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My View of Race & Ethnic Relations Reaction Paper

The ethnic WASPs persecuted the African American race with their Jim Crow laws and forced them into ghettos. The WASP ruling class prevented the upward mobility of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and other ethnic groups like Catholics until the new immigrants brought so many of this group over that they could organize and challenge the ruling class.

Race and ethnicity also determine where people live because people identify certain characteristics with race or ethnicity. People of a particular ethnic background may want to live together in one community. For example, Muslims may wish to live in a Muslim community, Catholics in a Catholic community, Jews in a Jewish community and so on. Latinos may wish to live among Latinos, African…. [read more]

Growth and the Social Importance of Ethnic Term Paper

… ¶ … growth and the social importance of ethnic media in the United States. The article provides a clear overview of the growth of ethnic media publications and stresses that many of these publications provide valuable information for immigrants and ethnic groups. The article also stresses that many of the publications, while not always presented in a "professional" manner, provide a valuable services to many ethnic communities; particularly with regard to information on voting and becoming a citizen.

Furthermore, the article states that there has been a substantial growth in the number of these publications in recent years. One of the favorable aspects of the ethnic media is the fact that they are in intimate contact with their communities and therefore can provide in-depth insight…. [read more]

Race in Your Community My Hometown, Yonkers Term Paper

… ¶ … Race in Your Community

My hometown, Yonkers, New York, is one of the more ethnically diverse areas of the country, however, it is as fairly represented in as the population and community allows.

Yonkers, New York has a population of around 200,000, and is home to Yonkers Raceway. Several celebrities grew up here, such as Sid Caesar, James Cagney, Ella Fitzgerald, Steven Tyler, rappers DMX and Jadakiss, porn star Linda Lovelace, and the infamous Son of Sam, David Berkowitz (Yonkers pp). Other notables include, authors Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Richard Yates, two Nobel Prize recipients, Daniel Carleton Gajdusek and John Howard Northrop, and the inventor of FM broadcasting, Edwin Armstrong (Yonkers pp). Yonkers is also home to the first golf course in the United…. [read more]

Ethnic Diversity and Attributions for Peer Victimization Peer-Reviewed Journal

… ¶ … Ethnic Diversity and Attributions for Peer Victimization in Middle School

According to this article, the American Medical Association has designated peer victimization as a public health concern. (Graham, Bellmore, Nishina and Juvonen, 2009) This type of harassment includes a variety of behaviors including calling names, assault, social attacks and excessive teasing. (Graham, 2009) the purpose of this study by the authors was to examine the role of self-blame on peer victimization/maladjustment relations in middle school and the role of classroom diversity. The participants were 6th grade students of Latino or African-American ethnicity or one of several other ethnic groups. The researchers also devised a method of study using numerical minority and numerical majority of an ethnic group within each classroom. In addition, rather…. [read more]

Race? Racial Formation Literature Review

… Hence, it is way too comprehensive to observe and control how difficult it is to be "colorblind" and treat everyone equally despite their origin and physical attributes.

To wrap up this argument, it can be said that the racial formation theory states that the society is encompassed with racial projects and discrimination. This concept of racial discrimination is purely ideological and is usually instilled in the minds of people automatically. A certain level of "common sense" is involved in each individual where that influences his or her way of comprehending, reacting and interpreting any situation. In circumstances like these, it is not possible to eliminate such a phenomenon unless it is tracked down, explicitly and implicitly in the social construct. Because race can be traced…. [read more]

How Race Is Apart of Everyday Life Essay

… ¶ … Narrative Ethnography

The readings on ethnography suggest that when approaching a personal narrative on ethnography one should formulate "an ethnographic topic study" -- and for me that would entail putting my life, my ethnic culture, my employment and my socially-related culture into some perspective. Ethnography involves embracing "Patterns of cultural thought…" that my work associates, my neighbors, my colleagues at school and my family share with reference to racial matters. The readings (pp. 200-201) reflect the idea that scholarly studies on culture, psychology, sociology and contemporary values don't generally research "how laypeople in their everyday lives perceive and experience racial identity in relation to concept of 'blood,' 'genes,' or 'the environment.' The point is that people are not necessarily "deterministic in thinking about…. [read more]

