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Singapore, Nationalism, Global City Term Paper

… The norms in Confucian teachings were redefined as:

Loyalty-identification with country's interest

Filial piety- respect for elderly

Benevolence- humaneness


Virtue- social ethics

Honesty- resistance from corruption

Sense of shame- awareness of right and wrong (Tamir, 1993)

Political Structure of Singapore as 'Global City':

Since its independence on 9th August 1965 People's Action Party has dominated the political structure of Singapore. In the initial years People's Action Party have been devoted to the deal with communists but in the recent decades it has found its governance in the social democratic system. In the regime of People's Action Party (PAP) Singapore had the power structure which had been characterized as authoritarian, practical, lucid and legalistic.

The administrative structure of the Singapore political system can be defined…. [read more]

Nationalism and Singapore Term Paper

… ¶ … nationalism in Singapore. It is important for policy due to the fact that such a phenomenon can explode into a serious political situation that may well have international ramifications. Nationalism is the struggle of a local people to assert themselves, but this assertion almost always involves a physical conflict with aliens / foreigners (the enemy as they see them; immigrants as we know them). Aside from this conflict seeding dissension within a present-time peaceful and attractive county and, most likely, destructing this country, effects of this conflict can spill aboard causing other countries to step in to either aid or impede the conflict, and, in this manner, disseminate a war. Nationalism has, frequently, resulted in international war. On two occasions, it has consequented…. [read more]

English Creative Writing in Singapore Dissertation

… Creative Writing in English: Singapore


Singapore is a country in which the learning of the English language has become vitally important. For many students, the learning of the English Language is dependent upon the development of creative writing skills. Creative writing is used as a learning tool because it permits students to write in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable as they become more proficient in using the English language. Creative writing is utilized as a mechanism that allows students to expand their vocabulary and improve comprehension skills. In recent years creative writing in the English language for junior college students and into adult working life in Singapore has been encouraged. The goal of the study…. [read more]

Nationalism vs. Globalization in Taiwan Term Paper

… ¶ … press on globalization and its economic impact has focused on the incredible growth of China, Japan and Korea, Taiwan's emergence as a world player almost more dramatic. Once an ostracized island confederation, Taiwan has embraced the power of globalization and allowed itself to become of the growing number of success stories of the East Asian economic region. The question of how globalization emerged within our modern world and specifically within East Asia is a complicated one. It was the result of economic, political, social and cultural circumstances that were all perfectly in tune over the last quarter of a century. The Western conquest of the Asian region through Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other East Asian countries resulted in an influx of foreign capital…. [read more]

Singaporean Youth and No Sense Essay

… This country has a very strong sense of who an American is and the people who choose to live here are proud to call themselves Americans. Even immigrants and aliens are working hard to achieve the dream of becoming an American because there is a strong sense of ownership and belonging that comes with being a citizen of this country.

However the same is not true for Singapore where youth is becoming more and more alienated from its own country and looking elsewhere for sense of belonging. The reason for this difference is grounded in length of history and national building initiatives. While America came into being in 1776, Singapore only appeared on the map in 1965. America is an old nation now that has…. [read more]

Post-Cold War Era, Far Term Paper

… ¶ … post-cold war era, far from making the "end of history" and the triumph of the western ideal, will be characterized by increased global fragmentation and the "clash of civilizations" based on ethical, cultural and religious distinctions. Cultural identity has replaced any shared ideology that had existed as the dominant global perspective in world affairs. To a great degree nationalism, be it exclusive or inclusive of cultural minorities has become the driving force behind many world decisions and the many lessons of diversity, taught over the last 50 plus years have congealed into the pride of ideological difference that is created by the borders of ones nation and the culture of the people within it. The catch twenty-two of diversity has become fragmented ideologies…. [read more]

History of the Modern Middle East Term Paper

… History Of the Modern Middle East

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, during the 19th and the 20th centuries, the Western world as grew more dependent upon the advancement of technology, in every facet of daily existence. As an unintentional result of this economic revolution, the major commercial powers grew more dependent upon the non-renewable resource of oil. The state that controlled oil, in the form of trade routes, or oil-producing colonies, could dominate the other major nation-states. Ironically, as a result of technological advancement, the states that had formerly dismissed the Middle East as backward or significant only in terms of its historical role in the development of Christianity grew progressively more dependant upon the region to sustain a modern economy.

