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Military Retiree Benefits Did the Government Keep Its Promise Thesis

… ¶ … military retirees are entitled to the sheer enormity and the scope of the endeavor are so gigantic that it borders on the overwhelming. The United States government has a plethora of benefits that encompass the health, welfare and continued treatment of medical issues involving the service men and women throughout the Armed Forces. There are also numerous retirement benefits, for instance members of the U.S. military receive various health benefits, retirement and Social Security incentives and significant Cost of Living Adjustments. These benefits, among numerous others are part of an attractive package that military recruiters utilize to attract young men and women to serve in the armed forces.

The largest benefit of all is the G.I. Bill which provides for educational expenses for…. [read more]

Military Spending in Today's Society Term Paper

… Many opponents of increased military spending argue that instead of providing increased security for American citizens, an inflated military structure amplifies their fears since the manpower and technology is available to engage in combat at any given time (Felice 33). Furthermore, this theory considers the idea that the United States military is an almighty power that may invade any disturbed area at any time, regardless of necessity or the approval of the general public. However, a well-designed military structure allows the United States to intervene and exercise their muscle in areas around the globe that experience unrest and tension that affects the safety and well-being of their citizens. It is most reassuring to many Americans that the power and intelligence within the military sector possesses…. [read more]

Veterans and Retirees Is Government Research Paper

… $38.9 billion is estimated to be received in FY 08 rather than $36.9 billion.

The 2006-2011 strategic plans for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) outline the government's commitment to veterans. A goal of the VA is to "deliver world-class service to veterans and their families through effective communication and management of people, technology, business processes, and financial resources" (Department of Veterans Affair, October, 2006).

The VA had significant quality issues until Dr. Kenneth Kizer was appointed Under Secretary for Health in 1994. Dr. Kizer "decentralized the VA's cumbersome health bureaucracy and held original mangers more accountable. Patients records were transferred to a system-wide computer network" (Waller, 2006). The VA has become a healthcar model (Longman, 2005; Waller, 2006).

In 2007, the VA received a…. [read more]

New Jersey's Budget Crisis Matt Essay

… " Leonhardt states, "The real problem with most union contracts for public workers is not the money -- it's almost everything else." Contacts which delay actual costs have obvious political benefits. "Both politicians and union leaders have decided that generous future benefits offer the easiest way to hold down spending and still satisfy workers. The result is government pay that's skewed too heavily toward pensions and health insurance." Unfortunately, these deals are not reasonable, realistic or affordable.

Americans need to be realistic about what the government is capable of doing. Leonhardt notes, "Americans' [have a] collective desire for low taxes and generous government benefits. We want our politicians to promise us tax cuts, strong military, safe streets, good schools and unchanged Medicare and social security.…. [read more]

Retirement Portability Term Paper

… Retirement portability is a hot topic globally; as the economy forces job-hopping work life habits on more and more workers, it is necessary to be able to accrue funds for retirement; under traditional pension plans, retirement funding was lost when workers changed companies. The advent of the 402(k) changed that for companies that offered the plans; however, it also pushed more of the burden of retirement planning and preparation onto the wage earner. For low-wage earners, this was difficult because they often had nothing to put aside. The problem of portability is not unique to the United States, and it is likely there are lessons to be learned concerning achieving fairness, adequacy and efficiency in pensions, based on mandatory, universal, portable plans.


Establish a…. [read more]

Aid President George W. Bush Term Paper

… A weak dollar policy is inflationary; this would put upward pressure on the interest rates as bond investors would demand an extra return for a future purchasing power that has been lost. The downfall of the dollar would also deter foreign investors as there is an inevitable risk of holding depreciating dollars. This would prompt them to demand a higher rate of return which will in turn create an upward pressure on interest rates. The upward pressure on the interest rates has a direct impact on the stock market. Stocks with rich valuations based on future growth would be hard hit. Higher interest rates would also be unkind on the entire housing industry thus causing the figures of growth to reverse and plummet eventually. While…. [read more]

Pensions and the Debt Problem Term Paper

… The Federal Reserve basically caused inflation on assets, which puts pressure on families so that even if they do get their pensions, now their money is not worth as much (StatelessLiberty).

This is why it is important for families to save up in the sense of a family pension. They need to be able to set some aside for their members: husbands for wives and children and so on. The family has to have money that is worth something, too, and that means the Federal Reserve has to be held accountable for its actions. A family that saves just to have its money devalued by the central bank is basically being stolen from by the state. That has to end, especially if a family…. [read more]

Disrupting America's Economic System Term Paper

… The U.S. Treasury, led by Andrew Shaw, subsidized these gold flows by offering to temporarily place public deposits in banks if they imported gold from abroad.

The policy lowered the gold import point by offsetting the interest lost while gold was in transit. Goodhart [1969], however, notes that the gold import point was often low enough to have justified specie inflows without the subsidy. In the fixed exchange rate world of 1906, such large gold outflows were a significant threat to a country's ability to maintain the par value of its currency, which, for the pound sterling, was $4.867.

Faced with its lowest ratio of reserves to deposits since the 1893 crisis, the Bank of England nearly doubled its discount rate, from 3 1/2% on…. [read more]

Security Issues of Online Communities Term Paper

… Security Issues of Online Communities

Online communities have emerged in recent years as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet, arousing intrigue in citizens, policy-makers and government officials. An online community is a group of people who interact in a virtual environment. They have a purpose, are supported by technology, and are guided by norms and policies. The problem with the term "online community" is that it often refers to a wide range of online activities, and has as a result, been subject to different definitions. Although online communities exist predominantly online, they vary depending on the software environment supporting them, purpose, size and duration of existence, culture of their members, and governance structure (Preece,, 2003). The characteristics of an online community…. [read more]

U.S. Automotive Industry Chosen Essay

… S. And Japanese cars. This gap remained because U.S. automakers tried applying JIT techniques without a full understanding of the whole Japanese manufacturing system, while Japanese automakers had decades to develop, refine and master their JIT approach.

Another significant paradigm of the 1980s was the global nature of vehicle manufacturing. Automakers started assembling vehicles around the world. This trend was accelerated in the 1990s with the construction of overseas facilities and mergers between multinational automakers. This global expansion gave automakers a greater capacity to infiltrate new markets quickly and at lower costs. The increased product offerings in many markets led to consumers having a greater variety of vehicles from which to choose. To this new vehicle buffet was coupled the explosion of the internet, which…. [read more]

Public Administration Most Important Economic Problem Essay

… Public Administration

Most Important Economic Problem

Without any iota of doubt, the most significant economic problem is our swelling national debt. To give an indication of the serious nature of the problem, all we have to do is to compare the federal budget deficit from 2008 with the next year. In 2008, the federal deficit stood at $459 billion but the impact of housing mortgage bubble and the recession that ensued increased the national debt to a staggering $1.4 trillion which when equated becomes $4,500 for every American. Future projections are even scarier with the debt slated to cross $16 trillion within the next decade. National debt also increased a whooping 32% from around $9 trillion in Sep 2008 to more than $12.4 trillion in…. [read more]

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