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Model Admissions Essay for a Scholarship Essay

… ¶ … performance proves my merit and eligibility for this esteemed scholarship fund. As a member of the Honor Society and Dean's List, I have joined the rank of other high achieving students committed to perfecting our skills and honing our vision. My high GPA has remained consistent until recent personal crises. I have started and led extracurricular organizations and clubs including the tennis club swimming club, math club, LGBT club, and chess club. Previous institutions have benefitted from my presence as I represent their missions and values with personal integrity and academic performance. My teachers have referred to me as a role model to other students.

Any incongruity between my recent academic performance, as measured quantitatively only, and my expectations for success can be…. [read more]

Nursing and Scholarship Will Two-Hour Essay

… Knowing and knowledge are two concepts central to this -- knowing is the manner in which we perceive ourselves and the world around us, knowledge is the expression of what we know that may be communicated to others. It is also important to combine a moral and ethical perspective of this knowledge so that nursing can effectively combine cultural and social values with the responsibility of patient care and advocacy. This is done through a variety of combinations -- theoretical in some ways, tactical in others (Chin & Kramer, 2013).

Therein lies the overall new paradigm -- a modern nurse leader cannot be just one thing. We have moved from the bottom of a learning period in which facts were king, and realized that to…. [read more]

Education and Scholarship Essay

… Effective care requires a multi-disciplinary approach in order for it to be successful. In order to manage or prevent diseases and maintain proper health, the whole patient has to be treated. Illness does not just happen. It comes through a combination of family history, behaviors, environmental factors, cognition, psychological state, and cultural beliefs, all of which impact the health of patients. Prevention of childhood obesity has become a passion for me, since it is caused primarily by a lack of good nutrition and exercise. This can be due to limited financial resources for parents, unsafe neighborhoods, lack of facilities for recreation, depression, food preparation, and other components. I would love to collaborate with members of the community, the local health clinic, parents, nutritionist, therapists, fitness…. [read more]

I'm the Best Candidate for the Scholarship Essay

… Scholarship Application -- Personal Contributions

Children who grow up with names such as Jill or Sue never have to worry about living up tot their names. Meanwhile, some of us had to learn very early in life that challenges can overcome us or they can be met head-on and overcome with determination. In my case, having been named Precious was a challenge from as far back as I can remember. On many occasions, I was bullied and ridiculed by my peers because of my name. While it was an unpleasant experience, I was also determined to honor my parents' choice and to emerge from those conflicts with a smile on my face. It also taught me that smiles are contagious and that by being a…. [read more]

Scholarship as a Woman and a Minority Term Paper

… Scholarship

As a woman and a minority, I have encountered several obstacles that belie my 3.97 GPA. My family and I moved to the United States from China only a few years ago. We struggle financially, and my parents have toiled day and night to support me through my academic career. Majoring in business economics, I intend to use my education and my degree to start a business for my family and me. After school, I will draw up a solid business plan and will be able to give back to the community that has sustained me and my family since we arrived here.

I will transfer to the University of California system this fall, and intend to receive a scholarship to help defray the…. [read more]

University Community the Culture of an Academic Admission Essay

… University Community

The culture of an academic institution is much more than the buildings, books, students, faculty, programs, sporting events, and scholarship. How we define an academic community is a paradigm of how we define our culture, our place in society, the actions we take to become more self-actualized, and indeed, how we interact with everyone involved in the university experience. Community, per se, is an expression of various types of culture -- whether it be from a sociological, anthropological, or in the case of the university system, intellectual model, it is a way for those who have decided that there remains value in higher education, that learning is dynamic, necessary for self-actualization, and ongoing.

Defining an "academic" or "university" community then, can be somewhat…. [read more]

Nursing Theory and Leininger Essay

… Regardless of the geographical location of the nurse, Leininger also emphasizes that one needs to think globally, but continue to act locally. Use the care model to provide an effective blend of theory and practice, especially in the new approaches to pain control, child-rearing, and mental health practices (Leininger, 2002). Leininger also wishes to remind us that a larger number of modern medications are directly a result of herbal remedies, many collected through contact with indigenous peoples (Lundberg in Pieroni and Vanderbroek, 2007).

Leininger Cultural Theory into Case Analysis

Clinical Case -- Our clinical setting is the ER of a medium-sized suburban hospital. The patient is a female, 62 years of age, indicating she has pain in her left breast area, which had been present…. [read more]

Cultures, Social Networking and SPL Model in Leadership Essay

… Both companies provide links that customers click on the social media websites. Once customers click on the links, advertisers or marketers start collecting their personal information and information about products and services. They then develop and target free advertisements that are based on information provided by customers.

