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Nathaniel Hawthorne Life Imitates Research Paper

… Yet the prime link between Hawthorne's life and this particular tale is made manifest in the preoccupation with the supernatural. In this story, the residents of the aforementioned domicile -- including the young man whose ambition seemingly infused the entire family, even its children -- are killed by a massive landslide on a mountain that, strangely enough, leaves their home untouched (the occupants are killed when they run outside in an attempt to protect themselves by a barrier formed for refuge for just such occurrences). The irony of this situation, when coupled with the description of the force of nature required to produce such an effect, certainly has preternatural connotations as the following quotation sufficiently demonstrates. "But, while they spoke…the wind, through the Notch, took…. [read more]

Puritan Literary Influence Term Paper

… American Literature

It can be argued that all literature is a product of the culture within which it develops. This pattern can be seen in early American literature. The prehistory of early European-American writers were profoundly influenced by their European roots, and as the movement that became the American revolution developed, those changing influences affected American literature in significant ways.

Many early European settlers had British heritage and were of the Puritan faith. The Puritans were unique among the new settlers because many of them were highly educated. A significant number were college graduates (VanSpanckeren, 2004). As Puritans, they believed that the only acceptable purpose for writing was to emphasize the need to obey God and to avoid the temptations of Satan. Reading purely for…. [read more]

North American Literature Term Paper

… As Claudia states (p. 2079), when Mrs. MacTeer discovers Pecola has drunk three quarts of milk on her own, "Pecola, Freida, and I, listened to her downstairs in the kitchen fussing about the amount of milk Pecola had drunk."Then she gets her period right afterward, meaning she is definitely not a baby anymore, physically, although psychologically she still is. She has not even ever been told anything about her period coming at a certain age. Pecola has never had any love or guidance she needed, so she is like a baby and a young woman all at once.

In all of the twentieth century works of American literature mentioned, characters who are members of minority groups within the United States, either Chinese; Chinese-American, or African-American,…. [read more]

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