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Daughter Mother Essay

… Mother Daughter

The mother-daughter relationship is central to Toni Morrison's novel Sula as well as Jean Rhys's novel Wide Sargasso Sea. In both these books, the role of mother is explored for its symbolic and functional content. Likewise, the role, symbol, and function of daughter is also a major theme. The mother-daughter relationship becomes the lens through which other female characters perceive themselves, and present themselves to society. It is a defining relationship, in that neither mother nor daughter can possibly imagine an identity that did not include reference to the other. The relationship between mother and daughter is therefore wrought with psychological baggage and turmoil. This baggage and turmoil can be analyzed using Freudian discourse, as Adalgisa shows. However, it can be equally as…. [read more]

Daughters in Literature Requires Essay

… The act of getting on one knee resembles a marriage proposal; there is a great deal of subtext embedded in the relationship between Cordelia and Lear to suggest that the Oedipal complex is at play. Cordelia's character is, moreover, completely defined by her relationship with men. Her relationship with her father, and his subsequent scorn, are what prompt her to marry and move to France. Her death is due directly to the actions of other Lear daughters, who are likewise defined by their relationship with men as well as their nefarious natures.

The relationship between Lear and Cordelia also highlights a common thread throughout literature: that the relationship between father than daughter is similar to the relationship between daughter and her husband. In King Lear,…. [read more]

Stand Here Ironing the Mother and Daughter Term Paper

… ¶ … Stand Here Ironing

The Mother and Daughter: Necessity and Guilt in I Stand Here Ironing"

The mother in I Stand Here Ironing receives a call from some unknown "them" that asks her to come in to talk about her daughter Emily, now 19 years old. Her frustration is evident as she goes through a long list of circumstances, over which she had no control, when Emily was small. She did what she could, when she could, how she could with what she had, and was always worried.

A what you asked me moves tormented back and forth with the iron. "I wish you would manage the time to come in and talk with me about your daughter. I'm sure you can help me…. [read more]

Eating Disordered Mothers Influence to the Cause of Unhealthy Eating Behavior on Daughters Research Proposal


The literature review in this work is conducted for the express purpose of reviewing information and previous studies which examine whether mothers with eating disorders project unhealthy eating habits on their daughters. Toward this end a great deal of literature is reviewed and findings of the studies reviewed reported.

Review of Relevant Articles

The work of Nilsson, Abrahamsson, Torbiornsson and Hagglof (2007) entitled: "Causes of Adolescent Onset Anorexia Nervosa: Patient Perspectives" reports that "Previous research of patients' descriptions of causes illustrates the complexity of the illness and points to different possible contributors to the development of anorexia nervosa. Studies of the patients' views provide research and care providers with clues for prevention…. [read more]

Mothers and Daughters Research Paper

… Adaptation of Identifying Relationships of Mothers and Daughters

Even with the fact that mothers and daughters in the contemporary society appear to have strong relationships, it would be difficult and almost impossible for someone to ignore the generational gap between the two groups. As much as both mothers and daughters prefer to believe that they are best friends, they often come across differences owed to the way they perceive particular ideas. It would obviously be wrong to generalize when considering this discussion, but it is nonetheless safe to say that mothers and daughters are divided by a series of concepts that are mainly related to the way the generation corresponding to each group perceives society.

While the generational gap can play an important factor in…. [read more]

Mother Shapes a Daughter's Life Term Paper

… ¶ … mother shapes a daughter's life for who they are today. It will focus on specific values and give examples of these values and why they are significant to a daughter. Mothers and daughters are not always the best of friends, but most daughters will eventually admit that they hold many of their mother's values and ideals, even if they do not want to admit it. Mothers shape their daughters, and daughters go on to shape their own daughters, and so, they carry on traditions and values from generation to generation, thanks to the nurturing aspects of most mothers.