Through this process, the companies discover what consumers are thinking about and acting on by monitoring the links and kinds of advertisements that they view. When collecting the information, marketers identify new product and service insights and opportunities by engaging customers in conversation and enabling them to talk to each other through posting comments or various business issues and operations.

SPL Model

The Scholar, Practitioner, Leader (SPL) model combine scholarship and theory with practical knowledge and skills that…. [read more]

Stp Model Information Literacy Essay

… ¶ … Literacy

Leadership is generally described as the ability to direct or guide others and to contribute to their knowledge and professional growth. Effective eaders have knowledge, understanding and a vast comprehension of what an organization requires to conduct business in a manner that allows growth to its shareholders and the company.

The ability to process information efficiently and effectively is key to becoming an effective leader, and organizations seek individuals with certain characteristics that will drive the organization to success. A leader is competent when he or she is knowledgeable. And can apply learned theory in order to accomplish established goals.


Leaders must have a scholarly perspective of the constraints an organization faces, meaning there must be an application of critical thinking…. [read more]

Financial Aid Students Essay

… The most popular and most problematic way of financing a post secondary education is to borrow money in the form of a student loan. Loans are based on student needs but this money, unlike the aforementioned methods, must be paid back. There are several types of student loans that approach the student's unique situation and provides a solution to their. Interest rates are applied to these loans and this form of usury has side effects that tends to put more stress on the student than is necessary. Public institutions may offer loans, but mostly private banking institutions and their methods of leveraging often provide these loans at great cost to the student and his or her family.

Data Figures

According to, "In 2011-12, federal…. [read more]

Jeremy Black's Rethinking Military History Essay

… Rethinking Military History

The goal of Jeremy Black's book Rethinking Military History is simultaneously modest and groundbreaking, in that he considers it "a short 'ideas book'" that nevertheless attempts "to re-position military history at the beginning of the twenty-first century" by identifying and challenging what he views as the central problems facing military history.

He recognizes the potentially hubristic quality of his approach by noting that this "is the sort of remark guaranteed to raise every reviewer's ire," but thankfully, for the most part Black does manage to succeed in succinctly outlining the practical issues facing military history without becoming overwhelmed by the task.

In particular, one must laud Black for the careful structuring of his argument, because like with the most successful theoretical texts,…. [read more]

Nursing has been my dream and my goal Essay

… I am the kind of person who was saddened by the terrible toll that the Ebola took on humanity in Africa.

I was saddened not just for those poor souls stricken by this hideous health issue, but for the fact that I did not yet have the training and the experience to help the American medical teams that went to Africa and made substantial gains against this venomous epidemic.

Meantime, looking back at my life as a young girl, I understand what it is to struggle, to balance work and education. My mother was my role model. She was disadvantaged financially, and her husband left her before I was born, so she rolled up her sleeves and worked hard to make my life as orderly…. [read more]

Carroll School of Management Admission Essay

… Also, I am enthusiastic about the possibility of becoming involved with the International Management Experience program at Carroll School of Management, which would give me high-quality exposure to the economic and social realities of markets in Europe and Asia.

When I found out that Carroll School of Management offers such a challenging, innovative curriculum, I became eager to learn more, and to apply for admission.

And when I became aware that faculty members are encourage to foster close academic and intellectual interaction with students, and that the school encourages cultural diversity among the student body and ethical behavior on the part of all members of the campus community, I decided that this is the kind of learning experience I need, in order to achieve my…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Roles Sister Calista Essay

… In the case of violations, the nurse is supposed to provide a professional conduct and direction with regard to the safety of the facility and patient. The nurse will be focused on reporting the matter to the higher authorities, trying to salvage the situation in case it is within his/her ability, and finally respond to patient's desires amidst consultations. he/she should do all these under an informed consent. In case none of the situations happens, the nurse is to take every responsibility fit for the patient. For instance, he/she should consult within his/her profession, administer what is best for the patient, and recover every lost opportunity to save on the life of the patient. However, this ideal situation in the form of an interview as…. [read more]

Business Leaders Have to Carry Essay

… S. Navy Seal training, which typically sees an 80% attrition rate even before the commencement of the sixth or 'hell' week that is designed to test an individual's physical and mental motivation to the maximum.

