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NASA and Its Strategic Goals in a Restructured Culture Case Study


The Context of NASA's Strategic Goals for the Design of Its Organization Structure

The disappearance of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its seven-man crew on February 1, 2013 led to the formation of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board or CAIB of high-level experts to thoroughly investigate the disaster (BST, 2004). CAIB reported on issues in three major areas of systemic safety cultural and organization, requirements for safe return, and technical excellence. It concluded that NASA's culture and history itself had a lot to do with the occurrence besides technical reasons. It recommended a complete overhaul of the organizational and safety culture of the organization (BST).

The CAIB submitted a detailed report on the major organizational causes, which led…. [read more]

NASA and Integrated Financial Management Term Paper

… However, the landing on the moon and the decline of the Cold War, among other factors, initiated changes in NASA's direction. Budget cuts caused officials to become more concerned about the survival of the space agency. NASA was forced to subcontract research and development that was previously conducted in-house (McCurdy).

As funding and accountability to Congress became an issue, the agency's mantra of encouraging risk and tolerating failure declined. Congress and the public wanted to see successful and dramatic programs, such as Apollo. However, high-profile failures like the 1967 Apollo fire and later, the Challenger explosion raised doubt on the feasibility and safety of the space program (McCurdy).

As a result, McCurdy observes, "professional employees watched the tolerance for risk and failure decrease at a…. [read more]

Human Resources Change Management Plan Term Paper

… " Next stated in the work is the fact that "Unfortunately, the federal government's strategic human capital approaches are not yet well positioned to enable the needed transformation."

The GAO report stated that the challenges still faced are in "four key areas stated to be:


"Strategic Human Capital Planning"


"Results Oriented Organized Culture"

In the area of leadership the statement was to the effect that those agencies who are the top leaders need to make provision of the commitment and inspiration in addressing human capital and other interrelated issues in transformation. In the article "Strategic Human Capital Planning," the planning efforts toward the human capital within the organization need to be more "fully and demonstrably integrated with mission and critical program goals. The…. [read more]

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