Mother's shape their daughters' lives, as much as many daughters may not want to admit it. Mothers manage to do this in a variety of…. [read more]

Night Mother Play That Portrays Term Paper

… Like any Shakespeare play, "Night Mother" is a quality piece of literature and drama and has academic import as an example of modern playwriting.

One of the most important things to consider when determining whether or not "Night Mother" is appropriate for young audiences is how it depicts the mother-daughter relationship. During the course of the play, Thelma ("Mama") confides in her daughter about events from her past, proving that all people have problems and attempting to dissuade her daughter from making the decision. Mama struggles to communicate with Jesse; the conversation is tense and strained, emotionally draining and powerfully painful at many points. Adolescent audiences will feel find familiarity within the dialogue and will be able to better understand their parents' inability to bridge…. [read more]

Awakening Mother-Women ( Adele Ratignolle) Essay

… Indeed, the only rest Edna's mother got from raising her daughters was when she died. Perhaps it is that example that teaches Edna how she could "elude" her children by committing suicide. It is important for readers to realize, however, that she does so in order to stay true to her own self, her own perceptions and impulses, which society demands she forsake for the sakes of her children and her domesticated role. Because Edna is too vibrant and effervescent to willingly renounce her true virtue, those things she believes in and that make life worth experiencing, her only option is to kill herself, completing the tragedy in this tale which virtually all women endure.

The lone example that Edna has for pursuing her new…. [read more]

Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Term Paper

… Society will never benefit from the gifts they brought to the world. I firmly believe no child is born without potential. Thus, by neglecting the young, we deny ourselves great blessings and rewards (Gray).

Her son is fighting out against a system that kept his people oppressed for decades, and it is no surprise that he fights back with violence, which is really the only weapon he has. His mother wryly notes, "We live here, fight and kill each other" (Magona 3). This is an exceptional point in the novel, for the reader understands that the blacks can kill each other all they like, but when they step into the white world, they have crossed a line, and they will pay. Here is another reason…. [read more]

Exploration of One Aspect of Amy Tan's Work Term Paper

… Amy Tan

Mother-Daughter Conflict and Fragmented Cultural Identity within Three Works by Amy Tan

The Chinese-American writer Amy Tan, author of such popular and critically-acclaimed novels as the Joy Luck Club (1989); the Kitchen God's Wife (1991); the Hundred Secret Senses (1995) and the Bonesetter's Daughter (1996), two children's books, and numerous short stories and essays (Huntley 19) often focuses in her work on conflict-ridden relationships between uneasily-assimilated Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born, better-assimilated daughters. A dominant theme in Amy Tan's work, and the one which I shall explore here, is that of the Chinese mothers' hopes, wishes, and ambitions for their Americanized daughters; the daughters' frequent rejection of those same hopes and wishes in quest of their more individuated, Americanized identities; and the…. [read more]

How Does the Daughter Experience Her Mother's Breast Cancer? Research Proposal

… Cancer is a serious health issue which threatens millions of Americans. Women in particular are heavily affected by breast cancer which crosses racial and age borders (American Cancer Society, 2006). Millions of women become victims of breast cancer annually. Such a traumatic experience as cancer can not only affect the patient, but also her family (Romer et al., 2002). These affects have been proven to hit daughters of breast cancer victims the hardest. Thus, the purpose of this study proves to be the further exploration of the affects breast cancer has on patient's adolescent daughters. It aims to do so using qualitative measures which allow for the every day experiences of such adolescents present the depth of cancer's affect of them. This information will then…. [read more]

Joy Luck Club by Term Paper

… This void is specifically identified as the woman's feeling of being unable to share with her daughter and experience empathy to her experiences and everyday interactions in the hybrid American society.

