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Migraine Headaches Patient Nancy Smith Case Study

… MRI -- Can scan for tumors, strokes, aneurysms, blood vessels, neurological issues or brain abnormalities. Of special not might be a study of neck vessels to chart blood flow to brain and/or possible small obstructions.

To rule out any infections, we could run a sedimentation rate to assess inflammation.

Differential Diagnosis:



Pertinent Positives

Pertinent Negatives

Headache intensity

6+ in pain

Headache longevity

Over 72 hours






None reported

Vision Issues

Slight sensitivity to light

No blurring


Quick but consistent


No OTC relief


About 1/2 of patients report family members with migraines; patient indicates siblings have occasional onset


Patient is not presenting symptoms that are consistent with infection, concussion, sinusitis, cardiac or cerebral bleeding, or stroke.…. [read more]

Migraine Management Term Paper

… At birth or shortly after the birth, tissues flap and close this hole. But in about a quarter of the U.S. population, complete closure never occurs (Harder, 2005). What remains of this tunnel like opening is called patent foramen ovale or PFO and it can act as a valve. It is normally shut but occasionally throws blood to the lungs off to the brain and other part of the body. Most of the people who have a PFO never screened for it since the doctors rarely suspect it of causing health problems. But in some cases blood clots passing through the PFO can shoot to the head and trigger strokes. An Italian patient treated for PFO infusion due to a stroke had her migraine immediately…. [read more]

Migraine Pt Migraine Headaches Typically Research Paper

… These medications aim to stop the progression of the headache that has already begun as opposed to identifying triggers or using medications to prevent the onset of headaches (Sheikh & Matthew, 2012). Abortive medications include analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), selective serotonin receptor (5-HT1) agonists (triptans), ergot alkaloids, and antiemetics.

Triptans are believed to work via vasoconstriction of the cerebral blood vessels which results in a decrease in neuropeptide release and the neurons in the trigeminal complex. The most widely studied triptan is sumatriptan (Imitrex; Sheikh & Matthew, 2012). Sumatriptan relieves migraines via enhancing the action of serotonin receptors in the brain leading to vasoconstriction. It is also believed to reduce pain signal transmission in the brain. Sumatriptan comes as a tablet, nasal spray, or…. [read more]

Migraines and Strokes Term Paper

… Migraines & Strokes

Migraine and strokes: correlations among women

Strokes are one of the biggest killers of women in America. "Behind heart disease and cancer, stroke is the third largest cause of death in this country and kills roughly 100,000 American women each year." (Women and Stroke)

The correlation between migraine and strokes, especially ischemic strokes, is particularly relevant among the female population. This is due to the fact that women comprise more than 60-70% of the number of migraine sufferers in almost any given study. The nature of and connection between migraine headaches and ischemic strokes will be explored in this paper as well as their specific correlation with regard to women.

The correlation between strokes and migraine

The connection between migraine and strokes…. [read more]

Migraine Headaches Those Who Suffer Term Paper

… Walking, swimming or other forms of physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day, three to four times a week, helps the body boost its headache prevention threshold ("Your best response to headache pain.").

Migraine suffers are also taught to avoid stress, and to employ an arsenal of relaxation techniques. Some migraine sufferers report much success with visualization techniques, where the subject practices seeing himself or herself in a quiet, happy place. Conscious breathing techniques can also pave the way for relaxation. The simple act of sitting quietly and taking deep, slow breaths relaxes tensions and is considered as a form of meditation (Mauskop and Fox 143).

Other alternative forms of migraine treatment include "progressive muscle relaxation," where the subject lies on the floor.…. [read more]

Stress and Migraines Term Paper

… ¶ … journal articles regarding migraines caused by stress. Migraines are one of the most pervasive forms of headache pain, and many researchers have looked extensively into their causes. However, much about migraines is still elusive to the health care profession, and some still do not take migraine pain as seriously as they see other forms of pain. Many studies have been conducted that indicate stress can be a major factor in causing at least some forms of migraines, and treating the stress in a patient's life can often lead to a reduction in migraine pain and reoccurrence.

