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Nation States Descriptions Essay

… "To take one example, the United Nations Charter is an Institutionalist response to the fact of state power...Norms of sovereign identity and equality seek to create a fictional world in which power is equalized; prohibitions on the use of force seek to shape reality to approximate this fiction" (Slaughter 1995: 726-727).

Liberal theories of international relations similarly take an optimistic view of the progress that is possible if members of the world community work together. Liberalism has been associated with the fostering of democracy as a universal value, rather than upon focusing on stability between state actors like realists. Woodrow Wilson, and his attempt to create the League of Nations at the end of World War I is often said to embody this philosophy. Because…. [read more]

Birth of a Nation: Epic Storytelling Research Paper

… Birth of a Nation: Epic Storytelling or Historical Blight?

Griffith's the Birth of a Nation may be the most divisive film in the history of American film-making. On the one hand, its overt racist message was so inflammatory that, even at the time of its release, people protested its message. The Ku Klux Klan saw an increase in membership after the release of the movie and continues to use it to recruit new members in modern times. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the racism in the film and the impact that it had on American culture. At the same time, from the perspective of innovation in the film industry, the film is considered ground-breaking. Griffith incorporated a number of new elements into the film,…. [read more]

United Nations Research Paper

… S. involvement in the UN

Believing that the UN has no right to intervene or interfere in other countries' affairs, Paul introduced H.R. 1146.IH during the 111th Congress

H.R. 1146 if passed, would have terminated U.S. participation the UN (which was Public Law 79-264; 22 U.S.C. 287 et seq)

"No funds may be obligated or expended to support the participation of any member of the Armed Forces of the U.S. As part of any United Nations…peacekeeping operation or force" (H.R. 1146.IH)

This legislation did not pass the Senate, but it reflects the view of some politicians that the UN should not become involved in other states' affairs

TWO: Intervention in the Internal Affairs of States (Paphiti, e-International Relations)

The UN is authorized to "maintain international…. [read more]

Translation Nation by Hector Tobar Article Critique

… Translation Nation by Hector Tobar

In Translation Nation, Hector Tobar, an American born to immigrant parents, opens his discussion of Spanish-speaking America with a discussion of Che Guevara. His discussion is not necessarily a political discussion, but focuses on how he, as a child, viewed Guevara, and how his attitude towards Guevara reflected the ideals of his parents, immigrants from Guatemala. He also talks about his own conflicts between his heritage and his American beliefs. "One of the first secrets I ever kept from my father was that I admired Maury Wills, the shortstop of the Dodgers, and Jerry West of the Lakers as much as, if not more than, El Che" (Tobar, 2005, pp. 3-4). This dichotomy between his Spanish-speaking heritage and all of…. [read more]

Policy Advisement on Efficacy Term Paper

… Whatever happens now, America will withdraw in defeat. Armies are for winning wars, not building nations. Armies that keep fighting a war they've won, will lose it" (Jonas, 2010). This distinction between the role and mission of our armed forces is fundamental to this debate, because as a nation founded on the ideal of democratic freedom, becoming a force of occupation does not align with our military's legitimate objectives. As one prominent foreign policy journalist observed in 2007, when the Iraqi insurgency had reached its bloody crescendo of suicide bombings and assassination attempts -- "the moment the United States invaded the way it did, and occupied the nation as boorishly as it did, the outcome couldn't have been any different than it is now" (Tristam).…. [read more]

Nations Formed Through the Combination Term Paper

… Nations formed through the combination of multiple ethnic cultures are often plagued by occasional disruptions due to differences between the cultures. The nation of Yugoslavia, however, formed through the combination of four major ethnic groups, Serbian, Croatians, Slovaks and Montenegro. For most of its history the Yugoslavian state existed with little or no ethnic conflict. There were period difficulties but they were quickly quelled. (Silber