Prejudice Is Bad Actually Convince Essay

… Because they have experienced it first hand, the authors know clearly what the effects are: coercion under certain circumstances to relieve other people of the tensions that their own perceptions inflict on them, the breaking of spirit, the loss of identity, enforced beliefs, alienation, etc. But they do not make a case against prejudice by pointing these. They simply encourage the reader to try to understand prejudice by themselves, having witnessed other people's experiences. In Staples' case for example, his appearance and mere presence affect women because of their own perceptions. It is thus their doing and believing that generally affects them. But how they respond to Staples' presence subsequently has repercussions on the author's personal well being; which is to say that he has…. [read more]

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 Reaction Paper

… Because most people received their news from newspapers alone at this time, these inflammatory articles carried special weight for white readers and articles concerning blacks being lynched were constant fare.

Moreover, even if the charges had been true, the white community's reaction was blown so far out of proportion that it is clear that whites in Tulsa were looking for an excuse to do away with "Black Wall Street" and put the prosperous blacks "back in their place." In order for an event of this magnitude to have occurred, the groundwork must have been in place and the growing strength and increasing popularity of the Ku Klux Klan in Tulsa was matched in other cities in the country as well. All of this indicates that…. [read more]

Nurture and Nature Dichotomy Term Paper

… It did not take long for the news of Moody's protests to travel back home, and the anti-black contingency were extremely angry. "In the letter she (her mother) told me that the sheriff had stopped by and asked all kinds of questions about me the morning after the sit-in... 'The whites are pretty upset about her dong these things,' he told her. Mama told me not to write her again until she sent me world that it was O.K." (246). Moody became even more upset and agitated from these letters.

The others knew that I couldn't go home again, but no one knew of the agony I was going through because of it. I never told anyone about the letters I received from Mama, begging…. [read more]

Wearin' of the Green Term Paper

… "

The two girls smiled back at each other. It was a little joke they had. Margaret-Mary was really proud of her double-fisted first name. Ma said she was named after a saint who lived in France a long time ago. She was real holy and did a lot of good things. "An Irish Catholic girl should be just like a saint ... now ain't that the way the Good Lord planned it!"

Jacobs' was just coming into view as suddenly, a tall black man smacked into Margaret-Mary's side. Her schoolbooks went flying, and Margaret-Mary skidded headlong into the sidewalk. With no time to even realize what was happening, the tears came pouring down her cheeks, at the same time a she noticed the thin…. [read more]

Hate Speech on Campus Colleges Term Paper

… Conservative newspapers are routinely burned or vandalized in campuses around the nation.

Professors had been locked out of classrooms, forbidden to teach after secret accusations that they created "hostile" classroom environments for minority students.

Despite Lawrence's belief, speech and behavior codes have not resulted in a free educational environment that fosters equal-opportunity learning. Instead, the result is an atmosphere were learning is severely curtailed. Students and professors practice self-censorship, wary that misinterpreted or misstated words could result in disciplinary measures.

Though they are meant to extend protection to oppressed groups, any restrictions on free speech have the potential to slide down the "slippery slope" towards censorship. Furthermore, instead of fostering any discussion on the underlying racism, homophobia or misogyny, speech codes merely address the symptom…. [read more]

Richard Wright's Native Son and Spike Lee's Movie Do the Right Thing Term Paper

… ¶ … Buggin' Out tells Mookie to "Stay Black!" In Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," he points to the film's central theme. Being Black in America entails struggle and occasionally the struggle against social and economic oppression manifests in unfortunate acts of violence. Like Mookie, Bigger in Richard Wright's novel Native Son is a victim of social, political and economic oppression directly related to the color of his skin. Being Black in America means sacrificing hopes and dreams as well as personal values and principles. When Spike Lee quotes both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King at the conclusion of "Do the Right Thing," the filmmaker who also plays Mookie in the movie makes a powerful statement about the dichotomy of race relations in…. [read more]