Migraine headaches are quite painful for their sufferers, and often difficult to control or eliminate. Patients report feeling a severe throbbing or aching, normally in one side…. [read more]

Glaxowellcome Introducing a Second Migraine Medication? Case Study

… ¶ … GlaxoWellcome introducing a second migraine medication?

With the vast opportunity to capture a wider and untapped market on prescription medication intended for migraines, GlaxoWellcome introduced a second migraine medication, Naramig/Amerge which GlaxoWellcome is planning to launch as a second generation prescription migraine medicine, triptans, parallel to Zenecks, Zomig. Although the previous medication being endorsed by Glaxo, which is Imigran, is still in circulation, the introduction of the new medication was not initially intended to replace the drug. As it was noted;

It was not as though Imigran had not been successful, Glaxo had captured 91% of the prescription-medication market share.

Data shows that the positive response of hospitals and patients to the latter medication, since its launch in early 1993. This vital information…. [read more]

Migraine Headache Term Paper

… ¶ … million Americans suffer from migraine headache, which is the most common neurological disorder in the modern world and modern times. This affliction reduces work performance by 50% and accrues to wasted resources and a generally low-quality of life. The more common type of migraine afflicts 80% of all sufferers, who mostly do not consult with physicians. At present, migraine attacks are managed with pain-killers, herbal medications, and alternative therapies. But research continues to discover more effective, safer and readily available modes to its control

An estimated 28 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches and this affliction accounts for much loss of time from work, school and daily activities (Khosh 2002). Many sufferers report severe disability at 80% and 23% have taken recourse in…. [read more]

Acupuncture and Migraines Can Be so Severe Research Paper

… Acupuncture & Migraines

Migraines can be so severe they become debilitating. They interrupt the daily living activities of people and in some cases can actually cause the individual to become violently ill. What is the most beneficial method for a woman to treat her migraines? Is acupuncture an appropriate method to bring good health to a woman who is having terrible migraine attacks? Or is traditional medication the best way for her to go? What are the side effects of acupuncture and of traditional medications? This paper examines those issues and presents a summary of the findings. The reason this topic was chosen: the number of people that suffer from migraines is significant, and the apparent lack of appropriate strategies to reduce the pain from…. [read more]

Cocoa the Cacao Tree (Theobroma Term Paper

… Chocolate, as a food, is ingested primarily as a cocoa beverage or as chocolate used in a variety of confections and candies, desserts, snacks, and treats, such as chocolate bars, mixed with other candies, or coatings for ice cream bars -- among other uses. Chocolate syrup and toppings, mousses and puddings, and baked goods contain chocolate and cocoa butter but also may contain butterfat or other saturated fat (tropical vegetable oils), so it is therefore important to read the labels to acquire a true list of the ingredients.

The United States leads the world in import and production of chocolate candy. The population consuming, on average, 10 lb of products per person, approximately one-third of which are chocolate. The highest percentage of consumption occurs in…. [read more]

Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper

… Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis

Description, Population and Challenges

Multiple sclerosis or MS is a most afflicting and challenging condition. It is a common, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system or CNS (Borazanci et al., 2009 p 229; Litzinger & Litzinger, 2009 p HS3). It is called a "whole-brain" disease for its powerful immune response against CNS antigens, such as myelin peptide antigens. The exact cause remains unknown, although linked to this abnormal response, the disruption of the blood-brain barrier or BBB, and the transfer of activated leukocytes from peripheral circulation to the CNS. What triggers it is still unclear and speculative, although attributed to genetic and environmental factors in the development of the disease. MS is not a single disease…. [read more]

