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Classic Internationalization Theories Term Paper

… Classic Internationalisation Theories

Classic Internationalization Theories

Classic internationalisation theories are criticised for their validity in the internationalisation of the "born global" firms. Take an example of your interest to discuss your view.

This research paper shall examine the thesis statement 'Classic internationalisation theories are criticized for their validity in the internationalisation of the Born Global firms'. During the course of our investigation the paper will look at the geographical and financial issues involved with Born Global firms. It will then go on to talk about managerial concerns linking them with models and the Classic Internationalization Theories. The paper also examines Born Global firms such as Enron and GE scrutinize differing spectrums of the theory to answer our thesis question.


Thirty years ago, the multinational…. [read more]

Politics of Drugs in Latin America Essay

… Politics of Drugs in Latin America

The Politics of Drugs: Impacting Mexico

The challenges narcotics have brought to Latin America are certainly far-reaching, having a major impact on a variety of countries' social, political, and economic constructs. Affecting the elite and peasant cultures alike, drugs have built up social boundaries in these countries that many find difficult to traverse. In many Latin American countries, government officials and civilians alike are nearly wholly controlled by drug lords, who profit financially from narcotic sales and trafficking, and whose empires infiltrate the social services of a country. Mexico is no exception. According to Flintoff, of National Public Radio, Mexican drug cartels have divided Mexico into zones, warring with each other and causing violent political turmoil to characterize the…. [read more]

Scott 2003 Thesis

… Hall 2003

Scott (2003) offers definitions associated with three perspectives: a rational system definition (which focuses on normative structures), a natural system definition (which focuses on behavioral structure) and an open system definition (which focuses on organizations as component in large system of relation). Which of the three definitions is most helpful in understanding an organization?

In his article regarding organizational structure, Hall suggests that organizations are becoming an increasingly studied subject by a variety of disciplines, as they are extraordinarily important to a variety of cultural and sociological studies and implications. Whether they function as independent organisms, miniscule models of society, or highly formalized institutions, organizations can be classified under a variety of theoretical systems. Hall uses three definitions to discuss the differing views…. [read more]

Social Work Assessment Within Child Protection Research Proposal

… Social Work

The Importance of Assessment and Framework in Social Work

An Emphasis on Child Protection

Social programs and the existence of professionals tasked with facilitating goodwill and functionality in the public society is far from a new concept. In fact, certain social programs existed for peasants during the Middle Ages, and the United States has a rich history of social programs and social work dating back to the 1800s (Center on Human Development). The book Past Judgment suggests that the history of social work and social programs is similarly extensive, and perhaps controversial, in New Zealand. Through the feudal society of medieval Europe, fledgling democratic society of the post-colonial United States, and the ethnically diverse society of New Zealand, the field of social work…. [read more]

Reelecting President George W. Bush Term Paper

… There are many pros and cons involved with Bush's reelection. While his reelection may be the result of his role as a wartime hero, there is much speculation as to whether the President has the ability to handle the subsequent peace process as well as he had handled the war. According to Michael Nacht, dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Aaron Wildavsky Professor of Public Policy (Powell, 2003): "I think the Bush administration spent a lot more time preparing for the war than the peace." Still, he added, the Bush administration seems determined to make Iraq a showcase for democratic governance in the Middle East: "It sounds melodramatic, but it really could be a very critical moment in American foreign policy.…. [read more]

Role of Womens Essay

… No dear. It was an ordeal. I applied in 30 medical schools one after the other and 29 rejected me for admission.

Florence: (Surprised) oh really?

Elizabeth: Yess. Only Geneva Medical School allowed me to get admission in 1847. But there were all boys in the class. The teachers were males too. They often did not let me attend the medical demonstration but, anyhow, time passed. I graduated with flying marks and stood first in my class. By the way, you tell, how are you going with your cause?

Florence: Hmm. (smiled). I also regard the support from my father. You know what, he is a landowner but actively involved in anti-slavery movement. I feel for people a lot. There is so much categorization and…. [read more]

Vietnam War Cultural Cohesion Research Paper

… Vietnam War

Cultural Cohesion

No one who is well acclimated with history can claim that the United States had a unified effort in its involvement in the Vietnam War. From the domestic support of troops and soldiers in the conflict, to the representation of the progress of the war depicted by various media outlets, to even the disparate military factions that comprised the martial efforts of this nation, there was virtually always conflicting sentiments and disparate points-of-view about the best way to find success in this lengthy belligerent affair that lasted the better part of 20 years. This internal conflict manifested itself a number of times, perhaps most saliently in the impaired usage of foreign culture and the ineffective use of interagency capabilities. Had the…. [read more]

GE Aviation Division, Aircraft Engines Essay

… A GE J35 engine was behind a Douglas Skystreak's 1947 speed record of 650 miles per hour (GE Aviation, 2011).