Representative System of Government Research Proposal

… Arrest Rates. In 1990, more than 10 million criminal counts were logged. Although only comprising 12% of the general population, arrest rates for blacks were disproportionate for every offense except drunken driving. Blacks, for instance, accounted for 61.2% of all robbery arrests, 54.7% of the suspects arrested for murder and manslaughter, and 43.2% in cases of rape. (Interestingly enough, the annual victimization survey conducted by the Census Bureau found that only 33.2% of the women who said they had been raped identified their attackers as black. Because the race of the rapist does not seem to affect whether a report will be forthcoming, this disparity suggests that attacks by whites are less apt to lead to arrests) (Ayres & Steven, 2008).

The racial disparity in…. [read more]

Impact of Persistence on Academic Success for Latino a College Students Dissertation

… ¶ … Latinos -- Introduction

It is widely understood that that Latino community is the fastest growing ethnic / cultural group in the United States. According to the U.S. Census data, California is among the states with fast rising numbers of Hispanics (most often alluded to in this paper as Latinos). As of 2006 in Los Angeles County Latinos comprise 47.3% of the population ( (U.S. Census); in Orange County Latinos comprise 32.9% of the population (U.S. Census). In other counties the percentages are startling, especially for those who are unaware of the rapid growth of Latinos. Kern County, close to Los Angeles, is 45.2% Latino; Monterey County (near the Bay Area) is 51.5% Latino; Riverside County is 42.2% Latino; San Bernardino County is 46%…. [read more]

Alamo of Affirmative Action Term Paper

… 3% to 1.4% from 1996 to 2000. Berkeley, despite scrutinizing each application for evidence of "talents that were not identified by test scores or other standardized measures," suffered a similar decline, from 9% to 3.2% (Staff Editorial, 2003).

After affirmative action was outlawed in Texas, the University of Texas system adopted a plan to admit the top 10% of students from each high school. This policy has almost brought enrollment at UT-Austin back to previous levels, but it has not had nearly the same success at Texas A&M or at UT-Dallas, and at UT-Austin minority enrollment still is not proportionate to minorities' overall representation in the student population.

It is politically smart for President Bush to avoid declaring that he is unequivocally opposed to affirmative…. [read more]

Rodney King Riots Los Angeles Interview

… From her perspective, the most pressing issues facing the city of Los Angeles are reducing vehicular traffic, making the city friendlier for pedestrians, and clean air.

The System is changing

Detective Pjai Morris, Homicide Detective, Northeast Division, LAPD

Det. Morris was interviewed in a large, isolated conference room at the department headquarters building. He is dressed formally, but without a jacket. His movements are deliberate and seem to represent practiced patience. He is African-American and has worked as a police officer with the LAPD for 28 years.

The beating of Rodney King took place in the Foothills division of the L.A. police department and at the time there were no African-American officers assigned to that division. Det. Morris was immediately transferred to that division and…. [read more]

Theories of Social Justice Term Paper

… ¶ … Justice in Social Work


The objective of this work is to discuss Liberal Individualism, Market Individualism and the theory of Social Democracy and drawing from the Afrocentric paradigm, personal own experience, or other readings to discuss possible alternative views of justice not captured by the three theoretical frameworks of any of the aforementioned three theories of social justice.

According to Fazal Rizvi in the work entitled: "Some Thoughts on Contemporary Theories of Social Justice" there is not existent single and clear definition which can be applied to social justice however the reality of injustice is quite clear for those who have experientially lived with this injustice through oppression, homelessness and going hungry. Three main traditions of thinking…. [read more]

Person Account From the Perspective Term Paper

… ¶ … person account from the perspective of an African-American male to examine the racial relationships within his community. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

As an African-American male in modern America I was raised to believe that hard work and dedication would pay off in the way of success. While I still believe that to be true I also know that I have overcome obstacles that others may not have to face. Years ago racism was something that was proudly displayed in public. Today it is politically incorrect to be a racist, therefore those who are racist simply hide it beneath the folds of their skirts, or the back pockets of their trousers and touch it every so often for comfort.…. [read more]

Carrie Mae Weems: Photographer for All Seasons Essay

… It's one of the reasons that I'm interested in using my platform at the Guggenheim to bring forth voices that are rarely heard together. If you invite only African-Americans to the table, then you're participating in your own isolation."