Mental and Physical Health Effects of Internet Use Among Young Adults Term Paper

… ¶ … addictive use of the internet is not necessarily a new phenomenon, however practitioners are unware of the actual negative implications of physical and mental addiction that comes with internet use. Takeshi Sato's extensive research into internet addiction among Japanese youth has elucidated many problems both physical and mental that comes with such prolonged addiction. He argues that internet addiction among youth (IAD) is underestimated because there have been little formal definitional work on what IAD actually is. A comparison of internet addiction with traditional methods of addiction diagnosis helps map out the relative complexity of IAD. The DSM-IV model shows that prior research defined internet addiction as an "impulse control disorder that does not entail an intoxicant" (NOTATION). Using models based on gambling…. [read more]

Biopsychosocial Assessment Essay

… Biopsychosocial Assessment

Grace Manchester

D.O.B: 12/4/1983

Presenting problem

The client has a rather extensive history of sexual abuse that began at age 8 and which subsequently led her to develop an acute case of PTSD. The patient reports a lot of flashbacks of feeling frightened whenever she is in the dark. She also has a long history of problems associated with socializing, self-harm, low-self-esteem, severe migraine, insomnia as well as depression. As of last year, she has had a strong urge to commit self-harm. The most recent case led to hospitalization at the Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami). This was a result of suicidal ideation that resulted to suicide attempt that required a total of 9 sutures for a cut sustained on her left wrist. He…. [read more]

Treatment Options Pain Essay

… However, there are those instances of pain that can be much more dangerous than others. This case deals with acute pain from an abdominal hysterectomy. This is a majorly invasive surgery from which there can be many complications that involve more than one of the major organs in the body. Far from the phantom pain of the amputation patient, this pain suggests some very serious problems.

The first thing that has to be considered is whether there is a need to reopen the patient to treat the pain via surgery. this is not a surgical method of pain control because it is a reinvestigation of the original surgery not an alleviation of the nerves causing the pain (text, 322). Actual surgery to reduce the pain…. [read more]

Stress Management the Procedure Essay

… , 2009). .

Hot flashes: hot flashes which accompany the menopause can be relieved by relaxation exercise. This relaxation involves slow and deep breathing (Casey et al., 2009).

According to the researchers, no major changes are discovered in the outcomes which have resulted after undergoing relaxation exercise during cardiac catheterization. Nevertheless, patients were seen less distressed with the implementation of the new procedure. Further research would find out the existence of any long-term effects of this technique on recovery and the outlook (Casey et al., 2009).

Various studies concerning relaxation therapy and health are restricted to certain individuals and their treatments on weekly or monthly basis. It is suggested to undertake studies that can follow more participants for a longer period of time so that…. [read more]

Fibromyalgia Research Paper

… (Summary of Cochrane Review, 2012, p. 1) Another therapy for treatment of fibromyalgia is cognitive behavioral therapy which assists the individual in coping with negative thoughts, in keeping a diary of pain and other symptoms of Fibromyalgia, recognition of what makes the symptoms of Fibromyalgia worse, seeking out activities that the individual enjoys and setting limitations for themselves. Support groups have been found to be of great assistance. Additional recommendations include consuming a well-balanced diet, avoidance of caffeine, practicing good sleeping routines, and acupressure and acupuncture. In the case of severe fibromyalgia, a referral to a pain clinic may be required.

Prognosis of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is long-term and that is characterized many times by improvement of symptoms. The pain may worsen…. [read more]

Pathophysiology Alterations in Breathing Work Leisure and Mobility Case Study

… pathophysiology: Alterations in Breathing, Work/Leisure and Mobility

Mrs. Judy Gray (post-menopausal female) Weight -80kg/Height 167cm / Nonsmoker / CEO of busy financial institution. This female exercises regularly and maintains a low fat diet with no history of shortness of breath or exercise intolerance. This patient has a history of hypertension and normal cholesterol NDL/LDL lower than desirable. Medications include Lipitor 20mgx1 per day and Coversyl 2.5mgx1 per day. Family history shows that patients' father underwent a coronary artery bypass graft at age 57 and her aunt and uncle died in their 30s from unexplained heart failure. Mrs. Gray experienced sudden onset of nausea headache and tightness in her chest one week ago while gardening and lifting the wheelbarrow. Patient rested and was a little relieved…. [read more]

Translating Evidence Into Practice Research Paper

… Nursing Research

PICO Question -- Are Guided Imagery techniques effective in the management of pain?

