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Horror Interviews Interview

… Horror

Dimitri is a fifteen-year-old boy whose parents moved to the United States four years ago from Russia. I selected Dimitri for this interview because he plays a lot of video games, and also watches a lot of film and television. I asked Dimitri how he defines "horror" and his answer was quite complex for someone his age. He did not know the German term das Unheimliche, but he gave me the Russian word, which is something like "Strashni." He explained to me that Russian culture likes to address the darkest themes in human consciousness, but that his parents find many of the movies he watches and the games he plays to be too disturbing. Dimitri says that the scariest things for him are the…. [read more]

Terminology Used in Film and Television Production Research Proposal

… FILM & TV Terminology


Film is more than the twentieth-century art.

Don Delillo (b. 1926).

Visual storytelling, whether in film or in television (TV), some argue, constitutes the hardest of all the art forms. "In the making of a movie, between the idea and the finished print so much can go wrong and often does."

Knowing the right techniques, however, as well as, the correct terminology, the researcher asserts, enhances the opportunities for a filmmaker or TV producer to more effectively produce a film/TV program. Consequently, this thesis purports:

As the terminology used in film and television production illustrates the specific lingo professionals utilize in the business, the use of this terminology may contribute to the success of the…. [read more]

Let the Right One in by Tomas Alfredson Term Paper

… Tomas Alfredson's 2008 film Let the Right One In follows the story of twelve-year-old Oskar as he attempts to deal with school bullies and his parents separation, but it complicates these generally mundane, childhood concerns with the introduction of Oskar's new next-door neighbor, Eli, who happens to be a vampire. Though the film is, in the words of Roger Ebert, "deadly grim," the relationship which develops between Oskar and Eli is decidedly sweet, and constitutes the emotional core of the movie around which the violence and horror are bound (Ebert 2008). Examining certain key scenes in the film along with the dual meanings of the title itself will demonstrate how Alfredson uses the tropes of the vampire genre in order to effectively convey the isolation…. [read more]

Film Adaptations of Bram Stoker Term Paper

… Judith Mayne points out that Nosferatu "is concerned with the hypothetical area between west and east, between the land of reason and the land of passion, between self and other" (28). That gray area between east and west where reason and passion merge is found in the dual sexual attention of the self and "other" in which Ellen becomes the object of desire in a sexual battle of wills.

Orlock's sexual passion transcends the limitations of the patriarchal "self's" code of sexual reason. Unencumbered by false pretensions of modesty or decorum, the "sexual other" is free to express his need for sex in the most basic and shocking of terms. The first time Orlock sees a picture of Ellen he comments: "What a lovely throat."…. [read more]

Movie: Interview With a Vampire Research Paper

… Instead, keeping her at a preschool age, where she would still be able to imprint upon Louis as a father figure, would have made more sense for the continuity of the storyline (Neville). As a result, she felt that the combination of the two changes served to flatten out the character of Louis, make him appear less complex, and make him more human (Neville). In a movie focusing on the otherworldliness of vampires, making a character appear more human may be an error.

In fact, one of the most significant relationships in the novel is the one between the vampire Armand and Louis. In both the book and the movie, Louis and Claudia conspire to kill Lestat, unaware that killing their master is an offense…. [read more]

Character in Cinema Thesis

… Character in Cinema

While many elements go into making a good movie, characterization may be the most important of those elements. Characterization is the way that the personality of a character is revealed in a movie, and involves many different ways of revealing the personality of the character being portrayed in the film. Characterization can be direct or indirect. Direct characterization occurs when someone in a film, usually an omniscient narrator, describes one of the characters in the play. While this direct characterization is not always reliable, it does provide direct evidence of a person's character. Indirect characterization is not always as easy to interpret as direct characterization. Indirect characterization involves a combination of different elements than contribute to the overall perception of the character.…. [read more]

Halloween Research Proposal

… Halloween

Film Review: "Halloween" (1978)

Watching John Carpenter's horror classic "Halloween" (1978) is a holiday tradition for many people on October 31st. However, upon a close viewing the film does not 'date' well. The villain, Michael Myers, in his infamous white mask, has almost no complexity as a character. The film begins by showing the young murdering his sister without any apparent reason, other than the fact that she is 'making out' with her boyfriend. Even the psychiatrist who treats Michael at the mental institution where he is imprisoned as young boy says he is a psychopath. Michael essentially functions as a killing machine in the film, a force of evil, unless the viewer considers harmless teenage petting to be a fate worthy of death.…. [read more]

World Cities Essay

… Los Angeles -- a City Segregated by Privilege? Or by Racism?

