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Music and Movement Early Childhood Education Term Paper

… Music Education

Over the past decade, researchers have paid increasing amount of interest to the impact of music on child development. For example, in 1993 Alfred a. Tomatis coined the term "The Mozart effect" for the alleged increase in brain development that takes place in children under the age of three when listening to music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart based on University of California, Irvine, studies. Since then, there has been a great deal of controversy about the true impact of music on intelligence. Harvard University researchers Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland cautioned in 1999, for example: "Since 1997, we have been analyzing the research relevant to the claim that the arts lead to academic success. So far we have found no actual scientific evidence…. [read more]

Social Development in Early Childhood Essay

… Other students will have turned five the previous fall, while most will have had spring and summer birthdays. The age of entry into kindergarten depends on a school district's rules; it sometimes happens that parents are eager to put their children in school and exceptions are made where a too-young child is admitted. Children have different personalities and different rates of maturity; it is certainly possible that a child age 5.1 years is better prepared for school than one who is 5.8 years. In general, though, younger children tend to be less ready than their chronologically older peers to meet the demands of classroom routine.

Porath also fails to incorporate any discussion about family, including such influential factors as birth order, number of siblings, the…. [read more]

Early Childhood Activities My Creative Essay

… Example:

Group: Hey there, Rachel! / The weekend is near. / Whatcha gonna do when it really gets here?

Rachel: I'm gonna swim, swim, swim. (Pantomimes swimming)

Group: She's gonna swim, swim, swim. (Mimics Rachel's swimming)

To be successful in this activity, children should be able to sit in a circle and attend to the group. Students must listen to and watch each other. They must be able to come up with their own ideas so there are a variety of action verbs and pantomimes. The activity builds classroom community and gives students an opportunity to participate in a group activity as both listeners and speakers.

CE230 Creative Activities for Young Children Final Project

Activity #3:

Estimation Station


"Estimation & mental computation 1986 yearbook."…. [read more]

Music Appreciation Essay

… Music Appreciation

Describe the characteristics of the twentieth-century concept of melody. Refer to at least one listening example in your response. (Textbook p.301-302, 309-310)

Melody only seems to have taken a back seat in contemporary music when compared to old times. Melodies of innovative new composers are often hard to read as they turn to scales which are not the minor and major, seeking to find inspiration from the medieval, whole-tone, pentatonic and other diverse fold scales. In addition the angular contour of the contemporary melodies renders it difficult for both the listener and performer. Melodies with distant notes have been referred to as, "Instrumentals" because they are easier to play than to sing. Octave displacement is a new technique used by the composers when…. [read more]

Music and Psychology Thesis

… Music and Psychology

The power and importance of music from a psychological and philosophical standpoint has been discussed and explored in many studies and theses. The saying that music has the power to "calm the savage beast" refers to the commonly accepted notion that music can influence the mind and consciousness and has healing and recuperative powers. This has led to the study of musicology and various disciplines that investigate the qualities and nature of music in relation to society, culture and the individual; as well as to psychological, educational and sociological theory in a more modern context

This paper will explore the way that music is seen to be significant in human life and society and the way that it interacts with the mind.…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Term Paper

… Elvis and Black Music

The Influence of Black Music and Culture on Elvis Presley

Ongoing celebration of the music and (still ever-expanding) musical legacy of larger-than-life American rock' n roll icon Elvis Presley (January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977) even a full three decades and counting after the pop idol's death on August 16, 1977, clearly underscores the quality and timeless appeal of Presley's unique and vastly appealing artistry. However Elvis's distinctive sound, although most often regarded as original to Elvis himself, especially by causal listeners, actually sprang from American black musical traditions. That musical debt of Elvis's though remains even now among the more lightly discussed of myriad aspects of the singer's otherwise exhaustively scrutinized art. Still, the truth is that significant musical blending, throughout…. [read more]

Rap Music - A Soundtrack Essay

… As a result, rap has been like a cultural virus, spreading its sounds, attitude, and images throughout all cultures (social and political bodies).

