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Murphy, K. (May 25, 2011). My Blog Term Paper

… Murphy, K. (May 25, 2011). My Blog Is Also Paying My Bills. The New York Times. Retrieved from:

One of the great changes in the 21st century has been the access many now have to the Internet. One of the larger trends brought about by the use of the Internet is the virtual community -- a social network of individuals who interact with each other without the constraints of geography, time zones, political or economic situations, weather, or demography -- all that matters is that they are able to come together to form a culture in which they share mutual interests or values. Blogs are another way that these changes have become both more in line with populism and more people participating in the…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign Dissertation

… Noe (2006) further stated that advertisements for food and beverages passes on a message that is powerful enough to trigger consumption of the food advertised and positive emotions linked to food consumption. The message conveyed in the food adverts have the powers to act as real-world primes and lead to corresponding eating behaviors. However, given the types of foods, which are mostly fast foods or snacks and consumption benefits that are typically promoted in food adverts, what is primed or activated in the human conscious is usually consumption of those foods that are rather unhealthy. Therefore fast food advertisement that conveys snacking and fun i.e. those mostly shown when children programs are on air, will automatically trigger consumption behavior not only among children but also…. [read more]

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