Initially, Britain…. [read more]

Contemporary History Term Paper

… ¶ … Invention of Peace: Discussion 1 - Does not peace itself create the conditions that will ultimately lead to war? (Question # 2). No. Hobbes described peace very narrowly as a period when war is neither being planned nor actively waged (Howard 2000). But peace also describes the absence of the conditions and circumstances that lead to war. By this broader definition, a period where war is neither being planned nor waged might still fail to constitute peace if conditions of that period are characterized by the dissatisfaction or fear on the part of one or more parties to that peace. The dissatisfaction of one or more parties to any peace and/or the fear of one or more parties to any peace from other…. [read more]

Conflict and Security Term Paper

… Conflict and Security

International relations has always been an arena of conflicting theories and hypotheses; the existence of many political systems and various ideas regarding how nations should behave is a testament to the eternal nature of the questions concerning the best forms of governance. Since the ancient Greek philosophers right up through the twenty-first century, political scientists, philosophers, and laymen alike have theorized about the most effective and just form of international relations, the ways that states interact with one another.

The liberal and realist schools of thought have been seemingly opposing viewpoints for centuries; the liberal interest individual rights and an international focus on compromise and cooperation as opposed to the realist idea of self-preservation for the nation-state at any cost, even one…. [read more]

Concept of National Cinema Literature Review

… National Cinema

The cinema and film is an art form that has existed since the first silent films saw the light. Today's manifestation of this type of entertainment takes many different forms. In the main stream of society, any person asked what type of film he or she prefers to see will focus on some sort of genre, such as romance or horror. Far less recognized is the fact that film is also connected to nationality. This fact is related to the growth and dominance of Hollywood many decades of the existence of the film industry. There has been, however, also a rise in the film industries of smaller nations, and especially those in Europe. Although a large number of these are highly dependent upon…. [read more]

Islam and Democracy in Malaysia Literature Review

… Democracy and Islam in Malaysia

In this short essay, the author will examine the issue of democracy and Islam in Malaysia with a topical literature review. To wit, we will consider whether or not democracy and Islam are compatible in a modern society. This will be considered in various different areas. Unfortunately, the results are mixed at best, with Islam heavily overshadowing the Malaysian social fabric, although the tension between Malays and non-Malays is a second important factor.

Western democracy and banking have made their way into Malaysia. In an article by Samal Abdus, his article examines the performance of Bahrain's interest-free Islamic banks and also the interest-based conventional commercial banks in the post war period after the first Gulf War. This with respect to…. [read more]

Best Export Strategy to Expand Highest Quality Table Wines to India Term Paper

… Export Strategy

Expansion of Highest Quality Table Wines to India

India: Business, Economy and Trade Policy.

Many Indian businesses "Look East" toward ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations. They believe that in the long-term the ASEAN countries will offer better opportunities than the West (Maizels, 2000. PG 12).

Until quite recently ASEAN countries looked askance at India, even though some ASEAN countries have sizable Indian communities. Their doubts were due to India's long embrace of socialism and its stifling bureaucracies. The years since about 1994 have seen substantial changes in attitude, although incidents such as the Indian government's refusal to allow the Tata business empire to forge an alliance with Singapore Airlines still causes heads to shake in Southeast Asia.

In 1992, the…. [read more]

Impact of the European Union on World Economy Thesis

… ¶ … European Union on the World Economy

In today's increasingly globalized world, the efforts of one region often have a direct effect on the entire globe. With the establishment of the European Union, in 1993, the ripples from this political, social and economic conglomeration were felt around the world. Ushered in with the Maastricht Treaty, the now 27 nation strong European Union has had considerable impact on the world economy, especially the economies of developing countries. To better understand this impact, this paper will begin with an overview and brief history of the European Union. This will be followed by a discussion of global trade, foreign direct investment and the effects of the European Union on the global economy. Lastly, a discussion concerning the…. [read more]

Malaysia's Budget, 2011 Individual Presentation SWOT

… As the Chairman of Maybank put it, the Budget would put Malaysia "on the path towards a stronger nation and a high income economy," with money for jobs and new industries. According to the head of the Association of Bankers in Malaysia, the country did not have to "aggressively slash its deficit and engage in painful austerity measures like the European countries" since its debt was only about 50% of GDP. In addition, "the global economic outlook remains cautious, hence the need to support domestic demand," and the 2011 Budget would begin to implement the Tenth Malaysia Plan by increasing investments in National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) as well as large-scale infrastructure projects. It featured more measures "to improve the stock market's liquidity, products and…. [read more]

Oil and the Affects of Increased Consumption by Competing Economies Term Paper

… Oil and the Affects of Increased Consumption by Competing Economies

Crude oil is an important commodity in the world of today where it provides the major source of energy for keeping economies running. This has seen very high swings in terms of price when there are shortages or excess supply. This price cycle may last over several years as the demand in spread over OPEC supply and non-OPEC supply. (Oil Price History and Analysis) the entire petroleum market is very highly controlled in terms of marketing, and all of the seven companies which control the international market, either directly or in collaboration with other companies, sell all the petroleum products through different subsidiaries and affiliates in all the important markets of the world. (the International…. [read more]