DJ Kool paved a leeway for hip hop culture across the entire world, for the new rap artists such as "Grandmaster Flash." DJ Grandmaster Flash together with his group of the "Furious Five" were great innovators of hip hop, surpassing the rap genres of the party music origins in order to explore a wide scope of rap lyrics and sonic horizons. DJ Grandmaster Flash began to spinning musical records in his youth age in a team within the Bronx. While attending his technical school courses in electronics, Grandmaster was a deejay within some local disco trails

. With time, he developed a…. [read more]

Childhood Crime Intervention Prevention Term Paper

… ¶ … programs that are aimed at reducing crime by using early childhood crime prevention programs. One of the most significant studies in recent history was the "Perry Study out of Ypsilanti, MI." That research exposed the very real and tangible benefits of early childhood education for poverty stricken students as an element to prevent them from becoming criminals as they got older. The study proved to be the catalyst for the nationwide Head Start program and is still referred to today to obtain government funding for preschool programs.

For many years Americans viewed children who were raised in poverty stricken areas as high risk for later becoming criminals. People would shake their heads and pity the tiny children as they played on city playgrounds…. [read more]

Starting the Personal Journal Essay

… Rather than try to change the curriculum to meet the students' expectations, a teacher has to consider that the curriculum is offered a particular way for a reason. The students need the knowledge, even if they do not see the value in it. In order to be effective as a teacher, I will need to show the students the significance of the knowledge they must learn, by providing them with a link between themselves and the information. That makes them more interested in finding out about the world around them, and it can also provide them with a desire to continue to learn on their own. It is possible for the students to find something in which they are very interested if they open their…. [read more]

World Music of the United Kingdom Term Paper

… ¶ … Music

Interview Report: "Martin"

Martin was born in the United Kingdom. Most of his family comes from the Midlands, around the industrial city of Birmingham. Much of Birmingham was destroyed by the German air bombs during the Blitz, and this recent history was still a potent memory for members of the previous generation, as the city was rebuilt. Martin remembers hearing many stories about the Blitz as a young child. Martin described the look of the city as quite bleak, when he was growing up, emotionally and psychologically. Most of Martin's childhood was based in Birmingham, although his family did make occasional excursion to the South of England, for seaside holidays, and more memorably and musically to London.

In London, Martin often saw…. [read more]

Culturally Sensitive Education Term Paper

… Culturally Sensitive Education

Education as Change Agent for Cultural Awareness and Collective Need

Any review of literature regarding change affect and culturally sensitive education would be remiss if it did not begin with a discussion of the work of Pablo Freire, as to some degree he is the first scholar and thinker that observed the validity of education as a change agent, and specifically as an agent to restore cultural points-of-view that had been lost in oppression. In an overall sense Freire stressed that the culture of the oppressed must not be overshadowed by that of the oppressor in education and that this applies to majority minority status in any culturally diverse population. Though Freire stresses a pedagogy of post-colonialism including a great many of…. [read more]

American Education System Term Paper

… American Education System

The history of education in America is founded on two basic theories. One is a religious theory or belief that its people have a "manifest destiny" to fulfill in relation to the rest of the world. This theory, which later evolved into a political and military theory, assumed the rest of the world as inferior and savage since the landing of the first pilgrims in Plymouth 19th century. The view molded their ensuing principles of education. With the inclusion of successive waves of immigrants into the colonies, the union of states established for itself a history of destiny and redemption from outside political or religious force they disapproved of.

During the colonial period, education was a means of restoring the civilization left…. [read more]

Rock 'N Roll Music Term Paper

… Punk-rock was fast, loud rock and roll music, but it quickly became the angry music of the time. (Riznar)

In the 1980's, punk-rock evolved into hardcore music and fans became even more experimental with fashion, makeup and hair color. In addition, a mixture of pop and folk-rock was introduced, and wild children everywhere listened to bands such REM and the B-52's. The street phenomenon of the ghettos, hip hop, revolutionized the music scene and bands such as Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Public Enemy crossed over to the rock audience. (Allen)

The 1990's saw the expansion of alternative rock, both artistically and commercially. The general trend of the era was towards more and more abstract music and rock music had lost its original label of dance…. [read more]

Harmonic Accompaniment on the Development Literature Review

… For comprehensive music curriculum there must be improvisation.through that children can express their feeling and thoughts on music.The child should be in apposition to express themselves by words.Due to instruction children are able to: improve pattern of tones (Balasko 1987);used harmonic purposes and retain tonality and key while improvising (Giulbault2004);coming up with music that have musical structure; retain meter and steady beat (Kalmer 1987)

Guilbault's research was to find out if root melody accompaniment is added to instruction of the song which may interfear with tonal improvisation children.It further pointed those children who finds song instruction with melody of the root accompaniment; used implied harmonic purposes and retain tonal and key when improvising. Journal of research in music education says that a child applies ability…. [read more]

History Education Term Paper

… Theories


Methods and Techniques

A Specific Method


Results for the Same

Examples of Voices Singing a Canon

The Project Life Cycle

Project Management Puzzle Parts

Map of More and Less Developed Countries

Criteria for LDCs

Selected Economic and Social Indicators for LDCs (2005)


"Great music is in a sense serene; it is certain of the values it asserts."