This all changed, however, subsequent to the death of long time dictator, Josip Tito. Tito had successfully held the coalition together but with his death the ethnic differences that were naturally present began to have their effect. When Serbia and Croatia could not resolve their differences over the exchange of power which resulted in their each declaring independence the entire…. [read more]

Jungle and Fast Food Nation Essay

… Although both books examined here do important muckraking work, demonstrating the dangers of rampant capitalism buoyed by a government looking the other way, the fact remains that one hundred years of progress has not fundamentally altered the American meatpacking industry, even if some aspects of the production are not as viscerally revolting as the conditions described in The Jungle. In the end, it appears that very little has changed between the publication of either book, and Fast Food Nation has only served to demonstrate how the familiar problems of The Jungle keep cropping up, evolved and streamlined for the twenty-first century. Alleviating these problems would require a far more robust inspection and enforcement regime than currently exists, as well as a fundamental reconsideration of humans'…. [read more]

Nationalism, Gender, Thesis

… ¶ … Nationalism, Gender, And the Nation

The objective of this paper is to answer the question of whether policies of nationalist government modernize gender relations or do they represent a traditionalist aim to preserve or reestablish unequal and pre-modern gender relations, in effect archaizing gender relations? Another important goal is to connect this to a more specific question of "How does the notion of women as biological reproducers of the nation influence reproductive choices of women and nationalist agendas behind reproductive policy in socialist and postsocialist Poland?"

It does not really matter what country or region of the world in which the women lives there are always inherently, biologically, and perhaps even genetically related reasons why the woman does not realize the same autonomy…. [read more]

National Preparedness (Ppd-8) Examines Term Paper

… The entire design of the United States places an emphasis on personal liberty that, without changing the entire nature of the country, necessarily means that the governmental sector cannot control individual movement within the country. Therefore, "a comprehensive approach to emergency management, specifically critical infrastructure security, cannot be accomplished if the private sector is excluded from these efforts. Because 85% of the nation's infrastructure is controlled by the private sector, the government's new programs and policies must be fashioned to encourage their participation" (Hardenbrook, 2005).

While the federal government may think that it can exert downward control through measures such as PPD-8, and, with that downward control eliminate the risk of terrorism, the reality is that such a plan is unrealistic. First, it would require…. [read more]

Post-Conflict, Peace / Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan Term Paper

… Post-Conflict, Peace/Nation Building in Iraq and Afghanistan

Somehow, within a forty year span of time, the United States has found itself ensnared in multiple wars in Asia at the same time. Again, unless we can influence the postwar nation building process, powers that are inimical to United States interests (in the present Iran) will fill the vacuum upon the American withdrawal. In this short essay, this author will list two lessons learned from our wars apply it to the defacto American raj in Afghanistan and Iraq. First is not to become too closely associated with present unpopular regimes as it is doing with the present administrations in the countries in which we are "nation-building." Also, staying engaged in a never ending guerrilla war that has…. [read more]

Fast Food Nation: Beefing Up the World Thesis

… Fast Food Nation: Beefing Up the World

In Michael Schlosser's book Fast Food Nation he quite candidly points out that "obesity is now second only to smoking as a cause of mortality in the United States" (241). The remainder of the first part of this chapter does not get much more positive than this initial overview, offering various different explanations as to how fast food chains have changed eating habits and contributed to this phenomenon. Although it does not form one of the central themes of the book as such, it is nevertheless an important argument which is made by Schlosser within these few pages. This essay will examine other evidence which has since been published in relation to this topic, in an attempt to…. [read more]

Substance Abuse in Adolescents: Examining the Problem Research Paper

… Substance Abuse in Adolescents: Examining the Problem and Proposing Solutions

The problem of substance abuse is one that has plagued the nation for decades. This issue stems far beyond the user themselves and far into the realm of national issues including: the economy, healthcare, legislation and public policy. For years, the nation has dealt with the issue of substance abuse, but only in its recent past has the issue become one that deals directly with adolescents. As the years pass by, substance abuse appears to affect a younger and younger demographic. Substance abuse in adolescents is an issue that not only affects the individuals abusing drugs and alcohol, but has the capacity to affect the nation as whole.

