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Native Americans and Korean Term Paper

… Native Americans and Korean-Americans are separated by tens of thousands of years when it comes to immigration to the Americas.

The history of Native Americans and their migration to the Americas was traced between 9000 and 50000 years ago. When tackling the topic of migration of the native Americans, one can go as far as almost 50000 years ago. Searches based on DNA are revealed by Sandro Bonatto and Francisco Salzano who write an article about their analysis of "all available sequences of the first hypervariable segment of the human mitochondrial DNA control region." They support the theory of one single major migration that led to the formation and spreading across Americas of the Native Americans, coming from East Central Asia first to Beringia and…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Change Essay

… The Civil War made significant changes to the economy. The need for weapons and ammunition fed the strength of the manufacturing trades in the North, while the slash-and-burn practices during the War all but devastated the Southern agricultural powerhouse. The victory of the North in the War set the stage for an American economy centered on manufacturing and trade in the 20th century.

From the start of the English colonies in the early 1600s through the end of the Civil War, democracy and social freedom expanded for all Americans.

The concept of civil and human rights and the concept of political freedom have developed substantially in the United States since the first colonies settled here in the 1600s, though not always consistently. Many of the…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

Counseling American Minorities Term Paper

… ¶ … Counseling American Minorities, Sixth Edition (2003) by Donald Atkinson

Counseling American Minorities Sixth Edition (2003) by Donald Atkinson offers much insightful, potentially useful information for current and future counseling practitioners, about culturally aware and sensitive approaches to counseling minority group members currently living in the United States. My own impression of this book was, overall, extremely positive. I only wish that there were others like it, perhaps dealing with minority groups other than the four discussed in this book. As Atkinson states in the "Preface" to his Sixth Edition, the ongoing intention of Counseling American Minorities (which has now been substantially revised, updated, and re-published on six separate occasions, with the first edition, published in 1979, bearing almost no resemblance to the Sixth,…. [read more]

Elder Thomas King's Green Grass Essay

… American Indian literature assists people in understanding the complexity related to colonialism and enables them to feel less prejudiced about the concept. Native American writers are determined to have the world know that their ancestors suffered greatly and that all colonized nations experienced distress because they were oppressed, but are reluctant to blame a single body for what happened to them. Considering that the colonization process involved a series of players, it seems natural to approve thinking expressed by this people. While Korea experienced colonialism less extensively, its people suffered significantly under Japanese rule (Imperialism, War, and Revolution in East Asia: 1900-1945; Korea as a colony of Japan). Conditions are not necessarily similar when considering Native Americans and their role in the U.S., as in…. [read more]

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison Term Paper

… It is an erroneous image that all Asian-Americans drive luxury cars and live in posh neighborhoods. Although, as a whole, they are economically successful compared to other minority groups, however, many live far below the poverty level and are employed in menial jobs with no chance of future advancement (Taylor 47).

This workaholic, model minority, stereotype "deindivduates all members of a group, those who conform as well as those who rebel" (Taylor 47). According to the expectancy theory, minorities tend to behave within the expectations of established stereotypes, a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, the stereotype of Asian-Americans as intellectually and technologically gifted works "against assimilation of nonconformists who do not fit into the high-achievement mold, such as artists or persons not interested in math or science"…. [read more]

Apachean People Term Paper

… Apache

What are the metaphors for the Mescalero Apache? Do you think metaphors influence the way we see the world? Or do you think they are a reflection of our perceptions? Try to come up with some common metaphors that may be taken for granted in your culture. One example in American culture is "time is money."

According to Claire R. Farrer's book Thunder Rides a Black Horse, the metaphors the Mescalero Apache people use to express what it is like to come of age as a young woman, to understand the heavens, and to mark the passage of time are critical to understanding these native people's culture. The Apache believe that the voice of the creator of the universe is written on the sky,…. [read more]

Non-Native as President Term Paper

… Perhaps this way of thinking is as outmoded as critics of the 2nd Article of the Constitution say it is. In the United States, one of the primary difficulties of the nation is that many of the people have little or no faith in the government. Building up courage and faith in the Commander-in-Chief is integral to having a functioning government. If the people are uncertain of the President's loyalties, so too will be Congress and thus they will be skeptical of any propositions. The functionality of the government therefore relies on faith and that can be easily shaken with a foreign influence so easily had.

A perfect example of this scenario is that of Mrs. John Kerry. In the 2004 election, many people stated…. [read more]

Anchorage AK Term Paper

… Anchorage, Alaska

The city of Anchorage, Alaska, has a population of over 260,000, and of those, 50.59% are male, and 49.41% are female ( than half of one percent of Anchorage residents are over 85 years of age, so one can see the harsh weather does not appeal to the elderly. Only 1.65% are between 75 and 84 years of age, and just 10% are between the ages of 55 and 74.