Though I made it through 'hell' week, an unfortunate and untimely physical injury prevented me from graduating and from achieving my earlier ambition of a career as a U.S. Navy Seal. However, I have absolutely no regrets, as the Seal training helped me realize my untapped potential and capabilities. I also learned certain key management concepts such as the importance of objectives, teamwork, and rationality. In fact, I firmly believe that the grounding I received during my Seal training helped in my being able to so quickly swallow my disappointment…. [read more]

Google Culture, Business and HR Essay

… This ensures integrity in the advertiser's practices and also that customers benefit by being able to access quality information.

The company uses specific of guiding principles for advertising programs and practices and does not allow paid advertising for anything considered unethical business (Savoia & Copeland, 2011). The search algorithms themselves are held in confidence by the company -- no outsiders really know the secret sauce that makes this work and thus, they cannot manipulate the system. In addition, there are continuous changes to the process. However, Google does offer Ad Words and AdSense certifications for advertising managers to get better acquainted with its proprietary search tools.

Ultimately the company prides itself on working through difficult problems in the industry. This has meant continuous improvements in…. [read more]

Unbowed Colonization Has Left Essay

… Ironically, Maathai Muta would be using colonial school and education systems against colonial models of economic development. The colonial models of economic development depended on a simplistic business model: cheap labor plus cheap natural resources equals maximum profits for the plunderers. However, British model was devastating Kenya's natural resources, and drawing attention to the underlying labor politics that were making exploitation possible. Maathai Muta recalls how when she grew up, clean drinking water was "everywhere," and hunger was "virtually unknown," (3). Of course, the author grew up under British rule. It was not just colonization that created an unsustainable business and environmental ethic, but it was the mismanagement of the country in the post-colonial era that created the need for rapid and proactive political intervention.…. [read more]

Grad School App it Is My Desire Term Paper

… Grad School App

It is my desire to focus my future studies and endeavors to learning how and then implementing an integrated design model in to a worldwide community, that would allow for communications on a global scale. It is not only my goal to focus on those two countries with which I have deep and lasting ties, but I also intend on including every country in the world in my endeavors to design and create ties that will serve mankind no matter what country they hail from, or what language they speak.

In order to accomplish such a lofty goal, I will have to be endowed with a foundation and the knowledge necessary to implement such designs. After much research, I have come to…. [read more]

Clinical Research Administration Embracing Essay

… Additionally, scholars are rewarded based on published articles, and if they have tenure, their positions are jeopardized. Scholars can avoid such minefields by internalizing personal ethics that form their personal identities (Hatcher, 2011). Additionally, unsubstantiated scholarly writing may cast doubt as to its authenticity. Girard (2004) discusses that many authors believe that publishing Internet information is acceptable; Stealing of ideas has proliferated because essentially, ideas and thoughts have been published already as though there are no original ideas.

Communication & Teamwork

Communication effectiveness and teamwork are critical pieces to the SP model and clinical research. Team development, team diversity, and team innovation fosters a collaborative learning and information sharing environment. To enhance team effectiveness, research teams should create and engage in team building exercises, thus…. [read more]

Intended for a Quantitative Public Essay

… Many believe it is hard to use financial innovation in the places where its application is sought, the places where its application is desired or the places where its application is needed. Financial innovation has traditionally been part of education policy. The individuals who seek to practically implement a financial innovative policy find it too difficult within an educational structure. These types of individuals are actually quite a few and varied across different posts in institutions, which range from schools to teachers to the policy makers themselves. These individuals think it is hard to help make the necessary changes in reaction to financial innovation or investment. There's a general opinion that these financial innovations lead to failure more regularly than they do to success. But…. [read more]

Motivation and Learning Essay

… Learning Motivation

Learning and Motivation in the TAFE Program

The TAFE program at the Alpha College is designed to help students from low income areas and students who are in need of various support services to achieve their degree ambitions. Like many schools in the Sydney region, Alpha experiences a distinct diversity of applicants and students. This means that its makeup varies across its experiences, needs and likely learning strategies. At the basis of this variation is a fundamental demand upon instructors and administrators to approach learning and motivation from a progressive educational perspective. The individualization of program approaches, the use of appropriately meted out student assessments and the ultimate utilization of methods such as positive reinforcement and progressive grading all will be discussed and…. [read more]

Education Nursing Reforms Essay

… It is important for those within the nurse profession to understand that this process is a very natural one, that is applied with success in all endeavors of life. Understanding this individual power helps correct Smith & Crookes' (2011)notion that nurses feel overwhelmed and unable to fulfill or excel in all the functions. Since Boyer's process is so natural, any intentional modification to these steps risks disturbing the natural patterns of learning and growing.