Background, Statistics and Underlying Factors to Abuse…. [read more]

Free Markets Perspective, Examine Essay

… Political compe-tition and political contribution within nations encourage eco-nomic expansion and a stable international social and economic order. Only a framework of this kind can make sure the supply of necessary information by independent media and associations. Consensus and commitment by the politi-cal, economic and social actors to the reconciliation of interests in both the national and international context are the prerequisites for affluence for all (Guidelines for Prosperity, Social Justice and Sustainable Economic Activity, 2009).

Question 2


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the accountability of an organization for the impacts of its choices and activities on society, the environment and its own affluence, known as the triple bottom line consisting of people, planet, and profit. Not only do accountable, sustainable and translucent approaches…. [read more]

Japanese Watersheds an Island Nation Essay

… Such continuous efforts have ensured that one of the world's largest economic developments has been able to safeguard its population in the high-risks region. (Greater Tokyo, 2004)

The above description demonstrates one of the ways in which watersheds (in this case, the one that exists under the city of Tokyo) come to be endangered by human activity.

When humans view water as a danger then in turn they become a danger to the water. Of course it is if we look at water vis-a-vis its power to kill people and destroy its buildings -- a danger that we saw all too well with the tsunami that struck Japan last year. However, floods and the human responses to it are not the most serious dangers that…. [read more]

Nestle's Social Irresponsibility in Developing Nations Research Proposal

… Nestle

There are several ethical issues arising from Nestle's business practices is developing nations. These issues include the lawsuit against Ethiopia, the use of child labor, union busting, and the myriad of issues surrounding the infant formula controversy. Evaluating these issues, however, presents many challenges. There are different schools of ethical thought, for example. An issue can be evaluated on a deontological basis, which measures the morality of our actions based on the nature of the actions themselves, regardless of the outcomes. The other major philosophy regarding ethics is consequentialism, in which the morality of our actions is judged by their outcomes, regardless of intent. Beyond these two perspectives, there are several other complicating factors. One is the legal factor, which is a significant factor…. [read more]

UN Security Council Proliferation Research Paper

… [footnoteRef:10] [9: Peter Crail, "Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540: A Risk-Based Approach," The Nonproliferation Review, vol 15, no. 13, July 2006, p. 355.] [10: Lars Olberg, "The Implementation of Resolution 1540 in the Middle East," Cooperative Monitoring Center-Amman Occasional Paper, February 2008, p. 3.]

Simultaneously, in the years leading up to the adoption of Resolution 1540, the United States was in a hurry to put on the books a measure that obligated the entire international community to take steps to shut down or disrupt terrorist networks seeking WMD. More specifically, the George W. Bush Administration did not believe that the time-consuming process of negotiating a multilateral treaty was an appropriate path, considering the urgency of generating a WMD terrorism nonproliferation tool. In fact, the…. [read more]

Virginia Woolf's Novels. Specifically it Will Create Research Proposal

… ¶ … Virginia Woolf's novels. Specifically it will create a research proposal to discuss the author's dialogue about war in her novels, and analyze the social and psychological implications of war in the context of gender relations.

This project will utilize several novels included in classroom study, namely "Mrs. Dalloway," "To the Lighthouse," "Jacob's Room," "A Room of One's Own, and "A Writer's Diary." The research will scour these novels for Woolf's references and feelings about war in general, to derive her own thoughts about war and society. (One possible conclusion is that Woolf, in her own way, used the war between nations to examine the nature of war between the sexes, a war which endorses gender polarization with direct consequences for both women and…. [read more]

United Nations and US Foreign Term Paper

… Since then, U.S. foreign policy - and the role of the United Nations in it -- has consistently been changing.

One of the main factors that contributed to recent changes in U.S. foreign policy was the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2002 (Barisch, 2004). Weeks later, without prior Security Council authorization, the President gave orders to U.S. military forces to attack Afghanistan.