As far as ethnicity, AreaConnect, which uses U.S. Census data, reports that about 72.23% of residents in Anchorage are Caucasian; 5.84% are African-American (or "Black"); 7.27% are "American Indian and Alaska Native"; 5.55% are Asian (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino and other Asian ethnicities); 0.93% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; and about 7%…. [read more]

Navajo Code Talkers Term Paper

… Set in World War II in the Pacific Theater. In the movie, two American soldiers are paired up with two Navajo code talkers with the former being charged with protecting the latter. One of the plot twists in the movie is that one of the code talkers is being dragged away by the Japanese but one of the Americans responds by killing both the Navajo and the surrounding Japanese with a grenade to protect the code (IMDb, 2014)



Erickson, M. (2012, November 7). Navajo Code Talker to receive degree from KU 60 years after departure / Navajo Code Talker to receive degree from KU 60 years after departure / Retrieved July 2, 2014, from

/2012/nov/07 / navajo-code-talker-recieve-honorary-degree-ku/

IMDb. (2014, July…. [read more]

Korean American Essay

… Korean-American Immigrants: Part of the Great American Mosaic and Melting Pot

Early prejudice

After Japan occupied the neighboring nation of Korea, Korean natives fled their homeland in search of a better life in America. In this, they were no different than countless other immigrants seeking to better themselves on American soil. However, these immigrants' aspirations were often hampered by racism and discrimination, almost as soon as the S.S. Gaelic first docked in Honolulu Harbor on January 13, 1903. 120 men, women, and children were on board. Most came seeking employment as laborers on Hawaii's sugar plantations. The work was backbreaking and arduous, Over 7,000 Korean immigrants made up this first wave of Korean immigration (Korean-American History, 2010, Curriculum Guide: Unit 1).

These laborers were part…. [read more]

Korean Resident in Japan Term Paper

… Korean Residents in Japan

North Korean Ambassador Jong Thae Hwa enumerated the crimes Japan committed against the Korean people during the colonization of the Korean Peninsula from 1910 to 1942 (Kyodo 2000). He said that Japan robbed Korea of its cultural assets and afflicted its people during and after their colonization. He claimed Korea's right to demand compensation from Japan and Japan only had the duty to compensate. Japanese and North Korean negotiators engaged in a round of talks centering on a four-point demand. This consisted of an official written apology, compensation for North Koreans, repayment for damaged or stolen cultural assets, and improvement in the legal status of North Koreans who would live permanently in Japan. Chief Japanese delegate Kojiro Takano refused the grant…. [read more]

Korean-American With This Dramatic Increase Term Paper

… First, Sunny asserts that she lives in America and already speaks English. She identifies more with American than with Korean culture. While learning Korean would probably serve to make her parents happy, she does not feel it is an important part of her life and identity.


In summary, these interviews with the Park family show how various generations of immigrants form their ethnic identities in different ways. Because they were limited by language and cultural barriers, the mother and father Park have a more rigid definition of their Korean-ness. They consider their ethnic and social identity as part of their blood. Hence, they believe that their American-born daughter could never truly assert that she is American.

Their experiences with the English language have also…. [read more]

Asian Culture in America Essay

… Asian Culture in America

"Crack it Open" by Kim Yong Ik concerns the dichotomy between reality and illusion, and does so by means of a blindness motif. There are two types of blindness in the story: literal blindness and metaphorical blindness. Literal blindness is manifest in those whose eyes are weak in the story. Cho, the first-person narrator, works at a Korean school for blind children. In the United States, the character who suffers from literal blindness is Dick's mother, whose eyes began to weaken before he left for the war.

The literal blindness in the story draws the attention of the reader to the theme of metaphorical blindness. The first case of metaphorical blindness in the story is that of Cho and his students.…. [read more]

Sociology / Panethnicity Asian-American Term Paper

… During the time Japanese were herded into concentration camps, Chinese-Americans were justifiably "fearful that they would be targets of anti-Japanese activities," and so they "took to wearing buttons that proclaimed positively 'I'm Chinese'." And many Chinese shop-owners put signs in their windows saying, "This is a Chinese shop." The author points out that some Chinese even added signs that read, "I hate Japs worse than you do."

There have been many other examples of Asians within the U.S. hating other Asians; for example, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, there was (26) "pervasive anti-Japanese sentiments among Koreans in the United States."