The objective of this research study was to investigate the effects guided imagery sessions have on the management of pain. Nursing theory is both carative and pushing towards increased advocacy for the patient. Guided imagery is controversial, but the idea of using this as a relaxation technique within a nursing environment is quite common. Nurses, however, are beginning to use GI to assist in pain management, to promote relaxation, to accelerate wound healing, and to diminish depression.

Pain is quite individualized. Some people can tolerate extreme pain, for others, slight pain is agonizing. This is particularly frustrating in the post-surgical wards in which patients have a rather large continuum of…. [read more]

Compassion Fatigue Introuction Essay

… Spiritual

This is when the caregiver develops increased doubt, bitterness and anger towards God, do not desire to take part in spiritual community that had provided spiritual sustenance, or do not trust people who provide spiritual care. There are different spiritual practices that should be undertaken by the caregiver, for example on the part of the health caregiver, the following practices can be done: mindful practices like meditation and prayers, walking slowly, breathing: Your visits to the areas of health care are supposed to be always filled with hope: engage in communities spiritual/religious activities: one should be able to meet regularly with a trustworthy spiritual companion or director: E-mail spiritual quotes that are inspiring as well as prayer needs among others.

Taking control of compassion…. [read more]

Psychology and Health Problems Term Paper

… Psychology and Health Problems


Multi-factorial medical diagnosis requires identifying the cause or causes of symptoms from the interrelationship between several different factors: biological sources, behavioral issues, personality and socio-cultural contributors, and environmental factors, which includes both internal and external stressors. Many times, illness is caused by more than one factor, or by the specific combinations of several particular factors.

Illness can result from biological predisposition alone, or only when certain biological traits are combined with external factors, or only when triggered by a simultaneous triad of biological predisposition, environmental conditions, and behavior.

Sometimes, psychological causes that are strictly internal manifest themselves as definite physical symptoms, indistinguishable from the same symptoms when caused by genuine biological, behavioral, or environmental. Hysterical blindness, for…. [read more]

Chocolate: Behind Its Bad Rap Term Paper

… Public health officials often suggest that individuals over the age of 40 take a baby aspirin a day to reduce their risk for stroke and heart attacks. In the United States, it is estimated that millions of individuals take aspirin on a daily basis for its cardio-protective effects.

Scientists have also found that the flavonoids in chocolate may augment the natural oxidant defense systems in the body, which may reduce the risk for certain diseases.

Still, nutrition experts caution that chocolate, which is rich in sugar and fats, should not be viewed as a substitute for fruit and vegetables. Similarly, flavonoid-rich foods should not be viewed as a substitute for low-dose aspirin. This study will examine both the benefits and risks of chocolate in the…. [read more]

PTSD History Study Effects and Treatments for War Veterans Research Paper

… PTSD for War Veterans and Families


PTSD History, Study, Effects and Treatments for War Veterans

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD symptoms develop in response to life-threatening trauma, typically among multiply deployed soldiers in war zones, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them are younger than 25, of lower rank, genetically predisposed and female. Broad categories of symptoms are re-experiencing distress, avoidance and hyperarousal, leading to overall personal malfunctioning and a host of interaction problems with the family and the community. Current treatments include rehab, counseling, medication and a virtual environment world approach. Until enough is known and done about PTSD, the returning war veteran and his family must suffer the condition and all its consequences.

