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Microsoft: Diversity and Preventing Discrimination Research Paper

… The 6th principle is the alleviation of discrimination in honor of the occupation and employment. The objective is to eliminate any kind of compulsory or forced labor, alleviation of discrimination and child labor elimination in honor of occupation and employment (Microsoft, 2017).

Even though Microsoft has done well in trying to alleviate ethnic gender based, and tribal discrimination in the ranks of the Corporation there are still many reports of discrimination in the company including lawsuits filed against company for sexual harassment against female employees and gender discrimination. The Company may be doing well on diversity but not so well on discrimination. This research has been designed to offer possible alternatives as solutions to the discrimination problem at Microsoft. The research paper also explores…. [read more]

Employers Discrimination Term Paper

… Employers Discrimination

Should Employers be Able to Discriminate?

Discrimination is a serious concern in today's society which attempts to be politically-correct and equal opportunity. While prejudices and biases against many groups run heavily just below the surface of the social structure, they are nonetheless considered to be unacceptable by the majority of the public population. Businesses are no longer allowed to mark their facility as "For Whites Only" and prevent non-Whites from entering, nor are landlords allowed to refuse to rent to a person based on their lifestyle choices. Employers face a particular dilemma when hiring new employees, as there are very strict laws (some being national laws, while others are regional laws) that prevent them from discriminating against people based on unfair criteria. Sexual…. [read more]

Workforce Diversity a Diverse Workforce Can Benefit Thesis

… Workforce Diversity

A diverse workforce can benefit almost any company. The shifting demographics of America almost demands that firms wishing to sell to a broad spectrum of the American populace must embrace workplace diversity. One example in my past experience clearly illustrates this.

The company I was working for at was a wholesaler selling a wide range of household products throughout the state. We were located in an area that one would describe as fairly normal America, and the demographics of our company reflected that. We had a proportionate gender mix, but the company was largely Caucasian but for a few Latinos and African-Americans. Our demographics were consistent with our immediate area, but not with those of the entire state.

The problem the company had…. [read more]

Business Corporate Social Responsibility Research Proposal

… Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way in which a business is accountable for the social and environmental force that is created by the business. CSR referrers to an obligation to developing policies that integrate responsible practices into daily business processes, and to reporting on growth made toward implementing these practices.

Common CSR policies include:

Adoption of internal controls reform in the wake of Enron and other accounting scandals;

Commitment to diversity in hiring employees and barring discrimination;

Management teams that view employees as assets rather than costs;

High performance workplaces that integrate the views of line employees into decision-making processes;

Adoption of operating policies that exceed compliance with social and environmental laws;

Advanced resource productivity, focused on the use of…. [read more]

Government the Trafficking Victims Protection Thesis

… 5

TVPRA (2008)

"The new and amended criminal provisions of the 2008 TVPRA took effect on December 23, 2008. The core human trafficking offenses which are forced labor and sex trafficking are codified, respectively, at 18 U.S.C. § 1589 and 1591, and provide, in relevant part:

§ 1589. Forced labor

(a) Whoever knowingly provides or obtains the labor or services of a person by any one of, or by any combination of, the following means

(1) by means of force, threats of force, physical restraint, or threats of physical restraint to that person or another person;

(2) by means of serious harm or threats of serious harm to that person or another person;

(3) by means of the abuse or threatened abuse of law or…. [read more]

Employment Law Early in 1978 Term Paper

… Question 3

Help Wanted: Administrative Assistant

This advertisement is a notice that ABC Company is looking to hire an administrative assistant to its staff of professionals. This is a non-exempt job status position.

The person selected for this job is expected to support this company's mission, vision and values by demonstrating the following traits: excellence and competence, collaboration, innovation, commitment to community and accountability and ownership.

Job Description

This person selected for this position will operate under the direct supervision of the Director of ABC. This position provides administrative and secretarial support for designated staff members. In addition to administrative support, performs duties such as data entry and filing of financial records, update member information on website, proof materials prepared by staff, assist with teacher…. [read more]

Parents Involved in Community Schools vs. Seattle School District Term Paper

… PARENTS INVOLVED in COMMUNITY SCHOOLS v. SEATTLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 ET AL. (No. 05-908 -- Argued December 4, 2006 -- Decided June 28, 2007)

The Supreme Court of the United States, the highest court in the country, is one of three major branches of the U.S. federal government -- the others the executive branch (the president) and the legislative branch (Congress). The U.S. constitution gives it the power of judicial review, i.e., the power to strike down unconstitutional acts of government, making the Supreme Court an essential part of the system of "checks and balances" system, which is intended as a safeguard against the government's abuse of power. (Liebermann, p.1)

President has the powers to nominate the Justices to the Court, who are then…. [read more]

Standardized Tests Truly Reflective of All Students Term Paper

… ¶ … standardized tests truly reflective of all students, even those with cultural diversity, limited English, and disabilities?

