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Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy Research Paper

… Mochalicious Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy Mochalicious

The Company Profile

Mochalicious Coffee is based in Owasso City, Oklahoma, United States. It has successfully developed its brand image in the local market by providing the top quality coffee at very competitive rate. The company offers different flavor variations and seasonal offerings in its major product line.

The Mission Statement of Mochalicious Coffee:

Mochalicious Coffee aims to become the most preferred coffee brand in the United States on the basis of taste, variety, and quality of its coffee products as well as through superior customer services. The company also aims to become a strong entity in both operational and financial terms.

Marketing Strategies of Mochalicious Coffee

Branding Strategies:

Mochalicious Coffee manufactures, promotes, and sells its coffee under its…. [read more]

Marketing Product Description There Are Two Ways Research Paper

… Marketing

Product Description

There are two ways to look at the product for Mochalicious. The first is the product, which is coffee-based beverages and snacks; the second is the service. Melbourne has a very strong coffee culture, so the coffee needs to be brewed to a very high standard in order to meet the needs of the local market. There are a number of different elements to quality coffee -- good beans, good machines and well-trained staff. The beans will come from a local roaster to ensure maximum freshness. The machines will not be the highest-end machines because we are emphasizing flavoured drinks, but we still need to be able to make a serviceable flat white. The staff will receive extensive training both in pulling…. [read more]

Marketing Plan of My Company Term Paper

… Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Business plan of Mochalicious

Business PLAN i

This assignment is based on the new business of a coffee shop, which is going to be opened in Australia, where people love to drink coffee, and it is the lifestyle of Australians. The name of the company is MOCHALICIOUS. Furthermore, this report will provide the background of the company and business mission. This report will analyze the marketing plan of the new business and market positioning, targeting, and segmentation is also discussed in this assignment. At the end, conclusion is also given.

Business description

Business mission and objective

Australian market for "MOCHALICIOUS"

Marketing plan

Product strategy

Pricing strategy

Promotion strategy

Potential audience and their needs

Market segmentation and target market

SWOT Analysis

Strengths…. [read more]

Branding Pricing and Distribution Research Paper

… Mochalicious: Branding, Pricing, And Distribution Marketing Plan

The objective of this study is to create the domestic and global product branding strategy for Mochalicious coffee and to determine and detail the optimum pricing strategy. This study will examine how pricing strategy supports branding strategy and prepare a distribution channel analysis that identifies the wholesaler, distributors and retailer relationships including any e-Commerce. This study will also discuss a push or pull strategy and justify the rationale. Finally, this study will discuss how the distribution strategy fits the product / service, target market, and overall marketing strategy for the company.

Domestic and Global Product Branding Strategy

The work of Cooper (2010) reports that there is an emergence of a new generation of global brands. It is reported…. [read more]

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