Indeed, issues of isolation, personal identity, and racism feature prominently in Weems work. Deborah Solomon, a critic at WNYC, noted that Weems seems to frequently appear in her photographs with her back facing the camera, and she may be juxtaposed next to a door. It is as if, says Solomon, "The question she is always asking is: where can I enter? Where as a black artist can I enter art history, where can I enter the world?" Indeed, it this quality of Weems photographs to be…. [read more]

Justice: The History of 'Brown Book Review

… Thus, the blacks were continually beaten down and oppressed. Their children were kept from schools, their jobs paid less than the whites, and they were at the mercy of white business owners and politicians. This was clear in Clarendon County when the blacks who brought the original suit against the school district were fired from their jobs, denied loans from the local banks, and in some cases even driven out of the county, as J.A. DeLaine was. The Civil War was a compelling and unforgettable gap between the whites and the blacks, especially in the South. The hatred of the whites for the blacks created friction, distrust, and unfair conditions for most of the black residents of the South. The whites could never forgive the…. [read more]

2006, Six African-American Youth Brutally Assaulted Essay

… ¶ … 2006, six African-American youth brutally assaulted a fellow classmate at Jena High School in Louisiana. The six students, Mychal Bell, Carwin Jones, Jesse Ray Beard, Robert Bailey Jr., Bryant Purvis and Theo Shaw faced serious criminal charges including the most highly contested charge of attempted second-degree murder. Moreover, some of the adolescents were tried as adults. Some charges that were later deemed excessive, such as the attempted murder charges, were dropped. Plea-bargaining reduced the sentences for most of the "Jena 6," as they are known. The Jena 6 case is commonly advocated on the side of the African-Americans who perpetrated the assault.

The case also deserves to be viewed in light of the rights to free expression exercised by white students at Jena…. [read more]

Female Hero in New York City Novels Term Paper

… Female Identity Formation in New York

The city of New York is well-known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, and for good reason. As the eastern gateway to America, New York received many of the country's earliest immigrants, and its sheer size ensures that it will attract people from all backgrounds and regions. However, much like America, the city itself is not a free-flowing mix of individuals, but rather remains geographically and culturally separated, to the point that different neighborhoods might as well be different countries. The lives of the female leads in Sapphire's Push, Angie Cruz's Soledad, and Suki Kim's the Interpreter embody this contradiction, because although all three share the same setting, each character finds herself in a world defined by her ethnic…. [read more]

Multi-Ethnic Literature Term Paper

… It is noted by Ferguson:

"This was the first little magazine of the depression that sought to bridge the divisions among the older aesthetes like Alain Locke and James Weldon Johnson, her own bohemian Renaissance circle, and the emerging social realists like the Chicago group led by Richard Wright" (192). In an interview, West stated, "The reason I started it was that in New York I had lived fast, and I thought I'd wasted time. I wanted to give the younger generation a chance. Somebody who was criticizing me said that in spite of my intentions everybody in the magazine was old. But my contributors were the only people I knew, and I had to get the magazine out." (Jones, 2012)

The early contributors of…. [read more]

Life Experience of Personal Care Research Proposal

… Diabetes is reported as "twice as common in American Indian and Alaska Native communities as in the general population (15.3% compared with 7.3%), and it is steadily increasing." (NIAMS, 2006 in: National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, 2012, p.3)


The study conducted is to be a qualitative phenomenological study. Lester (2009) states "The purpose of the phenomenological approach is to illuminate the specific, to identify phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a situation. In the human sphere, this normally translates into gathering 'deep' information and perceptions through inductive, qualitative methods such as interviews, discussions and participant observation, and representing it from the perspective of the research participant(s). Phenomenology is concerned with the study of experience from the perspective of the…. [read more]

Dimensions of Social Inequality Race Essay

… Women with a high school diploma or less, and who are out of wedlock have higher birth rates at 40%, and which continually increasing each year. These studies indicate that children or persons raised in a family set up other than the traditional family are at a disadvantage (Kathryn & Joanna, 2005). They results of their research is used to indicate that a person raised in a home with deprived economic power, single parent, and an absence of a consistent male guide suffer uncertainty and disorderliness (Wax, 2007). These persons are more likely to end up in the same situation as their parents with life-long repercussions like school dropout, have children out-of-wedlock, lower education and job attainment, mental health and family instability.