This phenomenon was not only the mother's dilemma, but the daughter's, too. Having grown up in a culture that was more Americanized with the inclusion of other numerous cultures, the daughter (specifically, June) cannot empathize with her mother's desire to get to know her native Chinese culture and heritage. For June, what was worth knowing about was the culture she had known all her life; to know other cultures apart from hers would necessitate not only emotional attachment, but also dedication and perseverance on her part. Thus, both mother and daughter experienced their own…. [read more]

Joy Luck Club as America as Chinatown Term Paper

… Joy Luck Club

As America as Chinatown, Conflicted Identities and Mom's chow mein -- Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan's the Joy Luck Club

By understanding her mother, a daughter better understands her own soul. By understanding her mother's Chinese identity, a daughter better understands her Chinese-American sense of identity. By understanding the past, one can move on into the future. This last truth is not only true for the prodigal daughter Jing-mei (also known as June) Woo of Amy Tan's autobiographical novel the Joy Luck Club, but also of her mother. Until she reconciles with the children she thought were lost back in China, Suyuan Woo cannot be at peace with her past and her Chinese-American girl. Only by coming to terms with the…. [read more]

Psychoanalysis and Literature Narrative Term Paper

… She explores ideas including love and death, and examines cultural impacts on self-discovery. There are many feminist aspects prevalent in her works. The extent to which she utilizes a confessional technique, where she seeks to analyze the drives and needs that motivate characters by having them tell personal stories and confess strong feelings in which the characters sometimes aspire to atone for their ways, will also be explored in this work.

Understanding mother daughter relationships is important to understanding the interdependent association many young women have with their mothers as they grow older. The idea that a daughter is searching for autonomy yet facing inhibition of her own identity is prevalent in many works.

Many novelists attempt to solve what is considered a complex problem…. [read more]

Comfort Woman by Nora Okja Term Paper

… In her own way, Beccah will always carry her mother with her too, after she understands and celebrates her.

Ultimately, Beccah's struggle to understand and accept her mother is at once the climax and rebirth of the novel. One critic says, "As soon as Beccah gives up her struggle with her mother, a symbol of Beccah's acceptance of her mother, all the loose ends between Beccah and her mother tie together" (Ilbo). As in most mother-daughter relationships, the struggle and pain eventually sort themselves out, and mother and daughter learn how to accept and love each other unconditionally. Mother-daughter relationships are never simple, and they can create lasting pain if they are not resolved. Another critic notes, "In this novel, the symbiotic relationship between Beccah…. [read more]

Analogy Just as the Speaker Essay

… Dreams of the future are common to both the mother in the essay and the mother in the song The essay writer states, "In the future I know that my girls will have their own meaning of the song even if they have never listened to it but this song will always be in my heart for them." The speaker in the song states, "In my daughter's eyes, I can see the future. / A reflection of who I am, An' what will be." The ability to see the future in the eyes of a child, and to recognize that one becomes a little bit immortal from having children, is common to both women.

Both the singer and the essay writer use the powerful image…. [read more]

Amy Tan the "American Dream," Despite Being Term Paper

… Amy Tan

The "American dream," despite being a reasonably abstract idea, tends to act upon individual people in very direct ways -- it can actually influence the way people behave and the choices they make in their lives. This makes the American dream a reasonably potent force within the confines of American society. As Amy Tan's short story, "Two Kinds," indicates, belief in the American dream can significantly affect cross-generational relationships. In the story, Tan and her mother -- despite Tan's very young age -- seem to disagree over how realistic attaining the American dream truly is. This puts a continuing amount of strain upon their relationship; this is because Tan feels that the geniuses and prodigies of society attained most of their skills or…. [read more]

James Joyce -- "A Mother Research Paper

… And not only did Mrs. Kearney give time and skill to the presentation, she invested money in the program. She shopped at expensive stores to buy materials for Kathleen's dress and she bought "twelve two-shilling tickets for the Saturday evening performance to friends, who, like Emmet's rebels, could not be relied upon to appear otherwise," Martin Kearney explains. So there is literary linkage here because the two women (one fictional, one historical) were both committed to "risky" patriotic campaigns, Martin Kearney points out on page 2.