Introduction and History

PTSD…. [read more]

Health Care Case Study

… Health Care

Over the last several years, a variety of health care organizations have been dealing with a number of different issues. Part of the reason for this, is because of a shift in the kinds of care that is being provided. Two of the most notable include: the use / impact of prescriptions drugs on the population and how headaches are diagnosed. This is important, because many of these activities are having a direct influence on the general population. To fully understand what is taking place requires: examining a hypothesis that is being proposed, the demographics of the study, the methodology, the possibilities of bias and how the hypothesis could help to develop / target the different segments. Once this occurs, it will provide…. [read more]

Constructing a Differential Diagnosis Table Chapter

… Differential Diagnosis Table for a Patient with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Digestive Disorders / Nutritional Deficiencies

Slight overweight

Poor eating habits

Consumption of more chocolates and coffee than normal or tolerable

Father had GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease

Endocrine Disorders


Neck pain and soreness

135/90 blood pressure

Father and mother both had hypertension

Psychiatric Disorders

Acute distress

Pulsating tension or stress headache that develops in 1 hour

Inability to sustain work because of headaches

Sister suffered from migraine headache

Treats headaches with over-the-counter medicines

Sleeps for only 5 hours a night

Poor adjustment to recent divorce

Poor adjustment to being a single mother to three toddlers

Severe headache

Migraine runs in the family: sister had them too.

Respiratory Diseases and Disorders

Nasal congestion

Runny…. [read more]

Epidemiology Gulf War Syndrome Term Paper

… Epidemiology

Gulf War Syndrome

This refers to a wide range of illnesses and symptoms, from asthma to sexual dysfunction, reported by and among U.S. allied soldiers who served in the Persian Gulf War in 1990-1991 (Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine 2001). Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center investigated a sampling of these veterans with the syndrome (Nutrition Health Review 2004). The researchers found that a primitive portion of the nervous system of these veterans was damaged. This damage to the parasympathetic nervous system appeared to account for almost 50% of the typical symptoms. These symptoms included gallbladder disease, un-refreshing sleep, depression, joint pain, chronic diarrhea, and sexual dysfunction. The parasympathetic system regulates the body's primitive and automatic functions, like digestion and sleep. The…. [read more]

Workplace Bullying Term Paper

… Workplace Bullying

"Do you bully people or have you done so in the past?" (Peyton, 2003, p. 7) constitutes one contemporary concern/question currently challenging employees in workplaces all over the world. In response to contemporary, challenging concerns related to answers to this leading question, this paper explores the prevalence, forms and impact of workplace bullying in a sample of 26 executive secretaries and personal assistants from 22 private organizations in Bangkok, Thailand during June 2007.

Using a Workplace Bullying Questionnaire, this study seeks to answer the following questions:

How many of the executive secretaries and personal assistants are victims of workplace bullying?

How many of the executive secretaries and personal assistants have witnessed an individual being bullied at work?

What are the different forms of…. [read more]

Anxiolytics, Antidepressants, and Psychopharmaceuticals Project

… Types of Administration


1. Pharmacodynamics

inhibition of serotonin reuptake

1. Half-Life

21 hours, after 30 days of administration

1. Effects with Poly-Substance Use (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)

Can cause some side effects

1. Other Notes

1. Source

Medication 3

1. Brand Name of Medication


1. Generic Name of Medication


1. Drug Class


1. Manufacturer


1. Indicated Diagnoses

depression, OCD, panic disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD

1. Contraindications
…. [read more]

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Fms) Term Paper

… Some scientists believe that central nervous system dysfunction could be the cause of these unexplained conditions. Muhammad Yunus referred to these comorbid conditions as "central sensitivity syndromes." (Facts of Life, 2002).

Present Understanding of FM: (Again General Concept for the Concept Paper)

The diagnostic criteria for classifying fibromyalgia were finally established and published in 1990 by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). These criteria were widely accepted because they reflected the results of research published by 20 clinical investigators throughout the United States and Canada.

The ACR criteria for the classification of FM are:

History of widespread pain (must be present for at least 3 months)

Pain is considered widespread when all of the following are present:

1. Pain in the left and right side…. [read more]

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