On the other…. [read more]

Racist Beauty Ideals and Racial Term Paper

… Werrlein holds that the Dick and Jane stories equate white privilege with a version of Americanness that occurs outside of history, arguing further that the poverty and suffering of the Breedlove family symbolizes America's brutal history of racial persecution. Through her portrayal of Pauline and Cholly, Morrison suggests that parents who emerge from histories of oppression might reproduce that degradation within the family unit. Instead of Cholly protecting and providing for his family, he burns down their home and later assaults his daughter. Instead of nurturing her offspring, Pauline rejects them, seeing in them a reflection of her own ugliness. She much prefers to spend all her time working as a domestic for the Fishers. Pecola's pregnancy and psychosis represent extreme consequences of racism. Werrlein…. [read more]

Negative Public Opinion of the Police Department Research Proposal

… Public Opinion of Police Departments

When a police department is not living up to what the citizens believe is an effective level of service, there are a number of things that law enforcement can do to bolster its image in the community. First of all it must survey the community to discover where its faults lie and where its strengths are to be found. What does the community want and need that it is not presently receiving from law enforcement? This paper offers a literature review of many problems other police departments have encountered, of the inherent, build-in prejudices that citizens have toward law enforcement per se, and it offers a proposal for a survey of citizens that can be used to improve police services…. [read more]

African-American Perception of Police Being Arrested vs. Needing Assistance Research Proposal

… African-American PERCEPTION of POLICE

The proposed study will utilize a number of credible resources to secure information to illuminate concerns and considerations relating to the African-American perception of police. Simultaneously, the proposed study aims to cultivate considerations as how to best combat negative views from both sides of this contemporary, yet seemingly, eternal "issue" that divides races.

African-American PERCEPTION of POLICE

There are those who would keep us slipping back into the darkness of division, into the snake pit of racial hatred, of racial antagonism and of support for symbols of the struggle to keep African-Americans in bondage." - Carol Moseley-Braun (b. 1947), African-American politician. (Columbia, 1996)

The Darkness of Division

Let there be light...," these immortal words, recorded in the book of beginnings in…. [read more]

Accidental Asian Term Paper

… ¶ … Accidental Asian

Eric Liu- the Accidental Asian

The Accidental Asian by Eric Liu is a collection of autobiographical essays describing the author's experience as an Asian-American, and his views regarding cultural identity. The book is full of insight and questions regarding the connections existing between racial or cultural belonging and individual identity. The episodes and the characters described in the book help the author's outlining the author's construction of identity notions like that of Chineseness or Americanness. Both the hints to political issues and the vivid portraits of his family members, like his father or his grandmother are musings on the theme of identity and its exact nature. Whether Liu speaks about such scandals as the "Asian Money" scandal involving president Bill Clinton,…. [read more]

Martin Luther and My Interpretations Term Paper

… " (Faber, 1998)

Today, research covering the effects of diversity in the classroom show how and why effective teaching can be linked to the ability of instructors to incorporate diversity into their classrooms. These studies repeatedly show that there is a direct correlation between a child's attitude towards his or her race and ethnic grouping and other cultural groups from as early as the preschool years. In other words, young children develop their stereotypes in the classroom or in the home environment at very early ages.

Teachers can therefore help reduce or hopefully even eliminate negative stereotypes by being diversity conscious themselves. Through the use of culturally sensitive class initiatives for example, teachers have an opportunity to establish more positive examples for their students. "Researchers…. [read more]

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