In the fall of 2002, the United States went to the U.N. To draw up a new resolution designed to force Saddam Hussein to allow U.N. weapons inspectors to reenter Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction and, ultimately, to trigger war (Barisch, 2004). U.N. Security Council resolution 1441 was adopted unanimously. After months of weapons inspections…. [read more]

United Nations: Failures Research Paper

… They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

However, were people actually treated with the "spirit of brotherhood"? For the Tutsis, the answer to this question was an ominous "no." As the international peace keeping the organization, the UN should have intervened and salvaged the lives of thousands of Tutsis who were moribund.

Of course, this initial discriminatory may be plausible and acknowledgeable because it would have been a hassle to rescue the Tutsis in great numbers. However, no help returned to the Tutsis who were suffering in agony

About a week into the conflict, the UN, instead of increasing the number of UN peacekeeping force in order to prevent the rampage, voted to withdraw…. [read more]

Chippewas of Rama First Nation Research Paper

… In terms of education, there is an Early Childcare Education Facility called "Biinoojiinsag Kinoomawgewgamig," which means "a place for our young children to learn." There is the Mnjikaning Kendaaswin, the "place of learning" Elementary School. There are some post secondary programs available as well as opportunities for Adult Education. Other community services include the Chippewas of Rama Fire and Rescue Service, Chippewas of Rama Police Service, Chippewas of Rama Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and Public Works and Maintenance. Members of the community have serves in housing, recreation, finance, economic development, human resources, general counsel, and others. (, 2012)

As of today, there are no outstanding land right's issues at the forefront of the Chippewa of Rama First Nation community. They look forward to the expansion…. [read more]

United Nations Rights Term Paper

… United Nations / Rights

The United Nations Watches Over International Human Rights

Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person," (General Assembly of the United Nations, Article 3); it is a surprisingly modern conception that every human being on this earth should have natural rights which not even their sovereign king or nation can take away from them. The horrors of genocide witnessed in WWII shocked the world. In response to these horrors representatives from many nations designed the United Nations, which would ensure the natural rights to all people despite their nationality.

The General Assembly of the United Nations was created "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind,"…. [read more]

Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins Book Review

… ¶ … Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe

Geary, Patrick. The Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe. Princeton: Princeton

University Press, 2003.

When the European Union was taking shape, there was a great deal of talk about the need to put aside old political and economic rivalries to create a new era of cooperation, in the interest of all member nations. According to the Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe by Patrick Geary, this was not the first time that Europe was united: during the height of the Roman Empire, so long as individuals worshipped Roman gods, obeyed Roman law, and swore allegiance to the Roman emperor, they could become fully-fledged Roman citizens, even if they were born to…. [read more]

Nation Is One With Finite Resources Research Paper

… ¶ … nation is one with finite resources. In the midst of our current economic recession, every tax dollar spent counts. This leads one to wonder why so much money is spent incarcerating low-level and nonviolent drug offenders, who essentially need medical treatment above criminal punitive punishment. In today's judicial system, drug offenders are treated like criminals, and not the addicts and medical patients that they are. Our nation is dead bent on a war with drugs, physically forcing these addicts out of their addiction. However, "Getting tough on drugs may be good politics but inefficient public policy," (Kim et al. 1993:174). Typical solutions tend to gravitate towards either harsh criminal punishments or an increase in drug awareness education, both have their own successes and…. [read more]

Corporal Punishment UN Convention Essay

… corporal punishment UN Convention


The work of Johnny (2005) entitled: "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Rationale for Implementing Participatory Rights in Schools" reported in regards to child rights in the Canadian Context as follows: "Despite its international recognition the Convention has been met with great opposition from conservative groups who claim that the participatory principle threatens the rights of adults by providing children with excessive autonomy. This logic has largely dissuaded the United States from ratifying the Convention and has also sparked debate in Canada where the government has been sluggish in their attempts to fully implement this international document into domestic policy and law. Correspondingly, this has thwarted the participation of youth in institutions such as…. [read more]

Agriculture and Less Developed Nations Term Paper

… Attitudes Towards Change

Undeveloped countries are many times resistant to change for a number of reasons. There is "cultural resistance; many of the cultivators are poor and extremely risk adverse, feeling the risks outweigh the gains; and many of the peasants are unable to afford new production technology (Cypher, 331-365)."