It could be said that Martin Kearney's proposed linkage between the historical Devlin and Joyce's fictional woman is something of a stretch, though no one at this point could prove otherwise unless some manuscripts show up that Joyce had…. [read more]

Cinderella, Brave, and the Changing Nature of Gender Essay

… But the real issue in terms of gender roles is that Cinderella is entirely defined by her looks, and also by her marriage prospects with the Prince.

It is this aspect that Pixar's 2012 "Brave" seems consciously to want to revise. If all of Cinderella's story works up to her marriage -- as though a woman were incomplete without a husband -- "Brave" begins with its princess heroine utterly resisting marriage. Indeed, Princess Merida in "Brave" is depicted as being active and accomplished: she avoids the marriage fate that her mother has set out for her by defeating her suitors in an archery contest, thus proving she is equally skilled as a male. However what is interesting is that Merida's oppression comes not at the…. [read more]

Mother Is Supreme Things Fall Research Paper

… The unusual nature of Ezinma's womanhood is revealed most clearly in her relationship with the priestess and in the extraordinary journey that they take in the middle of the night. The priestess, Chielo, refers to Ezinma as "my daughter" and has a special affection for her. Without explanation, she appears at Ekwefi's hut and takes Ezinma, carrying her on her back through the woods and disappearing with her into the cave that is the tribe's spiritual center. Though Ezinma is returned safely and no explanation is ever offered by Achebe, the mysterious power of Ezinma's spirit is evident throughout the incident. Carol Boyce Davies believes that the scene "symbolically takes [Ezinma] out of Okonkwo's/society's defined role for her as a young woman and suggests larger…. [read more]

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China Book Review

… ¶ … Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang. Specifically it will contain a book review of the book. This book tells the story of three remarkable women from an equally remarkable family that lived through several generations of change in China. The book is a history text and an autobiography rolled into one, and reading it gives a sense of the Mao years in China, and how far the country has come from its earliest days.

Chang wrote this book because her mother inspired her. In the Introduction to the 2003 Edition she writes, "It was my mother who finally inspired me to write Wild Swans."

However, she wrote the book because she had an amazing story to tell, too. The book…. [read more]

Wild Swans Three Daughters Book Review

… Three eras of Chinese history depicted through the day-to-day experiences of three generations of women within one family is what makes Wild Swans such a compelling read. Although Juan Chang's style of prose is rather restrained, it only serves to add starkness and poignancy to the lives of those who lived through the troubled and turbulent times that she recounts in her book.

Wild Swans is a reading experience in how a book can skillfully allow a remote third party to vicariously live out the lives, hopes and disappointments of people in a far off land with a completely different 'foreign' culture and environment. The author's own stated objective in writing this book was to tell the world how the people of China, and in…. [read more]

African-American Mothers and Their Daughters Essay

… More so, the government should have prohibited manufacturing of landmines to safeguard its population and the natural environment.

In summary, Gumdrop Northern has negatively affected its public image both in the United States and in the foreign lands where it chose to take its operations. The company managers are sharp in trying to evade legal consequences, but they lack qualities of skilled managers. They are only seeking for short-term benefits from their operations without considering the future of their company. Evading investigating, poor treatment of employees and substandard products shows a poor management team in the company who do not consider long-term benefits of the company (Sleeer, 2012). Moving to Argentina is not a solution to their problem if the management refuses to focus on…. [read more]

Horse Dealer's Daughter by DH Term Paper

… Mabel's 'prophecy' about Ferguson's feelings for her was a remote possibility prior to Mabel's insistence in it, but, as Ferguson kept thinking about the recent events that happened to Mabel, especially her suicide, the possibility that the doctor may be in love to Mabel after all becomes a big possibility. Thus, after the confrontation between Mabel and Ferguson, Ferguson becomes in love with Mabel, while Mabel tries to downplay his feelings, after realizing that she is not really in love with Ferguson after all, and her emotional 'prophecy' was only the result of loneliness and confusion that she felt a while go after the suicide incident. Thus, the result of Mabel's prophecy becomes a reality, although with a less-than-grave result, which is, that Ferguson fell…. [read more]

Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time Term Paper

… Josephine Tey's Daughter Of Time

Elizabeth Mackintosh is a renowned Scottish author a specialist in mystery novels; she was born in July 25, 1896 and died in February 13, 1952. Josephine Tey was the pseudonym that she used. Josephine was the name of her mother and Tey was the surname of her English grandmother. In all her books, they revolve around a Scotland Yard inspector Alan Grant. Josephine Tey's daughter of crime is a unique detective story with an old fashion setting, it was her best novel among her other pieces of brilliance. Unlike in other novels that she has written, Allan finds himself in a restrained situation when he is hospitalized after falling in the line of duty. This unfortunate event happens when he…. [read more]

Rappacinni's Daughter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne Term Paper

… Here is the fatal flaw of the father, he is blind to everything but his science and his child, and he cannot separate the two most important things in his life. However, he has created a strong and vital young woman, who, if she could have lived a normal life, would certainly have been highly successful in anything she attempted. He asks her, "Wouldst thou, then, have preferred the condition of a weak woman, exposed to all evil, and capable of none?'" (Hawthorne). He found the perfect man for her, and tried to create a perfect relationship, where he had two experiments instead of one, but his plan backfired, and he lost the thing that meant the most to him - his experiment and his…. [read more]

Children, Especially Teenagers, Are at a Vulnerable Essay

… Children, especially teenagers, are at a vulnerable age where desires for acceptance and love reach beyond their families, resulting in a risk that did not exist before. With the increasing popularity and lack of monitoring of the internet within the United States, there is an ever growing risk of internet predatory action, resulting in an increased victimization of children. One of the greatest concerns is the lack of control and protection available to parents and the inability of parents to adequately protect children from these predators.

Children are at a greater risk than ever before for internet predatory actions. With the increasing amount of online social networking sites, including many that are specifically geared toward young children, more and more time is being spent socializing…. [read more]

Joseph Conrad's Karain and Katherine Mansfield's the Daughters of the Late Colonel Essay

… Karain and the Daughters of the Late Colonel

Some pieces of literature are simply timeless. Among these might be counted the works of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. Although their settings are in a different time, populated with characters of different dispositions and status in life than contemporary people, they nonetheless include universal themes that appeal to readers even today. Poverty and love are but two of the general themes that might be found often in the works of these two authors. These themes provide the basis for connection and identification. Some authors do not achieve this sense of universal and timeless appeal. The question is, do "Karain" by Joseph Conrad and "The Daughters of the Late Colonel" by Katherine Mansfield fall into the category…. [read more]

Second Shift and Working Mothers Research Paper

… Working Wives and Mothers: How Their Work Puts Strains in Their Marriage and Children

There has been a significant increase in the percentage of women who are taking part in the workforce in the last half century. Today more and more equality is being gained by the women in political, social and economic affairs however, when it comes to the household labor and its division, the inequity of gender is still there like it has always been. The children and household is still the primary responsibility of the women. This condition of a lot of women today has been described in the concept of "second shift" by Arlie Russell Hochschild. All the work that the women have to do once they get back home from…. [read more]

Except That My Six-Year-Old Daughter, Emily Term Paper

… ¶ … except that my six-year-old daughter, Emily, had experienced a restless night and looked a little droopy-eyed as she spooned Cheerio's into her mouth at breakfast. Certainly, there was nothing to indicate the utter chaos that would break out later in the day.

It all began when my wife, Sara, received a telephone call from the babysitter. Jan was trying very hard not to sound hysterical as she told Sara that Emily had not arrived home from school. An hour had passed. The bus had come and gone, and no Emily. Jan wanted to know whether Emily could have had plans to ride home with a friend and perhaps Sara had forgotten to tell her. My wife told her that there were no plans,…. [read more]

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