In order to determine the answer to that question, first standardized tests in general must be examined for their fairness to minorities, those with cultural diversity, limited English and disabilities.

To that end, this paper will first examine the reliability of standardized tests as a fair indicator, focusing primarily on the experiences of African-American students. Taking that conclusion in hand, the paper will then tackle the issue of whether NCLB and AYP are successful in depending on standardized tests to determine both funding and students' and schools' success and failure.

This paper concludes that standardized tests are not at all fair towards minorities - as indicated in…. [read more]

Aboriginal Education in Canada Term Paper

… Chief Dan George argued against integration (Kirkness, 1999): "You talk big words of integration in the schools. Does it really exist? Can we talk of integration until there is social integration ....unless there is integration of hearts and minds you have only a physical presence ... And the walls are as high as the mountain range. (George, 1972)

Integration has been, for the most part," only a physical presence (Kirkness, 1999)." This method of education has not been one of true integration where the Indian cultures are respected and recognized. Instead, it has been a process of assimilation in which Indians are being absorbed into the non-Indian society.

There has been no real improvement in the general achievement of Indian children in integrated schools (Kirkness,…. [read more]

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity the Policies Term Paper

… The affirmative action is considered to be socially disruptive as it supports the social divisions. "The affirmative action strives to divide citizens into different groups rather than emphasizing on equal treatments and granting the deserving respect on the basis of merit" (Ezorsky, 1991) This has a gloomy consequence of predicting an intimidating atmosphere with each of the groups accusing others and throwing abuses. (Ezorsky, 1991)

Again simply identifying a group as a beneficiary for special privileges does not entail a particular member of that group the necessary right to have special treatment. The process also involves a cyclical process whereby the positions evacuated by moving up of a specially benefited member of the group through affirmative action, is again to be filled in by another…. [read more]

Economic Model for Monopoly Analysis in Telecommunication Term Paper

… ¶ … Economic Model for Monopoly Analysis in Telecommunication:

Proposal to demonstrate Uniqueness. Mathematical Economic Model.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 sought to end the monopoly that once existed in the telecommunications industry. Since its adoption, the telecommunications industry has been undergoing a period of rapid change and development. The entry of new players into the market encouraged them to seek new ways to attract and keep customers. These changes have led to a rapid influx of new technology and services.

Many times what defines a monopoly is not clear in every circumstance and there are many pending lawsuits for violations of Anti-trust laws in the courts today. Economic models are useful in resolving issues of whether a monopoly truly exists, or whether claims are…. [read more]

Afghanistan Is a Natural Crossroad for Invaders Term Paper

… Afghanistan is a natural crossroad for invaders. It is predominantly Muslim, 77% of whom live in the rural areas. They are also called Pakhtuns. With the overthrow of the Soviets by the United States in 1989, a civil war turned the virtual rule of the country to the dreaded Taliban movement in 1996. After the September 11, 2001 bombings in New York, the U.S. crushed the Taliban forces in Afghanistan, introduced a new constitution and established a presidential form of government. Only five years later, the new government confronted problems, which included the rule of law, human rights violations and conflict resolution problems. The hujra was at the center of the social, economic and political existence of the Pakhtuns,

The Afghans' top priority as regards…. [read more]

Human Resources Management - Maintaining Term Paper

… For his efforts, sales increased by more than 9% and total shareholder return rose by 56%. To leverage this success, Martinez created a core group of senior executives known as the Phoenix team. The charter of this team was to duplicate the success by creating a plan to implement and sustain the changes across the entire organization. Using an employee questionnaire, the group determined that employee attitudes correspond to customer satisfaction. They perfected a model that indicates that a 5-point improvement in employee attitudes will drive a 1.3-point improvement in customer satisfaction. Moreover, the increase in customer satisfaction drives a 5% increase in revenue growth. The bottom line result was an additional $200 million in revenue resulting in an increase of nearly a quarter of…. [read more]

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