Hidden Potential and High-Yield Seeds

Many economists debate the argument that there is "hidden potential in the agricultural sector, due to the assumptions concerning the ineffectiveness of peasant cultivation (Cypher, 331-365)."

Many landowners hoped that using high-yield variety of seeds would reduce poverty in underdeveloped countries, however "peasants are being driven out of rural areas due to a drop in prices as crop supplies increase (Cypher, 331-365)." Another downside to these crops is they are…. [read more]

Mikisew Cree First Nation Live Term Paper

… Furthermore, the water supply itself is being used up in the extraction process because so much of it is used to generate steam. Therefore, the tar sand oil extraction is certainly not an equitable affair for many of the local communities. Therefore natural resources are being utilized without their consent. Although the workers at the oil plant are paid seemingly well, the money is not distributed to all stakeholders.

Not only is the pollution is affecting the local community, but it also is impacted the entire planet through the emission of greenhouse gases. Climate change has been referred to as the issue that will define this generation and the effects of this phenomenon are already apparent in many areas of the world. The have been…. [read more]

Nation of Laws, All Citizens Term Paper

… ¶ … nation of laws, all citizens are always affected by current legal issues in various positive and negative ways so it is important to keep abreast of legal issues that have a personal effect as well as recent changes in the laws that have particular relevance for an individual. Moreover, in their capacity as citizens, Americans are also affected by national and international legal issues in various ways. Finally, Americans are also affected by legal issues that affect their employment. To gain some fresh insights into these areas, this essay examines how I am being affected by current legal issues in my personal and professional capacities, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Legal Issues…. [read more]

Wealth of a Nation Term Paper

… (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1973.) xix, 403 p.: illus., (HG508.E75).

This book delves even more distinctly into the money situation of the colonies before the Revolution, especially how political thought and occurrence drove the economy. More so than some of the other authors, Ernst illustrates the fluctuations of the economy and how the many difficulties affected colonial merchants and industrialists. Ernst is also critical of some of the prior studies available to historians and economists. Early in the first chapter, he cites the "na ve" use of the quantity theory in historic study, and his criticism of certain areas continues throughout the book, indicating both his grasp of the material and his thorough study of the implications of both the economy and…. [read more]

School Choice Throughout the Nation Term Paper

… "

The disabled students of the nation have always been able to get the least restrictive environment for their students. "The concept of least restrictive environment (LRE) is derived from the constitutional doctrine of the "least restrictive alternative." That doctrine requires government to achieve its purposes through the least oppressive and restrictive means. As such, school districts, in their efforts to comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 (IDEA) may not restrict individual rights and liberties beyond that which is minimally and reasonably necessary to provide each child with a disability with a free appropriate public education (FAPE) (Thomas, 1998)."

The proponents of school choice, whether that choice be charter, private, home or public feel this should be available for all students…. [read more]

Business America Is a Nation Term Paper

… In relation to American business culture, the hierarchical chain of command surpasses individual relationships (Ball, Et al. 132- 146).

Furthermore, individual competence, professionalism, and responsibility for personal performance are significant in American business culture. For this reason, subordinate seek help from managers incase of complex cases. These are concepts that also contribute to extremely work ethic often faced in America. As opposed to some Asian countries, America is reluctant in supporting the development of personal relationships within business culture. In America, the general goal of business is to preserve a quality deal, thus, developing company relationships are of significant value. Americans are very clear in making distinctions between the workmates and friends in their daily life. In America, business meetings remain formal and minimum time…. [read more]

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