After 1947, GEA experienced several years of competition from other manufacturers due to the desire of the U.S. Air Corps for a more diverse supply base for turbosupercharger-based aircraft engines. GEA responded to the challenge with the subsequent release of its J47 model, which effectively took over the American military aircraft engine market. The J47 engine generated sufficient demand for GEA to open a second manufacturing plant in Ohio in 1949. The second J47 plant was named Evendale, which eventually expanded to become GEA's central worldwide headquarters. The GE J47 served the needs of the Korean War, with over 35,000 units placed into service before…. [read more]

Hybrid Organizations Term Paper

… The results obtained by Kickert (2001) indicated what was termed as "devolution" of hybrid agencies within the Dutch public sector. Devolution is described as having the ability to sometimes result in reduced autonomy for an organization, apparent in increased ministerial control over policy, and governance relationships have demonstrated increased transparency and explicitness (Kickert, 2001). The author suggested that hybrid organizations have an important role in government of the Netherlands, and that their presence will remain for some time. Therefore, it is unrealistic and impractical to continue for a strict, distinct separation between private and public organizations (Kickert, 2001). Approaches utilized within hybrid organizations must strike a balance, as the application of management strategies successfully used in private organizations to the operations of hybrid organizations does…. [read more]

Perceived Effectiveness of College Programs for Non-Traditional Students by Recent Graduates Literature Review

… Non-Traditional Students

In the 1980s a major switch happened in the culture and population of colleges and universities. Instead of the stereotypical 18-year-old recent high school graduate, the non-traditional student became the norm on campus. Most authorities define a non-traditional student as someone who is over 25 years of age, attends college or university on a part-time basis, commute to school, or any combination of these characteristics. From 1970 to 1985, the growth rate for non-traditional students was 114%, compared to a much smaller increase of 15% in the number of younger, traditional students. Nontraditional students increased over time from one in four undergraduates in 1986 to nearly one in three (31%) in 1992 (Horn and Carroll, 1996). Part-time students have also increased 87%. Full-time…. [read more]

Recidivism Rates and Causes Research Paper

… (2) Elimination of Disparities -- Governments should eliminate policies that create racial and other improper disparities, which undermine the goal of equality and fairness under the law.

(3) Alternatives to Incarceration -- Incarceration should be reserved to punish the most serious crimes. Community placement and supervision that include a combination of sanctions and access to treatment and other services, especially for individuals who have an addiction and/or mental illness, have proven successful. Government should aggressively pursue these alternatives to help ensure more effective and just outcomes.

(4) Proportionate Punishment -- Sentencing laws should ensure that the punishment fits the crime and that judges have sufficient discretion to impose a sentence no greater than necessary to achieve the ends of justice.

(5) Incarceration, Rehabilitation and Reentry…. [read more]

Plato's Republic Forms of Government Research Proposal

… Plato's Republic

Forms of Government in the Republic by Plato

One of the most interesting aspects of the forms of government described in Plato's the Republic is his views on the democratic government and its shortcomings. It is particularly interesting in respect of how democracy is viewed by society today. Indeed, this form of government is seen as ideal in current Western Society. According to Socrates in Plato's work, however, democracy is merely one of a progressive governmental sequence, each with its own faults. Significantly, the democratic form of government precede tyranny in the degrading sequence. While the United States most closely resembles democracy as explicated by Socrates, the other forms of defective government will also be examined for possible points of similarity. Finally, the…. [read more]

Environment and the Two Major Term Paper

… Today and the Future:

In 2000, Republicans once again gained control of both the White House and the Congress. Several important environmental pieces of legislation have been put into place during this time. The Environmental Restoration Act of 2003 is one such bill. The purpose of the Environmental Restoration Act is to encourage the development of alternative fuel sources to help meet the increasing energy demand for homeowners and industries ("Environmental Restoration," n.d.).

Republican President George W. Bush has promoted his 'Clear Skies Initiative' that would limit the emissions of mercury, which have been found so dangerously high in fish, that the government has posted warnings on the consumption, as well as reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. It is thanks to efforts on both…. [read more]

Media in America Term Paper

… But that will not solve their problem, because it has been the so-called fourth estate, the news media, that has collaborated with Congress in preventing the Executive Branch from operating in secrecy. The news media, as Woodward makes clear, are never going to return to the pre-Watergate days when a president's actions were not questioned. Nor should they, even in a time of war."

Many critics argue that increasing media ownership concentration and the drive to sensationalize or commercialize news coverage have taken away the guts and gumption that investigative reporting requires (Waisbord, 2001). Business pressures have also had a negative effect on investigative reporting, as journalistic demands for a great deal of time, human and financial resources directly conflict with profit expectations and production…. [read more]

Causes of World Hunger Essay

… Global hunger is a serious world health issue. However, it is an issue that is far more complex than many people care to acknowledge. Global hunger is not caused by overpopulation, food scarcity, or even national disasters, though those factors may contribute to the hunger epidemic. Instead, global hunger can be traced to capitalistic practices including the commoditization of food, the use of agricultural land to grow profitable non-food crops, the taking of crop land for use in dam projects, and misguided foreign aid that supports increased production as a means of ending hunger. The global hunger problem can be solved, but it will not be solved using existing interventions.