Democratic Transition in Asia Essay

… In the Triangular Model of Social Movement Analysis (TRIM), Koichi Hasegawa theorized that the secretive and centralized control of Japan by ministers, bureaucrats, the Liberal Democratic Party and giant corporations left very little space for protest movements and NGOs to influence policy compared to the U.S. And other Western democracies (Broadbent and Brockman, p. 17). Tatsuo Arima described how the rise of fascism in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s was influenced by common intellectual currents of the time. Like Germany, it was ruled by elites who laid claim to "scientific and technical modernity but anti-modern values characterized by the 19th Century nostalgia for medieval history and feudal order" (Schmiegelow 1997, p. 30).

China's economy is still growing at 9% per year in spite of…. [read more]

Severe Impact of 1997 Asian Crisis on Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea Research Paper

… Indonesia and the 1997 Asian Crisis:

A Comparison with South Korea and Thailand

Why and how was Indonesia greatly impacted by the 1997 Asian Crisis in comparison to South Korea and Thailand?

The global economic slowdown of 1998 originated in South East Asia; the Asian crisis, as it was known, began in the summer of 1997 and resulted in severe economic instability in the South East Asian economies. It occurred in two phases: the first phase began in July 1997 and lasted through to December, 1997; international assistance was given to the affected economies. The second phase began mid-1998; this time the economic turmoil spread further beyond the region to countries like Russia, Brazil, and China -- each showing signs of economic stagnation. The crisis…. [read more]

Asian Pacific Security the Asian Pacific Region Assessment

… Asian Pacific Security

The Asian Pacific region has been problematical in the world of International Affairs for at least the past two centuries. The emergence of a modernized Japan and China changed the paradigm of the area; and the idea of European-based cultures in Australia and New Zealand only complicating matters further. In addition, the manner in which cultures and civilizations interact with one another in the post-Cold War world, called by at least one academic the "clash of civilizations," has particular meaning in the geopolitical realm of the Asian-Pacific region.

Using the paradigm of the "clash of civilizations," we find that the primary source of conflict has specific reference to the Asian-Pacific region: cultural, rather than ideological or economic competition.. The theory itself was…. [read more]

Transformational Women's Leadership the Website Essay

… Of course, from her point-of-view, the revolutionaries and rebels were traitors to the king who deserved to be put to death. On the other land, some of the remarks attributed to her such as "Let them eat cake" she almost certainly never made, although she did become a symbol of the corruption, extravagance and insensitivity of the Old Regime. In her defense, the bankruptcy of the country was not due to her spending on gowns, balls, gambling and diamonds but the result of debts from past wars that could not be repaid. She was hardly responsible for those since the queens of France did not have the political power in these matters. She should be considered a traditional feudal ruler rather than a transformative or…. [read more]

Colonial Histories Have Shaped Different Developmental Paths Research Proposal

… Colonial Histories Shape Future Development Paths

Do colonial histories in fact provide a preview into the future for developing nations? Can scholars and researchers look into a nation's past and gain an understanding of why its modern economy and culture exist in the present form? When researching historical circumstances can an alert student see how a nation in development stages achieved the economic success -- at least set the pattern -- it enjoys today? How has structural adjustment worked for nations in Asia and in Latin America? Is the historical use of neoliberalism the answer in terms of jump-starting economies in the developing world?

In the readings there are solid examples that bring these issues into brighter focus, and this paper will review and critique…. [read more]

Clash of Civilizations Term Paper

… ¶ … Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order written by Samuel P. Huntington is actually an expansion of his 1993 article entitled the Clash of Civilizations. The main aim of article was in fact to imagine a new post-Cold War world order. The new world order that Huntington puts forward in his article, and then book, is based on the thesis according to which "The most important distinctions among peoples are [no longer] ideological, political, or economic. They are cultural" (Huntington 1993: 21). This means that after the Cold War, societies were no longer divided according to ideological differences - such as the opposition between democracy and communism, for instance - but by cultural differences which will determine new patters of cohesion.…. [read more]

European Imperialism Up Until 1858 Essay

… He rarely became involved in discussions of theology, even among his fellow Hindus. They regarded him as another incarnation of Buddha or Jesus Christ, while Christians, Jews and Muslims were all monotheists and did not believe in reincarnation. Unlike them, Gandhi did not even regard God as a spiritual Being but more of a Principle based on Truth (Gorringe, p. 155). He had no interest in the historical Jesus, either as a Christian or a Jew, or even whether he really existed at all, but he was most interested in the ideals expressed in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus extended his blessings to the poor, the sick, the hungry and the powerless, and for Gandhi that was the heart of any true religion. His…. [read more]

Minority Theravada Buddhism Religion in the US Essay

… Ashadha full moon day is a festival that marks Buddha's renunciation of household life in order to pursue spiritual enlightenment (Bajracharya). Gumla festival is celebrated in the month of Dharma-masa. It is also known as the month of dharma practice. During this month, each monastery schedule programs such as dharma preaching and recitation of paritrana.