On page 42, the author, covering more ground in dissecting the Asian-American experience, talks about how the antiwar movement in the 1960s, led by…. [read more]

Media (MIS) Reprsentations of Chinese-Americans Research Paper

… He plays for the New York Knicks. The fact that he is Chinese or rather, not black is enough of a shock regarding stereotypes of Chinese-Americans and athletes. The stereotype for professional basketball players is that they are large African-American men who are naturally gifted at the sport. Chinese-Americans are rarely represented in the media as being athletic, let alone with enough athleticism to compete professionally. While lots of Chinese adults and youths really enjoy basketball in the U.S. And beyond, it is a surprise to the average American that a Chinese-American enjoys and is skilled at basketball. His existence and his abilities were a media and cultural phenomenon.

'Linsanity' refers to the meteoric rise and prominence of NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin. He is…. [read more]

Math Achievement in African-American Boys Versus Their White Counterparts Term Paper

… math achievement African-American vs. white American



The objective of this work is to focus on mathematical achievement in African-American boys vs. their white counterparts. Addressed will be risk factors such as family income, mother's education, single-parent households, primary language non-English, etc. The theoretical framework will focus on the work of Vygotsky and one other theorist as to how they would tie into the main topic.

The disparities in the educational attainment of African-American and White American males is clearly noted in previous research study however, the precise factors or elements that cause African-American males to underachieve in mathematics is not known. The work of Moody states that three theoretical proposals exist that attempt to provide an…. [read more]

Nineteenth Century Multiple Chapters

… Even when Hitler began waging wars, the U.S. remained neutral; a growing threat from Japan led to business restrictions with the country, however, and the subsequent surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese brought the U.S. into World War Two.

Chapter 30

World War Two essentially forced an increased egalitarianism on American society, with African-Americans, women, and other groups obtaining better employment and more equal treatment as the pool of available labor decreased. The increased employment and productivity also helped to not only restore but actually expand the economy. The war effort was becoming more successful, as well, and in both the Pacific and European arenas the Axis powers were being beaten back despite stubborn resistance. Japan's refusal to submit eventually led to President…. [read more]

Washington, D.C. Race in Community Term Paper

… Washington, D.C.

Race in Community

Washington, D.C. And the Maryland area are one of the most diverse sections of the United States, equaling and/or surpassing most major metropolitan cities in terms of ethnicity, education, community services, museums, and cultural facilities.

Of course Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States, the D.C. standing for the District of Columbia which is the federal district containing the city of Washington, named after George Washington, military leader of the American Revolution and the first President of the nation (Washington). The city of Washington and the District of Columbia are coextensive and governed by a single municipal government, thus for all practical purposes they are considered to be the same entity (Washington). Historically called the Federal City, the…. [read more]

Korean History: The Climate Term Paper

… These changes and others mark a "golden age" in Korean history focusing on the ideals of a more progressive government, economy and science and arts. Ascension of Sejong to the throne in 1418 led to a series of technological and cultural changes that would see Korea through to the most recent past with an ideal as a historical model and a standard for scientific and social progress.

The Confucian expression "agriculture is the basis of government" was a practical fact of life in Choson and King Sejong and his scholars at the chiphyonjon paid particular attention to agricultural research. The government took an active role in improving the lot of Choson's farmers by investing in the development of new and better agricultural technology. It sponsored…. [read more]

Korean Culture Examination of Cultural Term Paper

… The intention of the second half of this study is to examine to what extent traditional gender roles are carried over among collegiate female students of Japanese and Korean decent. The aim of this study is to explore to what extent female students exhibit achievement once exposed to a more democratic philosophy and gender equality within the educational system.

The purpose of the field research portion of the study is to examine the extent to which Korean and Japanese culture and family expectation impact female student achievement. This study assumes that the home study environment and parental encouragement may or may not affect the ability of students to achieve.

Hypothesis 1: Achievement among Korean and Japanese female students is affected by familial and cultural influences,…. [read more]

Multiculturalism and Korean Immigration This Paper Explores Term Paper

… Multiculturalism and Korean Immigration

This paper explores many issues of culture, race and the concept of multiculturalism within the context of the American melting pot. These issues of culture and especially multiculturalism warrant analysis as they define the American experience for immigrants. This paper will focus specifically on the Korean-American experience and what factors within that country led to many generations of families to leave for a better life in America. The paragraphs will first examine the concepts of culture and multiculturalism of today's America and look at how the melting pot has changed. By defining these concepts one can better understand the state of multicultural relations today and how these relations influence the future of American urban life. Second, this paper will look at…. [read more]

Asian-American Literature? What Constitutes the Category Term Paper

… ¶ … Asian-American literature?

What constitutes the category of Asian-American literature is by definition problematic. It is a constructed category, based upon the vague sense of geography, and perhaps culture, shared by persons from the region of the world, defined by the West, as "Asia." This constructed region draws together Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, and many other nations that were deadly foes in their own national context. Now, the immigrants of persons from this area who have moved to Asia are lumped together, when they write as "Asian-American writers" according the viewpoint of Western literary critics. Thus, the first question one must ask is if the category of 'Asian-American writers' is valid at all?