-Rebecca West (Simpson)

Contrary to the consensus some students purport, a thesis does not constitute a torture tactic designed by professors to traumatize students. In fact, according to Teitelbaum (1), "The thesis paper, when carefully assigned and conscientiously done, has definite value." Professors usually assign the thesis paper as a major component of a course requirement. The researched…. [read more]

Creativity and Teaching Essay

… Loris held various beliefs which guide the Reggio Emilia schools which relate to development of creativity in a student. The fundamental to the Reggio philosophy is based on Loris beliefs which include the image of a child as being rich in potential, powerful, strong and competent and hence can come up with their own knowledge. A child The child is also recognized as having his or her own values, and they want to be respected and valued for who they are at the same time holding respect for others .the child also embodies an open mind and a sense of curiosity to everything possible. Finally encouraging children to develop their own theories of the world and how it works though exploring.

According to Munro, (2010)…. [read more]

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum Locate Essay

… Certainly a member of a teaching team can share the findings of research that supports the use of play as a way to enhance physical, emotional, and psychological development and health. The notion that play does not belong in early childhood education is absurd and is primarily driven by the current social and economic press to compete endlessly to achieve the top of the socio-economic stack. Evidence of how these beliefs have inordinately impacted the concept of parenting. In some social circles, parents are considered to be negligent if they don't schedule a child's day to be jam-packed with enrichment activities. Children are not trusted to construct their free-time activities because they might not gain advantage compared to their peers. In fact, experts in play…. [read more]

Play and Its Effects on Childhood Literacy Term Paper

… Play And Literacy

Play and its Effects on Early Childhood Literacy Development

Over the last two decades, a dramatic change has taken place with kindergarten students. Play has been pushed out of the curriculum by a range of factors, including larger class sizes and a focus on standardization of testing and curricula that have reached all the way down to the youngest students. Play has also been marginalized by elementary teachers who in the last generation began substituting words like 'explore' or 'discover' for play. This substitution has been made in an attempt to make literacy and math activities more exciting for students. The traditional classrooms, with their spacious rooms, unlimited time for unstructured art, music, dance, and freedom to take time to practice and…. [read more]

Organogram Diagram Term Paper

… ¶ … Paul Hindemith

During the 1920s, Paul Hindemith emerged as one of the talented composers of his era, and would usher in what would become known as the "New Music" movement during the 1930s and he would even survive the Nazi regime with this career largely intact. This paper provides a series of responses to various biographical questions concerning Hindemith's life and music, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning this composer in the conclusion.

When and where was the musician born?

According to the official Web site for this composer, "Paul Hindemith was born on 16 November 1895, the son of an artisan and a maid in Hanau [Germany]" (Hindemith early childhood and initial education 1).

What are the…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity Term Paper

… As is widely known, in the state of California the largest ethnic minority is Hispanic, and mostly Mexican-American. It is for this reason that the particular population of Hispanic-American youth in the San Francisco School District will be the focus of this work. "Hispanics now account for one in three of the state's population, due largely to an increase in Hispanic births that is exceeding the Hispanic death rate.' (Primedia, 2004, "Shifting Sands" website (

The population of the greater San Francisco Unified School District, though it includes many other racial minorities, has an overall representation of 21.4% latino students with an even higher concentration found in grades one through six. (SFUSD web site: ( This demographic demonstrates both an obstacle and an opportunity for…. [read more]

Education Behavioral Issue -- Tourette's Syndrome Demographics Application Essay

… ¶ … Education

Behavioral Issue -- Tourette's Syndrome

Demographics: Male, 13 years old, Chinese heritage, healthy otherwise, scores in 90th percentile in most intelligence tests; non-violent, intensely curious, we will call him Lon

Tourette's syndrome, also commonly known as GTS or TS, in an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood. The syndrome manifests itself by intermittent (called waxing and waning) motor and vocal tics. It is part of a spectrum of tic disorders. It was once considered a rare syndrome that only manifested itself with exclamations of bizarre or obscene words or inappropriate and derogatory remarks, known as coprolalia. However, we now know that this particular symptom is fairly rare and, in fact, Tourette's is quite common, about 10 children per 1,000 have some…. [read more]

Teacher Disposition Similarities and Differences Between Elementary and Secondary School Teachers Term Paper


The objective of this work is to research and examine the similarities and differences in teaching disposition between Elementary and Secondary school teachers and to answer the question of whether it requires a different type of personality to teach a certain age level, and if so, then what disposition suits which age group and why? Also answered will be the questions of: "Why is there a preference for many teachers to teach a certain age level?"; "Is it possible for teachers that do not possess certain dispositions to achieve success in the classroom?

