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Mountain Home, Arkansas, Mountain Paradise Term Paper

… It has something for everyone, from mom and dad to the kids and the grandparents. Families can enjoy water sports, camping, hunting, fishing, and recreation galore. They can even learn a little more about the ecology of the area when the visit the Norfork National Fish Hatchery. "The hatchery is responsible for raising three kinds of trout: rainbow, brown, and cutthroat" ("Hatchery"). Kids will love learning more about how fish develop and mature, and mom and dad will get a better understanding of just how those trophy size trout end up in the lakes and streams of the area. You can enjoy the rivers first-hand, too, with many special river trips, from kayaking to leisurely cruises. "A special event in any visitor or resident's life…. [read more]

Strength of Women Research Proposal

… American Woman

The post World War II American family as portrayed in film and on television belied the strength of the American woman. Americans were inundated with images of families that existed purely on the pages of film and television series scripts, and those images did not depict the American woman's attitude towards the world around her, nor her strength to survive that world. Films came closer to capturing the American woman's strength with works like the Grapes of Wrath (Ford, John, 1940, motion picture), and less so with films like the Searchers (Ford, John, 1956, motion picture). Television series like Leave it to Beaver (Connelly, Joe, Conway, Dick, and Mosher, Bob, 1957-1963, television series), and Father Knows Best (Tewksbury, Peter,1954-1960, television series) departed from…. [read more]

Christian Apologetics Term Paper

… Christian Apologetics

If and when a Christian makes an honest effort to convert a member of the Islamic faith, there is no definitive strategy and no book of rules to follow. But the Christian who has a great deal of passion about his or her faith must also have a great deal of patience and respect for the Muslim's beliefs before launching the conversion effort. This paper points to the need for respect and tolerance Christians must embrace during conversion attempts.

ISLAM: Islam is probably the most often misunderstood of all religions. This is because of the fundamentalism combined with extremism that has resulted in campaigns of terrorism against the West by certain radical Arab groups who claim to be motivated by Islamic tenets. These…. [read more]

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