizens. But there are many issues that the average American should be aware of when trying to read, hear, watch and digest "news" as presented by the media today, and…. [read more]

Military Intervention Research Paper

… Parenti contends that most U.S. missions serve as pretexts for hidden political goals; to bolster conservative regimes, to build infrastructures for big investors, to lend legitimacy to counterinsurgency programs, and to undermine local agrarian self-sufficiency while promoting U.S. agribusiness products.

Humanitarian intervention remains a controversial and hotly debated issue in the field of international relations. However, it is evident that military intervention in sovereign states where massive violations of human rights occur is legal and justifiable under international law. Nevertheless, what constitutes massive violation of human rights will continue to be open for debate.

Works Cited

"Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms." Joint Publication 1-02. 31 August 2005: 338. 3 October 2011. <>

Ferraro, Vincent. "Principles of the Just War" Mount…. [read more]

War on Terror - Afghanistan Thesis

… War on Terror - Afghanistan

Introduction / Thesis

The Afghan people have been subjected to hostile takeovers and cultural disruptions for centuries, so the invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 and the subsequent seizing of power by the Taliban are not new dynamics in this ancient land. The Taliban were driven out after 9/11 but are now resurgent; the Afghan border with Pakistan is where Taliban fighters get their training and their marching orders. The new U.S. president has signaled a shift away from Iraq and is reportedly sending 17,000 or more troops to Afghanistan. This paper posits that the U.S. cannot "win" the war in Afghanistan because there are simply too many young Muslim men around the world who already despise America, who…. [read more]

American History War and Peace Term Paper

… American History

War and Peace as American Objectives in the mid-20th Century

Excesses both of hope and fear, especially the American inclination to see good in certain nations or movements and evil in others, can lead us into unhappy conflicts. Our crusading zeal may have contributed much to the world, but it is time we saw the menace to peace that it also contains." - Professor John K. Fairbank, 1971.

Professor Fairbank's comment concerning America's "crusading zeal" was a fair critical analysis of our nation's move toward conflict during the period of 1945-1965. Following World War II, the country was willing to believe in the inherent good or evil mentioned by Fairbank. Protecting the weak and defining our nation as a defender and powerful ally/enemy…. [read more]

Films Such as "The Ad Term Paper

… The public needs to be educated therefore, to exercise the faculty of conscious thought.

The media has been shown to be a great influence on public thought. The problem of indirectly media-induced gun violence can therefore be remedied by the media as well. The difficulty with this is however that violence and crime are often more sensational than other, more wholesome phenomena of society. The fact that violence is disproportionately represented in the media makes matters worse. This is where the law and government can make a significant difference. Violence can and should be exposed, but so should successful community projects.

Ironically, gun violence often starts with the family that bought a gun in order to protect themselves against this very violence. The greatest tragedy…. [read more]

Media and Monopoly in 1983 Term Paper

… "Mass Media and Society." 25 Aug. 2000. Virginia Commonwealth University 31 Oct. 2003.

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Parenti, Michael, "Methods of Media Manipulation." Third World Traveler. 31 Oct. 2003.

The Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian." EServer. 31 Oct. 2003.

Media Reform Information Center. 31 Oct. 2003.

Miller, Mark Crispin. "What's Wrong With This Picture?." The Nation. 20 Dec. 2001. 31 Oct. 2003.

Croteau, David and Hoynes, William. "Mass Media and Society." 25…. [read more]

Capitalism, and at the Same Time Term Paper

… ¶ … capitalism, and at the same time, since the 1980s, with the change of Soviet Union into Russia, it is probably the only major economic system left in the world. There are many phases of capitalism and the earliest form was mercantilism started in Rome and the Middle East in the middle Ages. The form was the distribution of goods by traders in a manner that they could get a profit. To achieve this, the goods were bought at one location for a low price, shifted to another area and then sold at a higher price. Even today, capitalism follows the same principles, and gets large amounts of profit by getting goods at prices lower than they are sold for. Yet in the entire…. [read more]

Manipulation of Media Coverage Research Paper

… The fact of matter is that the image of the destruction of the statue of a man who was believed to be an oppressive ruler was portrayed as the most appropriate indication of the end of the war and the start of the liberation process in the region. Most of the presenters on these news channels widely and strongly claimed that the conflict was at its completion stages and the effect of such an extensive claim was that the overall coverage of conflicts and war tactics within the region were then decreased by a large percentage over not only the aforementioned channels but other media outlets as well. Most of the media outlets portrayed that all of the efforts made by the troops form that…. [read more]

Political Science - Federal Term Paper

… Political Science - Federal

Political Science

In what ways did the events of 9/11 and the measures taken as a result of the tragedy affect the way in which America viewed itself in terms of its own might, its ability to secure its own citizens and detect new kinds of enemies?

Prior to the bloody and vicious attacks against the United States on that bright September morning in 2001 the American self-view of superiority, might and some may even say invincibility, were as solid and as unshakable as the World Trade Towers themselves. Americans saw their own might in the context of previous victories during the prior century and in the light that that was naturally cast by the sole super power in the world.…. [read more]

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