The City of Los Angeles has been -- and probably will always be -- a place of interest, controversy, and even fascination for the rest of the country. The reasons are numerous, but the film industry in Hollywood is certainly one of the most potent aspects of Los Angeles that draws attention. Meanwhile the key question approached in this paper relates to the question: Is Los Angeles a segregated city because of white money, power and privilege -- or is it segregated due to racial discrimination? The answer depends on who is asking and who is answering of course, and what resources and data are being used. Thesis: The resources used in this paper…. [read more]

James a Michener Term Paper

… ¶ … James a. Michener

Open a book and you enter into another world. The names, the places, and even the events, may be familiar, yet they are not. They don't exist. They are the very personal creations of the mind of another - the mind of the writer.

As your eyes move toward that first line of text, you find that you have accepted a very special invitation; an invitation to explore the private thoughts, hopes, and ideals of another human being. It is a rare privilege really. Under normal circumstances, we are locked out of this secret place. Most times, it is closely guarded. A chance word, a facial expression, or a gesture might lend some hint of what lies behind the mask,…. [read more]

Count Dracula and Hanibal Lector Thesis

… His physical strength was that of twenty men, and being immortal, he had become immune to conservative methods of attack. The only way to have the Count killed was by means of cutting his head off and then impaling his heart with a cross that was wooden. He really required no other type of sustenance but blood that was fresh, which had a revitalizing result on him. To recuperate his strengths he also requisite Transylvanian soil that was somewhere around him or close nearby.

Count Dracula had a way of defying gravity, being able to climb upside down surfaces that were vertical. He had power that was really hypnotic and clairvoyant capabilities; he could give a command to nighttime animals for instance wolves and rats.…. [read more]

Joan Crawford's Life Essay

… While this may be applicable in some instances, it can also be argued that these women remain spectacles. However, these women are not spectacles in the way that women were spectacles in classic Hollywood cinema because Tarantino celebrates their independence and intentionally makes these women be unattainable, which allows them to assert their independence regardless of the cost and without social backlash. The refusal of the gaze allows the women in Kill Bill, Vol. 1 to assert their dominance over men, while Tarantino simultaneously transforms them into spectacles of what he thinks are strong, independent women that he often celebrates in his films. Furthermore, the refusal of the gaze is not only used to assert dominance over males, but is also used to assert dominance…. [read more]

Symbolism in Shoeless Joe Comes to Iowa Research Paper

… Shoeless Joe

American Dreams: How Shoeless Joe Became Harry Potter

Kinsella's Shoeless Joe -- for which he was awarded both the Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship and the Books in Canada Award for First Novel -- reads like a long, languid trip through the slumber of an American mid-west long past; the American mid-west. Perhaps most troubling about the work is the uncanny ability of a Canadian writer to tap so deeply into the American subconscious. For Shoeless Joe is indubitably an American work -- one can imagine the Canadian reader skipping off its surface obliquely -- and so questions must be asked: How and why did W.P. Kinsella subscribe so intimately to the American dream? In what place does Shoeless Joe stand in the culture…. [read more]

Collection of Artists Sketches Research Paper

… Miles Teves (Teves Design Studios, 2008)

Education & Career History

Selected Works

Iron Man

Crystal Skulls

Mermaid Underwater

Miles Teves is arguably one of the creative geniuses of our time. He was born in 1963 in Salinas, California, and is probably best known for his work on King Kong (2005), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) and Total Recall (1990) (IMDb, N.d.). His work is expansive and can be seen (and witnessed) through a variety of different forms that are presented through different mediums. Most of his work was devoted to conceptual design in different modes that include sculptures, television production, films, role-playing games, computer games, and movies. His work covers many different contemporary themes and can inspire new generations…. [read more]

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