Instead of focusing on the negative, more positive aspects of learning need to be incorporated to help ease this often overwhelming self-empowering talent that arises when new ideas are discovered and the mind is tempered to new strengths and tolerances. The dependence upon ignorance for learning also should ease those nurses…. [read more]

Nursing Theory: A Microscopic Perspective Essay

… The two visions should widen so as to overlap in order to bring the goal more into focus. They do not necessarily have to be the same goal, but an overlapping one would assist in reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

In a great article about nursing scholarship the possibility to utilize scholarship as a means to bridge the theory-practice gap is talked about by Ruth Robert (2011). Nursing scholarship is defined by Robert as a meta-paradigm of interrelatedness of nurse-health-environment-person bound together by nursing scholarship. Boyer's model of scholarship points to several areas in nursing where scholarship can help bridge gaps between knowledge and practice. Theory-based nursing helps nurses in clinical decision making (Penz, 2006). Nursing practice and theory should complement one another, to use…. [read more]

Job Aid Matrix Essay

… As, this approach is to take those elements of medicine that have been shown to be effective and implement them as a part of the nursing practice. Where, all of them are utilized in conjunction with one another to provide an effective way of improving professionalism and helping patients in being able to receive the best quality of care possible. This is the point that they will feel enlightened by: knowing that their caregivers are concerned about their well-being, which will lead to an improvement in the way they are interacting with each other. ("The Implications of the Caring Theory," 2011)

Steps to enhance shared learning and original scholarship to benefit mentoring

There are number of different steps that can be taken to increase the…. [read more]

Caring Caritas and Caring Relationship Essay

… With the value, ethic, and moral ideals of Watson's theory of caring in place, nurse practitioners can be fairly confident that their actions will yield positive results.

The caring practices advocated by Watson and others that have joined with her appear to be heavily influenced by certain Eastern religious and spiritual philosophies that view the mind body, and spirit as different components of the same whole, that must be approached and treated together in order to achieve real healing and greater well-being. Caring is built on the theory that all individuals can be reached on multiple levels, and that inter-human connections and caring is a necessary part of human fulfillment and of true well-being, and that without these things neither physical nor spiritual health is…. [read more]

Pursuit of My Doctoral Studies Essay

… I have looked around for advice. First, the topic needs to be interesting to me. That is important, since I will spend so much time on it. Then I need to figure out some important issues to study. For me, having a sense of the current literature is going to be vital in this process. This preliminary research will help me to refine my topic. If I am still worried that I do not have a good enough topic, maybe I still need to do more preliminary research.

So if there is one thing I have taken away from this course it is that as much as I love to learn, I still need to work on my topic. It needs to be something that…. [read more]

Sister Marie Simone Roach Essay

… The influence of ethics, aesthetics and personal knowing can be detected in the work of those theorists who focus on caring such as Sister Roach" (1997, p. 37). To her enduring credit, the original research and contributions made by Sister Roach have been highly influential in this regard. For example, according to Van Hooft (2004), "Nursing is not the only health care profession for which caring is a central virtue. I would suggest that the fundamental virtue in the practice of all the health care professions is that of caring [and] the work of Simone Roach has now been absorbed into the mainstream of nursing studies" (p. 4).

The Code of Ethics on which Sister Roach was project director has also become the guide to…. [read more]

Community Health Education Essay

… Committees of any institution or any research group needs to ensure that they evaluate their immediate environment and see how well they can format their curriculum or research approaches to make them as profitable to the immediate environment as possible. It would be insignificant if researches are carried out or educational programs are put in place yet they are of no consequence to the people to whom it is taught and the community by extension.

One institution that needs to have ultimate impact on the society through its outreach programs is the health care institutions, be it at the academic level, the healthcare institutions or the research institutions. They need to work in consultation with the community-based organizations or consultants to ensure they have in…. [read more]

Healing Touch Annotated Bib Bardia Essay

… ,

Oncology Nursing Forum


Randomized qualitative study


Does TT and dialog reduce pain in cancer patients?

Dialog was helpful in all patients; most TT touch patients reported body sensations

Perception and state of mind seem critical


Integrative Cancer Therapies


Comparative Study

Pain modulation

Massage lowered anxiety and fatigue

More effective than NSAIDS alone

Rosa, L.,

Journal of the American Medical Association




Can TT practitioners perceive energy fields

50/50 chance and no significant correlation

Negative view of TT as therapy

Turner, J.,

Journal of Advanced Nursing


Randomized Clinical Trial


Pain and Anxiety in burn victims

Blood tests show effectiveness

MT effective

Umbreit, A.

Advanced Critical Care


Conceptual framework n/a

Noninvasive control of…. [read more]

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