Theravada monks and nuns organize social welfare activities such as education training and free health camps (Bajracharya). Monasteries observe rain retreat for three months. Also, most of the monasteries organize free clinics, health campaigns, and have founded kindergarten and old age centers (Bajracharya).

Why Nationals Convert to Theravada Buddhism

Some Americans convert to Theravada Buddhism because they are attracted to the philosophical doctrines of Buddhism and meditation. Meditation is…. [read more]

European Union Economy Issues and Policies Essay

… ¶ … country leave the EU or the euro zone?

This policy paper is for the attention of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. It explores whether the UK should depart from the European Union amidst the Eurozone crisis.

Position: The UK should leave the European Union. The costs and risks accompanying membership in the EU is simply not worth the benefits for the UK. Contributions to the EU common fund are a significant drain on the UK and are disproportionately spent in areas which are irrelevant to the UK, such as agricultural subsidies. The benefits that the UK seeks from EU membership, regional security and free trade, are now either the norm or can be achieved through alternative means, such as…. [read more]

Culture Refers to the Accumulated Knowledge Essay

… ¶ … Culture refers to the accumulated knowledge, social and personal behavior, values, language, customs, and the religious beliefs of one ethnic group which are usually learned and passed from one generation of people to the next one. Looking at culture from an anthropological viewpoint, culture determines what people belief in their folk remedies, indigenous systems of medicine and other aspects of life such as food, etc.

Indians have their own unique religion, language, music, dance, food and architecture which differ from one place to another within the country. The Indian culture is an amalgamation of several diverse sub-cultures which spread all over the subcontinent of India and traditions which are more than a millennium old White, 2009()

The Indian culture is regarded by many…. [read more]

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh's Dream Essay

… Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh's Dream of a Unified Communist Vietnam

Today, Southeast Asia is seen as a hub for international business. The increasing emphasis on globalization and free trade between the western and eastern hemispheres is bearing a determinant impact on the outlook for such nations as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Inclined by the success of nearby neighbors Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, these have begun to present themselves as venues for profitable investment in technology and production endeavors. However, the type of economic independence now gradually emerging in these settings would be hard won, only a recent development in a far more protracted history of occupation, resistance and violence. Modern day Vietnam is a stable if only now developing nation, independent and a rare entity…. [read more]

World Cup Unifying the Globe Research Paper

… Sports

World Cup: Unifying the Globe

In almost every country of the world, the way that the national pastime is played is seen as a guide to national character and identity. For nearly 100 years, soccer has united a divided world. Soccer was invented in England in the mid-19th century, and rapidly spread to Europe and South America. Soccer's world cup draws an audience larger than that for the Olympics. According to Franklin Foer's How Soccer Explains the World (2004), American hostility toward soccer is attributed to globalization, feared by many because it forces us to accept other people's cultures (Szymanski and Zimbalist, 2005

In every sport it is easy to find a player, a team or a nation that is on the edge of…. [read more]

Cities in International Politics Research Proposal

… City Diplomacy: The Increasing Role of Cities in International Politics

Over the past several decades, there has been a tendency for cities to be involved internationally and this is stated to demonstrate that demonstrates that the maintenance of international relations is no longer exclusively the domain of national governments. This is because cities are beginning to step into their own place on the international stage. The following thesis focuses on city diplomacy and the increasing role of cities in the use of diplomatic tools in the international relations arena. Relations among states are managed through diplomacy and by diplomats however, diplomacy is also used by local governments in their defense of certain interests in the international community.

Cities, ruled by local governments, have gained acceptance…. [read more]

Hostile Take Over the Modern Business Nightmare Term Paper

… Hostile Takeover -- the modern business nightmare

Globalization means many fundamental changes to business practices around the world. Culture plays a significant role in defining standard business practices in a particular area of the world. As the world becomes more integrated, many businesses find themselves exposed to practices that are foreign to their culture. One of these business practices that are becoming more common is the take-over. When a takeover occurs, a bidder makes an offer to buy a company. This can be either friendly or hostile depending on the circumstances of the bidding process. This research will explore the legal, business, and political aspects of the hostile take-over.

A chose this topic because this practice is not common in my key area of focus.…. [read more]

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