Works Cited

Knight, Danielle. "It is a Myth that World Hunger is Due to Scarcity…. [read more]

Strategic Management Cycle Case Study

… Strategic Management Cycle


It is absolutely essential for Comcast to each and every strategic management tool at its disposal in this stage of its development. This is largely due to the fact that the cable and broadcast industries are in a volatile period with an uncertain future. The rapid advance of technology in the previous decade have given companies like Comcast a level of competition that they had not faced in previous generations. For instance, before the introduction of high-speed internet on a broad scale in the United States, cable companies virtually had monopoly power in the markets in which they operated.

As a result, many companies, including Comcast, often sacrificed customer service levels for profitability given the fact that consumers did not really…. [read more]

GE Global Initiatives General Electric Term Paper

… Based on the nature of our business engagement, appropriate levels of due diligence will be undertaken to assure that our actions in Myanmar respect human rights. We believe that our healthcare and energy products- to be produced in a way that is respectful to human rights- can make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of Myanmar (GE, 2012).

In accordance with this stated position, GE has changed its business relationship with Myanmar and has opened up business opportunities for all GE units in Myanmar. Theoretically, by providing employment opportunities and access to some GE innovation, this would be beneficial for the citizens of Myanmar. However, the helpfulness of GE's action is largely predicated on the notion that the government has or will…. [read more]

Status of the Labor Movement Essay

… The complete breakdown of labor movements might have crushed consequences. These movements have assumed a vital role in propelling economic equity, in the work environment and political issues. Union participation raises average weekly wages while reducing gender and race based income differences. Union employees are better positioned to receive pension benefits and healthcare compared to non-unionized employees. The decrease of organized labor is directly connected to the ascent in economic disparity witnessed in the recent years. The decrease in the density of unions coupled with the decrease in the true quality of the minimum wage demonstrates one-third of the memorable development in wage bias since the early 1970s.

Employee power has disintegrated in the work environment; the political clout of the labor movement has likewise…. [read more]

Strategic Business Management Essay

… Strategic Management

Target: Strategic Management

Target, formerly known as Dayton Stores, launched the Target name; bull's eye logo and a new era in discount retailing through its trendy merchandise at affordable prices in 1962 (Target, 2010). Target now operates over 1,750 stores in 49 states and India, including 240 Super Target stores that include an upscale grocery section. In addition to the photo processing centers, pharmacies and food aisles found in almost every Target, Super Target stores include in-store bakery, deli, meat, and produce sections (Target, 2010). With the company ranking 28th in Fortune 500, its diversity in products, its innovation, and its reputation, the company's management needs to have a full understanding of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends to make the…. [read more]

Business and Government Relations Essay

… ¶ … E-Government to Improve the Delivery of Services

In recent years, governments at all levels in developed and developing nations alike have increasingly recognized the benefits of delivering services to the public using so-called e-government methods. By providing information and services to their constituents in this efficient fashion, governments are also saving money while improving the satisfaction with their services among the public. There are some challenges involved in implementing and administering an efficient e-government system, though, that must be taken into account in order for these methods to be well received and accomplish their intended purpose. To determine what these challenges are, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identifying opportunities for improving the delivery of government services using e-government…. [read more]

Hurricane Katrina the Issue of Race and Class Examined Term Paper

… Hurricane Katrina, Class And Race

Hurricane Katrina - Issues of Race and Class

The Hurricane Katrina disaster will be discussed and debated for years, perhaps for a hundred years and more; and it can safely be assumed that an important part of the discussion will embrace the concepts of race and class. One can easily imagine a sociology professor in the year 2025 - with students in her class far too young to know much at all of Katrina - pointing out that had a storm of such colossal intensity been approaching a city of mostly white, middle class and wealthy citizens, a different set of preparations and a wholly different outcome could be expected.

Meanwhile, this paper will review and analyze the social realities…. [read more]

Victims of a Meaningless Show Term Paper

… The same applies to other phrases selected such as "we are in the midst of" and "reach out first for our freedom." These emphasize the significance of the actions of the grape workers.

Finally, the difficulty of the journey is described saying "our bodies are mortal and our journey hard." This implies that the grape workers should have a sense of pride for what they have done and what they are trying to achieve, even if they are not successful.

Overall, the speech uses language that emphasizes the significance of the events. The specific words and phrases selected are not those that would be used in normal speech, but ones that suggest a greater significance.

Question 4: What is a Reasonable Doubt?

1. What is…. [read more]

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