Perhaps. Because, as diverse and multifaceted as all authors identified as…. [read more]

Asian Studies Segregation Can Breed Essay

… Thus, the narrator has become Americanized in terms of her values, and especially her gender norms. Sumita analyzes the situation she is in from an objective standpoint. She knows she is Indian, and feels strongly connected to her community. And yet Sunita is also able to distance herself from the anachronistic and outmoded traditions that inhibit social progress and justice within her home country. Her arranged marriage is not something she judges per se, but the aftermath of her husband's death is something that she considers more deeply than she would have if she had remained in her village. "Clothes" shows that the immigrant experience is one of creating new identities, and that the Asian-American moniker is one that remains necessary and meaningful.

Russell Leong…. [read more]

On Music of the World Essay

… Caribbean Music ( class 5,6,7) - What is meant by Caribbean Music in a new mode? What emphasis, in this chapter, seems to justify a departure from traditional presentations of music and culture of the Caribbean?

Though Caribbean musical approaches have historically taken a diverse array of folk forms relating to the tribal and spiritual traditions of the inhabitants of various islands, today the commercial manifestation of Caribbean music which has been exported to the American and European mainlands is dominant in our understanding of the term. The expansion of this form over more traditional modes though may be emphasized by the effectiveness with which commercialization has extended representative genres such as Reggae, Calypso and Soca.

(2) Jazz Music ( 8,9,10)- the blues made its…. [read more]

Immigration in America Term Paper

… Immigration

The United States is a country populated primarily by immigrants; in fact, the nation was founded by European settlers fleeing the Continent for various reasons including perceived persecution and financial opportunity. Although the vast majority of immigrants to America arrived in search of economic opportunity or personal freedom, a large number came strictly as refugees. Immigrants arriving on American shores due to war or extreme poverty in their homelands comprise a far different demographic base than those who left their homelands voluntarily. Refugees are thus granted separate status in United States immigration policy. Regardless of the conditions of their countries of origin, immigrants also assimilate differently or at different paces. Some expatriates form ethnic enclaves within urban or suburban centers that preclude total assimilation,…. [read more]

Social Impact of Cold War Essay

… Innocent civilians are often at extreme risk in the battles for gathering information or in the battles run by remote. In an interesting way, it might also be seen that this kind of distance campaign strategy is like the way some see the U.S. As contributing to the near collapse of the world economy. The U.S.'s lax financial rules and regulations pulled in other countries and set them up for many of the challenges they now face -- many of which are bringing about social and cultural unrest. It clearly would not be difficult for terrorists or even other nations to see this as an extension of the type of attitude that America picked up when it did its victory dance after the melting of…. [read more]

Market Orientation and Healthcare Case Study

… Market Orientation and Healthcare Case Study

What do you think about the Market Orientation of the community hospital?

The market orientation of the hospital shows how powerful creating marketing strategies and services based on demographic and psychographically-based segmentation. The hospital broke out of the traditional approach to segmented marketing by getting beyond just publishing their literature in the different languages however. They focused on getting actual members of the communities, fellow Koreans, Middle Eastern, Muslim (Middle Eastern, Pakistani, and Indian), and Hispanic healthcare professionals to host the events. This underscored the commitment the hospital has to these specific nationalities and made the services being offered less sterile and remote, more personal and focused on individual needs. By doing this, the hospital was providing services entirely…. [read more]

Multicultural Patient Care the Market Term Paper

… It would be like telling a Christian their baby couldn't be baptized. (Post Staff Writer)"

It is important to note that one of the reasons why there are so many immigrant pregnant women flooding the hospitals of the country, is that these many of these women belong to family-oriented cultures where having big families is considered culturally bound. Hence, for the needs of these women, I, as the CEO of the Family Birthing Center would not only engage in the initiatives already taken by the hospital to provide comfort to many diverse people, but more.

Some issues that the staff finds difficult to deal with as regards diverse communities are:

family participation general health beliefs within several cultural and religious groups cultural and religious death…. [read more]

Richard Wright's Native Son and Spike Lee's Movie Do the Right Thing Term Paper

… ¶ … Buggin' Out tells Mookie to "Stay Black!" In Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," he points to the film's central theme. Being Black in America entails struggle and occasionally the struggle against social and economic oppression manifests in unfortunate acts of violence. Like Mookie, Bigger in Richard Wright's novel Native Son is a victim of social, political and economic oppression directly related to the color of his skin. Being Black in America means sacrificing hopes and dreams as well as personal values and principles. When Spike Lee quotes both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King at the conclusion of "Do the Right Thing," the filmmaker who also plays Mookie in the movie makes a powerful statement about the dichotomy of race relations in…. [read more]

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