It is understood among all educators and teachers that certain requirements exist in relation to the disposition of the teacher insofar…. [read more]

Inclusive Environment in the Classroom Essay

… Mara Sapon, Associate Professor at states that "The white college-age students I teach are often confounded about how to talk about people of color: "Is the right term African-American or black! What if the person is from Jamaica or Haiti? How do I describe people?" Similarly, many adults are nervous about interacting with people with disabilities, unsure whether they should offer help or refrain, mention the person's disability or not.

Sapon contends that "the goal is not to make differences invisible ("I don't see color"; "It's such a good inclusive classroom, you can't tell who the kids with disabilities are") but to develop the language and skill to negotiate diversity."

In a class of five different ethnic groups and religious groups teachers can facilitate conversations…. [read more]

Tchaikovsky and Romantic Period Term Paper

… Tchaikovsky and Romantic Period


The artifacts which reveal the most about our society give us information not only about the culture in which it was created and the place the creator held within that society, but also show us a reflection of that culture through the eyes of the creator. Some of the greatest pieces of music are also the most valuable artifacts. Although Western music from a wide range of time is grouped together as "Classical" by the general public, the Classical era was actually quite short in comparison to other musical eras, and very few Classical composers remain known today. A good deal of the composers associated with Classical music, such as Beethoven, Paganini, Schubert, and Verdi among many others, are actually…. [read more]

Eminem: Making of a Celebrity Term Paper

… The law suit probably suited the rapper just fine since it earned nothing for the offended mother, and created some more free publicity for her estranged son. If the initial sales of Eminem's new studio album The Eminem Show are anything to go by he could do with a few more suits by 'dear mum.' The release of the album was preceded by the single "Without Me" that debuted at Number One in UK in March 2002. The track was backed up by a controversial video in which Eminem dressed up as Osama bin Laden and inevitably gave rise to the rumors (unfounded) that Al-Qaeda were gunning for the rapper for showing disrespect to their leader. Goes to prove that Al-Qaeda either do not watch…. [read more]

Physical Education the Corporal Gesture Term Paper

… Physical Education

The corporal gesture as a result of muscles of the body amounting to utilization of energy is referred to as the physical activity. The physical idleness in U.S. is a mater of great concern. As per the estimates about fifty percent of the U.S. individuals do not cater to the required levels of normal physical activity and about 25% do not involve in relaxation physical activity. Physical idleness is more noticeable in case of the poor and low educated and starts at the period of youth that influences the females intensively than that of the males. A typical prototype of idleness starts at the early childhood being referred to as sedentism that makes the improvement of physical exercises essential for the young ones.…. [read more]

Observing Child Care Center Thesis

… ¶ … Valley Interfaith Child Care Center.

Program Basics:

The program name was Valley Interfaith Child Care Center, located at 948 Heather Drive, Blacksburg, Virginia. The center's hours of operation are 7:00 A.M. To 6:00 P.M.. Tuition for Valley Interfaith Child Care Center is $145.00 per week ($623.50 per month) for full-time child care. This includes children from the age of infant up to those turning 5 after September 30th. For those who are 5 years old by September 30th, these children transition to kindergarten or another program. There is also a one-time $50 registration fee. It includes the summer activity fee. However, there are no reduction in fees for missed days, vacation time, or center observed closings, vacations or holidays ("Tuition, 2008). Valley Interfaith…. [read more]

Elvis Presley Subject's Development: Erikson Essay

… Everyone is motivated by all these needs, but in varying degrees. In the case of Elvis, the desire to be liked and to conform to expectations (in terms of preserving his old image) eventually came into conflict with his desire to have creative control and to produce an innovative musical product, as he had in his youth.

No single explanation fully satisfies in answer of what motivated Elvis to succeed as a musician and his fall from public acclaim. Drug addiction played a critical role in shifting Elvis' motivation from producing art to obtaining his next 'fix.' The desire to maintain his old image also caused him to stagnate as an artist. He pleased his fan base but failed to win new fans in the…. [read more]

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