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Muscles Involved in the Backhand Action of the Tennis Shot Term Paper

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Backhand Action of the Tennis Shot

This paper analyzes the muscles involved in the backhand action of a tennis shot. Included are all muscles initiating and assisting this motion, including the muscles of the leg.

Define the Action

To understand what muscles are involved in a backhand shot, one must first define the actual action, and the body parts involved at each moment of action. Many consider it common knowledge the elbow muscles are involved in a backhand swing, in part because the muscles of the elbow and tendons in the elbow are often involved in "tennis elbow" a condition common in players. Since these muscles are involved in the backhand shot however, they are worth mention. They include the muscles in the forearm,…. [read more]

Muscles Involved in the Backhand Essay

… The back side of the fore arm contracts near the biceps while the elbow moves in a reverse movement from that of the forehand. A well orchestrated back hand stroke is a combination of external rotation of a bent arm and horizontal rotation. The elbow is tucked against the player's side then the arm is bent at the elbow as the player holds the forearm away from their body at waist level. The forearm is supposed to be at a right angle with the biceps while the hand needs to be positioned in front of the elbow. The elbow is then kept firm and the forearm together with the hand moves to the left making an arc shape.

The Origins, Stage and Insertions of Each…. [read more]

Tennis the Number of Movements Essay

… The knee is extended at the knee joint by using the quadriceps femora's muscle. After that, there is rotation of the shoulder laterally and would reach where the ball is coming from. The player will make use of both the external and internal oblique. The movement of the joint would be abduction followed by rotation.


After the arm has been abducted and contact with the ball has been made, the arm would be swung on the shoulder joint. There would be adduction of the body along with somewhat extension on the elbow joint. The shoulder joint would rotate medially as well. In this act, the main sets of muscles that come in action include the lattismus, pectorialis, triceps, deltoid and the bicep muscles.

In…. [read more]

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